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Chapter 2: Rias Gremory

Itachi and Sona stood with their father and mother as the main doors were opened and in entered three figures. One was a handsome middle aged man that looked younger than he should be, he had long red crimson hair tied into a loose ponytail with a black hairband, his eyes were bright blue he also had a short red stubble beard on his chin, he was dressed in a fancy white suit and underneath a black shirt with the collar sticking out from the white suit. Next to him was a beautiful young woman that Itachi could have sworn was in her teens, if he hadn't known about how devils like his own mother could use magic to make themselves younger he wouldn't have believed anyone if they told him how old this woman really was. She had brown spiky hair that reached slightly beyond her shoulders, her eyes were violet and she had quite the curvy figure and her breast size rivaled that of a certain slug queen Itachi used to know back in his days in his old life, she was dressed in a white dress. And just between both adults was a little girl about Itachi and Sona's age, she had her mother's hair style but her father's red crimson color and her eyes were bright blue as well, she was dressed in a green sundress.

These were Lord Zeoticus Gremory, his wife Venelana Gremory whom originated from the Bael clan, and their daughter that was just as old as Itachi and Sona, Rias Gremory the next heir of the Gremory family as her older brother had become the new Lucifer, King of the Underworld. She had a look of curiosity which you would expect from a child, with a hint of excitement.

"Ah! Lord Sitri, it's been awhile!" Lord Gremory went up to Lord Sitri and greeted him by raising his hand slightly and with a big goofy smile.

"Greetings Lord Gremory, it truly has been awhile. I believe last time was when you lost that bet to me, you still haven't paid me by the way." Lord Sitri said with a scowl that made Lord Gremory chuckle nervously while rubbing the back of his head. He then looked over to Itachi and Sona, no, he was only looking at Itachi. Itachi could feel the man looking into his eyes and into his soul. Lord Gremory then gave the young boy a warm smile before looking back at Lord Sitri

"I was hoping you had forgotten about that by now." Lord Gremory said with a goofy grin as he sweated a little.

"Learn to live up to your promises." Lord Sitri said with a slightly annoyed expression.

"It's been such a long time, Venelana, does your husband act like a child as well?" Lady Sitri said completely ignoring that their husbands were there.

"Oh, yes, and so does yours I assume." Venelana said with a warm smile as the two husbands felt like boulders just fell on top of their heads.

"Indeed. Ah, this must be little Rias-chan, how are you dear?" Lady Sitri turned her attention to the little girl standing next to her mother.

"Mm, I'm good." Rias greeted with a big beaming smile.

"And those two must be little Sona-chan and Itachi-kun." Venelana looked at the two twins with a warm loving smile that made Itachi feel comfortable.

"Hello, Lady Gremory." Sona bowed down politely as she tended to mostly show her childish side with Itachi.

"Greetings." Itachi bowed as well.

"Oh my, they're both so polite how adorable." Venelana giggled a little while Rias looked at them with curiosity, Itachi noticed the young Gremory princess looking over at them and gave her a little smile.

Rias widened her eyes a bit and then beamed with a big smile with a tooth sticking out on the side. She went over to the two twins. "Hello! I'm Rias!" Rias introduced herself as she was filled with energy, however this energetic greeting startled Sona a bit.

"H-Hello, I'm Sona…" Sona replied taken a little aback.

"Greetings Rias, I'm Itachi." Itachi bowed his head slightly with the same smile as before. This energetic vibe Rias was giving off reminded him a little of Sasuke when he was her age which brought up a lot of good old memories for him.

"You guys wanna play?" Rias asked looking back and forth on both twins. She then looked like she remembered something and looked back at her mother. "Mama, can I go play with Itachi and Sona?"

"Certainly honey." Venelana said with a warm loving motherly smile.

"Yay! Come on, let's go!" Rias dragged the two twins by their arms and Sona was once again taken aback by this girl's energy, while Itachi had a small amused smile.

"Umm, Rias, do you even know where we're going?" Itachi asked as it seemed the girl had forgotten that she had never been here before.

"Oh, right, umm, where are we going?" Rias stopped and turned to the two twins, Sona sweat dropped while Itachi chuckled nervously.

"Hey while the kids are playing around, how about we have a drink?" Lord Sitri suggested and then Lord Gremory wrapped his arm around his shoulder and Lord Sitri did the same.

