Before I knew it, we were headed towards the clubroom. It was in a section of the school I rarely visit, being generally used for third-year classes and activities. Eventually, we make it to the clubroom and, energetically, Sayori swings open the door.

"Everyone! The new members are here~!"

Ugh, Sayori. Don't call us new members.

I glance around the clubroom to be met with what I was expecting. Three other girls look up at me. One had super long brown hair done up in a high ponytail with a huge bow. Her eyes were a beautiful green. She was writing something in a composition notebook. Another was quite short, with bright pink hair and matching eyes. She was sitting against the wall near the closet and reading what appeared to be manga. The last was at a desk, reading a book. She had waist-length purple hair and again, matching eyes. She was the one to speak first. "Welcome to the Literature Club. It's a pleasure meeting you two." Her voice was soft and a tad distant. She was a reader, like me. I could tell. "Sayori always says nice things about you."

The pink-haired girl spoke next. "Seriously? You brought a boy? Way to kill the atmosphere." Her voice was quite high-pitched, almost like an anime character. I wondered if that was her real voice, or if she copied characters voices so much that it became her voice.

Sayori looked like she should glare, but she didn't. "Hey! I brought a girl here too!"


"Ah, Morp! What a nice surprise!" The last girl spoke. I recognized her from around the school, but I never talked to her. I think her name was Mindy... or was it, Megan? "Welcome to the club!"

Morp and I were silent.

This club...

Is full of incredibly cute girls!

The pink haired girl got up and walked towards us. "What are you looking at?" She asked Morp. "If you want to say something, say it."

Morp gazed down at the floor. "S-Sorry..."

The purple haired girl stood up as well and glared at the short one. "Natsuki..." She said it as if to tell the short girl, who is apparently Natsuki, to shut up.


Suddenly, Sayori was right beside Morp and I. "You can just ignore her when she gets moody~" she whispered before turning back to the others. "Anyway! This is Natsuki, always full of energy. And this is Yuri, the smartest girl in the club." She gestured to the tall one with the purple hair. She was slightly taller than me.

Yuri looked away. "D-Don't say things like that..." Shy, bookish, and extremely cute.

Yeah, this may work.

Except she may have a hard time keeping up with Sayori and Natsuki, as they are super energetic. I'm also kinda like those two. Plus, I don't even know if she's-

"Ah... Well, it's nice to meet both of you." Morp's voice dragged me forcefully out of my thoughts. I stepped back an inch, startled. Luckily, no one seemed to notice.

"And it sounds like you already know Monika, is that right, Morp?" Sayori asked the only male in the room. Ohhh, it was Monika. I had the 'M' right, at least.

"That's right," Monika responded. "It's great to see you again, Morp." She smiled sweetly at him. Well, looks like she's got her eyes on him.

Two girls are still in the running, though.

Natsuki and Sayori.

"Y-You too, Monika," Morp replied to her.

Sayori bounced. "Come sit down, you guys! We made room for you at the table, so one of you can sit beside Monika, and one of you can sit beside me!"

I bolted to the seat beside Sayori, leaving Morp to sit beside Monika.

"Okayy, then, Hoshimi is sitting next to me..." Sayori spoke. "I'll go get the cupcakes!"

Natsuki placed her hands on her hips, fists still clenched. "Hey! I made them, I'll get them!" Sayori made a guilty smile.

"Sorry, I got a little too exicited~" Sayori replied, sitting down in her seat. Morp took his seat next to where Monika was sitting. Yuri suddenly stood up.

"Then, how about I make some tea as well?" I nodded enthusiastically. I love tea. Natsuki and Yuri both smiled and went to the corner of the room, where Natsuki grabbed a wrapped tray and Yuri opened the closet. Having retrieved the tray, Natsuki walked back to the table.

"Okaaay, are you ready?" All of us nodded. Natsuki lifted the foil while exclaiming "Ta-daa!"




A dozen cupcakes were decorated to look like fluffy white cats. Sayori let out a gasp of wonder, sounding almost like 'Woah!'. I almost did the same thing. The whiskers were drawn on with icing, and little pieces of chocolate were used to make ears. "So cuuuute~!" Sayori and I exclaimed at the same moment, then giggled.

"I had no idea you were so good at baking, Natsuki," Monika expressed her emotions in a totally different way than Sayori and I.

Natsuki placed the tray down triumphantly. "Ehehe. Well, you know. Just hurry and take one!" Sayori and I immediately grab one, with Monika and Morp following. Sayori chomps down enthusiastically, eyes closed.

"It's delicious!" Sayori was talking with her mouth full, and already has icing on her face. I shake my head, smiling. That's Sayori.

I bite down, taking an ear and an eye with me. The icing is sweet and flavourful, definitely homemade. "Holy crap," I said when I swallowed, "This is so good."

Natsuki smirked. "Glad to know what you think!"

Hah, I guess I can become better friends with Natsuki. After all, I do enjoy baking...


Anyway, I made a schedule thing. I'm going to update on Wednesdays and write in the time in between updates. If I can fit in two different story updates in a day, great! If I only get one, that's fine too.

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