The Impossible Man Part 1

A small ginger-haired girl knelt by her bed in her room with her hands clasped together as if she was praying; which she was. Her room had blue walls, a desk by one wall, her bed was touching another wall and quite near to her room's garden-side window. Across from her bed was a dresser, and next to the desk was an assortment of items in a basket. Just above the desk on the wall was a crack. A very strange crack indeed. It didn't look like it had just appeared or been there for a long time. It was an unnerving impossible crack.

"Dear Santa," the girl said in her Scottish accent, "Thank you for the dolls, and the pencils, and the fish. It's Easter now, so I hope I didn't wake you, but... honest, it is an emergency."

She took a second to glance nervously at her wall where the crack was before she continued, "There's... a crack in my wall. Aunt Sharon says it's just an ordinary crack, but I know it's not, because... at night there's voices. So please, please could you send someone to fix it. Or a policeman. Or…"

As she trailed off she heard a wheezing groaning sound followed by a crash a few seconds later. With her mind not entirely on the crashing sound, she couldn't remember what she was going to add so she merely said, "Back in a moment."

She hurried to her window, opened it, and looked outside to survey her garden and what she saw confused her a bit. There was a big rectangular blue box laying where her garden used to be.

"Thank you Santa," the girl said quickly as she then decided to hurry on down to the garden to see what it was, and to do that she had to prepare for the cold. Once she was ready she walked outside and stared at the blue box. Suddenly a very dirty hand popped out of the box and grabbed onto it. About ten seconds later someone pulled himself out of the box and flopped onto the ground. His brown pinstriped suit was torn, he had soot all over his face as well as a few cuts here and there.

"Hello?" the girl asked concerned, "Are you alright?"

That caused the man to pop his eyes open and look around and when he saw the girl he gained a look of confusion till he saw her house. Once he did a flash of recognition flared across his face, but that was just as quickly replaced by an expression of pain as he felt a heart cease working.

"Arrgh!" the man cried out in pain as he thrashed around on the ground for a few seconds. When his thrashing subsided he slowly pulled himself up off the ground and onto his feet.

"Do I need to call the ambulance?" the girl asked even more concerned.

"No ambulances," the man said in an Estuary accent, "I could use a cup of tea of you don't mind though."

"Okay then," the girl said, "Come on. Slowly. You don't want to fall and break something I bet."

The man didn't even reply as he slowly followed the girl who led him into the house to the kitchen area. The man gratefully sat himself down at the kitchen table and promptly fell unconscious again banging his head on the table as he did so. When he awoke the girl had placed a cup of tea in front of his face and had one for herself as well. The kitchen looked like your usual kitchen but was smaller than some.

"Does it scare you?" the man asked weakly as he slowly took a sip of tea.

"What?" the girl asked in confusion, "that police box outside?"

"No," the man replied, "You let a stranger into your house and gave him tea. It seems to me that something scares you far more than a random stranger popping out of a box."

"There's a crack in my wall," the girl replied, "Are you a policeman?"

"What makes you ask that?" the man said after a flash of realization crossed him.

"You have a police box," the girl asked.

"That doesn't necessarily mean I'm a policeman," the man replied as he took another sip.

"Are you going to look at it?" the girl inquired.

"At what?" the man asked, "the crack or the box?"

"The crack," the girl answered getting a bit annoyed.

"I don't have the energy," the man said weakly, "I am dying. I don't have much time left. I'm sorry but you're going to have to deal with the crack yourself."

"And how would I do that?" the girl asked frantically, "I'm not some sort of crack expert! I wouldn't even know what to do with it!"

"You are a smart girl," the man said kindly, "You will figure it out eventually. Thank you for the tea. It is making me feel better, but only enough that I can get back to my box without collapsing."

The man then stood up as he drained the rest of his tea and stumbled back to his box where he slowly climbed back inside. The girl watched from the garden entrance in disappointment, but her disappointment was then replaced with surprise as the blue box began fading in and out as the wheezing groaning sound returned till eventually the box had vanished entirely and nothing was there. Except for the destroyed garden shed.

Doctor Who Tennant era Main Theme

David Tennant

Karen Gillan

Doctor Who

The Impossible Man

Written by Soron66

Several years later in another part of town, a blue box began materializing next to a bus stop. When it was done a man with brown hair that's all sticky uppy in the front and dark eyes wearing a blue pinstriped suit under a brown long coat stepped out of the box. As he looks around he frowns as sees the town then pulls out a device from one of his pockets and looks at it.