"Good idea old friend! First one to chug down one hundred shots gets to claim a part of the loser's land!" Lord Gremory declared.

"Oh!" Lord Sitri raised his hand in agreement.

""Hold on a minute!"" The cold stern voices of their wives reached their ears and then they were both pinched on their cheeks. They both sweated out of fear as their wives had a cold dark smile on their lips while a dark aura flared around them.

"O-Or we could just have a friendly chat while drinking a reasonable amount…" Lord Sitri uttered looking rather pale like he was looking death in the face.

"Y-Yeah, a good idea old friend…" Lord Gremory agreed as they were both laughing nervously while sweating bullets.

Meanwhile, Sona had taken it upon herself to show Rias around while Itachi followed and let his little sister be the guide. "Anyway, this is where the tour ends." Sona declared as they had been in every room in the large mansion. Rias looked at Sona with a puzzled expression and Sona noticed this. "What is it?"

"You're really serious, Sona." Rias looked a little amaze that someone her age was this serious.

"She isn't always that serious, just last night she spent all night playing hide and seek with me. In the end, she fell asleep and I had to piggyback her back to her room." Itachi said with a smile and Rias looked intrigued.

"O-Onii-sama! Why did you have to say that?!" Sona had an embarrassed blush on her face as it was almost the same color as Rias's hair.

Rias then let out an amused laughter. "Sona your funny!" Rias said with a cute innocent smile.

"Wha-What? Funny?" Sona uttered.

"Mm, let's be friends!" Rias said and hugged Sona whom tried to push this happy energetic girl off her.

"F-Fine I get it! We'll be friends!" Sona said as Rias got even more happier and hugged her even tighter. "H-Hey let go!" Sona said, but despite that Itachi could tell Sona was happy about having gotten a friend.

"Can we be friends to, Itachi?" Rias asked with a beaming energetic smile.

"Certainly." Itachi replied.

"Yay!" Rias hugged both into a group hug, Sona had a faint blush and looked a little annoyed but was really happy, while Itachi had a friendly warm smile on his lips. "Come on! Let's play already!" Rias said with excitement in her voice.

"F-Fine, what do you wanna play?" Sona asked the excited redhead.

"Ummm, I don't know…" Rias tilted her head to the side and placed her right hand on her chin and began thinking. "Ah! Let's go outside and explore!" Rias said with a beaming innocent smile.

"Explore?" Sona questioned.

"Yeah, come on! Let's go in the yard and explore!" Rias said energetically and grabbed both the twins by the arms.

"I couldn't possibly see the harm in that." Itachi said and Sona looked like she was about to protest, but then she let out a small sigh.

"Fine, let's go exploring." Sona gave in.

Meanwhile down stairs with the adults. Lord Sitri had poured himself and Lord Gremory a drink, they raised their glasses and lightly bumped them into each other. ""Cheers!"" The two clan leaders chugged down their drinks while their wives sat next to them while calmly drinking tea and making sure their husbands didn't do anything stupid. ""Bwah!"" They both slammed their glasses back into the table and grinned at each other.

"I finished first! I win!" Lord Gremory said with his face a little red from the alcohol as beneath the table was four empty bottles.

"Naha! I finished first! All that alcohol must have killed your reaming brain cells!" Lord Sitri protested as his face was also a little red from all the alcohol.

"Obviously, your hallucinating, because I finished first, buddy!" Lord Gremory stood up and slammed his foot on the table.

"No way, pal! I finished first!" Lord Sitri stood up and placed his foot on the table as well and they both glared at each other while releasing some dark aura.

""Sit down you two."" Their wives spoke after taking a sip of tea.

"But I finished my drink first! Right honey?!" Lord Sitri turned to his wife.

"Naha, I finished first! Right my beloved?!" Lord Gremory turned to his wife.

""Sit!"" Their wives sent them death glares while releasing a dark aura.

""Y-Yes ma'am…"" They both said in unison and sat back down giving up on trying to figure out who won.

"Darling, aren't you forgetting why we came here in the first place?" Venelana looked over at her husband whom dawned onto realization of their visit.

"Oh yeah, we have a request for you two." Lord Gremory gained a serious expression as he looked over to his close friend.

"A request? Of what?" Lord Sitri questioned.

