A Second Chance

Ch2. Well, this is New.


Hotel Transylvania, Two hours after Naruto arrived

Mavis was just like any other regular 118 year old vampire. She badly wanted to explore the world, see new places, try new things. Maybe even meet her Zing like her parents had.

Mavis had medium length black hair that framed her face and light blue eyes nicely. She wore her typical outfit that consisted of a black dress that covered her shoulders and cleavage and stopped just above her knees. A pair of stripped socks covered her legs and net her dress revealing little to no skin.

Now that doesn't mean she didn't look beautiful. On the contrary, to many the outfit just brought her natural beauty more than a slutty dress or mini-skirt would.

She had come back from visiting the fake human village about thirty minutes ago. Not that she knew it was a fake. And the trip had seemed to solidify her dying belief that all humans were bad and evil. Mavis for a long time thought that maybe some humans were good and kind, her father not so much. He still refused to tell why he so vehemently hated the human race.

She often chose not to push him for answers on the subject because it always led to a depression in his moods for at least three days.

But now she could smell blood. It was not so strong that it smelled like someone bathed in it, but enough to warrant concern. The chef Quasimodo didn't even use this much for preparing his food. As she followed the scent several others noticed her strange behavior.

"Mavis what's wrong? You're acting kinda strange." Frank asked her. He is more commonly known as Frankenstein, the monster made form many men. His shrill wife also showed her concern as the other members of her family followed her as well.

"Yeah honey are you alright? Did the humans scare you?" Eunice asked in a concerned, yet shrill voice.

"I'm fine but I smell a lot of blood coming from one of the guest rooms. It's more than what even Quasimodo uses when he cooks, so I'm not sure what it is." The others were shocked to her such a statement. It truly was confusing and possibly not safe.

"Mavis maybe we should find Drac and then check this out. We don't know what it could be." Wayne the Werewolf said as his pregnant wife Wanda nodded her head in agreement.

"Yeah, that's a good idea Wayne and besides Mavis, your dad would kill is if we let something hurt you." Murray the mummy said I a slightly worried tone. He was still scared of Dracula when he got protective of his daughter.

Mavis was a little frustrated at their coddling of her, but she knew they were only concerned for her safety. She sighed silently in relief when they finally stopped in front of the door that was the source of the scent.

"Well we're already here so why not check it out?" She asked rhetorically. Before they could say anything else to try and stop her she opened the door and walked in to a scene she found herself blushing to.

A strange blonde was laying on the bed with only a mask that covered the lower half of his face and a pair of tattered cargo pants. His muscled were well sculpted as he sported a rock hard six pack. But wasn't the part that shocked her.

He was a Human.

The others rushed in after her and were all shocked to see a human in the supposed safe haven for monsters. The hotel had never been discovered in its many years and now all of that was ruined. Before they could start shouting and screaming from the top of their lungs the blond's eyes snapped open and stared at the group in silence.

His deep blue eyes scanned over each one of them, except Griffin the Invisible Man seeing as all that was visible was a pair of glasses. There were no emotions in his eyes as he judged their threat levels. When he reached Mavis though, something else happened.

He gasped silently as he stared into her eyes. Mavis gasped as well, will staring into his eyes, but hers wasn't silent. Both felt as though a force was compelling them to speak though neither did, out of nervousness. It was like their hearts were yearning for each other, that they knew something special would happen between the two.

Neither could take their eyes away from the other's. That is until Dracula shut the door loudly, which broke all of the present people out of their stupor. Naruto looked at the vampire and proceeded to lay his head back down on the pillow and close his eyes.

"I had hoped I could wait a little longer to explain this to you all." Dracula said in a calm tone of voice as he sedately walked past his friends and daughter.

"D-Drac, what's a human doing in the hotel?!" Eunice shouted. She was the first to regain her voice and promptly shouted out her concerns.

Naruto winced slightly at her volume as he once again opened his eyes. looks like he wouldn't be getting sleep any time soon. Dracula had made his way to the window before speaking once again.

"I would like it if you all would hear me out before you voice your concerns or questions." At their hesitant nods he continued. "I would like for you all to meet our new head of security, Naruto Uzumaki. I have worked out all the details of his contract and he will start tomorrow or whenever he deems himself fit for duty. And before you ask, no he is not human." said Dracula

"Then what is he and why is he injured." asked Griffin

"In the order that you asked your questions I am a Juubi, which is a type of demon and I'm injured because my former home found out that I was not actually a human and tried to kill me, but I escaped and ended up here." he said as he was looking at their reactions to see if they believed him.

Mavis was about to ask another question when Naruto started to screaming in pain, both his eyes turned completely red with rings around them with nine tomoe on top of the rings (The rinn-sharigan eyes for you who would like a better description). His eyes drifted to the dresser and bled as he let loose the black flames of Amaterasu, burning the dresser to ashes in moments before Naruto willed the flames gone.

"Sorry about that I don't have a good grasp on my powers right now since I'm injured." Naruto said, while the real reason is that his body still hasn't fully adjusted to the ten-tails and Kaguyas power so his body is constantly breaking itself down and fixing himself simultaneously (Because really why do you think he got so injured even tho he is the ten-tails). Everyone was shocked kept staring at the ashes of the dresser and Naruto.

"I had hoped I could wait a little longer to explain this to you all." Dracula said in a clam tone of voice as he calmly walked past his friends and daughter, towards the boy who had burned up a thick wooden dresser with nothing but a look.

"What kind of monster is a Juubi anyway I have never heard about it before?" Mavis asked as she got a better look at the condition of Naruto's body.

"Juubi is not a monster but a Demon-God and my true form is a enormous rabbit with ten tails. The form I'm in currently is just to help me blend in with the humans and make sure they do not fear me when I walk among them. If you want to see what I really look like then we would need a bigger room." Naruto explained to them. They seemed to believe them since their muscles relaxed and their emotions seemed calmer."

"Ok everyone let's give our new head of security some privacy so he can get better." said Dracula as everyone was shooed out, except Mavis who was behind her father when he kicked everyone out. She turned back before closing the door to get one last look at Naruto, but she saw would be engraved into her mind for a long time to come.

She saw that his arms were riddled with scars that seemed to range from small and thin to large and thick. It made her curious so she approached the blond to see what other scars he was hiding underneath his clothes.

Naruto was aware that she was getting closer to him and even tho he wanted her to yell at her to get away, he allowed her to come near him and even allowed her to lift up his shirt. She traced over some of the larger scars that he had. "How did you get all this scars on you?" she asked as she trace a scar that lead to his back.

"Humans are ignorant beast, that fear that which they cannot control or begin to understand. That fear then turns to hatred and in the end they choose violence to try and gain control over whatever they fear. I could heal these scars and make it seem as they where never there, but I keep them as souvenirs to remind me that no matter how much time passes humans will never change.

Mavis was shocked, how could anyone do this to someone. "Which was the worst." She asked as she traced another scar that was on his lower back.

Naruto shivered from her touch, how could he not. There was an attractive girl running her hands along his back and they looked almost the same age. Naruto turned around so that he was now facing the girl. The genjutsu over his heart was released and showed the kanji for demon.

"This one." was his answer as Mavis covered her mouth and looked like she was on the verge of tears. "I have to go now, sorry." She said as she left room as Naruto sighed.

"That went better than I thought it would."