Hidden among the leaves above the dead

Summary-Abandoned by those that were supposed to be her family Fem! Harry makes a life for herself. One that she is just really starting to enjoy when the dead wake up hungry for human flesh. So, what happens when this independent Fem! Harry is faced with surviving during the walking dead?

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An- Just so you know I decide to split chapter one into three different chapters so that it would be easier to read as almost fifty pages is too long for one chapter. This is a new chapter.

Chapter eight

Hyacinth, seeing the two people that she could actually respect, that she missed the most out of everyone she knew. That she had been pretty much forced to leave behind in the wizarding word, standing there in front of her could stop the slight smile that came to her face.

As both Luna and Neville were the only people she could knew she could trust, at least from the wizarding world. Even if she hadn't seen them in a while, starting even before she had left the wizarding world to begin with.

Seeing as she had been able to even catch a glimpse of them as everyone had done everything in their power to force them apart; including stopping the two from going to Hogwarts until they were fully 'healed'. And after that she had been abandoned by her family in Georgia leading to even less chance of seeing them.

But still, after all this time, seeing them and seeing they were both alive, looking pretty well considering what was going on, Hyacinth felt someone in her chest loosen up a bit. Not only that but she also felt a tenseness that she didn't know had been in her back relax as she took the sight of them in with a sense of relief.

She now had someone she knew she could trust at her back; she wasn't alone anymore. Something that caused her to nearly let lose a choked sob as she moved in the direction of Neville and Luna. Or at least she would have, if Lori hadn't reacted to the fact that she seemed to know both Luna and Neville; in a rather negative fashion.

"You know those two! Are you like them, then? Freaks like them? Did you send them here to spy on us, or something like that and that is how you know them!? You did something to Sophia didn't you, that is why she trust you! Did you kidnap her and that is how you got her! Trying to make yourself valuable to us, is that right?! Trying to make us feel grateful to you for something that is you fault to begin with… Well I see through you! You should be ashamed of yourself trying to take advantage of god loving people-"

Hyacinth was too stunned to react to what was being screamed at her, or at least she was at first, and then she was just angry. Something that was only getting worse the more accusations Lori seemed to rain down on her, and just as Hyacinth temper was just about to snap and she was going to let the woman in question know just what she thought about her, as well as what she was saying, Lori was cut off, rather harshly at that, by her own Husband, and the apparent leader of their group, Rick.

"LORI! I've told you several time to stop calling them that! To stop insulting them, they have done nothing but help us and they do not deserve your spiteful tongue. So, keep it in your mouth!"

Here Rick gave a slight glare that stop Lori from saying anything else and continued on with what he was saying. The majority of the group either nodding in agreement behind him, or if not that, showing in some way the stood with Rick and not his wife as he did so. Hell, Hyacinth could see that Daryl seemed to be smirking and settling down like he was watching a good show as Rick tore into Lori.

"Need I remind you Lori, that both Luna and Neville were at the farm before us? That the Greenes knew about their skills and trusted them a whole hell of a lot more than they did us? That they still do! That if it wasn't for those two, we wouldn't have even been able to stay at the farm as long as we did in the first place!"

Again, there was a slight pause as Rick made an angry gesture with his hands. And directed a look at said Greene family, before he continued on. Fighting to keep his tone low, so not to attract any attention to anything that maybe outside, as he did so.

"Hell, if it wasn't for Luna, we may have very well lost our son because of the injury he had when we first got to the farm. Or do you not remember the fact that Luna healed our son from the gun shot he had to his Gut! Or even the fact that when the farm was overrun by Walkers, and the Barn me and our son was on was on fire, FIRE Lori, those two risked their lives to make sure ours were saved!"

Again, Lori looked like she was about to interrupt and was rather red in the face when Rick again silenced her with a glare. Before he seemed to finish up what he was saying; taking no care about the fact he was now getting wide eyed looks from the others. Or the fact that his 'wife' was giving him, as well as Luna, Neville and Hyacinth herself, looks of pure murder as her 'husband' continued to speak.

"Not only that, but the two of them have done whatever they could to help ensure that we have food and other supplies; despite not having to do so. Often going on out their own, again risking their lives, repeatedly might I add…. more so then most of this group ever does. Just to help us. Despite the fact you have done nothing but insult them and spit out you utter loathing of them sense you've found out what they were. Like most of us did in the begin as well."