"That strange anomaly can't be coming from here," the man muttered to himself, "This town is too normal for anomalies."

Suddenly the device dinged and began flashing some lights which caused him to look in a particular direction. He then ran that direction when the device dinged. He kept turning this way and that when the device dinging a certain way again and again till he came up to a house. The house was fairly rectangular with the normal slanting roof. It had five windows forming a square-ish arch on the walls of the house. The door was a dark blue color. Surrounding the door and two of the bottom windows was moss. The man then pocketed the device and pulled out a silver pen-like device that had a blue bulb at one end and a black thing at the other. There was a switch that could be used to turn it on as well as slide it up to activate it. He then turned on the device and the blue bulb lit up while a warbling sound emitted.

"Well," the man muttered to himself, "apparently the anomaly is coming from upstairs."

He then ran up the stairs two steps at a time and headed into a particular room. That room was the same room that Amelia Pond was praying in several years ago. The man then looked around the room until he saw the crack. He then leaned forward and ran his hand across it.

"Two parts of space and time that should never have touched... pressed together," the man muttered to himself, "This should be impossible. It shouldn't exist. The only way I could think of something like this happening is if something bad happened and it forced two separate places to form a gateway of sorts to each other."

Then he heard a very quiet noise which seemed to be coming from the wall so he grabbed a nearby empty glass cup and held it to his ear.

"Prisoner Zero has escaped," said a voice from the other end.

"Well that doesn't sound good," the man said as he placed the cup down, "Might as well close it. Don't want whatever prisoner Zero is to get here."

He then dragged the desk away and pulled out his sonic again flipped it once before activating it at the crack causing the crack to get wider. Once it was wide enough the man deactivated his sonic and prepared to close the crack. However, a giant eye appeared at the crack and stared straight at him.

"Oh hello," the man said to the eye, "I'm the Doctor and I'm just going to be closing this gateway if you don't mind. Besides I don't want whatever has escaped coming here."

Suddenly the eye backed away as the Doctor closed the crack, but as soon as the crack had closed completely the Doctor felt something hit him. Specifically hit the right half of his chest. He then felt around in his inside pocket before pulled out a black wallet like object and opened it showing a blank piece of paper.

"Prisoner Zero has escaped," the Doctor read to himself before pocketing his psychic paper and widened his eyes.

He then ran out of the room and prepared to hurry down the stairs but stopped as he saw something in the corner of his eye. He slowly turned towards it and then hurried towards it. He pulled out his sonic again and prepared to activate it when suddenly he heard a sound right behind him. As soon as he turned to look at it he saw something brown ram into his face knocking him out.

Meanwhile, in the Leadworth Hospital…

Two people were walking down the hall. The hall had a white ceiling that connected to the walls which were white at the top. The rest of the walls connected to a blue-green color and had black and white lining the walls as well. The woman had black hair, dark eyes, and she was short. On her face were black-rimmed glasses. Her attire consisted of a black suit jacket over a white button-down shirt, black suit pants, and black dress shoes. The man had brown hair, maybe hazel colored eyes and a rather large nose. His attire consisted of aquamarine scrubs and he had an ID card clipped to his shirt. At the end of the hall was a room that had several coma patients in the hospital beds. Once they get inside the room they stop at a bed and the woman picks up a chart.

"So," the woman said skeptically, "They all called out at once. That's what you're saying. All of them. All the coma patients? You do understand that these people are all comatose, don't you? They can't speak."

"Yes, Doctor Ramsden," the man replied immediately.

"Then why are you wasting my time?" Doctor Ramsden asks a little bit annoyed.

The man was silent for a second before he tentatively said, "Because they called for you."

"Me?" Doctor Ramsden asks in confusion and the man only answered by nodding.

Suddenly all of the coma patients began making noise which surprises them.

"Doc...tor…" said the coma patient right next to them which caused them to look down at him as he repeated, "Doctor."

A female coma patient also speaks up from the bed beside them, "Doctor."

That causes them to turn to the second coma patient as she repeated, "Doctor."

Back with the Doctor…

When the Doctor came to he was handcuffed to a radiator right under a window. To either side of him were doors. In front of him was a stairway leading down as well as the door he noticed. There were two other doors as well. One was the door to the room that had the crack and the other was right next to the strange door. Standing in front of the Doctor was what appeared to be a strangely dressed ginger-haired policewoman.

"White male, mid-twenties, breaking and entering. Send me some backup, I've got him restrained," the woman said with a Scottish accent into her radio attached to the right half of her chest. When she turned to look at him she barked, "Oi! You sit still."