"I'm sure you've heard about my agreement with the Phenex clan, but I can't fully support that agreement anymore… And this is the only way." Lord Gremory clenched his fists.

"Your referring to the engagement between your daughter and Raiser Phenex, correct?" Lord Sitri asked as he also gained a serious expression.

"Yes, at first he seemed like such a nice kid… But after watching what he became like recently I'm starting to have my doubts about him being engaged to my little Rias… Rias herself can't even stand Raiser. But I can't really call of the engagement that could cause some problematic relations with the Phenex family, plus our species is in danger of extinction. Although I might have found a solution." Lord Gremory narrowed his eyes.

"And what would that be?" Lord Sitri asked pretending like he didn't already know the answer.

Lord Gremory took in a deep breath and went on his knees and bowed. "Please, let's form an engagement between Rias and Itachi. I beg of you, please Lord Sitri…"




"Raise your head old friend." Lord Sitri spoke and Lord Gremory looked up. "I would like nothing more than to help you, but I'm not sure how my son will feel about this. We will need to discuss it with him first before we can give you an answer."

"I see… Thank you." Lord Gremory said with a little saddened smile.

"But, do you really think that the Phenex clan will back down from this engagement? I don't see that being very likely, especially with a boy as persistent as Raiser Phenex. Even if Itachi were to agree on it he and Raiser would be competing for Rias' hand at the end, most likely in a Rating Game. And whoever wins gains the right to be engaged to her and if Itachi were to lose there would be nothing we could do to stop this. You are aware of this, right?" Lord Sitri asked with a narrowed gaze.

"Yeah, I do understand. But I could see it in your boy's eyes when I first saw him, that he was going to be incredibly strong. I could see that fire in his eyes, something which I have only seen in my very own son, Sirzechs. I was a little skeptic about this idea before we got here I will admit that, but once I saw that boy and his eyes, and how quickly he got Rias' attention, I knew it in my heart that I was making the right choice. I know that your boy won't fail, and I think you know it to." Lord Gremory smirked and Lord Sitri and Lady Sitri gained a smile themselves, Venelana smiled as well at this.

"Hn, guess your right on that part, I am very aware of my son's abilities and how much potential he has. But like I said, I will need to discuss this with him first, I'm not going to make a deal unlike a certain someone who did it while their child couldn't even speak." Lord Sitri scolded Lord Gremory whom felt like an arrow pierced his chest.

"Agh! Like I said he looked like a nice kid at first, and his father was very persuasive, he didn't seem to care that much, but he was very persuasive! And Raiser looked like a nice kid at first! I had no idea he was going to grow up and become a jerk!" Lord Gremory said in his own defense making Venelana sigh at her husband's childish stupidity

"You do know you used that "nice kid" excuse twice in that little outburst of yours, right?" Lord Sitri sweat dropped a little.

The doors suddenly bursted open and Serafall jumped in wearing her pink magical girl outfit. "Hey mom! Hey dad! Where's It-tan and So-tan?! I have finally gotten a break from my Maou duties and decided to come and cuddle with them! Oh, hey Lord Gremory, Lady Gremory." Serafall said noticing their guests.

"Greetings, Serafall-sama." Venelana gave a small bow to the current Leviathan.

"It's been awhile." Lord Gremory gave a small bow as well.

"Your brother and sister are somewhere around playing with Rias Gremory, and we're in the middle of an important discussion here Serafall." Lord Sitri pointed out.

"Oh, sorry. So, It-tan and So-tan are playing with Rias-chan?" Serafall asked as she lifted her right hand up and brought her pointy finger over her lips.

"Yes, they could be anywhere around the mansion." Lady Sitri replied to her oldest daughter.

"Buu! I'm glad that It-tan and So-tan are friends with Rias-chan… but I wanted to play with my adorable younger siblings and take a bath with them." Serafall pouted a little while looking depressed that she didn't get a chance to discover how much Itachi and Sona have grown since the last time she forced them into the bath with her, Sona was fine with it since she was young and thought it was simply fun. But when his parents saw Itachi after the bathing with his sisters, he had a look on his face that could only be described as someone who felt like they've been violated. Lord and Lady Sitri sweat dropped while laughing nervously, they knew that Serafall meant well but that she would tend to get a little overexcited about certain things and overdo it. "Anyway, what are you guys talking about?"

