Hidden among the leaves above the dead

Summary-Abandoned by those that were supposed to be her family Fem! Harry makes a life for herself. One that she is just really starting to enjoy when the dead wake up hungry for human flesh. So, what happens when this independent Fem! Harry is faced with surviving during the walking dead?

Disclaimer- I do not own Harry Potter or The Walking Dead

An- Just so you know I decide to split chapter one into three different chapters so that it would be easier to read as almost fifty pages is too long for one chapter. This is a new chapter.

Chapter Nine

Hyacinth ended up staying the night after Rick, seeing the way she was looking outside and seeing how quickly it was getting dark offered her the chance to stay in the first place. And despite the fact she did have good eye vision, and could see in the dark, Hyacinth didn't want to risk others finding out about it; no until she could feel trust them.

As after all, while they seemed to have reluctantly accepting magic, if only because of how it had helped them, she wasn't so sure they would do the same when it came to have the sense, speed and strength of a leopard; as the wizarding world certainly wouldn't have.

So to hid that, Hyacinth knew she couldn't be as willing to go outside, nor nearly as willing to attempt to jump from branch to branch in trees when she wasn't supposed to be able to see them in the first place.

Making her realize that yes for the time being it would be better for her if she did stay. If only not to rise as many questions she wasn't willing to answer. Besides she really wasn't sure she wanted to leave in the first place.

Something that was only reinforced when, Neville and Luna upon hearing Rick's offer, had clutched tightly to her; not wanting her to leave so soon after they had found her. Especially as they knew that there was still more that they needed to tell her and be told about in return. Information that would be really easier to get out if they stayed together or could met up in private later. Which would be easier if they could plan out it together to best figure out how to do so.

Something Hyacinth had agreed with as well. So, she had stayed and that was even if where she ended up staying ending with her in the living room with Neville and Luna. As far as the others in the group, as well as the supplies she had brought with her, as she could get while still being in the house.

And even if, for the comfort of the others she hadn't used her own magic to make said living room safer or more comfortable for herself as she did so; something she had barley resisted the urge to do. Only the fact Luna's pleading look being the thing that stopped her from doing so.

Well that and the fact that she did want to get the others in the group and see if they would be the type, she wanted in her Sanctuary to begin with. Something that if she did want to do, she would have to make them all a bit more comfortable around her so she can get to see what they were really like. With out the fear of what she could do, or even her herself, being the thing that guided their actions.

As she could tell the others, while comfortable with Luan and Neville's magic, for the most part at least, weren't too comfortable with the idea of her using it around them. At least not yet, not when they weren't completely sure they could trust her.

Despite the fact she could have very easily used more magic, put up more safety measures and could have very easily attacked them before but hadn't done so; something that while it frustrated her Hyacinth had done her best to ignore. As after all if they ended up being unable to accept her or her magic it wasn't like she had to see them again after she left.

At the moment though, staying the night like she had, was something Hyacinth was really regretting. At least at the moment she currently was. As after spending the night in the living room alongside Luna, Neville and Daryl, who state he was going to take night watch. Hyacinth found herself meeting the next morning to another shouting matching. One that had her worried it would attract walkers outside.

As while one of the people arguing was trying his hardest to keep his voice low and hardly above what could be considered acceptable, at least during the current times, the other wasn't holding back in the least bit. As she seemed to be trying her hardest to shout at the top of her lungs; making sure any and everyone in the whole house, and perhaps even beyond that, heard her opinion as she did so.

These two were Rick, and of course Lori. Whom didn't seem happy, in the least bit, that Hyacinth had stayed the night. And because of that was letting everyone in the house, and anyone who may be nearby said house, know that little fact; as loudly as she could apparently.

"Why is that woman still here! I thought she was supposed to be just dropping of Sophia! Hell, I thought that she was going to take the other FREAKS with her so why is she still here?! I thought I told you how unwelcomed she was!"

Hyacinth hearing this, couldn't stop her eyebrow from rising as she looked at the rather emotionless looks on Neville and Luna's faces. Letting her know what was currently going on was something that happened often.

As it seemed that Lori really wasn't shy on letting anyone know that she didn't like Luna or Neville, and from what Hyacinth could see, she used them to start up an argument whenever she could. Always blaming those two in some way or another for all the horror that had happened.