"You hit me with a cricket bat!" the Doctor said in annoyance.

"You were breaking and entering," the woman explained.

"Maybe next time you should converse instead of attacking," the Doctor said in irritation, "It is a lot more sensible. After all, you're the one with the gun. What would I do? I'm not even armed!"

The Doctor then tries to stand but falls realizing he's been handcuffed to the radiator, which annoys him even more.

"Do you want to shut up now? I've got backup on the way," the woman said.

"Do I look like a person who will shut up to appease a policewoman?" the Doctor asked.

"You will unless you want to get smacked with the bat again," the woman threatened.

"Well, when you put it that way," the Doctor said.

Back at the Hospital…

After Rory and Dr. Ramsden had checked all of the coma patients they returned to their prior location and thought about what had just transpired. For a bit, they were quiet until Dr. Ramsden spoke up.

"I don't think they were even conscious," Doctor Ramsden decided.

A few seconds passed before Rory suddenly remembered the second reason as to why he went to get Dr. Ramsden.

"Doctor Ramsden, there is another, sort of, um, funny... thing," Rory said nervously.

"Yes, I know," Dr. Ramsden said in irritation, "Doctor Carver told me about your conversation. We've been very patient with you, Rory. You're a good enough nurse, but for goodness' sake-"

"I've seen them!" Rory interrupted trying to get Dr. Ramsden to believe him.

"These patients are under twenty-four-hour supervision, we know if their blood pressure changes!" Doctor Ramsden said as Rory held out his phone, "There is no possibility that you could've seen them wandering around the village- why are you giving me your phone?!"

"It's a camera, too," Rory replied with his arm still out.

Dr. Ramsden slowly extends her arm to have a look at the photos Rory took but suddenly her pager went off immediately changing her mind.

"You need to take some time off, Rory," Dr. Ramsden advises, "A lot of time off."

Rory began to protest but Dr. Ramsden ordered, "Start now! Now!"

Rory then turns and began to walk off with a disappointed expression as he stared at his phone with zero ideas on what to do with the proof he has.

Back with the Doctor…

The Doctor finally spoke as to break the silence since he was getting bored out of his mind.

"I need to speak to whoever lives in this house right now," The Doctor said with a serious expression, "It is very important that I do so."

"I live here," the policewoman responded with her arms crossed.

"But you're the police," the Doctor said, "Oh wait… I guess there's no problem with that."

"Glad to see you're not a complete moron," the policewoman said.

"How many rooms?" The Doctor asked after he flicked his eyes from the woman to the door, and then back to the woman where they stayed fixed.

"I'm sorry, what?" the woman asked in confusion.

"On this floor," the Doctor specified, "How many rooms on this floor? Count them for me, now."

"Why?" the woman asked.

"Because it is incredibly important and the answer may just help you survive," The Doctor said with a serious expression.

The woman stared at him for a few seconds before she finally told him.

"Five," the woman replied while pointing them out, "One, two, three, four, five."

"Six," the Doctor corrected.

"Six?" the woman laughed.

"Look," the Doctor ordered.

"Look where?" the woman asked in confusion

"Exactly where you don't wanna look," the Doctor said, "Where you never wanna look. The corner of your eye. Look behind you."

The woman then slowly turned, looked out of the corner of her eye, and saw something incomprehensible to her.

"That's... that is not possible," the woman stammered in disbelief, "How is that possible?"

"There's a perception filter all round the door," explained the Doctor, "Sensed it after I left your little girl's room. I saw it when I was trying to get in there before you whacked me with your bat."

"But that's a whole room," the woman said still confused, "That's a whole room I've never even noticed."

"The filter stops you noticing," the Doctor said as he tried to move again, "Something came here, a while ago, to hide, and it's still hiding, and you need to uncuff me now!"

"Don't have the key, I lost it," the woman said distractedly as she began moving towards the door.

"How can you have lost it?!" the Doctor asked in exasperation before he ordered, "Stay away from that door!"

To the Doctor's chagrin, the woman ignored him so he ordered as she got close to the door, "Do not touch that door!"

Again she ignored him so the Doctor tried as she turned the doorknob, "Listen to me, do not open that-!"

"Why is it nobody ever does as I say!?" the Doctor grumbles to himself while throwing his hands up in the air as the woman enters the room.

He then began feeling around in his pockets for his screwdriver but didn't find it which annoyed him.

"My screwdriver," the Doctor called to her, "Where is it? Silver thing, blue at the end, where did it go?!"