"Engagement arrangements between your brother and Rias Gremory." Lady Sitri replied while taking a sip of tea.

"Ehhhhhhh?! I-It-tan is getting engaged?! I refuse to give up my cute and adorable little It-tan! He and So-tan are supposed to love their onee-chan only! Rias-chan might be a good girl, but It-tan is still my little It-tan!" Serafall shouted while pouting and throwing a little fit.

"… I'm getting a little concerned about your affection towards your younger siblings, Serafall." Lord Sitri sweat dropped a little. "Besides it is supposed to be a way to prevent Rias from getting married to that Raiser Phenex in the future, naturally we're planning on talking with your brother about it first."

"Oh? Then it's fine I guess, I know It-tan will gladly help his just such a nice and cute little boy." Serafall said with a little cute smile and a giggle. "I still won't give It-tan to anyone."

"I think he will say something else about that statement." Lord Sitri pointed out with a deadpan expression.

Meanwhile, Rias ran energetically through the massive yard that spread far and wide from the Sitri mansion, with Sona and Itachi following after her. "Hey! Don't run too far away!" Sona shouted at the redheaded Gremory princess while Itachi let out a small chuckle.

Itachi then noticed they were reaching the end of the Sitri territory as a wild forest came to view, Rias of course being an innocent little child didn't know this and kept on running filled with energy. Itachi stopped and closed his eyes and focused his magic energy, a magic circle then formed beneath him and he vanished in a bright flash of light.

The magic circle then appeared a few steps away in the direction Rias was running towards to, Itachi appeared in a flash out from it and stopped the little Gremory girl from running any further. "Hold on Rias, the Sitri territory ends here." Itachi informed the little curious red haired girl whom stopped running and looked at the forest behind Itachi with curiosity. The Sitri territory was large and the Sitri mansion was at the very edge of their territory the rest beyond that was wilderness.

Sona finally caught up with them and panted from all the running. "Just how much energy do you have?"

"I don't know." Rias replied with a happy innocent smile. "So, if your territory ends here, what is out there?" Rias questioned pointing at the forest.

"Just wilderness really, nothing else." Itachi replied.

"Cool." Rias walked towards the edge of a small hill that lead down to the forest, just in front of her was an invisible wall that would make sure that someone at the mansion knew if anyone entered the territory or exited it. While Rias peeked down the earth ground beneath her collapsed and she fell into the forest while screaming. "Waaaahhhhh!"

""Rias!"" Both Itachi and Sona shouted in unison, and without hesitation they both went after their new friend. Itachi grabbed Sona and lifted her up as he skidded down the hill and leaped down in front of Rias, whom was holding back her tears as she had scraped her knees a little. "Are you okay?" Sona asked with concern.

"Mm." Rias nodded while holding back her tears.

"Come on, let's get out of here." Sona said and tried to help Rias up but the Gremory girl flinched in pain and fell back down.

"Hmm, we won't get up with her, we would have to climb back up while carrying her. I will teleport us back to the mansion, let's go." Itachi said and began trying to focus his energy, when suddenly they heard a growl. The three children turned their heads to the side to see a massive grey furred wolf with big yellow eyes growling at them. "Damn." Itachi got into fighting stance, knowing he couldn't concentrate forming a teleportation circle while being worried if the wolf would attack Rias or Sona. "I will hold the wolf off until someone gets here, stay back." Itachi ordered and stepped in front of his sister and his new friend.

"How do you know if anyone is coming?" Rias questioned looking a little frightened.

"Our territory is surrounded by an invisible barrier, if anyone walks out or gets in our territory father will know about it. And we just fell out of territory." Itachi replied and looked back at Rias and Sona whom both look frightened by the big wolf, Itachi gave them a warm reassuring smile. "Don't worry I will protect you no matter what." Itachi then turned to the wolf and glared at it while Rias and Sona looked at him in awe.

'This will be my first time using my new powers in actual combat, this could be the perfect test.' Itachi thought and formed a blue magic circle in his palms, this gained the wolfs attention knowing it would have to go through Itachi first before he could get to the girls. Itachi then formed a sphere of water in his hands that increased in size. Itachi had learned how to utilize the Sitri family's demonic powers of water manipulation, and he had already learned that like Serafall he can manipulate water turning into ice, while he had learned some fire spells and he was starting to learn some lightning spells. But for the moment what he excelled at most was water manipulation.

