Act 1: The Big Beginning


Originally Published On 3/23/18

Revamped On 6/5/21

Author Note: My writing has considerably improved in the 3 (almost 4 now) years since I began writing this fic. I learned a lot, and developed my own writing style, and I'll be honest, it's hard for me to look back at most of these earlier chapters now, compared to my more recent work. So... yeah, this fic is getting a revamp before I finish writing the finale. I'm not completely changing anything story-related aside from any continuity errors or early-installment weirdness that wouldn't be relevant to the larger narrative, so yeah. Act 1 is gonna get the biggest touch-up, but as I get further through the chapters I'll be making less and less changes, which means it'll all go by faster. Plus, I have new fanfic projects on the horizon, so stay tuned for those!

If you're new to the fic, here's a basic description: Crossover novelization between big events in the cartoons Fairly Oddparents (Wishology) and Steven Universe (Cluster Arc), and a crossover with Super Paper Mario. There's multiple original plot elements and plenty of new twists exclusive to this fic (and eventually, future ones in this universe) so stay tuned any enjoy reading! You won't regret it!

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Ahem! Today… I'll tell you the story of the lost book of prophecies. This prophetic book was a mysterious tome full of stories of future events. Of course, many people craved this book, wishing to glimpse their futures. But no person, after obtaining this amazing book, ever found happiness. The reason? The book held frightful secrets not meant for people's eyes. That book came to be called the Dark Prognosticus and was sealed away. This…is the tale of that forgotten book's last owner. It is a tale of love… And… a tale of trust…

It should've been just another typical day in the Mushroom Kingdom. The shining sun cast a glimmering brightness on the strange yet unique world. The Mushroom Kingdom was just one part of a much bigger world, one that was host to many different locales, ranging from a kingdom of cloud people in the sky all the way to a place called the Waffle Kingdom. Though the world was home to an assortment of many different lands, only one of them would have anything significant going on this morning.

The Mushroom Kingdom.

Though there was no King or Queen in the kingdom (not yet, anyway), the kingdom's Princess, also known as Princess Peach Toadstool, was the current leader of the kingdom. She was tall, almost six feet tall. She usually wore a puffy pink dress, and no matter what, she'd make sure that the golden crown would always be on her head, a symbol of who she truly was.

Her castle wasn't anything to sneeze at either; it was a much more than adequate living space for someone of her status. The town surrounding it was quite large; there was plenty of space for the various residents to live mostly peaceful lives. The main species that inhabited the town were Toads, hence the name "Toad Town." Of course, there were other species that lived there too, such as Koopas, Shy Guys, etc.

But even so, despite how nice and calm it all seemed, that peace and tranquility would occasionally come to a rude end at the hands of a king from a not-too far off kingdom. This king would often kidnap Princess Peach, using his army to cause chaos in the Mushroom Kingdom while he swooped in and took the princess for himself, taking her back to his castle.

This King was King Bowser, a seven foot tall Koopa, otherwise known as a giant turtle-dragon hybrid. He came off as boastful and arrogant, which in turn caused anyone outside of his army to hate him. His castle easily dwarfed Peach's Castle, which was necessary for him since it was the place he and all his minions lived.

When Bowser decided it was time to kidnap the princess, there were three people that would make sure that he wouldn't get away with it. Well… now there were three. There used to only be two.

And right now, the first of them was sound asleep in his bunk bed (he was lucky to get the top) in the house he shared with the other two. He slept lazily, his blanket halfway off the bed as his limbs were sprawled out randomly; his bright red pajamas making him stand out from most.

This twenty-two year old man's name was Mario. He… didn't really know his last name. …There was a lot he didn't know, and at the same time a lot he did know. Mostly about the world he's lived in for the past few years.

Mario groaned a little, his eyes fluttering open as he slowly woke up. He still was very out of it, his mind tugging at him to go back to sleep because the house was still dark. But what got him to open his eyes again was that, just for the briefest of moments, a strange, foreign sensation that was completely indescribable took over him, and by the time he opened his eyes again in reaction, it was already long gone.