Here Hyacinth noticed that Rick paused in regret, a look that seemed to be shared by most of the group for a brief moment. Letting Hyacinth know that Neville and Luna, as well as their magic, hadn't been exactly accepted in the group; at least not in the beginning. But at the same time, it seemed that something had happened that made the accepted it, for the most part that is. But currently that wasn't on Hyacinth mind as Rick, finished what he wasn't to say.

"Honestly, just stop it. It isn't doing any good, for you or us, and we can't afford to be prejudice in times like this. We need everyone to survive the best we can and those two have done a lot to help us all survive."

Lori whose face had gotten even redder at everything that was being said, stormed over to Rick and looked about ready to slap him before she thought better of it. Instead she spat out.

"If they are so helpful, then how come they couldn't find Sophia before that woman brought her? How come they still aren't able to find Andrea? You do remember her don't you! How come they haven't been able to make us a more permeant shelter? A shield from the Walkers! Hell, if their magic is so GREAT then how come we are still living like this! And, why for that matter couldn't they have saved SHANE since they were there in the first place! Honestly, I think they have some kind of spell on you! Why can't you see that, you never talked to me like that before; Shane certainly wouldn't have!"

This got a snort, and Rick gave Lori a slight look before in a tone that sounded oddly bitter to Hyacinth ears, replied to Lori. Making Hyacinth wonder if perhaps this was a conversation that had been just waiting to happen and her coming here had been to last turning point that it could take before it happened; as it did seem rather personal to some degree.

"Yes, and we all know just how well you know Shane don't we. And no, they don't have any type of spell on me or I honestly wouldn't be able to disagree with them. Something we have clearly seen me do on multiple occasions even when they try to argue their point. So, don't even try that. As everyone here can attest to that little fact."

Here Hyacinth could see the others nodding and she could see that they were still agreeing with what Rick was saying, at the same time she could see Lori hadn't liked in the least bit about what was being said. Looking moments form exploding, a look that go worse when Rick continued on; countering all the points that Lori was trying to make as he did so.

"As for way they haven't been able to find Sophia earlier, or even Andrea now for that matter. You know the answer to that, as they have told us why they couldn't. As the magic in this area makes it impossible to track anyone down through it. That is like trying to blame all the others that had been looking for them for not be able to track them down. Because of things like the rain washed away all the tracks they made; or even the walkers ran over said tracks making it impossible to do so. They cannot be blamed for that."

Hyacinth was quick to notice that Rick seemed to be both passion about this, as well as, sad. Making Hyacinth feel that he had been one of the people who had been out trying to track down both members of his group.

Something that made Hyacinth like him even more then she currently did. Something that was only furthered by the fact he seemed to be standing up to Lori for Luna and Neville; even with the fact she knew Lori was his wife.

Making Hyacinth wonder just what had happened as currently Rick was sounding rather different from what Sophia had told her. A lot more rational, collect and didn't seem as almost desperate to stay with Lori as she had gotten from Sophia's stories before. Making her feel that something big had to have happened to cause said change in the first place.

But at the same time, she knew that it wasn't the time to ask what that change may have been, not nearly. Instead she continued to watch what was going on in front of her, as Rick was still speaking. Still defending both Luan, Neville, and even herself from what his Wife had said.

"Not to mention both of them have also mentioned the fact they magic still hasn't fully adapted to this country's magic. So, they can't do any of the larger more complex magic that is available to them. Then despite that fact they both still strain themselves every night to make shelter for us! Something more than we would have ever had if they weren't here. They even do their best to make sure we always have clean water and heat added to that!"

A deep breath was taken as Lori clenched her fist as tight as she could get them and glared at Rick as he kept going. Letting loose a lot of what Hyacinth got the feeling he had been wanting to say for a while as he dd so.

"So, you have no right to try and turn that against them. As while they have skills you don't, this doesn't make them someone who can do everything you want done in a snap of a finger. That is impossible for them; for anyone for that matter…As for Shane he was already died by the time Neville and Luna had gotten to us. So, there was nothing they could do for that, so why are you trying to blame that on them? They had nothing to do with it." There was another slight pause as Rick seemed to think for a second before finishing up everything he had been saying.