As if it was all their fault everything bad that had happened to her had happened in the first place. Or if not that, just to try push things to going the way she wanted, if only to shut her up about it all. Something that was even further shown when Rick gave a slight sigh before he responded to her.

"Look Lori, it was getting dark out and it wasn't safe for her to leave. Not with the fact that Walkers are more active at night. And just how dark it gets now without lights. It just wouldn't be right to send her out like that. Not when she saved Sophia like she did and gave us all the supplies she had."

This however didn't seem to be the right thing to say, as Lori was already snapping back at her husband; her tone getting even louder as she did so. Something that had made Hyacinth hadn't itching to throw a silencing spell at the woman in question or even better a gag.

But considering the risk it would involve thought better of it; though the amused look she had gotten from Luna let her know that the she did know what Hyacinth had been think at the moment; even as Luna herself looked ready to do the same as Lori screeched on.

"I already told you, the freak over there didn't safe Sophia. I told you that she most like made it just look like she saved Sophia and is trying to get into our good graces! And another thing..."

But here Hyacinth had long since had enough and she wasn't going to let herself be used to continue what she could tell was a pointless argument. One that seemed to be not only be made more of spite than anything else, but also one that could be attracting the unwanted attention of the walkers outside due to how loud it was. So, knowing this she interrupted Lori before she could say anything else.

"Why would I do that? What makes you of all people so special? You don't have anything I would want. Nothing that I don't already have myself. In better condition to boot…Nor, do YOU seem to have any skills in particular that I would want. So, why they hell, would I go out of my way to target this group in particular. Please let me know that."

This got Lori to turn her attention to Hyacinth and she looked about ready to burst as she opened her mouth. No doubt to let loose a rant that Hyacinth's aunt would have been proud of, and most likely just as Preadjusted as one that would have come from that woman's mouth as well. At least she was before Hyacinth once more cut her off; not giving her a chance to even respond to what she had just said.

"You know what. I don't care. I've already stayed the night, it's day light and there is honestly no point in staying here any longer. In fact, the only reason I would stay any longer is I need to talk to both Neville and Luna more about what happened before. But I can do that elsewhere."

It was after this was said that Rick looked about to protest. Something Hyacinth could see why he would do that. As both Luna and Neville, were part of his group, and they were also one of the main reasons they had been protected as much as they had been; as well as how they had a good chunk of the supplies they now had.

So, they would be people that Rick really wouldn't want to lose, right up there with the hunter and other supply runners they had. Unfortunately, it seemed that Lori wasn't on the same wavelength as her husband as after hearing Hyacinth say this she simply spat out.

"Good, take those freaks with you and out of my hair while you're at it."

Thought after this was said Hyacinth noticed that the rest of the group seemed to tense and several of them voiced their protest on this. Letting Hyacinth know that they saw the value in her friends and didn't want to lose them any more than Rick did.

And it was seeing this, and seeing the fact that Neville, and Luna, both looked to be torn, as they had grown close to the several members of the group, that she decided to reply the way she did.

"I just need to talk with them for a bit. I am not taking them away or anywhere they do not want to be. I just want to have a more private conversation without everyone knowing everything about me." This however didn't sooth any nerves as Lori looked rather wild eyed as she began to do the rant Hyacinth had been trying to avoid.

"What, so the three of you can plot against us. So, you can make up some little plan to get us under your control! Well, I'll have you know that I am on to a freak like you. You can just take those two, and get the hell away from me and my family and if you ever come back Rick will be free of those other freaks control and have you shot down just like the unnatural being you are deserve to be taken down!"

Hyacinth hearing this felt all the rage she had been feeling start to build up, more so then every at just how strongly Lori reminded her of her so-called family, and it was only Luna's hand suddenly on her shoulder, calming her, that stopped her from lashing out in any way.

Something that must have shown as the rest of the group looked rather tense and Lori actually looked like she was swallowing her tongue as she backed away from Hyacinth. Though Hyacinth got the feeling that reaction wasn't because she actually regretted what she said, but the fact that Hyacinth had reacted the way she had more than anything.

