So this is my first 'Seven Brides for Seven Brothers' fanfic, but I love the movie so much that I couldn't help myself to write a fanfic. I hope I do the movie justice and don't disappoint the fandom in any way. Also a HUGE shout out to Countrylover99 for helping me work out some of the kinks and helping me get on my feet. And now I give you, 'The Married Life'

"Do you Alice, Ruth, Martha, Liza, Sarah, Dorcas take these men to be your lawfully wedded husbands?"

Five of the girls looked behind their beloveds to look at their families, while Alice looked straight ahead at her father who sent her a small smile. With a nod from each of their fathers, or in Ruth's case her uncle, the girls turned back to Reverend Elcott.

"We do."

"And do you, Benjamin, Caleb, Daniel, Ephraim, Frankincense, Gideon take these girls to be your lawfully wedded wives?"

Five of the six brothers looked behind them and gulped as the men stepped forward, guns in hand.

"We do."

"I now pronounce you men and wives."

The six happy couples embraced in a loving kiss, for the most part, their first kiss.

When the couples separated, the fathers and Uncle of the brides walked over to their new son-in-law and patted them each on the back.

Adam and Milly watched silently from the side.

"I never thought they'd ever marry." Adam admitted to his wife.

The blonde woman fixed her eyes on her husband.

"Well, they almost weren't thanks to you and your idea to kidnap them."

Adam sighed and looked at the little baby sleeping in the crib. Hannah was one of the best things that happened to him since little Gideon was born and he married Milly. He wouldn't dare let anything happen to her, let alone some strange backwoods man kidnaps her and drag her off to the mountains and cause an avalanche and not be able to see her for six months.

"I told you I was sorry Milly. I really understand now why it was wrong and how I'd feel if somebody did that to Hannah."

The woman eyed him up and down. She heard the sincerity in his voice and saw the apologetic look on his face, but she still hadn't let herself fully forgive him. Afterall, it was a very reckless and stupid stunt he pulled. Adam and his brothers could be hanging from the nearest tree right now if she hadn't had convinced the townsfolk of the brothers' innocence.

"Alright Adam, as long as you understand that it was wrong. Come, time to meet the in-laws."

Milly stood up and pulled Adam over to where the brothers and their wives were conversing with their families.

"Oh, Milly! Isn't it wonderful! We're all married."

Alice was the first to run into Milly's arms, followed by the rest of the girls. They were all very grateful to Milly for saving their beloved and would forever be in her debt.

"Oh Milly, we can not thank you enough for saving them!" Alice had tears in her blue eyes as she thanked the girl who was like her older sister.

The other five spoke their thanks as well while Milly simply smiled at them.

"Now I couldn't let my girls be heartbroken for the rest of their lives if they lost the ones they loved, I just had to do something, and Hannah is far too young to lose her father and her uncles."

The six girls giggled as Milly smiled. She was truly happy for each and every one of her friends, they had finally found love as they always dreamed they would.

Alice brought the older girl into a hug once more before she ran back to her father and husband.

The six girls laughed after the small blonde girl. Alice was filled with so much happiness, that she brightened up a room every time she walked in.

"Go, be with your husbands, and your families."

Milly watched with a smile on her face as the five girls ran off to be with their families and their husbands.

Adam had Hannah in his arms as he walked over to his wife with a smile on his face. The couple shared a smile as Hannah was placed in her mothers' arms and Adam placed his hands on her shoulders.

"I didn't do half bad raising 'em."

Milly chuckled and leaned into his chest and watched her family. Meeting Adam Pontipee was the best thing that ever happened to her.