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3rd Pov

Chuck, Katey, and Blake made it inside as the doors behind them closed. Their was a group of people already inside, they were all having survivors guilt running through their minds. The door on the other side opens up and an old officer was standing right behind it allowing people in.

When Chuck and his two daughters were walking inside the man stopped them. "Woo their son I can't let her in."

Blake's Pov

When I heard those words I thought he was talking about me and I started to panic. I felt my head to see if my bow came undone. Thank Oum it didn't but if not me then who is he talking about. I looked over at Katey who sleave was pulled up showing a bite scar tissue on her arm.

"That's a pre existing infection don't worry about it. I have zombrex." Chuck says, as he pulls out a box with the words zombrex on it.

"Well you better have enough for three days before the military rolls in." The security guard said.

I looked at his jacket name tag reading 'Raymond Sullivan' why'll he explains the military proceeder to Chuck.

"Theirs a couch for your daughter in the security room. Take her in there it should quite in there." Sullivan said. Chuck nodded his head as headed towards the door I followed him looking at Kate's arm.

"She is infected how hasn't she turn yet?" I thought as they enter the security room. I then remember the ad for the new zombrex weekly coming out soon. "Maybe that's whats prevents her from turning into zombie."

Chuck Pov

He bought my bluff but what to do now, we don't have any zombrex and their isn't any here.

"How long has she been infected?" Blake said looking at Katey.

"She been living with this for about three years now ever since the Vegas outbreak." I replyed revealing the zombrex box was empty.

"We don't have zombrex do we daddy?" She asked while giving me a worried face.

"No sweaty I was going to buy more after the show." For moment their wasn't a sound until feminine voice broke the science.

"I know where you can get some." I turn around to see a red head in a protester outfit.

"How long have you been there?" Blake ask as she stand between her and katey.

"Don't worry I won't say a thing." She said with a reassuring smile on her face.

"Theirs a pharmacy in the royal flush mall if you can get their. There should be a box of zombrex in the back." She said handing both me and Blake a pair of walki talki.

Me and Blake walked out after telling us both their is a vent downstairs and she will watch katey while we're gone. She wasn't lying their was a vent big enough to fit a person even wider then me.

"After you Dad." She said with sarcasm in her voice.

"Why thank you daughter dearest." I replyed as I crawled through the vent with her behind me.

3rd Pov

Blake and Chuck crawled through the vent into a empty janitor room. They walked up the stairs to an exit door that would lead them both into the Royal Flush mall. The sounds of the undead moan's emanated from the other side. Both Chuck and Blake had there weapons ready.

"You ready?" Chuck asked Blake with his fire extinguisher at the ready.

Blake nodded. So Chuck raised his hand counting down to three they then burst through the doors at made a break for the pharmacy, killing anything and everything in there way.

Thirty minutes later after fighting and running through the mall that was filled with the undead, both Blake and Chuck made it inside the pharmacy to see it being robbed by a bunch of looters. One of the looters got mad when he could find any money so he stormed over to the pharmacist grabbing her hand tightly.

"Wheres the money I know you have it!" He shouted at her.

"We don't have any we sent it offshore every week I swear." She pleaded with the man. He didn't believe what she said so he raised his crowbar to hit her.

"Hey stop what your doing." Blake said getting the looters attention.

"Why don't you mind your business little girl." The looter said.

Blake Pov

These guys are no different then the bandits and tribals that plague Mistra. I got myself ready to fight these guys when Chuck stepped forward.

"We're not looking for trouble we're just looking for some zombrex." He said

"Your going to need some pain killers when I'm done with you." He said patting the crowbar in his hand.

"Talking to you is giving me a headache." Chuck said sarcastically.

"Oh why don't you give me some money and I'll get you and your bitch of a granddaughter some pain killers." He said in sinister tone

Three more looters walked over weapon's drawn asking for money in a sinister tone.

"Oh my Oum there are zombies everywhere and they want money?" I thought in disbelief as the looters got closer I draw my weapon ready to fight.

"Should I kill them or should I disable them" I thought over in my head but Chuck made the decision before I did.

Chuck throws his empty fire extinguisher at the one with the crowbar. It hits him straight in the face breaking his nose. Acting quickly I swung at the one with the tomahawk disarming him.

3rd Pov

Blake started fighting the disarmed looter with her fist while Chuck fought off the one with the crowbar.

While fighting the looter with the flashlight tackles Blake to the ground. Using her legs to defend herself, she push him off her and out the door into a hoard of zombies. He screamed as the zombie tore him piece by piece, while Blake watch in horror.

"Oh Oum I just killed that man." She thought as he kept on screaming in agony. She has killed before but only when she whore the mask this just felt wrong to her somehow.

Her thoughts were interrupted when the looter she disarmed got on top of her and started beating her while holding onto her bow.

"Oh I'm going to enjoy taking my time on you." He said sadistically before he ripped off her bow exposing her Faunus ears. He paused to look at her ears.

"What the heuuuk..." he didn't finish before Chuck placed the hatchet into the back of his skull

Chuck Pov

I just finished beating the looters face in the see the other looter out the door and having his dick currently being ripped in two by two scantily dressed zombies and the other beating the crap out of Blake.

I grabbed ahold of the Tomahawk and raced over to the looter who was holding onto Blake's bow. When he fell over dead I turn and looked at her.

"What the hell." I thought seeing her with cat ears. The were actually cat ears what the hell is this girl? I regain my composure picked up her bow and gave her my hand.

"Thanks." She said taking the hand and being helped up.

"Blake when we get back we're going to talk about what ever that is later." I said handing her the bow.

She nods her head and we head back to the pharmacist to help her.

3rd Pov

Chuck and Blake made it back to the safe house with a box of "24 hour zombrex" and pharmacist with little trouble from the zombies. Chuck and Blake made it back to Katey just around 8:25.

Katey was playing video games on her device when chuck and Blake made it inside. Chuck sat down next to Katey on the right and Blake sat down to the left.

"Hey honey told you I'll get zombrex." Chuck said while pulling out the syringe from the box.

Katey puts down the video game and lets Chuck injects her with the medicine.

"See daddy that wasn't so bad." She said cutely.

"You sure are daddy's girl." Chuck said with a smile as Katey returns to her video games.

Blake looked over Katey shoulder playing some game she never herd about but this felt nice. She has been running, surviving, and fighting all her life becouse of her appearance and heritage but now she actually felt like she was at peace.

"This is what a normal life must feel like." Blake thought while watching Katey play video games.

30 minutes later

Chuck and Blake left Katey to sleep while they get coffee from the break room. While Chuck was making coffee the tv was playing a special report about the outbreak.

"It is clear that the outbreak in Fortune city arena, during last nights terror is reality show. Information received from a behind the scenes source reveals that this outbreak was not an accident but an act of terrorism." The reporter said onscreen

This gets Blake, Stacy, and Chucks attention. They closed in on the screen as the tv report continued.

"This shocking footage was obtained from a scource inside the fortune city arena, the site of the terror of reality game show. It may be upsetting to some viewers."

The screen turns to a security footage of a man in a biker suit dress up strapping C4 to the cage with zombies in it. He pushed a few buttons then ran off as the explosion unleashed the zombies.

"Initial reports suggest that the man in the video is formal motorcross champagne Chuck Greene."

"What!" Blake and Chuck said in shock

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