At the same time, Hyacinth did feel a little bad her temper had gotten the best of her for a while. But yet, felt that it was most likely going to happen again as unlike how she had been in Hogwarts, Hyacinth didn't have nearly as much patients when it came to others.

As she honestly hadn't been around many others in a long while; something that she actually preferred most of the time; at least she did when she was being honest with herself. However, this distancing, and isolation, made it so she really didn't have much patients when it came to interacting with others. Something Hyacinth also knew she would need to work; more so then ever if she did get others to join her Sanctuary.

It was in this moment of silence, as Hyacinth gained control over her tempter, and as Lori looked about ready to go hide back in her room to avoid Hyacinth enraged eyes, that Rick responded to everything that was going on. As with a hand clenched tightly to his gun, and as he eyed Hyacinth wearily, he began to speak.

"I'm sorry for what my wife just said, and I know it made you angry, but don't take it the wrong way. She just isn't one accept things being different, she never really has been, and is really set in her own ways. But not many people are now a days anyway, having to watch their backs like they are."

Hearing this, Hyacinth took a deep breath and in the name of trying to keep the peace turned her focus back on the rest of the group. Noting they still looked to be rather tense and watching her wearily. Seeing this, Hyacinth breathed out once more before she attempted to bring the conversation back where it had been before. While at the time trying to be reassure as she could.

"I know that Neville and Luna are important members of your group, and you honestly have no reason to trust me; at least not that much of a reason. But I assure you I just want to talk to them about something in my past, as well as what I've been doing since I've been here. Since they had last seen me. And just like how you don't trust me completely, I honestly don't trust you fully as well. Which is why I want to speak to them alone."

Here Hyacinth could tell there were members that were going to still protest this. So, she plowed on; trying her best to eliminate their reasons for doing so. Not to mention wondering just why she had to do so, as they didn't own either Luna or Neville and if they honestly wanted to talk to her in private they were free to do so; not matter what the others may think of it.

"It's going to just be a talk between three old friends; honestly. As I feel they feel as close to you as you do them, and I feel they aren't going to want to leave you. Not without trying to get you to come along with us; or something similar to that. Something, might I add, I know most of you wouldn't want to do. So, yes just talking. In fact, if you feel better about it, we can do that while going on a supply run for all of you. Getting even more supplies for this group and coming back with them."

This seemed to sooth some of the worry the others in the group had, as they didn't look as ready to argue as they had been. Well, besides Lori, who looked like she was gathering her steam again. Seeing this, Hyacinth decided it be best if she was gone before she could do this. As she didn't want to actually loose control over her temper, or lash out, and she felt that whatever Lori said next would be something that would make her dangerously likely to do so.

So, in the name of doing this, Hyacinth gestured outside with her head, which caused Luna and Neville followed behind her as she left. Both of them notably leaving behind several things that left the others knowing they would have to come back to get them in the very least; something that seemed to make the others relax even more than they had been before. Even if the things in question weren't their bags or weapons.

Once Neville, Luna and Hyacinth herself were outside, they began to take off at a run with Hyacinth leading them; going on the supposed supply run she had just promised. Heading deeper into the woods while Hyacinth threw a spell to keep others, besides Luna and Neville, from overhearing anything that may be said. Something Hyacinth decided to do as a just in case if someone from the group, or anyone else around them, might have tried to follow them.

Seeing this, Luna raised an eyebrow at Hyacinth and, while continuing to follow the way she was being led by said woman, decided to be the first one of the group, to break the silence between them. Not pausing in the speed, they were all running in as she did so; being reminded slightly of the training Hyacinth had put them through during their fifth years as she did so. Where Hyacinth had drilled into their heads, or at least tried to, that physical fitness was just as important as magical prowess. Something that had come in handy on more than one occasion since then.

"So, where are we going and for that matter do you want us to tell you what we left out the night before? Or do you first want to tell us, what happened to you over the last two years or so?"

Hyacinth hearing this, paused in her actions and thought about it for a second. While at the same time making sure to keep an eye out for any attack that maybe coming. As times now weren't times you could let you guard down in. And not only from the dangers that Walkers presented at that. But soon, she was able to a decision and while make a quick turn in her run she answered Luna's question.