Water Eagle Barrage!

Itachi sent a barrage fire of eagle shaped water attacks that crashed into the wolf with incredible force making it back up a bit while growling in anger. The wolf then leaped up showing its massive claws from its paws, it swung down it massive claw at Itachi whom leaped back dodging the blow. The wolf growled as it circled Itachi with its claws expanding. Itachi kept his eyes on the wolf being careful not to do anything rash.

The wolf then charged and opened its massive jaw ready to eat Itachi, Itachi jumped up avoiding the bite from the wolf, he then delivered a kick between the wolfs eyes sending the beast skidding back. It growled in anger while glaring at Itachi and once again charged swinging its massive expanded claws at him, Itachi formed a defense magic circle blocking the strike from the wolf. He then formed another magic circle in his right palm and directed it at the wolf.

Fire Magic: Fire Shot!

Itachi shot out a small ball of fire from the magic circle blasting it into the wolf sending it crashing into a tree that broke in half. The wolf shook its massive head, shaking off the pain. Itachi then noticed the wolf charging at the girls as he saw an opening, Itachi rushed at high speed to Rias and Sona, he grabbed them both and jumped away, however not before being scratched by the wolf. "Ugh!" Itachi grunted in pain as the wolf had managed to scratch Itachi's back with its massive claws, leaving three scratch marks on Itachi's back with blood running down from it.

"Onii-sama!" Sona looked at Itachi with a worried expression as she saw the wound on his back and Rias gasped while holding back her tears.

"Don't worry, it's just a scratch. Nothing fatal, I will be fine." Itachi assured and turned towards the wolf that looked ready to charge once again. Itachi gathered a lot of water into his palm from a magic circle, and blasted a wave of water at the wolf sending it back quite the distant away from Rias and Sona. The soaked wolf glared at Itachi while growling showing its massive sharp fangs.

The wolf charged head on towards Itachi whom ran towards it so that the girls wouldn't be in danger. Itachi was in front of the wolf that slammed its claw down where he stood. Itachi dodged the claw that crashed into the ground where he once stood, and delivered an upper cut punch to the wolfs jaw, leaped up and delivered an axe kick down onto the top of its head.

The wolf fell to the ground, but quickly recovered and pushed Itachi off, and quickly swatted him away like a fly sending him crashing into a tree. "Ugh!" Itachi grunted in pain once he hit the tree, as a small cut appeared on his forehead. He fell to the ground and looked up seeing the wolf ready to charge Rias and Sona, blood ran down from the cut on his forehead, and ran over his right eye. "No…" Itachi uttered as he got back up and directed his hands towards the wolf, memories from his past stirred up inside him, Shisui taking his own life after having given Itachi his left eye, the dead bodies of the men, women and children of his clan that had been slain by his hand, the smell of their blood the screams, him holding Izumi's ice cold corpse after having killed her with Tsukuyomi, him standing over his dead parents as their blood stained his sword, he refused to watch Sona and Rias die, when he looked at them he saw an image of Sasuke and Izumi, the two people that were most precious to him in his old life, and now these two had become equally precious to him, his whole new family had become dear to him, and he wasn't about to lose them. "AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!" He screamed with his one tomoe sharingan flaring in a bright red color.

Having felt that someone exited their territory, Lord Sitri arrived with Lord Gremory, Lady Sitri, Venelana and Serafall. "It-tan, So-tan, Rias-chan!" Serafall shouted and suddenly stopped as her and the other adult's eyes widened.

Rias and Sona embraced each other in a corner while a massive grey furred wolf had been frozen in a massive chunk of ice, from the looks of it, it was just about to attack. And behind the wolf was Itachi with his hands directed at the wolf, he was panting, had a cut over his forehead and blood running from it over his right eye, his back had a three-claw scratch mark, and his eyes were red with a black tomoe and a black dot in the center. His eyes quickly returned to normal and he fell onto his knees.

Serafall glared at the frozen wolf in anger and released so much pressure and power that the frozen wolf shattered into multiple chunks of ice. The mothers rushed to their daughters whom looked frightened.

"What happened?" Venelana asked Rias whom looked at Itachi while tears ran down her eyes.

