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Ch 3. The Big Announcement


Mavis was walking down the hallways of the hotel; lost in her thoughts. Her mind just kept going back to the injured that was now for lack of a better term a 'security guard'. His encounter with the humans had frightened her more than that 'human village' she visited. She was conflicted on wether or not she should still believe that some humans were good, or just accept the facts that all humans were bad.

Mavis was wondering around the castles underground passage ways. She had just passed her four favorite uncles when she saw the the person she was thinking about. She was silently walking up behind him, hoping to surprise the Demon-God Rabbit. Just before she could surprise him a hand tapped her shoulder.

"Looking for someone Mavis." asked an amused voice, as Mavis jumped and hit her head on the passage way ceiling. She quickly spun around hoping to find the blond that was moments ago behind her, seeing nothing but empty space, she turned her head only to come face to face with everyones favorite blond.

She stumbled back while tripping over her own feet and as she was falling Naruto caught her with both his arms wrapped around her waist, stopping Mavis' fall. Realizing she was no longer falling she opened her eyes and was met with eyes that where filled with so much pain, hope, and love for all those he considered precious. While Naruto was thinking that Mavis' eyes where filled with a longing for adventure and a desire for something he could not place.

But there was one thing they hadn't noticed, and that was that they were in front of the five adult monsters. The five where staring at the two with their mouths open, gaping disbelievingly at the sight of what looked like a romantic gesture but was actually a misunderstanding.

Naruto was the first to turn around followed by Mavis, who Naruto was still holding onto. He was wondering why Frankenstein, Murray, Wayne looked shocked and Dracula looked so mad.(Can't really tale what expression Griffin had on since you know invisible and all.)


Earlier with Naruto and Dracula

"This is to little protection old man, you know."

Naruto had recovered most of his physical injuries, all that remained was to recover from his chakra exhaustion. Now Dracula was dragging him around the underground tunnel system.

Dracula frowned as he continued on the path he had selected. He wasn't lost. No, it'd just been so long since he'd been down here that he was getting a feel for it again.

Bullshit, plain and simple. It's a sad thing when people are in denial.

"Most would say this was a little excessive." " Really to me it seams that passage is to narrow and would not be able to hold fit everyone and confuse everyone since theres no sign which way is the way out if the hotel is ever discovered." said Naruto as Drac pulled down a torch neither of them could have predicted what they would see on the other side.

"Ahhhhhhh, what's happening." screamed a women skeleton who was taking a shower. " Sorry, my mistake." said Dracula before her husband walked in and said "What's wrong with you people" while Dracula was hit in the face with a loofa.

As the hidden passage closed Naruto was laughing his heart out at what just happened. "Hahahaha*sigh* As I was saying, I could make better defense for this castle and a better escape plan if you want all I would need is a lot of ink. It will also help when you end up lost in your own hidden passage way and prevent another situation like with what just happened."

Dracula looked slightly interested as he raised an eye brow while reaching for the lever to open the passage, " Hhmm, that does sound interesting. Maybe after Mavis' party when things calmed down a bit around here. And for your information I am not lost." Dracula was lost and just didn't want to admit it. Pride does that to people

When the passage fully open what they saw could only be described as pure chaos. Frankenstein, Wayne, and Murray were beating the undead shit out of...zombie composers? Naruto raised an eyebrow; he could only chalk this one up to the ever growing strangeness of this world.

Though it was amusing watching the old monsters go bat shit crazy on some undead idiots. He couldn't help the small, good natured smirk that fell into place on his face. As Dracula went to break up the fight Naruto remained where he was and observed the room he was in now.

It looked like an old styled bar with a karaoke stage. Not much but it had that money quality to it.

Plus it had booze.

Then he felt Mavis approach him silently from behind to scare him he thought, so he discreetly made a shadow clone to scare her. He knew she meant no harm just good nature fun and besides no one pranks or tries to prank Konoha's prankster king from hell.



