Godzilla reached Monster Island with the white hair child in his grasp.

Most of the kaiju were asleep, so he was able to walk up to his mountain.

'Did I do the right thing?'Godzilla asked himself.

He quickly answered himself.

Godzilla gently lowered his hand, the boy slid from his hand and into a nest.

Godzilla glanced at the sleeping boy, then walked off to search for food.

Lincoln woke up an hour later.

"Wha, where am I?" Lincoln opened his eyes.

Lincoln sat up and looked around, all he saw was a vast jungle.

He heard thundering footsteps shake the earth.

Lincoln became scared.

Then, Godzilla arrived with food in his hand.

All Lincoln could do was scream.

Lincoln cowered in fear.

Godzilla snorted, Lincoln opened his eyes, Godzilla's hand was extended, showing fruit.

"For me?" Lincoln asked.

Godzilla nodded in response.

Lincoln grabbed the fruit,"Thank you."He took a bite out of the fruit.

Godzilla sat down, giving some sort of smile.

"What am I doing here?" Lincoln asked the Kaiju King.

Godzilla wanted to answer, so he used his tail to write, 'I knew about the bad luck, and I'm taking you in until something happens.'

"Wow, thank you." Lincoln thanked.

At the Loud House, Rita and Lynn Sr. came home.

"Hey, girls, what's wrong?" Rita saw their faces.

"Come outside." Lynn pointed outside.

When they got outside, they read the note by Godzilla.

"..King Of Kaiju, Godzilla." Rita read the last part and started crying.

"Our son is being raised by a monster!?" Lynn Sr. cried.

"Pretty much, now we feel horrible." Lori rubbed her shoulder out of guilt.

"We should go find him." Lucy stated.

"But where is Godzilla,where we find him,we find Lincoln."Luan stated.

" I've tracked down Godzilla's location,but it's a long distance from here."Lisa shown a GPS with a capital G(Means Godzilla).

"Where are they!?" Leni cried.

"A strange island called,Monster Island." Lisa adjiusted her galsses.

"What ocean?" Lynn Sr. asked worried.

"The Pacific ocean,one of the Marshall Islands." Lisa answered.

"What!" Lori screamed.

"That's like,20 hours from here!" Luna screamed after.

"How would we get there!?" Lola cried.

"Will you shut up so Lisa can tell us?" Lynn frowned.

"(Sigh) I was going to show this to the governmet this but,here it is." Lisa pressed a button,the ground opened up,revealing a modified Kyriu.

"Whoa,it's a godzilla robot." Lola looked in awe.

"Say hello to Kyriu,a mechagodzilla I modified." Lisa introduced.

"Hewo." Lily babbled.

"Aww." Everyone was moved by this.

Lisa pressed another button,which opened an enterance"Well,what are we waiting for,let's go."

The Louds piled into the mechanical Godzilla,as they soared into the sky.

"Whoa,the inside is cool as the outside." Lynn looked around.

"Now to enter the cordinates."Lisa typed in Monster Island.

Kyriu roared as his jet packs bursted with flames,boosting his speed.

Meanwhile,Anguirus is wrestling with Gigan,in a playful matter.

Godzilla and Lincoln were watching to two wrestle.

"Godzilla,I'll be right back."

Godzilla nodded.

Lincoln went to get some of the Kyriu landed,he got curious so he went investigate,The Loud sisters un-loaded from the Mecha.

"Are you sure Lincoln is here?" Lynn asked.

"Precisely,and he's close." Lisa looked at her GPS.

"Dang It,wait." Lincoln remembered something on youtube,he was going to do it too.

"Hey guys,what happens when.." Luan tried to joke.


Lincoln bit Luan's arm,causing her to scream and run with him clamping on her arm.

"Ow,no,no,n,o,no,n,o,no,ho,oh,oh,no,n,o,get off,(cries),(Whine),Get off,I don't wanna be a monster,get off,eeeee,(cries),No,No,No,No!" Luan cried as she ran with Lincoln clamping on her.

"Luan,calm down,it's Lincoln!" Lola gave Lincoln a hug.

"Get off me!" Lincoln pushed Lola off him with glare.

"Linky,it's us,don't you reconize us!?" Lana cried.

"Oh I do,I don't want you here." Lincoln avoided contanct.

"Bro, we're here to take you home!" Luna cried.

"Well you wasted your time." Lincoln said before whistling.

"Why did you do that for?" Lori asked.

Thundering footsteps caused the jungle to shake,then Godzilla broke through the forest and onto the beach,giving a deeper 2014 roar.


Godzilla looked down at the girls,staring daggers at Lynn.

"He's been raising you?" Lori asked.

"No." Lincoln replied.

"Then why is it.."

"He." Lincoln glared.

"Then why is he taking care of you?" Luna finsished her sentance.

"Because he's caring enough,unlike a certan 12." Lincoln coldy replied.

Godzilla growled in agreement.

"See,he agrees." Lincoln crossed his eyes.

"Who cares about what he thinks!?" Lynn glared back.

"Do you know how's his life was long ago,his whole family was killed in the Hiroshima bombings,since then,he hated humans ever since 1954!" Lincoln screamed out of anger.

"What's your point?" Rita got impatient.

"My point is that he was not alone his whole life,now he has a son,Minilla." Lincoln made his point.

Godzilla held up two fingers,saying that he has two sons.

"Two,who's your second son?" Lincoln asked.

Godzilla pointed to Lincoln,everyone gasped at this.


"HIM!" Everyone gasped.

Godzilla nodded.

Luna teared at Godzilla adopting Lincoln,"W-Why?"

Before Godzilla could answer,Kyriu fired his beam at Godzilla's scarred chest,making him roar in pain.

"Lisa,what are you doing!?" Luan cried.

"It wasn't me,it's out of control!" Lisa tried to control Kyriu.

Godzilla roared at the mechanical counterpart,challenging the robot.

Kyriu roared back,The Fight between Godzilla vs. Kyriu begins..in chapter 3.