Sayori: Eh? Where'd our author go? She has so many stories to update, and I wanted to read them...

Natsuki: Maybe she forgot about her fans-


Well, I'm here now, I guess y'all can stop worrying.

"Hey, Hoshimi!"

I whipped around to see a girl with coral pink hair waving to me from down the hall, her unbuttoned grey blazer flapping about as she ran. I sighed and let Sayori catch up to me. I honestly don't know why she was going to bother with me when she has club duties to attend to.

Sayori is Vice President of the Literature Club, not that I knew she had any interest in literature. I'm sure she only joined because she thought it would be fun to help start a new club. And while it took some time for her to find two other members to become an officially recognized club, she really was having fun. And that's all that matters to me.

At this point, Sayori had caught up to me.

"Hi, Sayori." I didn't bother to lecture her about the school rule of no running in the halls. Today, at least.

Sayori flashed her signature smile and her bright blue eyes sparkled. "Hoshimi, I have a really important question to ask you."


Clasping her hands together, Sayori asked, "Hoshimi, will you come and visit my club?"

I gave a nervous laugh. Of course, Sayori would come and ask me this. "Sayori, I already told you. I seriously considered the Literature Club, but anime pulled me closer. I'm part of the Anime Club now."

Sayori's eyes grew dejected, and she brought her hands up to her chest. "Eh? But you have to come! You have to!"

I crossed my arms and smirked playfully. "Oh? And why's that?"

Laughing nervously, Sayori continued. "Well, I kinda said that I would bring in two new members..." Her index fingers joined together at the tips. "...And Natsuki made cupcakes and everything, ehehe..."

Dang it, Sayori. You brought in my only two weaknesses.

Sad girls and cupcakes.

"Fine, but only for the cupcakes."

Sayori's eyes brightened instantly. "Hehe, I know you'll be staying with us. Natsuki's not only a wicked good baker, she loves manga too! She keeps her collection in the clubroom."

Whoa, hold up. Did Sayori just say 'she'? Is this a girls club?

"Maybe, shorty." I ruffled her already tangled hair and smiled.

"Hey! I happen to be average height! You're just too tall to notice!"

Sayori is 5'2", while I'm 5'4".

As soon as the moment started, it stopped, and a slight expression of shock flashed across Sayori's face. "Oh no, I forgot Morp!" She immediately started running to a section of the school where none of my classes were held.

Morp? What kind of a name is Morp, anyway? Their parents must really have hated them to give them a name like Morp.

I started speedwalking in the direction Sayori disappeared, desperately trying to catch up without breaking school rules. By now the Anime Club will be wondering where I am. Especially Akari. I swear that girl spends her free time worrying about people.

I turned a corner to find Sayori peeking her head into a classroom and saying, "Hellooo?"

I saw a male head with brown hair shoot his gaze to the door. "Sayori...?" His eyes were a vibrant green and anyone could get lost in them.

But not me! I have my trusty compass!

The boy whom I could only assume was Morp gazed around the room only to realize that he was the last one left. Sayori let herself in and started speaking, "I thought I'd catch you coming out of the classroom, but I saw you just sitting here and spacing out, so I came in. Honestly, you're even worse than me sometimes... I'm impressed!"

"You don't need to wait up for me if it makes you late for your own club." I had no reason to be surprised by Morp's voice, but I did. It was slightly higher pitched than most boys in this school, but not by much. It also almost sounded hollow, for lack of a better word. Like his mind didn't belong to his body.

"Well, I thought you might need some encouragement, so I thought, you know..."

"Know what?"

"Well, that you could come to my club!"

Welp, there goes the girls club I was hoping for.


Sayori started to grow excited. "Yeah?" I could almost sense what he was about to say next. It was sorta creepy.

"...There is no way I'm going to your club."

Eh, I was close. I was thinking more along the lines of 'I am not going to your club', but still. Sayori grew disappointed.

Dang it, Sayori. You know I can't see you like this.

Time to act.

"Oh really?" I walked into the classroom with my arms crossed. Sayori jumped and hit her hip on a desk, not very hard, mind you. Morp nearly fell out of his chair. I raised a hand to my mouth to hide stifle a giggle. These two look like amazing friends. "I'll let you know that I'm going to this club too."

Morp stared at me. I knew that he thought I was cute. Nearly all the boys do. But there's one thing that makes me untouchable to the boys.

Fine, maybe two things. But that makes me harder to claim!

Morp smirked. "Well, in that case... I'll think about it."

"Also there's cupcakes."

Morp stood up. "Alright, where's the clubroom?"


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