The kaiju king knew about Lincoln being accused of bad luck, and he wasn't happy about it either.

Normally, he would not care at all, then he looked at his son, Minilla who was playing with Angurius.

Who would do something like this? He wondered.

He wasn't going to be a jerk, he stood up and gave a furious roar.

Godzilla stepped down from his mountain and asked Gigan, Rodan, and Spacegodzilla to join, they agreed.

The four kaiju set off for Royal Woods, Godzilla was the most infuriated of the wasn't going to be a stupid lazy jackass and let the white-hair child die, due to the foolishness of his sisters.

Lincoln's sisters were out for the day, leaving Lincoln outside.

"I wish someone could help me, anyone." Lincoln fell asleep with tears streaming down his face.

Godzilla arrived, seeing that he's asleep, he tip-toed over to his resting spot and gently put him in his hand.

The King Of Monsters' mission was complete, He and the others headed back to Monster Island.

When the girls came home, they didn't suspect anything to be wrong.

The Next Day

"Guys!" Lana shouted from the backyard.

"What's wrong Lana?" Leni asked.

"That!" Lana pointed to Godzilla's footprint.

"What is that?" Luan wondered.

"Some type of surviving dinosaur?" Lori scratched her hair.

"Lori, don't be dumb, dinosaurs died a billion years ago." Lynn falsely informed.

Lisa made a buzzing noise,"Actually,65 million years ago, and birds are a close descendant of dinosaurs."

"Yadda, yadda, yadda, same time." Lynn mimicked.

"More important, where's Lincoln?" Luna asked.

"Whatever made this footprint, might have taken him." Luan tapped her chin.

"Does anyone know how big this thing is?" Lola asked.

"Hm,around 100-120 meters in height,100 meters in length,around 55,000 metric tons." Lisa studied the footprint.

"What does it mean?" Lynn asked.

"Kaiju." Lisa replied.

"In english please." Lori rolled her eyes.

"Giant Monsters,idiot." Lisa glared.

"Wait, where's the..suit?" Leni found a tore squirrel costume and a note carved in the dirt.

"What's that?" Lana asked.

"Some note." Lori kneeled to the writing.

"Dear,Loud Girls,I have took your brother to my home to raise him,I couln't stand him being there out un the ,what he did was wrong,he tried to apologize,yet you continued to labe him as bad brought him to your things for good luck,even if you praticed day and night.I hope this is better for him and you ten.

The King Of Kaiju,Godzilla." Luna read.

"Godzilla?" Lisa scratched his head.

"That's a movie monster,he can't be real." Lynn scoffed.

"Oh, if he wasn't real,how do you explain this letter,written by the king himself!?