The woman in the meantime was looking around the room in curiosity since she had never known it was there. The room was fairly bare except for a table in the middle and some dust particles.

"There's nothing here," she called back to the Doctor.

"Whatever's in there stopped you seeing the whole room," the Doctor called incredulously from the hallway, "What makes you think you could see it? Now please, just get out!"

"Silver, blue at the end?" the woman asked as she noticed the Doctor's sonic on a table in the middle of the room.

"My screwdriver, yeah," the Doctor called to her.

"It's here," the woman called to him.

"Must've rolled under the door," the Doctor said thoughtfully.

"Yeah. Must've," the woman said before she added with an unsure tone, "And then it must've... jumped up onto the table."

The Doctor widened his eyes as he realized something terrible. The creature was still in the room.

"Get out of there," the Doctor ordered in a panicked tone, "Get out of there! Get out! Get out of there!

The woman then reached down, to pick up the screwdriver, which is covered in some sort of sticky viscous liquid; more than likely saliva. Outside of the room, the Doctor was straining against the handcuffs, trying to see around the door. All of a sudden the woman became aware of something not quite right. As she stopped to look around a large, slimy, reptilian-Esque creature dropped down that appeared to hang from the ceiling right behind her, she couldn't see it.

"What is it? What are you doing?" the Doctor asked from the hallway.

"There's nothing here, but…" the woman replied as she continued looking with the creature mirroring her movements to stay behind her head.

"Corner of your eye…" the Doctor reminded her.

"What is it?" the woman asked nervously.

"Don't try to see it, if it knows you've seen it it will kill you! Don't look at it!" the Doctor ordered. While he said that she was still looking around for the creature. The Doctor then ordered sternly, "Do not… look."

However, he was too late as she turned her head around just when he said the last word. When she looked at it her eyes grew wide while the creature widened its jaw as it prepared to eat her causing her to scream.

"Get out!" the Doctor barked urgently.

The woman ran out of the room quickly straight towards the Doctor with his sonic in her hands.

"Give it," the Doctor said grabbing the sonic. He then pointed it at the door and locked it before aiming it at the cuffs.

"Oh, what's the bad alien done to you?" the Doctor asked in concern as the sonic sparked a little.

"Will the door hold it?" the woman asked in a scared tone.

"Oh, yeah, yeah, course," the Doctor replied sarcastically, "It's an interdimensional multiform from outer space, they're all terrified of wood."

That made the woman angry which prompted her to give him a scathing look like the door to the room the woman ran from glowed yellow from within.

"What's that? What's it doing?" the woman asked in concern.

"I don't know," the Doctor said as he looked up from rubbing his sonic, "Getting dressed? Run. Just go, your backup's coming, I'll be fine."

"There is no backup," the woman admitted.

"I heard you on the radio, you called for backup," the Doctor said in confusion.

"I was pretending, it's a pretend radio," the woman explained.

"It was fake?" the Doctor said before he grinned, "Oh, you're a cosplayer! Brilliant! Though next time I advise you to cosplay as maybe Batgirl or something like that. Not a cop. Your costume is a bit too realistic."

"I'm a kissogram!" the woman said removing her helmet allowing her ginger hair to flow. There was no time for staring however as the door crashed onto the floor at the other end of the hallway. They both watched as a man and his very large black dog stepped out, and stared at the two of them.

"But it's just," the woman said in confusion.

"No it isn't," the Doctor said, "Look at the faces."

The dog started to growl, and then bark. But as the woman looked, the dog's face wasn't the one moving; it was the man's. Weirdly enough the man was barking.

"What? I'm sorry, but - what?!" the woman sputtered in confusion.

"It's all one creature, one creature disguised as two. Clever, old, multi-form. A bit of a rushed job, though, got the voices a bit muddled, did you?" the Doctor said causing the creature to stare at him, "Mind you, where did you get the pattern from? You'd need a psychic link, live feed, how'd you fix that?"

The man only growled in response to the Doctor's chagrin.

At the hospital…

It's the coma patient that spoke in front of Dr. Ramsden first, and there are pictures of his large black dog on the bedside table beside him.

Back at the house…

The creature took a step towards them and opened his mouth which was freaky as he had the same teeth the creature did.

"Stay away!" the Doctor said before he paused then added quickly while patting the woman's shoe, "Apparently we're safe, wanna know why? She sent for backup."

"I didn't send for backup!" the woman all but shouted.

"I know," the Doctor said in annoyance, "It was a clever lie to save our life. That should've occurred to you. Sheesh. Okay, yeah, no backup."