"I think since we are taking the longer way to where I want to show you, as you two can not exactly move through the trees the way I do, or at the speeds I do for that matter, at least not yet you can't. So, we can do a combination of both. I tell you what has happened most recently with me, which deals with where I am currently leading you. And you can tell me just what happened over there that you didn't want to tell me with all the others listening in. More details or further explanations that would need more details or possible even visible prove could be done once we get there. How do you feel about that?"

Hyacinth after saying this felt she should be grateful that Sophia had gotten her to talk a lot more than she had been before. Otherwise she felt that even that short speech would have left her slightly horse and sore. As she hadn't spoken much before and when she did it was most often in short to the point, rather blunt statements; more often then not doing so only when it came to getting the supplies she couldn't get in the wild.

Now though she felt she could give the explanation she just promised, and then some more if she had to. She just needed to see what Luna, or Neville, wanted to do first. She didn't have to wait all that long, as after exchanging a look between the two of them it was Neville that had decided to answer her.

"I think that'd be best, and maybe you should go first. As what we want to tell you isn't something that is bad… but at the same time it is personal and could possibly make you emotional; which is why we didn't want to bring it up before. As like you said everyone else was listening in on what we were saying and even before you never like people knowing personal information; unless you yourself told them that is."

This got a raised eyebrow and smirk from Hyacinth before she gave a slightly grateful nod. As she didn't want to show too many emotions or weaknesses around those she didn't trust. At the same time, she was left wondering just how to best explain just what she had happened to her over to last couple of years as well.

Before deciding it would be best to start from the beginning, but at the same time keep it short and too the point. After all, she felt that when it came to her home, the Sanctuary she wanted to take them to, it was better to show then really tell; as that would be much more believable. So, with that mind Hyacinth began her side of the back story.

"Alight, well after Voldemort had been destroyed, and after the Headmaster had all but forced to two of you to go to a specialized hospital, siting the fact that you needed more healing then the others. Despite the fact you two where to least hurt out of everyone there…"

Here Hyacinth trailed off as Luna, Luna of all People, snorted and mutter something about a manipulative old coot, before continuing on trying to keep the laughter out of her voice as she did so.

"Yes, well after that happened things really didn't go to well for me. As everyone seemed to do there best to utterly ignore me with several of them going out of their ways to move as far from me as the could get the moment I got close; completely isolating me from others for a reason I hadn't know. Or I hadn't known why at first."

This time Hyacinth paused as she clenched her teeth and glared into the open air as she remembered finding out what she had. Before taking a deep breath to calm herself down so she could carry on.

"I found out that it had all been planned. I mean that the oh so wise headmaster, had pretty much planned out my whole life for me. Had tried to control me right down to the fact that he tried to make a marriage contract for one Ron Weasley…As if I would marry that pig! Especially not with the conditions he put in that so-called contract. Or the number of children he wanted me to have as well."

Here Hyacinth got a mixture of utter disgust and murder on her face as she thought back to that contract. And found herself almost wishing that some walkers would stumble on them so she could do some much needed venting. Before forcing herself to calm down and in an almost icy tone pushed herself to resume her tell.

"When I found this out, and I saw just how far the Headmaster would go to keep me under his control, not to mention the sheer amount of people who would try to help him do so. I knew I had to get away from him no matter what." Here Hyacinth eyes seemed to haze slightly as she let herself think about how things had been for her back then before biting her lip as she told her two friends.

"Worse yet, because of how many people were willing to help said Headmaster I didn't know who I could trust to help me do so. So, because I knew this, I also knew that due to this I would have to escape by myself; without telling anyone what I was doing. Otherwise. I feared the Headmaster would find out what I was doing and stop it one way or another. Legally or illegally he wouldn't care; he would just do it."

Here Hyacinth paused this time instead of anger it was to give the two following her a regretful look as they had been among those she hadn't told. Not because she hadn't trusted them, but because she knew that the Headmaster could have quite literally pulled the information out of their head if they had known; something she couldn't risk at that point.

Both because it would be the two of them at risk, as well as put herself at risk of being forcefully dragged back and made to go through what the headmaster had wanted; no matter how hard she fought against it.

And it was something that they seemed to understand, as they gave Hyacinth a look of understanding, causing the knot she was beginning to feel build up in her chest to loosen back up.