Well, whatever. He turned over to face his digital clock. He was already waking up, so he might as well start his morning routine at the bright and early time of… 10:18am…

He nearly swore as he hurriedly got up, regretting wanting the top bunk now as he nearly fell off in his abrupt panic. He managed to catch himself though, and climbed down using the ladder, wondering just how he slept through his alarm, especially since…

Mario frowned, looking around for a second in the near-darkness before turning on the light and looking around once more. He was alone, and questioned it for a moment before he shrugged it off. Maybe those two went somewhere and decided he could use a little more rest.

Well, a late start was better than no start.

He took a quick shower, changing into his regular clothes. First, the plain red shirt, because that was his favorite color. Then the blue overalls, and when he went out of the bathroom, he put his shoes and socks on. Finally, he grabbed his trademark red hat, making sure it was on correctly. He was usually neat like that.

Next on the imaginary to-do list was breakfast. He made it brief, only opting to eat a small bowl of cereal with a short cup of orange juice. It satisfied him for now, but in a few hours or so he'd be hungry again for lunch. He cleaned up after himself, only now considering what he should do today.

Hm… Maybe he should just relax and take it easy. Yeah, that sounded good. Even after getting ready and waking up fully, he still felt just a little lethargic, but not enough for him to totally go back to sleep. Perhaps he should just stop by Peach's Castle and hang out for a little while.

After several seconds of deliberation, Mario decided that would be the best option. If Bowser didn't suddenly decide to try and kidnap the Princess today, then he'd be able to relax and take it easy. Mario went outside, shutting the front door behind him, making sure to lock it before putting his set of keys in his pocket.

If Mario were to try and walk all the way to Peach's Castle from his house, it'd… take a while. That was the exact reason he'd gotten a warp pipe installed not too long after he'd made his home in the Mushroom Kingdom. He took a quick look at his mailbox. It was empty, as he'd expect. Mail never arrived on Sunday.

Mario jumped into the pipe, already very used to the feeling of what would come next. He entered, and the pipe transported him to the other end in the matter of seconds. He jumped back out, now at one of the several entrances to Toad Town.

The place was massive, and Peach's Castle was at the center of it all. Mario casually strolled in, hands in his pockets, humming some tune he came up with just now… but then he stopped. Why?

…Nothing. That's what he heard. It was so abrupt, so sudden, so unlike anything he'd heard before in Toad Town. Just… nothing. Mario quickly glanced around. If this were some sort of movie, then a dust ball surely would be going by right around now.

Obviously it wasn't normal that he was the only person out here. Chills ran down his spine. How could he explain it? It was just… there was something wrong about this. Something so unbelievably wrong, he didn't want to think about the possibilities.

He stood in place for a moment before snapping himself out of it. He couldn't waste any time, he needed to get to the place that mattered the most: Peach's Castle. Mario couldn't spend time checking the houses for anyone; that would take up too much time.

Mario broke into a sprint, running toward Peach's Castle as he grabbed his set of keys from his pocket, fumbling with them until he found the one for Peach's Castle. He was one of the very few people that Peach trusted enough to have a key.

In his panic he nearly crashed right into the castle doors. Yikes, that wouldn't have been good. He unlocked the door, the darkness inside washing away at the intruding light outside, and…


Ah, a typical Sunday morning… or was it? Not in the Dimmsdale house, it wasn't.

Timmy Turner, an average kid who no one understands. It all began on just some day, not too long after Timmy's 10th birthday. His parents, Terrance and Tamara, had been a bit overbearing during his childhood, but Tamara wanted that to change. So, she told Timmy a little white lie, one that ended up causing Timmy to call a babysitting service.

…Too bad the babysitter turned out to be evil incarnate. Vicky, the 16-year-old redhead. At first, she seemed so nice and caring for him… but the instant his parents left, she took a complete 180, turning his life into a living hell that would make even the worst day at school seem like a breath of fresh air.

Thankfully, it was on that same night that Vicky first started babysitting him that his life changed forever; for when he threw a magic 8 ball at the wall, it cracked and out popped two Fairy Godparents.