"Nor does Hyacinth for that matter, as she had just gotten here, and even than she has done nothing but help us. So please for the love of God Lori, just take a break and stop it for once!"

This last bit seemed to be too much for Lori's temper to take as she lashed out with a harsh sound slap across Rick face as she snarled out.

"I don't care what you say, I don't trust them and when you find yourself at their mercy just remember I told you so!"

This said Lori spun around grabbed, one of the bags that had just been filled up with the supplies that Hyacinth had brought, and pushed her way passed the rest of the group and into one of the bedrooms. One that Hyacinth could feel of magic coming from, letting Hyacinth knew that it had at least some sort of protection, or warming system around it.

Making Hyacinth wonder just how much a hypocrite Lori was at times. Before deciding that right now it just wasn't' worth it. Not when she could catch up with both Neville and Luna instead. Besides, it seems, at least from what she could see from the groups reactions to what had just happened, this was something that was rather normal. So sooner or later she would get her answers about Lori; and considering what she had seen it most likely would be sooner than later.

As instead of saying or doing anything the group as almost a whole seemed to just go back to what they had been doing; doing their best to ignore what had just happened. Or to be more precise ignoring the sulking woman in the other room who Hyacinth could her slamming things around in the room she had chosen to take.

Seeing this, Hyacinth was going to just go over and start speaking to both Luna and Neville; as she had missed them and had a lot of question for them. But at the same time, knowing that there were still question for her from the group before she could do this, turned back to Rick.

Who had stopped nursing his check, where Lori had slapped him, and seemed to just be resigned for a bit; staring off in the direction Loir had stormed off in. Before sighing and turning his attention back to Hyacinth; opening his mouth to speak as he did so.

"I'm sorry about her, she didn't react too well to magic when she first found out about it; still doesn't for that matter. Tried to blame it for what was going on, despite the fact we found out it was more like a disease than anything else that was causing this. Though I am sure she will come around too it, it was just how she was raised that is causing her to react the way she is…But some of the thing she said did ring true and we would like to know a little bit more about you, if you don't mind." Hyacinth hearing this, and despite knowing it was coming, twitched slightly. Before answering.

"I'll answer what I can, but I reserve the right to refuse to answer the question I feel are too personal. I'm not part of this group and have my own things I need to protect; especially with everything that is going on now. But I will tell you some things, as I do know some things about you due to Sophia. So, I guess letting you know a little about me would be fair. After all, I do want to try and earn some of your trust. If only so I can speak to Neville, Luna and maybe help Sophia a bit more with her weapons."

Again, Hyacinth hinted at the fact that she had something more about her then just herself out there, to see if anyone reacted, and she could see that both Luna and Neville seemed to know she was hinting about something; even if they didn't know just what it was. Making Hyacinth smile slightly at how well the two knew her despite the fact that they hadn't seen her in over two years.

However it seemed that, at least in regards to the Leader of the group, they didn't get the hint she had let loose as Rick instead of saying something about what she hinted at, just responded to what she said with a.

"That seems to be fair, and I'm sure both Luna and Neville would want to get to reacquainted with you as well. As I get the feeling you were the one, they were looking for when they came here in the first place."

This got a slightly wide-eyed look from Hyacinth and her small smile got a bit bigger as she looked at her two friends. A smile that didn't disappear as Rick began to ask his questions. Asking several at once before pausing to let her answer them.

"Would you mind tell us if your magical like both Luna and Neville are? How long have you been here? If you do have magic, has it fully adapted like the others are trying to do? How did you find Sophia? How did you get all the supplies that you have and are you really okay with giving them to us to use? For that matter do you mean anyone in the group harm? Lastly, do you know how to kill Walkers, and are you willing to help us do so while you stay with us?"

Hearing all of this, Hyacinth decided that for the most part she didn't mind answering those question. Though at the same time she was going to make sure that when she could, she would continue to drop hints about her Tree top home and see if anyone could pick up on them.

As while she wanted others in her Sanctuary, she would rather they be observant people who could actually help her in said sanctuary than anyone else. As eventual she would run out of room in it; as while there were a lot of room in it; it wasn't infinite amount of room.