"We, were exploring, and I fell into this forest. Sona and Itachi came after me. That big bad wolf showed up. Itachi said he would protect us and fought it." Rias replied while tears kept running down her eyes.

"It's okay now honey, it's okay." Venelana said in a comforting motherly voice as she embraced Rias. And Lady Sitri comforted Sona as well.

"It-tan…" Serafall walked up to her baby brother whom was still panting.

"I'm fine, nee-san… Just a little scratch." Itachi replied but despite that Serafall lifted his tiny body into her arms while looking at him with a proud smile.

"You did good It-tan, you protected So-tan and Rias-chan, onee-chan is super proud of you." Serafall said in a soft comforting voice.

Sometime later

They had all returned to the mansion, Itachi had gotten his wounds treated, they were nothing serious, he just needed a few bandages on his back and one band aid on the cut over his right eye. Itachi was now gathered in a room with his father and Lord Gremory whom explained what they discussed earlier while Itachi, Sona and Rias were playing.

Lord Gremory bowed to the young Sitri with a thankful smile. "I'm thanking you again. For protecting my daughter, and I hope that you will accept this engagement between you and her."

"Well Itachi, this is your decision my son." Lord Sitri said.

"… If I refuse Rias will be engaged to this Raiser Phenex, correct?" Itachi asked as he had heard about the Phenex family and read about them, devils whom had the power of immortality, whom like Sitri and Gremory were some of the surviving main pillar families from the Great War.

"Yes, that is correct." Lord Gremory replied.

"But if I accept he and I will most likely end up competing for her hand in the future, correct?" Itachi asked again with an emotionless expression.

"Yes, most likely."

Honestly to Itachi it sounded like a bother, and he didn't want to marry anyone he didn't love in that way, but then again, he knows Rias most likely doesn't wish for that either and the girl had become precious to him, he couldn't explain it, it was like being with Izumi or baby Sasuke again. "And Rias knows nothing about this being your reasoning for coming here today?"

"No, she does not." Lord Gremory replied and Itachi could tell he was telling the truth.

"This Raiser Phenex, what is he like?" Itachi asked.

"Well, at first he seemed like a nice polite young boy… But later, he grew up to become quite arrogant, rumors have it he gets a new girlfriend every week, and to top it off when Rias found out about that she was engaged to Raiser, she was furious, she hated Raiser right from the start." Lord Gremory replied and clenched his fists.

"How old is this Raiser?" Itachi asked.

"He is a few years older than both you and Rias. He is ten years old." Lord Gremory replied.

"Hmm, I see…" Itachi said and closed his eyes, he had a pretty good idea of what kind of a guy Raiser was and would grow up to be. An arrogant womanizer that would use his mighty family name to get many advantages in life. And from what he has seen from Rias whom is energetic and innocent, she would most likely grow up to be a kind loving woman, not someone Raiser deserved. "Very well, I accept." Itachi opened his eyes.

"R-Really? Oh, thank you my young boy. Now it may get troubling for you later dealing with Raiser, but I have faith in you." Lord Gremory bowed his head down thankfully.

"Please get up, it's embarrassing." Itachi said with an emotionless expression. His plan was to stay engaged with Rias until Raiser backs down, or the time would come when he would have to force Raiser to back down. When that happens, he will let Rias remain free and let her marry someone she will eventually fall in love with. "Was there anything else?"

"Actually, wait hang on." Lord Sitri said and opened the door to the living room and Serafall fell in as she had been eavesdropping. "Come on in, Serafall." Her father said while Serafall let out a nervous chuckle.

"So, It-tan, your engaged to Rias-chan now… Do you want to marry her?" Serafall asked Itachi with a smile, although Itachi could see what laid beyond her facial expression, she didn't like the idea of him getting taken away.

"I'm doing this to protect her from Raiser Phenex, and once that is done, I will let her decide whom she wants to marry." Itachi replied as Serafall seemed satisfied with that answer.

"Now onto the second matter at hand. Zeoticus you may leave, this is a family matter." Lord Sitri spoke in a stern tone. Lord Gremory sighed and nodded but not before sending another thank you look to Itachi.

Once Lord Gremory had left, Itachi's father turned towards him with a stern expression that soon turned into a goofy proud grin. "You've gotten strong my boy! That is my son for ya! Already able to use water, fire and ice based attacks! Now that's my boy!" Lord Sitri said proud fully and wrapped his arm around Itachi's shoulder.

