A Second Chance

Adopted from razorbackmike, first 3 chapters are his with a bit of my style so I can progress later on. The rest of the chapters are my own creations. I don't own Naruto or Hotel Transylvania.

Ch1. You're a what now?


Someone once told him that people deserved a second chance. A free pass to do it all over again and try to make yourself, not only a better life, but a better person.


If such a thing truly existed then why did he never get his turn. He paid his dues. He endured hardships like no other. And yet no such thing seemed to be waiting for him. He had given up. He welcomed death with a smile.

Such was the life of Naruto Uzumaki.

Things happened so fast it was almost a blur to him. So many people called him a monster. So many called him a Demon. Yet they still held on to their blind prejudice with a fierce disposition.

He fought for them. He bled for them, those that scorned him. And they betrayed him.

The moment they finally turned on him was probably the worst period of time in his entire life. Not that it wasn't expected, but betrayal leaves deep scars.

But, then again, so do blades.

Shortly after the Fourth Shinobi War he began to pick up signs of unrest towards him. His fellow Shinobi distanced themselves from him except for Shikamaru, Lee, and Choji. He was sure Neji would have stood by him as well, considering he gave his life for him.

Soon the whispers returned with their focus on him. Things were reverting slowly back to the way they were before his gradual rise in power. Only this time Tsunade was too busy with the new alliance system and the reconstruction of Konoha to even notice. Not that Naruto let her know anything was wrong either.

All that was going wrong ws due to one simple truth. It was almost laughable, but that is neither here nor there.

He is a Jinchurriki. A human forced to carry the mantle of responsibility of holding back a great demon's power.

Because of the lack of knowledge in the mysterious art of Fuinjutsu many mistakenly believe them to be the demons they contain. Such is the ignorance of the masses. Show them some blood and they think you are a god. Give them an outlet for their pain and they became the demons.

He developed an impressive reputation before and during the war. One that earned him the title of The Demon. He eventually became a bed time story for parents to be able to get their children to sleep.

His skills are feared even by his own allies. Who wouldn't be scared of the only man to defeat Madara Uchiha since Hashirama Senju and the man who almost single handedly ended the war. But the true reason behind everyone's fear was the fact that he defeated the Juubi and separated it back into the nine Bijuu. Only Killer Bee knows what happened and so far no one has gotten him to say anything on the subject.

But back on topic. The villagers and most Shinobi of Konoha soon began to fear him again. Fear leads to hate. Hate leads to desperation. That desperation soon resulted in an ambush that lead to his current situation.

They had surrounded him and attacked without warning. Many fell in the few seconds that followed. His title as the "Fastest Man in the World" defended itself right then as he unholstered the massive blade Samehada. It had taken a great liking to his potent chakra. The first wave that attacked were on the ground missing limbs. Those that weren't dead soon bled out due to the monstrous injuries.

The other attackers soon joined in and a battle spanning half of the rebulling city was under way.

After many were dead Naruto decided to use a break in the action to reverse summon himself to Mt. Myoboku, the home of the toads. However one lone traitor saw this and sent out a large pulse of his own chakra to disrupt it. However using so much caused his death by chakra exhaustion and his own injuries.

The result was not something Naruto or anyone else expected. Naruto felt a pain unlike any other as his world went black.



A bright light soon engulfed the surrounding terrain. When it died down it revealed a bloody looking Naruto.

Naruto Uzumaki had greatly altered his appearance after he left o his training trip with Jiraiya. He was wearing black cargo pants that were tucked into black, steel-toed combat boots. He had on a skin tight, sleeveless black shirt/mask combo. A black trench coat that had a high collar topped the look. His sleeves looked as if they had been ripped off and the bottom looked tattered as well. He was also wearing black sunglasses that covered his had a summoning tattoo on his right arm. It looked like the Kyuubi ready to strike with tribal markings all around it. His head band was now located on his right shoulder above his summoning tattoo.

The mask was worn in the memory of Karachi. He may not have been the greatest sensei but he more than made up for it by being one of the comrades that stood by him until the end. His end that is.

He looked around and took notice of his new surroundings. It was stereotypical haunted forest with spider webs and... skulls on spiders. Okay that was weird He noticed a light source out of the corner of his eye.

When e got up to look at t his wounds burst open. The most prominent was a slash across his chest from the right shoulder to his left hip. Blood poured onto the forest floor as he heaved and spat out more blood. He made a decision, not that he had much of a choice.