So, for those she did have room for, she wanted those that would help everyone in it survive. Rather than those that could end up costing other's their life in it; as cold as that may sound to some. That in mind, Hyacinth began to answer Rick's, as well as the curios group in front of her, questions.

"Yes, I do have magic like my friends. I've been here for over two years so yes, my magic has fully adapted. From what I can tell both Luna's and Neville's magic is remarkably close to fully adapting as well." Here Hyacinth gave the two she was speaking about a slight teasing smirk. One that was returned with a smile from Luna and an amused shake of his head from Neville before she continued on.

"As for how I found Sophia, well there is the really surprising part of it. As she really found me as it turns out she also has magic in her. One that was most likely missed either because of what was going on now or if not that the wilder magic in this area, which is stronger in this area particularly, hid her from view. But still she has magic and it caused her to Apparated." Here Hyacinth saw that she was getting confused or disbelieving looks paused for a second before trying to descript what happened in a different way.

"Or, as you may see it sort of teleport nearby where I had been staying, where both of us stayed at afterwards really. Anyway, she appeared not far from me and because she was so panicked, she didn't seem to notice this."

Here Sophia buried herself into her mother's hold remembering, and not liking recalling, the utter terror she had felt at that moment. But not saying anything about it as Hyacinth continued telling the others what had happened.

"Not that I can blame her seeing as soon as she appeared, she ended up being chased by even more walkers. Something from what she told me before, was what she had been running from before in the first place so it could be understandable why she didn't fully notice…Still I ended up killing the walkers chasing her and bring her to my place. After which, and after making sure that she wasn't hurt, I stared looking for you guys; her group. While training her how to use her weapons and a little bit in the magic she has."

Here Hyacinth paused a bit, as she looked at a wide eyed absolutely stunned looking Carol, and before she answered any of the other questions Rick had asked her, told the mother in question.

"I'm sorry I didn't ask you if I could do teach her about magic in the first place, and I hope you didn't mind me teaching her that. And would like to ask if you do not mind me continuing teach her a bit while I'm still here. I'm sure both Luna and Neville wouldn't mind teaching her either if you would rather have them do it."

This seemed to cause Carol to be knocked out of her stunned state, that she had been in since Hyacinth had said Sophia had magic in the first place, and caused her to answer Hyacinth; clutching the necklace around her throat as she did so.

"Sophia had magic as well? How is that possible…does it hurt her? What can she do...I mean I don't mind you teaching her. Like I said earlier anything that could help her survive I'd be happy for her to learn…but aren't' you doing too much…I mean I'm not asking you too much to do this am I?"

Hyacinth hearing this, felt her eyes soften at how much Carol seemed to care about her daughter. And at the same time understanding that she was feeling rather overwhelmed by everything that had happened lately. By everything she had learned, gently answered what Carol had asked.

"Yes, Sophia does have magic a good deal of it. No one is sure how some people end up with magic, but if you want to know more about it, Luna would be the best one to get answers out of. Even if she can be confusing at times, she is extremely intelligent and knows a lot of things others overlook. As for teaching her, it's something I enjoy doing and in no way is it something that is too much. I would honestly love to continue to teach her more; if you'd let me."

At this Carol seemed to nod a bit and Hyacinth knowing that she needed to think about everything she had just been told; at least before she had her a definite answer. So that she could at least come to terms with what she had just found out.

Knowing this Hyacinth turned away from Carol and faced the rest of the group once more. Before resuming answering the questions Rick had asked her. Knowing she was now getting to the question that would let her get out the fact she had her Sanctuary a little bit more at a time as she did so.

"As for how I got the supplies, and if I am really okay with giving them to this group well, I had the supplies where I stay. And honestly if I wasn't okay with handing them over why would I? We had previously agreed that my supplies where mine and yours was…well yours. So, I didn't have to give them to any of you, if I hadn't been willing to do so in the first place."

This said Hyacinth, gave a slight smirk, before answering the next questions she had been asked. Her voice going more serious as she did so.

"And no, I do not mean anyone in this group harm, at least not as long as they don't mean me harm. But I figure that is given considering the hell that is going on outside. As everyone really has to guard their backs from attack. Protect their groups, family and even the places they decided to call their home. I know I do, and I know you guys do as well."

