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Ch 4. An Announcement


Last Time

Mavis bit down on his arm as the blood flowed from the wound into her mouth. The 118 year old had to suppress a moan as the blood tickled her taste buds. The flavor was exotic as it was like having a food-gasam that brought fort the happiest moment of your life. She didn't want to stop as more and more of the precious bodily fluid soared down her throat. Finally the body beneath her began to stir as she felt a hand on her shoulder.

Her eyes shot open and quick as lightning she pulled back and tried to look as innocent as possible. Naruto groaned and sat up; completely unaware of the fact that Mavis had just drank a large portion of his blood. Naruto didn't notice that she had just drank his blood since he was exhausted before she drank her blood.

He sat up, looked at Mavis and turned towards the Hotel before looking back at the vampire.

"We'd better get back huh?" Asked Naruto, scratching the back of his head. Mavis just nodded dumbly as the two walked back up to the hotel.


Front Lobby

As they walked inside, they saw that they had a four hours before everyone headed to the ballroom for the being of Mavis' party and the announcement of Naruto's new job. Naruto turned and noticed that she smelled of blood. He looked at Mavis with concern since he smelled a lot of blood coming from her.

"Well let's get this over with the sooner its done the faster I get to rest, and are you bleeding I smell blood coming from you?"

"N-n-nn-no, I just drank from a blood bag before I found you out by the lake." He could tell she was hiding something, but he couldn't sense any negative emotions except guilt and fear.

Guilt and fear for what he did not know but he could tell she meant no harm to him. So he just dropped it and they continued on their way.

"By the way Mavis how old are you exactly since it is your close to your birthday and all, we look to be around the same age."

"Well I'm 118 year old vampire and you how old are you."

"I turned 117 not to long ago in fact, see you later I have to go and meet up with your dad." Naruto said as he headed to where he felt Dracula at.

"Yeah see you later" Mavis said, as she touched her lips as she remember the taste of Naruto's blood, with a faint blush on her face.


Mavis' Dream "Lime"

Naruto was smirking as he rubbed Mavis' private area ,as he bit her ear.

"D-don't stop, keee-ppp going haaa" She moaned as a blush started to appear on her face.

"You have to beg for it" Naruto whispered into her ear, as she griped the sheets tightly.

"No! Don't stop!" Mavis whimpered as she squirming around.

"As you wish" Naruto said before bitting her neck and pinching her nipples while inserting two fingers and repeatedly thrusting in and out.

"I'm sssss-o cllll-oo-se Naruto, IIIII can'tttt ...take... it ... anymore."

"Are you going to cum?" Naruto asked

"yy-eee-ths" Mavis said white her young sticking out

"Then 'ahhh aahhh aaahhh'" Mavis woke up to the sound of her phone ringing.

"Ahhh" Mavis woke with a start, as she searched for where Naruto was. Until she heard the phone ring again and realized it was a dream.

"H-hello who is it" Mavis answered with a blush on her cheeks

"Baby claws, I would like you to choose what kind of music you would prefer to be played at your party."

"I'll be there down there in a minute." Mavis said as hung up and got her blush under control.

She looked to her bed and saw that she needed new sheets, as well as a fresh pair of underwear. Before she could go anywhere she first had to get change the sheets and her clothes.


With Naruto 3 hours left

"Multi-shadow clone jutsu." Naruto said as he created about a hundred clone to find out more about this world.

"OK, I want half of you to go out to the world and see what this world is like, and the other half to create counter defenses for any kind of weapons or abilities the humans posses."

"Got it boss" the clones said as they body flicker out of there as the original continued on to meet his new employer.

When Naruto was standing out side the door he heard the Dracula and Mavis' uncles talking about how the zombie musicians wouldn't allow them to play at the party, as he opened the door he saw Dracula yell "I SAID NO AHHHHHH, don't ask me again, ok now lets hug the zombies and make up"

"He really scared you" Wayne said to Frankenstein

"I wasn't scared, I-I wa-was just being polite." said Frankenstein

"Excuse me what was that all about." asked Naruto as he approached them. "Nothing really we just wanted to perform during Mavis party with Drac but he dosen't appear to want to play." answered Griffin.

"So who are you guys again I didn't catch your names last time we met." said Naruto

"Sorry about that I'm Griffin the invisible man, the guy wrapped in bandages is Murray the mummy, the big blue guy is Frankenstein, and the werewolf is Wayne."

"I got a quick question for you Griffin and sorry if it offends you, I can see your glasses but I can't see your clothes so are your clothes in invisible too or are you just naked?" Naruto asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Don't worry about it your not the first person to ask me about my clothes, they are in fact invisible tho some are visible. As for my glasses well it would be sorta hard to find them if they are invisible, if I lost them."

"True, so how come he won't let you play for Mavis' party?" asked Naruto

"Its because he hasn't played for anyone since his wife died, its really poetic when you think about it." answered Murray with teary eyes.

Naruto looked at Dracula in a new light after what he just heard. Tho he does wonder how did Drac's wife die and what kind of person she was. Naruto turned and asked "So what type of music do you guys want to play for Mavis?"

"Do you want to hear us play a song?" They asked him

"Sure, but if you really want to play you should convince Mavis to convince Dracula to let you play." Naruto said, not aware that Dracula was standing right behind him.

"No, I now what my little girl would like to be played on her party." said Drac

"Well if you know what she would like to hear than why not call her down hear so she can decide." said Naruto with a foxy grin.

"Fine, but I know what she would want."

2 hours left

"So, I'm here to listen to the bands and decide whether I want to the zombies or Murray and the rest to play at my party right?"

"Yes sweetie, I told them that I knew what you would prefer but they insisted to have you pick" Dracula said, as the others just rolled their eyes

"Well let's start of with the zombies first then we'll let you guys go and when it's all said and done you choose who you would prefer to play at your party" Naruto told everyone and they all nodded except Mavis who blushed and looked away from Naruto.

The zombies played Mozart's 'Symphony No. 40', which Mavis instantly rejected because it was pretty old school. In which the time they used to play twenty-five of his clones pop and he got their memories of what humans of this world are like and their culture.

(same song as the movie)
'Girl I can't believe it's your big night'
'Seems like only yesterday you were eating mosquitos'
'But now your eating frogs and mice'
'Scaring them down like Doritos'
'Tell me where did the time go, girl'

"Wait this is pretty old school too isn't, I mean don't you have something with more rhythm." Naruto asked with a tilt of his head as Mavis agreed with him still not looking at him, which made him wonder if he made her mad.

"Yeah well why don't you show us how its done" said Frankenstein

"OK, but its not an original it's one of the few songs I heard in my time in the human world (remember they still don't know that he came form a different dimension) that I remember from a popular band for what is considered to the humans as teenagers.

Naruto summoned a few clones so some could transforms into instruments and amplifiers. "Before I start I want all you know I have never played in front of others before son I'm not sure if I'm any good so bear with me." Naruto said before he was about to begin.

To be continued


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