It also gave her what she needed to keep on with her story. This time trying to keep it even shorter and to the point as since they had been running the entire time, they were getting closer to her home; about halfway there now.

"When I decided to do this, I snuck out of Hogwarts repeatedly and got numerous supplies. All things I thought I would need to survive on my own and then some; as a just in case. Because honestly you know how my luck is. "This was said with a slight laugh, that was joined in with a snort from Neville, who had been on the receiving end of Hyacinth so-called luck on several occasions, before Hyacinth started back up.

"I had a so much supplies I think I had filled up the magical trunk I had at that point. Anyway, I had been planning on escaped during the summer. When my family had gone on vacation. As I had thought that would have been the best time to do so, as no one would check on me during that time. Only to find out that I honestly didn't need to do so."

Here Hyacinth gave slightly bitter snort, and Luna seemed to wince slightly as if she knew just where this was going. Something Hyacinth didn't really take all that much note of as she hadn't really stopped with her explanation.

"Because, as it turns out, my so-called family had a similar idea as I did. By this I mean they had decided that they were sick of having to deal with the 'freak' and when they were on vacation to America, Georgia America to be more specific, they decided to quite literally throw my out of their car in the middle of the woods to get rid of me."

This time Hyacinth herself didn't stop her story as she was interrupted as Neville suddenly erupted in a large amount of cursing and death threats directed at the family. All of whom Hyacinth was sure was already dead at this point considering just what was going on and how unhealthy all her family was; either by overeating or under. Though that didn't stop Hyacinth from blinking rapidly at how creative some of those threats were, a surprise that grew when Neville decided to explain just what he reacted the way he did.

"We knew your 'family' and I use that term as loosely as it can be used. Left you were ever they went on vacation, but we didn't know they had quite literally thrown you out of the car as they did so. Hell, I shutter to think about what could have happened if you hadn't prepared beforehand. Unfortunately we weren't ever able to find out just where they abandoned you as apparently some 'deatheaters' had gotten their hands on them some time during the next year; after the Headmaster found out you hadn't returned."

Here Neville gave a slight sneer and had enough sarcasm in, apparently and deatheaters, to let Hyacinth know that it most likely wasn't deatheaters that had been behind the attack. Or at least Neville nor Luna seemed to believe that it hadn't been.

Before decided that she honestly didn't care all that much, as after all that time her family really wouldn't remember any details about what had happed to her and apparently hadn't. Which could have played a part in their deaths.

But honestly, she felt it was something they all had coming to them. So, with that in mind she decided to get to the main point in her explanation; and the main reason she had led Luna and Neville away in the first place.

"Well, in the end them throwing me out in the way they did turned out to be the best thing that could have happened to me. At least at the time, and considering just what I had been planning on doing, it was. I do admit at first I didn't exactly see it that way, but then after my first bit of panic, ideas began to flow through my head."

After she said this Neville snorted and made a joking motion of backing away, telling Hyacinth without out any words need just what he thought of her usually ideas. Causing Hyacinth to snort again, and taking no insult with it as her ideas could be pretty crazy, but they always seem to work in the end. One of such being the Sanctuary she was leading them to. So, with that in mind Hyacinth began to be winding herself up to her finish.

"What I am trying to say is that, I made a shelter for myself and got everything together so I could live very comfortably. One that once I got the gut feeling…or maybe it could be considered a gut warning? Anyway, I felt that I needed to expand on it almost a year ago and I did. Making it a sort of sanctuary, one that is safe from the walking dead and that is where I am currently leading you two to."

Here Hyacinth paused and looked at the two staring wide eyed at her as the ran beside her. And with a sense of mischief she hadn't felt in a while watching the two of the as she almost flippantly added on.

"Oh yeah and it's in the trees." After this was said, Hyacinth watched with a good deal of joy as the two reacted to it. As Luna stumbled and looked wide eyed at Hyacinth before she seemed to think about it for a bit and her face lit up in a mixture of hope, excitement as well as a good deal of understanding.

While on the other hand Neville had a much more visible reaction as he actually stumbled in his run, nearly fell, and looked all the world like he wanted to scream at Hyacinth; only holding back the urge to do so through sheer will alone.