With a lot of effort and will power Naruto forced himself up and took stock. Samehada was still with him, a plus in this FUBAR situation. After that was done he started to walk towards what he now assumed to be a fire judging by the color of the light.

He never noticed a certain red head had been blown back head first into a tree upon his arrival.


Hotel Transylvania

Dracula was standing in the lobby of his hotel with a satisfied look on his face.

Why would he have such a look you might think? Considering that his only daughter Mavis wants to leave the safety of the hotel and travel the world. Not on his watch, not with those evil humans. So you might now understand why such a look would be confusing.

The answer is very simple. He had managed to trick his sweet precious Mavis into believing that humans were nothing but trouble. In his mind they would always be the ones who took away his beloved wife, Martha.

But soon a confused look took its place on his face. He smelt blood, and a lot of it. He looked towards the entrance and his eyes grew to an unimaginable size. He saw a very wounded human, but a human none the less, struggle through the front door.

He was furious and his face was red with anger. He sped past the unsuspecting guests of his hotel and tackled the human through the revolving door causing it to go spinning while they were in it.

Naruto saw him coming but with his injuries could only take the hit. As they went spinning in the door the strange man shouted at him with a look of absolute fury on his face. Wait, were those fangs.

"Who are you and how did you find this place?" Dracula demanded. Naruto flinched as the blood flow increased but spoke anyway. He had been afraid of a language barrier problem so he had prepared the required seals before hand. The Count hadn't noticed in his haste that he had placed one on him that was designed for the transfer of specific information, in this case language and the humans of this world.

"Naruto Uzumaki and I found your castle by following the flaming Zombies. Kinda hard to miss." His sarcasm was ignored by Dracula due to his current panic.

The count had a horrifying flash back of when the architect had warned him about fires near the castle.

"How many of you are there?" He asked with a stunned look on his face.

"Just me. I really had no other option but to come and ask for help. I have no idea where I am at or what language we are speaking. The only reason I understand you and can respond is due to the technique I used on you to transfer the knowledge of your native tongue to me." He hissed out, while he left out the part that he has basic knowledge of the world he is in now and about Dracula thanks to his jutsu. But thanks to what has happen to him after the war and what Dracula had just done, he was more cautious with what he let out.

While all this was going through Naruto's head, Dracula looked at where he was pointing and saw strange markings on his hand along with an identical one on the strange human's hand.

"Are you trying to steal information from me about my kind?!" The Count nearly shouted in outraged.

Naruto shook his head tiredly and for the first time the count took in his full appearance. he saw the major wounds all over his person and would probably bleed out soon if he wasn't treated. But this brought questions to is mind. No creature he had guarding the castle caused such wounds, whatever did this was not one of his employees.

"What happened to you?" He asked slowly but his facial expression did not change.

Naruto, seeing no other way to survive, answered. " My former home turned on me, when they found out I was not human. They would not listen to me when I said I meant no harm so I escaped. During my escape attempt something happened and I woke up in the forest near here. I'll explain more if you help me. My natural healing will take care of most of the work, but I'll need some treatment."

Dracula was silent for a few moments contemplating what he had just heard. On one hand he wanted nothing to do with what he still believed to be a human, but his story had peaked his curiosity. He had heard of Demons and did not hold a thing against them. They suffered much like the monsters did and still do.

"Very well, but if you're tricking me I'll suck every ounce of blood out of your body." He threatened him for good measure before quickly calling the maids to clean up the blood before more guest arrived.

"Y-you have yourself a deal vampire. T-though I have to a-asss-sked is it tru-eeee that *cough**cough* you can turn into a bat." Naruto said/asked as he was hoisted up by the Count. The maids were already near the entrance and closing fast.

"Yes I can. My name is Dracula, Mr. Uzumaki, and welcome to Hotel Transylvania." He said in a neutral tone of voice as he hid him and told the maids to clean up the accidental spill caused by the chef.

"Call*cough* me Narrrr-utooo. I-I-I don't likkkk-e all thatttt uptight sssss-hit." Dracula let out a small, small smirk at that.

"Very will Naruto, though what I said earlier still stands. If you are lying to me you won't live to see the sun rise Human." Naruto smirked as well while blood continued to seep through his lips.

"Woullll-dn't wwwwant iii-t anyyy other *cough*cough* wayyy, Old Man." Naruto said just as he passed out.


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