Then after saying this, Hyacinth quickly began answer the next question Quietly taking in how everyone reacting to her answers as she did so

"Speaking of the hell going outside, yes I know how to kill Walkers. Yes, I have done so multiple times before and yes, I am willing to continue to do so as long as I can. So, no I do not mind helping do the same here, for as long as I do stay here."

Then after a brief pause Hyacinth decided to test the waters some. To see both how the others really reacted to what she had said, as well as to see if anyone got the hints she had dropped as well.

"So, does anyone else have some question for me?"

As she said this, she looked at the others in the group to see if they would ask her something, and she wasn't too surprised when Daryl stepped forward to ask her something. As she figured it would be either him or perhaps Glenn, out of the group around her, that would catch something she had said and ask her about it. She wasn't proven wrong as Daryl asked her.

"I feel like with the way you've been speaking that your trying to hint at the fact that you have somewhere that you can go. Is that true."

Hearing this question all the group seemed to look at her, and seeing this Hyacinth answered the best she could at the moment; as she wasn't going to tell them yes for sure. Not yet at least. Which was why she gave a slight smirk as she told Daryl.

"Ask me again when I trust you more."

This said, and ignoring the fact that some of the group looked about to protest what she had just said. While others looked like they could understand why she felt that way, Hyacinth walked over to where both Luna and Neville were waiting for her. It was time for her to finally get to talk to the last two true friends she had.

Hyacinth once she got over to the two of them, quickly found herself being pulled into a bear hug by both of them. It seemed they had missed her just as much as she had missed them. Something that was only further proven by the fact that Luna was actually crying softly as she hugged her. Something Hyacinth herself felt like she might almost do in return as she hugged the tow in front of her with equal enthusiasm as they were hugging her with.

Once the three of them got the hugging out of their system, and once they were all sitting together a way that made it so that they were all touching each other in one way or another; as a source of comfort more than anything else. They began the conversation they had all wanted to have since they had first seen each other for the first time in over two years. Starting with Hyacinth telling the two.

"I'm so glad that we found each other. I've missed you so much and was terrified that I'd never see you two again." After this was said the conversation got turned into questions about what had happened since they had last seen each other.

Starting off before the Walking dead had even kick off in the first place. As Luna began to tell Hyacinth how everyone in the wizarding world had reacted to her disappearing the way she had. Something Luna seemed to take a bit of vindictive pleasure, directed at the majority of the wizard world, in telling a rather amused Hyacinth.

"When you had first left… Well I can tell you things seemed to go to hell for several people rather quickly. As the goblins let it out that certain people had been stealing from you. Rather quickly at that and things only got worse for them from there. As when that first got out the headmaster had to use a lot of his political powers to get himself, and his little pawns out of trouble. Not that it worked. At least not completely and not for as long as he would have liked."

Here Luna's eye got a gleam in them, that Hyacinth only saw when she had been facing down deatheaters, and she knew then and there that Luna was one of the main reason whatever plans the Headmaster had used to get himself out of trouble didn't work. Something that Hyacinth couldn't help but feel grateful for. A feeling that only grew when Neville, with a similar look on his face picked up where Luna had stopped.

"After his plans about you had failed, and he lost a good chunk of his political power both because of what he did to you had gotten on to the public. And because more of his secrets came out of the woodworks as other didn't fear what he would do to them anymore. With each person that came out with their own secrets about the Headmaster tearing a bit more of his power, and name down as it came out."

Here Luna had to pause as Hyacinth let loose a small laugh glad that she wasn't the only one who got a bit of justice with for what Dumbledore had done, before she quickly quite down and continued to listen to Luna.

"It was then that he had become, you could say crazed about finding you and returning you to under his control. As he, for some bizarre reason, felt that if he could get you back under his control things would return to how they had been before you had disappeared to begin with. That all the trouble he had, rather it be able you or not, would just suddenly disappear as soon as he could get you under his thumb again."

Here both Luna and Neville snorted, and Hyacinth felt her curiosity grow as she wonder just how far the headmaster's name had fallen by that time. Something she didn't wonder long as Luna once more began to pick up on her story. Having calmed down enough to do so.