The creature then closed its mouth as it stopped growling.

"And that's why we're safe," the Doctor continued, "Alone we're not a threat to you. If we HAD backup then you'd have to kill us."

Just as he finished that sentence a very loud voice emitted from outside.

"Attention Prisoner Zero," the voice said loudly, "The human residence is surrounded. Attention Prisoner Zero. The human residence is surrounded."

"What's that?" the woman asked in confusion.

"Why am I so bad at timing?" the Doctor grunted before he answered, "Well, that would be backup. Okay, one more time. We do have reinforcements, and that's definitely why we're safe."

The voice from outside then said, "Prisoner Zero will vacate the human residence, or the human residence will be incinerated."

"Safe apart from incineration anyway," the Doctor muttered.

"Prisoner Zero will vacate the human residence, or the human residence will be incinerated," the voice repeated on a cycle.

As the creature walked off to look out a window the Doctor banged his sonic onto the floor trying to get it to work.

"Work, work, work, work. Come on!" the Doctor ordered his sonic. At that moment it does work and the cuffs snap open.

"Run!" the Doctor said as he grabbed her hand and pushes her ahead of him. She then ran down the stairs as he followed with his long coat flapping behind him, "Run!"

The Atraxi voice hasn't stopped its command as the Doctor and the woman run out of the house, slamming the door behind them, and the Doctor immediately sonicked it locked. They continue running towards the street with the doctor's long coat flapping behind him.

"A kissogram?!" the Doctor asked in confusion.

"Yes, a kissogram!" the woman said impatiently, "What's going on?!"

"Why'd you pretend to be a policewoman?!" the Doctor asked still curious.

"You broke into my house! It was this or a French maid! What's going on, tell me! Tell me!" the woman said still impatient.

"An alien convict is hiding in your spare room, disguised as a man and a dog, and some other aliens are about to incinerate your house. Any questions?" the Doctor said staring at her for a second while they ran.

"Yes!" the woman said.

"Me too," the Doctor said, "Question 1 or A) What was a crack in space and time doing in your house. Question 2 or B) What is your name? Question 3 or C) what town are we in? And Finally Question 4 or D) is there a local U.N.I.T base nearby?"

The voice is still saying, "Prisoner Zero will vacate the human residence, or the human residence will be incinerated," over and over and doesn't seem like it's ever going to end.

"The crack has been there my entire life," the woman said as she stopped running and stood still, "However you know that already, don't you?"

"What makes you think that?" the Doctor asked in confusion.

"You had already been at my house twelve years ago," the woman responded.

"No I haven't," the Doctor said, "I have never been to… whatever town this is."

"It's Leadworth," the woman said before she added, "Yes you did. I gave you tea. You crashed a blue box onto my shed, and you were weak. You said you were dying."

"What?" the Doctor asked, "But...What?"

The woman then grabbed his arm pulling him behind her as he asked drawn out, "What?"

The Doctor and the woman then stopped running again once they got far enough away from the house. The doctor thought of asking her what she meant, but elected to dismiss it as knowledge concerning one's future is dangerous. He then looked back down the path they came but didn't see anyone, but that only made him more nervous. Especially since he heard the voice speak again.

"Prisoner Zero will vacate the human residence, or the human residence will be incinerated," the voice said from an ice cream truck. The ice cream truck looked like your everyday ice cream truck that you see driving around on the streets of the U.K.

"Oh great," the Doctor complained, "Of all the things to be staked out by it has to be an ice cream truck."

He and the woman then ran towards the ice cream truck to get some answers as the Doctor was royally annoyed by the voice's persistence.

"Why are you playing that annoyingly repetitive warning?" the Doctor demanded as he stared at the ice-cream seller.

"I don't know," the ice-cream seller said a little unnerved by the abrupt question, "It's supposed to be playing Clair De Lune."

The Doctor then picked it up and held it to his ear as if that would help things become clearer.

"Prisoner Zero will vacate the human residence, or the human residence will be incinerated," the voice said, "Repeat. Prisoner Zero will vacate the human residence, or the human residence will be incinerated."

The doctor then fiddled with the radio before putting it down and walking around the truck. When he did so he saw people messing with their Ipads, mobile phones, computers and basically anything that had speakers. That caused him to frown a bit as he was still unable to figure out why the warning was coming from the devices.

"Doctor," the woman asked, "What's happening?"