Something that Hyacinth nearly laughing, at but at the same time felt it might not be the best idea to do. So instead, to stop the numerous question she knew were about to come, she quickly added on to what she had just said.

"You'll both see what I mean when we get there. We can get some supplies for the rest of the group there. You can take a look at everything, and make it look like we did the supply run like we promised when we get back. Now, what did the both of you want to tell me?"

This got Hyacinth a look from Neville, and a rather amused one directed at her from Luna before Luna decided to do just as was suggested. After all, she knew Hyacinth was better at showing then explaining; a person of action not words.

"Well, there were several things that we didn't want to bring up around the others. As they were rather personal, to you more than anything else. Starting with the fact that, or mainly due to the fact that, the Headmaster had gone crazed looking for you that a lot of different things started to happen. With the first one, and the one you most likely care about the least for that matter, being Neville mentioned you Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin all ended up dead in what was labeled a Deatheater attack."

This got another snort from Neville, who seemed to regain his balance and was once more running beside both Luan and Hyacinth. Throwing a glare or two at Hyacinth as he did so; much to her enjoyment.

Luna see that Hyacinth really wasn't reacting to what had just been said decided to continue with what she was saying. Wondering just how her sister in all but blood was going to react to what else she had to say the whole while.

"The main thing we wanted to tell you away from everyone else, and one of the biggest things that happened was well…" Here Luna trailed off and licked her lips nervous about how to tell Hyacinth this.

Not because she thought that she would be angry at her, but because it was a rather big bit of information that she really should have been told about long before now. Not to mention, something Hyacinth really should have been at least asked about before it had happened.

But in the end, it hadn't had all there was left was for Luna to actual tell her what it was. So, deciding to bite the spell and keep on Luna continued on. Hoping that there wouldn't be an explosion of some sort, be it magic or otherwise, after she finished as she did so.

"I know you know about godfather and perhaps godmothers; seeing as you were told about them to a degree. But what you don't know is that in the magical world it is a very magically powerful term. A binding one at that, one that no matter what is a source of protection for the one that it is bond to."

This caused Hyacinth to perk up and with a growing sense of unease listen to what Luna was saying just that much more carefully. Seeing as she knew that Luna wouldn't have told her this for no reason. Or even have brought it up if it wasn't something that was important as Luna knew just how that term had affected her before. This was proven true when she heard what her little sister had to say next.

"What I think you do not know, and something that you really should have known before, was that James hadn't only bond Sirius to you as your godfather but also done a bind that had let Remus take over if Sirius was to die. Making him your godfather after Sirius had fallen through the Veil. Fortunately, this wasn't known to anyone else but Remus, and us after he had brought it up, so the Headmaster hadn't been able to use Remus to track you down. Like he most certainly would have otherwise. But on the other had Remus could have and was going to…"

Here again Luna paused, and Hyacinth got the feeling that wasn't the big news that Luna had wanted to tell her. That she seemed rather nervous about telling her for that matter. Something that was proven when determined to get it out Luna plowed on with what she was saying.

"What I am trying to say is that Remus was going to look for you immediately after you disappeared, but something occurred before he could. Or to be more precise someone came up. As Tonks, Remus's girlfriend and then Fiancé at that point, ended up being pregnant making it too dangerous for them to travel. But here is the big thing, and why I let you know about godfather or GODMOTHER, magic. Seeing as when Tonk's child was born it was a son they had decided to call Teddy. And that wasn't the only decision the made." Here Hyacinth listened as Luna slowly explained what was going on a sense of dread, growing numbness and oddly a bit of exactment growing insider her as she did this.

"As once Teddy was born, they decided with how dangerous things were for them, and how the Headmaster was acting they need to have a godparent for their son. A backup that could keep him safe if anything happened to them… To be more specific they decided he needed a Godmother. You to be more precise"

This last bit was said rather quickly, and Hyacinth was the one that was now left being the one staring wide eyed as Luna. Who seeing that Hyacinth wasn't reacting yet, decided to keep going. Trying to get as much information out as she could, before Hyacinth could fully react to what she was being told.

"They managed to do this without you knowing because, well they had gone to the bank and used some black family magic to help make it so. I wasn't there and didn't really talk to them much after they had done so, so I am not sure exactly what they did. Only they used to fact that Tonks was the only Black family member besides you to ensure it stuck." Here Neville cut into what Luna was saying before Hyacinth could ask her what she meant by that, and told Hyacinth.