"Of course, that wouldn't have worked as too many people would have question just why you would have come back in the first place. Especially when everything the headmaster, the Weasley's and Granger had long since been known to everyone. But you know they say hope is always the last thing to go." This earned another snort, and a mutter I thought it was the mind that was the last thing to go, that was ignored as Luna preceded with what she had been saying.

"And with how controlling that man was, he must have felt it was all slipping from his hands. More so then ever when he found that no matter what he did he couldn't find any type of magic that could track you. He tried several different ways to do so, some hidden or all and al out dark…Hell, he ever tried to claim that you had tragically died or something like that. Only for the goblins to throw the prove you were still alive in his face proving him wrong; in front of everyone at that. That really ticked him off."

Hyacinth as she listened to this noticed that Luna wasn't speaking the way she normal did and was wondering just what had caused that. Only for Luna to seem to notice what she was wondering and give her a smile before answering her unasked question.

"Considering what was going on, I long since learned it was better to not seem as…out there as I was. I still slip up time to time when I see something that can cause it. But unless I'm somewhere I feel safe I tend to not slip up."

Hearing this, Hyacinth felt an intense sadness and pulled Luna into a hug. Hating the fact that her sister in all but blood had been forced to change something so important about her in an attempt to keep herself safe.

A hug that Luna quickly let herself sink into as she tried to get back to what she had been talking about earlier. Only for Neville to once more pick in up instead; letting Luna just relax in the comfort of Hyacinth's hug as he did so.

"Well, after all the plans Dumbledore made to try and get his name cleared, or to get you back under his control failed. He seemed to be trying to bring me and Luna under his control as if having us under his control he would get you under his control. But here Luna seemed to know what he was going to do and help get me away that he could do anything to us. What he would have done after that or with us I don't know. As before he could get his hands on us again this whole walking dead thing began." Here Neville got a haunted look in his eye before the look turned to a sort of grim satisfaction as he added on to what he said.

"In fact, before we came here, he did end up finding where me and Luna were hiding from him. He had even brought Granger and the three Weasels with him. Only for them to appear in front a horde we had been fighting…with the Walkers in question behind them. They were torn apart before they could even throw a spell at us. It was like they hadn't even thought about the dangers the Walkers possessed despite the fact that I know the wizarding world knew about the Walkers, and were having the same trouble with them. So, they should have known…"

As this was said Hyacinth froze a bit, realizing that the main people behind her torment, and the ones she had been fearing would come out to try and control her were dead. And as cold as it may have sounded all Hyacinth could think was that it honestly couldn't have happened to better people; even if she knew better than to say it aloud.

Still both Luna and Neville seemed to know what she was thinking as they just gave her a look before trying to move off that subject. Branching more into how they had ended up in Georgia to begin with. With Neville being the one who started off this explanation.

"Unlike the Headmaster, after finding out ritual, treats, bribes and magic didn't work in finding you, we didn't go off the deep end. No, Luna had been quick to point out that that could mean you were most likely somewhere with a lot of wild magic in it; making it almost impossible to track you with magic. Almost."

Here Neville a smirk and direct a proud look at Luna, which let Hyacinth know just who was responsible for finding out where she was, and Hyacinth couldn't help but feel a sense of pride at Luna's accomplishment as well.

A feeling that got even stronger as Luna herself began to explain just how they had found out where she was. When everyone else, including the Headmaster had failed, well that and a sense of hilarity as it was the simplest idea that had ended up being the correct on all along. Honestly how no one else thought about it she really couldn't figure it out; figuring they must have been trying to hard in the end.

"I remembered that Familiars could always track down their owners. And I knew that Hedwig would always be able find you, as she was yours just as much as you where hers. I also knew that Hedwig was with me as she had left Hagrid sometime before the headmaster had died….I think maybe Hagrid had been taken down or something like that had your owl was looking for someone connect to you in some way. "

At hearing this, Hyacinth felt her eyes water slightly. Hagrid was someone she would always respect a bit; maybe even call a friend at the same time. Even if she hadn't been able to see him much as the Headmaster continued to send him out in 'missions' before she had left. And Hagrid hadn't thought to argue with said missions as he had been too grateful for what the Headmaster had done for him.