Fairy Godparents were magical, ethereal creatures that had lifespans far, far longer than any human ever could hope to have. Any time a child on Earth showed true signs of being miserable, they were assigned to that child, able to grant any wish for them as long as it fell under the umbrella of Da Rules, the rulebook of what Fairies could and couldn't wish for.

Over the course of almost two years, Timmy went on countless magical misadventures with Cosmo & Wanda, stemming anywhere from rewinding time (multiple times) to even travelling to other dimensions. Several months ago, Timmy made one of his biggest wishes yet; he wished Cosmo & Wanda would have a baby… and that was the best decision of his life. From then on, they'd have a new member of the family, and his name was Poof.

Even with the new responsibility of a baby, the family was still able to have many grand adventures, although there started to be fewer than usual, especially over the past few months. In a couple days, however… summer vacation would begin.

One thing Timmy didn't understand, however, is that why these last few days needed to happen at all. They were already winding down; finishing the last of the major tests on Thursday (that he managed to NOT get an F on, much to Mr. Crocker's chagrin) followed by a pizza party on Friday that lasted nearly the entire school day. Today was Sunday, so what could possibly be gained from him having to go to school on Monday and Tuesday and then starting summer vacation? None of it made sense, but whatever… he could survive a couple more days.

His day abruptly began when his alarm clock went off. Timmy grumbled, trying to pull the covers over his head to block the noise. It didn't work. Frustrated, he took the blanket off his head before turning off the alarm.

Once the highly annoying beeping ceased, Timmy blinked a few times, trying to wake himself up. It was so tempting to lay back down and fall asleep, but… nah. He was already hungry for breakfast, and he didn't want to keep his stomach waiting any longer.

Moments later, Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof poofed out of the fishbowl by Timmy's bed, reappearing in their normal fairy forms. It was necessary for the three of them to be able to transform at a second's notice, otherwise if anyone else found out who they really were and who they belonged to, Timmy's memories of them be erased and they'd have to go away forever.

"Wakey wakey, Timmy!" Cosmo said, eager to finally be awake. "It's time for another day of school!" He… wasn't the brightest, but his bright and chipper attitude was uplifting.

"It's Sunday, Cosmo," Wanda corrected. "You made this mistake yesterday too, remember?" While Wanda could be a nag at times, it always was for everyone's best interests, whether they realized it or not. Poof giggled a bit, just happy to be there with his family.

"Oh, riiiiiight…" Cosmo said, finally realizing his mistake. "Then… it's time for another day of the weekend!"

"Thanks, Cosmo," Timmy said, smiling. "But I'm sure Vicky is going to babysit and make me do chores all day." He groaned, his smile instantly disappearing. On second thought, maybe more school isn't so bad after all…

There was a knock on the door, and right as the three fairies poofed back into fish and dropped into the fishbowl, Timmy's parents opened the door. Ah, his parents… every since the incident that landed him with Vicky, his mom and dad hadn't been nearly as attentive as before… and while they'd swung too far in one direction before… it's safe to say that afterward they slowly began swinging in the other direction.

Though sometimes they could be smarter than he gave them credit for.

"Hey Timmy!" Terrance said, waving to his son. He seemed especially happy today, did he get a raise at work or something? "Guess what? Vicky…" He paused, needing to cough.

Oh boy, Timmy could already guess what he was gonna say, and so time to prepare for another disappoint-

"Like I was about to say, she's not babysitting you today." Terrance finished.

"What?" Timmy asked. That was… a weird way to announce it, but eh, his parents were always like that.

"We tried to call Vicky," Tamara began explaining, folding her hands together. "But her parents answered and said she had a sore throat, so she won't be available to babysit for a few days."

"Which means that we are going to spend the day together!" Terrance added, his voice filled with excitement. "We're going to go the park in a few hours, and we also called your friend's parents so your friends could come too!"

Whichever gods aligned the planets for this brilliant stroke of luck to cross him… he'd be eternally thankful. Even one day free from Vicky was a big deal for him in of itself. It looked like the road to summer vacation would be one paved in excitement!

…and action…

…and adventure…





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