"It-tan, your just like your onee-chan! You can use ice! Yay!" Serafall cheered while jumping up in the air and then towards Itachi hugging his face between her massive breasts.

"Nee-san I can't breathe…" Itachi said with a deadpan expression.

"Onii-sama!" Sona and Rias came running and froze once they saw what Serafall was doing. "Onee-sama! Put onii-sama down right now!" Sona shouted.

"…" Rias didn't know why but she felt her chest being in pain once she saw Itachi being hugged by Serafall.

"Eh? Is So-tan jealous! Aw come here So-tan, onee-chan will give ya lots and lots of love!" Serafall let Itachi go and grabbed Sona and hugged her the same way she did Itachi.

"Put me down! Onee-sama!" Sona had a faint blush on her face.

"Kya! Your so cute when your acting all tsundere!" Serafall squealed and hugged Sona even more.

"Are you alright?" Itachi asked Rias whom looked like she was in deep thought, that was broken once Itachi asked her that question.

"Y-Yeah, I'm fine…" Rias replied when she suddenly felt her heart beat faster and she blushed a little.

"Good, I'm glad." Itachi said with a warm gentle smile that made Rias widen her eyes that sparkled a little.

"Mm. Are you okay?" Rias asked.

"Yes, I'm quite alright. It was just a minor scratch nothing to worry about." Itachi replied with the same warm gentle smile once again.

"Mm, good…" Rias avoided his gaze which made Itachi gain a confused expression.

Later after everyone besides Lord Sitri and Serafall had left the room, the eldest daughter and the father remained in silence for a while. "You noticed it to I assume? Itachi's eyes when we arrived at the scene." Lord Sitri said referring to the sharingan they saw in Itachi's eyes after his battle with the wolf.

"Mm, what was that? Could it somehow be a Sacred Gear?" Serafall questioned with a stern serious expression.

"He doesn't have human blood within him so that would be impossible, unless he secretly found it while still being a toddler. Which I seriously doubt considering he was always either with you or Sona, sometimes even with me and your mother." Lord Sitri said with a smile and closed eyes as he leaned back while stretching his arms.

"Then what is it? Some mutation from our family? Or is it something else…" Serafall had a tone of concern directed towards her precious little brother.

"Who knows, maybe you should try and ask Ajuka Beelzebub-sama if he possibly knows anything. For now, we should just keep a close eye on Itachi and see if he experiences any pain or anything of that sort." Lord Sitri suggested also with a look of concern directed towards his son. "He's my only son after all, I wouldn't know what I would do if anything happened to him."

"It-tan is my beloved younger brother, if anything were to happen to him… I would go on a rampage!" Serafall declared with her arms raised up high making Lord Sitri sweat drop while chuckling nervously.

Later with Rias

Rias and her family were riding a carriage as they were returning home, Rias looked like she was in deep thought and her parents looked at her a little concerned. "Rias-chan, is everything alright?" Her father asked.

"Honey, what's wrong?" Her mother asked.

"What should I do mama, whenever I think about Itachi my chest hurts…" Rias said while clenching her hands over her chest.

Her parents widened their eyes and her father's jaw looked like it was about to hit the floor. "EEEEHHHHHHHH?!" Her father shouted.

"Oh my, Rias-chan, it means you really like Itachi, you do, don't you?" Venelana hugged her daughter while giving her a warm loving smile.

"Mm." Rias nodded slightly with a faint blush.

'H-He stole my little princess's heart…! I know I had him be engaged to her, but he agreed on it just being a formality to make Raiser back down! He wasn't supposed to steal Rias' heart!' Lord Gremory thought and then stood up. "Damn you Itachi Sitri!" He shouted from the top of his lungs, while Rias looked at her father confused, and Venelana sighed.

'He can be so overprotective sometimes.' Venelana rubbed her temple. "Honey, sit back down." Venelana had a smile but was letting out a dark malicious aura directed at her husband that began sweating.

"Y-Yes ma'am…" Lord Gremory uttered as he sat back down.

Rias in the meantime recalled what Itachi said to her and Sona "Don't worry I will protect you no matter what." Rias then gained a little smile as she held her right hand over her chest.

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