Making it so no matter what Hyacinth figured he would go with the Headmaster's side despite the respect they had for each other. Something Hyacinth had left before she could find the truth and now that he was most likely dead, she would never be able to find out the true answer to that.

Still as sad as she was to hear about his death, especially if Luna was right about how the friendly half-giant died, as he didn't deserve to go down like that; she knew there wasn't anything she could do about it. Not now. Something she knew both Luna and Neville agreed with. But still knowing that there wasn't much she could do about that; it did still hurt. Though not enough to stop her from listening as Lune started back on her explanation.

"Hedwig ended up coming to me, and I knew we could use her to find you. Which we did, sort of. She ended up leading us straight to Georgia, but before she could get us much further into its things got even worse."

There was a slight pause and Hyacinth instantly got worried at what Luna could mean when she said things had gotten even worse, as from how it sounds things really weren't to good to begin with. But at the same time knowing that asking or panicking over it wouldn't help just kept silent, while hugging Luna even closer to her, waiting for her to tell her what she meant by that. Something she didn't have to wait long for.

"This was mainly because our magic was so much harder for us use once we did arrive here. And because of that, we had to find out more ways to protect ourselves from the Walking Dead. As before that we had mainly been using our magic to do so…Though we were able to still use what little we could use at that time at least, wasn't a whole lot…"

Here Luna trailed off and shuttered as she remembered that time. Neville seemed to pick this up as he gave Luna a hug, pulling Hyacinth into said hug as he did so, and continued where she had left off.

"Luckily, we had thought ahead, or to be more honest Luna had thought ahead, and we had some weapons we could use against attacks. As well as shelter and food with use during that time. So, while it was bad it wasn't as bad as it could have gotten…:"

Again, there was a pause as Neville trailed off making Hyacinth worry just how bad it may have gotten for the two. But before she could ask this Neville cleared his throat and started to speak on more.

"We were running more often than not, and Hedwig wasn't able to lead us most of the time as she was very noticeable, and we wanted to keep her hidden. After all we didn't want for her to be attacked, be it by another human or a Walker looking for a meal. Or worse end up leading those things towards us. So yes, we often had her by our sides as a kind of look out, or a warning system when it got to dark for use to see."

Here Hyacinth had to give a smile as she could so see the mother hen that she knew Hedwig was being one hell of a warning system as she'd never let those she cared about get hurt, not if she could help it; just as Hedwig had done for her when Hyacinth herself had been at her so-called family's house.

Though even as she thought this Hyacinth noticed that Neville hadn't stopped speaking and was still tell her both his and Luna's tell so she focused back to it Doing so just in time to hear Neville say.

"We ended up stumbling on a farm near the Greene farm almost two months ago. Only unlike their farm, this one had Walkers hidden in the house; unknown to us at the time as we had thought it was safe and decided to stay there for the night."

Here Neville bit his lip, as if he was nervous about saying what happened next, and Hyacinth began to panic wondering if something horrible happened to either Neville or Luna. Only for Luna to cut in and tell her what had happened.

"At least we didn't know that the farm in question wasn't safe until one of the walkers there lunged at my back and Hedwig dove in front of it. Saving me from being bitten while she did so. Unfortunately, the same couldn't be said for her as she had been torn apart. We killed the Walker that did it, as all the others that had been there, but couldn't save her. I so sorry Hyacinth." As this was said Luna looked as if she was going to start crying again and Hyacinth seeing this just pulled her into a tighter hug as she told Luna.

"I'm sad Hedwig is dead, but honestly once I got here, I never expected to see her again. Not without risking being found by the Headmaster that is. And finding out that she gave her life to save you, makes me all the more grateful I had such a wonderful owl. Because Luna, you mean more to me then her; no matter how cold that seem. After all, both you and Neville are the closest thing I have to family."

This got Luna to let out a choked sob and throw herself into hugging Hyacinth. Something Hyacinth was grateful to return and did so until Luna was no longer crying and felt like speaking once more. All the while Neville was hugging the both of them just soaking in their presence.