Mavis turned red, then transformed into a bat and flew like a bat out of hell. All the while thinking 'How did it come to this'. Naruto on the other hand was wondering if she was sick noticing she was red when she left. He turned and asked "Is she sick or something and how come she flew away just now dattebayo". They just gave him a blank stare as if asking 'are you kidding me'.

"What, was it something I did" Naruto asked, but was just ignored.

Seeing that no one will answer him he decided to let of some steam since he got here he has not had time to let of his anger out without destroying the entire castle.

He was also mad at himself for letting his defenses down when he was around Mavis. But there was also an indescribable good feeling when he opened up to Mavis, because he could tell she would never intentionally harm him. He didn't know how he knew it, but his gut and his heart where just telling him to trust her. He let loose a small amused smile. Kami, what was happening to him? He had perfect control over his emotions before he met this girl no women came along and now... now he didn't know what was happening.

But never before has he felt more joy, carefree, or peaceful than he is around her.


With Mavis

After calming down from the incident that happened earlier between her and our favorite shinobi, she has spent the last two hours searching the castle grounds for Naruto. Having gotten tired of running around on some wild goose chase the young female vampire chose to relax by the lake while she still could.

However, when she got there she was greeted with the sight of Naruto standing on top of the water, Mavis was at first amazed by this feat but before she could call out to him Naruto's body started to transform.

A white coat materialized that had ten tomes on his back and around his neck, while a pair of horns that resembled a pair of rabbit came out of Naruto's forehead, his eyes took a on a the rinn-sharigan but they where grey instead of purple. But then his body expanded and took on the form of a rabbit with ten long-snow white tails and long rabbit ears and one red rinn-sharigan eye.

Mavis stood in shock as a rabbit the size of the mountain the castle sat upon. Naruto started to gather what looked like blood and red energy into his mouth as the ball shrunk. It became as small as a house as the giant Demon-God open its mouth. Mavis' eyes widened 'Is he going to-' her suspicions where confirmed as the transformed Naruto swallowed the 'ball' and moved his tail to the front of his mouth.

Blinding light shone out as Naruto released his concentrated tail-beast bomb from his mouth into the night sky. It shot into the sky before Naruto started to get smaller and smaller as he reverted back into his new look (Its the photo on my story) before falling on one knee from exhaustion, having not fully healed from his chakra exhaustion and injuries before he passed out.

Throughout all of this the young vampire stood stock still as she took in what had just occurred; Naruto had just transformed form what she thought probably looked like an average human to a huge rabbit, shot what looked like a beam of pure energy into the sky, and changed back before collapsing, all while standing on water. Mavis felt helpless as she watched from the shore, unable to do anything as he drifted to shore.

When he got there Mavis rushed to his aid. She noticed that the huge scar he had earlier was now reduced in size but had been reopened. Blood was coming out and no matter how hard she tried to resist the urge to drink his blood, she could not help but fantasize about what his blood would taste like. She could see his scars slowly knitting themselves back together.

Finally her self control crumbled as she hovered over his arm. She stared at the now pale flesh as her mouth started to drool. Now some may believe that if she drank directly from his body he would become a vampire. That can not happen for two reasons, (1.) Naruto's body has a high healing factor to the point that it would simply eradicate the venom. (2.) That story about vampires turning humans into vampire is a lie.(Because then it would not have been a problem for Mavis and Jonathan being together)

Mavis bit down on his arm as the blood flowed from the wound into her mouth. The 118 year old had to suppress a moan as the blood tickled her taste buds. The flavor was exotic as it was like having a food-gasam that brought forth the happiest moment of your life. She didn't want to stop as more and more of the precious bodily fluid soared down her throat. Finally the body beneath her began to stir as she felt a hand on her shoulder.

Her eyes shot open and quick as lightning she pulled back and tried to look as innocent as possible. Naruto groaned and sat up; completely unaware of the fact that Mavis had just drank a large portion of his blood. Naruto didn't notice that she had just drank his blood since he was exhausted before she drank her blood.

He sat up, looked at Mavis and turned towards the Hotel before looking back at the vampire.

"We'd better get back huh?" Asked Naruto, scratching the back of his head. Mavis just nodded dumbly as the two walked back up to the hotel.


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