"Draco and his mother were Blacks as well, but they 'mysteriously' died not too long before Teddy was born. Shortly before the Walkers started to come to life, after they 'dared' refuse to let Dumbledore use their blood to track you down. As neither one believed that would be the only thing the headmaster would do with their blood if he got his hands on it. Again mysteriously, they died after refusing to do so. Sadly, it seemed they had expected something like this to happen as the moment they died their body burst into flames leaving nothing behind; not even a drop of blood. Something the Headmaster could be heard cursing about later on."

This said Hyacinth was left pale and wonder how often she came as close to being discovered before. Or for that matter just how insane the headmaster had really gotten when it came to looking for her. A look that Luna seemed to recognize this and decided to continue on with what she had been saying; letting Hyacinth gather her thoughts as she did so.

"It was because of that that Remus, Tonks and Teddy left as quick as they did; as they knew that they would be next. Either because of Tonk's slight family connection to you, or if not that because of the connection Remus might have to you as well." There was a slight pause as Luna corrected herself by adding on.

"Well, that and they wanted to be able to find you and hopefully explain about what was going on to you. As they were worried about you and apparently like us, they too had been forced away from you. Something they had tried to get around on later on to find out they had had spells and potions put on the that stopped them from doing so…which was why they hadn't gotten in contact with you before."

Here Luna gave a slightly shaky sigh and after seeing the sharp of intense focus in Hyacinth eyes decided to finish up with her explanation. After all she got the feeling they were nearly at the destination as Hyacinth was starting to slow down.

"The two had a terribly similar idea as we did when it came to looking for you. However instead of using Hedwig like we had been doing. What they did or more like what Remus did was follow a combination of the godfather bond and Remus wolf, that saw you as it's cub, to try and locate you. It gave them a vague idea of where you were from what I have found out. Enough of one to know that you were somewhere in America, Georgia and that was all. But I also get the feeling that when Teddy is a bit older, he will be able to do the same thing and try and find you through the godmother bond you have with him. I am also shaky about what the bond may do to you, especially now that you know about it as it may try and push you to try and find him if he is in danger…" Here Luna stopped and wondered just how Hyacinth was going to react to everything that had just been said.

Only to see that the Witch in question had a conflicted look on her face and looked to be thinking of something. Or at least she was until she seemed to push past to conflict and stopped running before telling both Luna and Neville.

"We're here now. I'll think about all of this later. For now, let's get up there. I'll key you into the wards that will let you inside."

This got Hyacinth a pair of slow nods and Luna looked as if she was about to say something before, she decided not to and instead followed behind Hyacinth as he climbed up a specific tree. Obviously trying to ignore what she had just been told; at least for the time being she was.

Once they got near the top of the tree, and once Hyacinth keyed them into the wards that were protecting her Sanctuary both Luna and Neville finally saw just what Hyacinth had been telling them about. And while doing so they just saw why Hyacinth felt it was better for them to see it rather than just be told about it.

As with everything that was going on, words really couldn't be used to describe her Sanctuary not without the prove the two now saw. As the wards, the protection not to mention the shelter they could see was something they all didn't think they would be able to see again; at least not as soon as they were. Even if they knew that a lot of the others in their group really wouldn't see it exactly as they would.

As both of them were magical, had been all their lives and unlike most mundanes they knew just how much shelter those tents could offer. How much was just in said tents, and when combined with the sheer magic they could feel in the wards around, above and even below them they knew they were safe.

More so then ever as they also know just how rarely people or things rarely looked up. Seeing all of this, Luna turned towards Hyacinth with slightly watery eyes, something that caused Hyacinth to give her a gentle smile before telling her.

"Why don't I give you a tour of everything and we get some much need supplies for our 'supply run' and you can help me figure out just how to get the others to agree to come here and perhaps explain it to them in the first place?"

A.N- this is more like a challenge then a note, but you know those boats that are so big and fancy they are called floating Cities? Well what if there was a crossover with walking dead where Harry has one of those. Magically inclined and could go under water during storms and such thing? Anyone want to take up this idea?