"After we got off that farm, we managed to stumble upon the Greene farm, and unlike the pervious farm we were a lot more wary about going into it. At least until Beth saw us, and we found out more about the family in the farm. They took us in and let us help around the farm in return for giving us shelter. They even found out about our magic and accepted it rather quickly. As it seems they knew about it from before; as apparently their mother was a squib who had fled Britain before Voldemort had been defeated the first time."

Hearing this Hyacinth gave a grateful look to where she knew the Greene family was and continued to listen in on as Luna finished up with what had happened to them since they had last seen each other.

"We were on the farm for another month before Rick and the rest of his group managed to find the Greene farm. I can't say I know a lot of what happened to them before they did that, or even all of what happened while they were there, as I was on a lot of supply runs but Neville may know a little more as he was around them at lot more than I was. At least around that time he was." Here Luna gave a slight not in Neville's direction as if saying ask him before starting to speak once more.

"What I do know is, when they had first arrived they had Rick's son, Carl there, and he had been shot. By then my magic had adapted enough I could do a lot of healing spells, as that is what I had mainly focused on learning to do, and because of that I was able to heal him. Unfortunately, it was by doing that that allowed the others know I had magic. They didn't react the best to it; as the way Lori still reacts to it shows…." Here Luna trailed off for a second before correcting herself.

"Well, most of them didn't react well to our magic at first. But they soon accepted it. Though, I get the feeling that some of them knew about magic before; like the Greene's did. As they really didn't react as shocked as the others did." Once again Luna trailed off as she got an odd look on her face. One Hyacinth wanted to ask about but at the same time got the feeling Luna would explain it better to her, later on, so she instead kept her ears open as Luna started back up.

"Still, it did take a while for me to earn their trust after that. The same for Neville. But after staying together as long as we have, putting up with what was going on outside, we did earn each other's trust. Unfortunately, it seems you luck as rubbed off on us some. That or Someone in the group, Rick if I had any guess, as about as bad luck as you do."

As she said this, Luna became rather amused as both Hyacinth, and even Rick, began to grumble about their luck not being that bad. Letting Hyacinth know that the group was actually listening in to what was being said. Something she had already realized long before but it was good to be sure about things like that anyway.

Then again considering the fact that they were all in the same room, and there weren't any spells or anything else like that stopping everyone from overhearing what was being said that should have been a given.

Still she rolled her eyes and gave a slightly giggling Luna a pout to keep her from joking about her luck. All this earned Hyacinth was a smirk before Luna continuing on with what she had been saying. Knowing that everything was coming to a close as she did so.

"Well, some of the others ended up running into another group of survivors. That from what we had been able to find out, weren't the best of people. And it caused a bloody, figuratively as well as literally, hell to occur ending with one of the largest herd of walkers I have seen yet stumbling in on the farm and total chaos to erupt. In the end Neville and I ended up apparating to a burning barn and saving both Rick and Carl from not only Walkers but being burned to death as well. I think it was really that incident and the fact we didn't hesitate in doing so that really earned their trust. Something that seems to have only grown since then and the fact that we keep using our magic to help them…"

Here Luan trailed off and wondered if she should say anything else. Only for Hyacinth to tug lightly on Luna's hair, like she used when they had been in Hogwarts's and tell her.

"You had one hell of time didn't you."

Something that earned her a choked off sob kind of laugh, before Luna relaxed in the hug she was getting from both Neville and Hyacinth. Finally, just resting and soaking in the comfort that was being offered to her; by those she called her family. As she did this, Hyacinth could see how exhausted Luna was, and not only that but how dark it was getting.

Seeing this, Hyacinth realized she had a bit of a choice to make. She could stay the night with Luna and Neville, as well as the rest of the group they were with. Then tell the now sleeping Luna what had happened to her in the morning.

Not to mention, if the look Luna was giving her meant anything, find out a little more about what she had missed since she had been gone. All of which were thing that Luna hadn't wanted to talk about around others. Meaning the conversation in question would be away from the others so they didn't find out what certain things she didn't want them to.

Or if she didn't do that Hyacinth could, though it was something she really wasn't so sure about do, she could leave. Come back in the morning and under certain spell work let both Neville and Luna know what had happened to her and get the information then as well.

So really her choice in the matter of what she did. Did she want to stay with this group for the night or not; and for that matter was she even welcomed to do so in the first place?