The Doctor then looked around for a few more seconds before he ran in one direction while the woman appeared to have run another. The Doctor quickly leaped over a garden fence before running into a house and skidding on the carpet. He then headed towards the living room. The living room was fairly small, had a couch and a coffee table. In the living room, an elderly woman was pressing buttons on the remote trying to change the channel to no avail as a giant eye was looking everywhere quickly saying the same warning the doctor heard multiple times this day on each channel.

"Hello," the Doctor said with a grin as he pulled out his psychic paper, "Sorry to burst in. BBC sent me to find out why the monitors back at HQ are showing a naked eyeball with a message repeating over and over."

The woman suddenly burst in catching the old woman and the Doctor's attention which caused the Doctor to add, "I'm also working in tandem with the police. Now then let's go have a look at your TV."

He then walked over and grabbed the remote so he could try changing the channel as well, but like with the old woman it didn't work.

"I was just about to phone," the old woman said, "It's on every channel!"

The Doctor then pulled out his sonic and began buzzing it over the TV and the remote. While he did that the old woman looked over at the younger woman and smiled.

"Oh," the old woman said kindly, "Hello, Amy dear!"

The old lady then asked once she recognized what Amy was wearing, "… Are you a policewoman now?"

"Well," Amy replied in embarrassment, "Sometimes…"

"I thought you were a nurse," the old woman said with her smile shorter but not by much. The Doctor then glanced up at Amy in curiosity before looking back down as he continued scanning.

"I can," Amy said getting nervous, "Be a nurse."

"Or," the old woman said with her smile finally gone, "actually a nun?"

"I dabble!" Amy laughs nervously.

"Who's your friend?" the old lady then asks changing the subject.

"I'm Doctor John Smith head of the Technical Difficulties helpline," The Doctor said, "Didn't I say that already? No? Well, now I have. I showed you my business card."

"Sorry Mr. Smith," the old lady said kindly, "I was a bit distracted."

"It's alright," the Doctor said dismissively.

"Hang on," the old lady said, "I know you, don't I? I mean I've seen you before."

"Might have," the Doctor replied directing the last sentence at Amy, "I spent most of my time in London though, so unless you've been there. Then you're probably just confusing me for someone else. What sort of a job is a kissogram anyway?"

"I go to parties," Amy said uncomfortably, "and I kiss people."

Amy then cleared her throat before she added, "It's a laugh."

"That's… new," the Doctor said a bit surprised, "you're the first kissogram I've ever met. Well, who am I to judge."

The Doctor then redirected his attention back to the TV then pointed his sonic toward the radio and each time he changed the channel the voice said the same thing but in different languages.

"The message is everywhere," the Doctor said, "In every language. They're broadcasting to the whole world! That means…"

The Doctor then ran to the window and leaned out so he could look up at the sky. While he did that Amy walked up to him to ask a question.

"What's up there," Amy asked, "What are you looking at?"

The Doctor didn't answer however as he began to think of what the voice's owner is planning.

"Oh come on. Think, think, think," the Doctor said as he hit his head three times while messing up his hair, "Okay planet this size, two poles? Your basic molten core? Uh, they're going to need forty percent fission blast."

He didn't even notice as a fairly buff man walked into the house behind him as he continued, "They'll have to power up first. So, assuming it's a medium-sized starship… that's twenty minutes."

Twenty minutes to what?" Amy asked in confusion.

"You're that guy," the man said now in front of the Doctor as he looked at his face.

"Sorry?" the Doctor asked in confusion.

"You're that guy who left that flying air carrier alongside some soldiers who were escorting the insane Prime Minister's wife in cuffs," the man explained.

"Oh yes, that's where I saw you. They had that televised, you know," the old lady said smiling before frowning, "You're not with the BBC, are you?"

"Yeah," the Doctor said sheepishly, "Sorry. I just figured it would be faster to lie for you to cooperate."

"Well since you did help down take a crazy Prime Minister I'll let it slide," the old lady said sternly, "Just don't lie again young man or I may have to wash your mouth out with soap."

"Twenty minutes to what?" Amy asked again before anyone else could speak.

"The human residence," the Doctor explained, "They're not talking about your house, they're talking about the planet. Somewhere up there, there's a spaceship. And well…. it's going to incinerate the planet."

The Doctor then paused for a few seconds to let the bad news sink in before he added, "Twenty minutes to the end of the world."

I apologize for the length of the chapter if it's too long for some people, but to be fair this isn't even the whole episode. Part 2 will be along at some point. don't forget to follow if you want to see it. after I do part 2 of this I'll be done because I have no desire to do the rest of the season. this is only a one-off.