Chapter 23: Fear and a Vampire!

It was just another normal day at the academy, Itachi was sitting in his classroom waiting for lunch period to start whilst the clock in the classroom was ticking down. Watching with little interest as his teacher explained the solution to some mathematical problem he could do in his sleep. Resting his arm onto his desk, and with his hand placed under his chin. Itachi let out a deep sigh whilst looking out the window.

The sun was shining bright on this fine day, the sunrays stinging against his devil skin. And his head feeling the minor annoyance as a result. It wasn't anything unusual for devils, and Itachi was so used to it that it didn't bother him much. As he took his gaze away from the window, and returned his attention to the lecture. The space around him moved strangely, like the static of a tv screen.

Itachi dropped his pencil, as he heard the static sound. Taking a quick look around seeing nothing strange. Rias, Sona and Akeno were all seated around him. His gaze meeting Rias' for a split second, causing her to smile and give a friendly wave. Seeing her smile eased his mind a bit, and he returned to focus on the history lecture. 'Wait, history? Weren't we studying math just now?' Itachi's mind rang like an alarm that something wasn't right here.

"Can't run." An echoing voice rang through his ears, followed by a childlike giggle. Itachi shot up from his desk, sweat starting to pour from his forehead.

"Shitori-san, please return to your seat." His teacher called out sternly at this sudden interruption.

"S-Sorry, sensei…" Itachi uttered, rubbing his temple as he sat back down.

"It is alright, Uchiha-san, just don't let it happen again."

"Right, sorry." Itachi responded naturally, although quickly looked alarmed at hearing what his teacher called him. "Wait, sensei, what did you just call me?"

"Huh, is something wrong Shitori-san?" His sensei raised a brow at his sudden strange behavior. "I called you by your name. Shitori-san. Are you feeling alright? Do you need to see the nurse?"

"N-No, sensei, I am fine… just, tired is all I guess." Itachi looked back down, rubbing his temple, feeling everyone staring at him.

He felt a something very small, and light hitting against his neck. Turning around seeing Rias having tossed a piece of her eraser to get his attention. Her eyes clearly asking "Are you feeling alright? You are acting rather strange. I am worried about you." Kind of look. Itachi merely smiled and gave a thumbs up to show he was feeling alright.

"Can't run. Can't run. Hehehe." There that voice was again, and with that giggle. Like it was teasing him, toying with him.

Then the sound of static rang loudly around him, the very space looking like it was moving in static blurs. "And if we turn to page 43, we can clearly see that-" The teacher's usual feminine voice faded out of existence, and was replaced by the gruff male voice of someone Itachi knew all too well. "The Uchiha clan is a danger to our village."

Alarmed Itachi turned to where the teacher was, seeing the front of the classroom looking now like ANBU black ops headquarters. And standing at the front, was Danzo himself. The seats of his classmates, soon being replaced by the masked members of the ANBU listening intently to Danzo. Itachi looked down, seeing instead of being in his school uniform, he wore his ANBU gear. "If they launch a coup d'état, our village will be at the mercy of our unallied nations, and war will break out over control of our territory. To avoid such mayhem, we must exterminate the Uchiha before the revolt. Including innocent children as well."

Itachi started sweating, looking around seeing Rias, Sona and Akeno still seated around him. Only also dressed in ANBU gear. Itachi's heartbeat began to pick up, his breathing getting more intense. 'What's going on?!' Itachi looked around, his first thought was that this was some sort of genjutsu.

"Can't run. Can't run." The giggling childlike voice rang clearer than ever before, like the voice came from right next to him. The room moved in static once again, and his classmates returned to normal, he was back in his school uniform same with Rias, Sona and Akeno. Whom looked none the wiser at what was happening. Although, their classroom still looked like the ANBU headquarters.

To put it mildly, Itachi was freaking out. His breathing getting incoherent. Under his desk, he repeatedly made the hand signs to cancel out any genjutsu. But it didn't work, his gaze focused intently on his own hands, sweat dripping from his forehead. Feeling something heavy was filling his chest making it harder to breath.

"Can't run. Hehehe." The voice this time came from the end of the room. Shooting his eyes up, Itachi saw a figure sitting on his teacher's desk. The teacher not even aware of this figure's existence, kept on with her lecture. And no one else in the class saw the figure either, not even Rias, not Sona and not Akeno.

Itachi panted, a sense of fear filling his very being. As he stared at the figure, and into her endless deep void like gaze. His heart was beating into his ears, he couldn't think straight, he couldn't move. He could only look, as the menacing Dragon God Ophis stared at him. Her lips creeped up into a smirk, and her tired looking eyes sending a chill down his spine. "Can't run~" Ophis giggled, her body surrounded by static as she vanished. The room moved in static once more, and Ophis reappeared only this time standing before the teacher's desk. The teacher laid dead on the floor, with her blood splattered onto the chalkboard.

"Can't run~" Ophis giggled as the room moved in static once more, and she was gone again. But quickly reappeared as the room got static again. Ophis had moved ever closer to him, and for each time she got closer. All of his classmates, and teacher laid dead on the floor behind Ophis. Their blood splattered across the room. The lights flickering behind over them. Each time Ophis got closer, what she passed ended up destroyed. "Can't run…" After one more static, Ophis appeared standing on his desk, leaning down to his eyelevel and looking right at him. Her tiny lips crocked into a menacing smirk. "Can't run from me, clan killer."

Itachi's eyes darted towards Ophis hand, seeing a speck of energy generated from her fingertip, pointing at Rias, Sona and Akeno. "D-Don't… please…." Itachi felt so helpless, unable to move or take his gaze away as Ophis fired her blast and annihilated Rias, Sona and Akeno in an instant before his eyes. "NOOOOOO!"

Itachi's eyes shot open and he jumped up from his bed in fright. His body drenched in sweat, his eyes widened like saucers, his very body trembling as he let out incoherent breaths. 'It was only a nightmare…' Itachi assured himself, his breathing steadying itself to its normal pace. Meeting the Dragon God of Infinity in person surely had left its mark on him.

Then to his surprise, he heard what sounded like several footsteps rushing towards his door. The door slammed into the wall as it was flung open. "Are you alright, It-tan?!" It was Serafall, accompanied by everyone it would seem. He must have screamed when he woke up, causing everyone with their enhanced devil hearing to rush towards his room to investigate.

Serafall in her pink nighty jumped into Itachi's bed, cuddling up with him. "My poor little, It-tan, don't worry nee-san is here to erase all your troubles."

"Itachi, are you alright?" Rias rushed in next, not seeming to have had the time to dress, as her naked body was only covered up with the duvet from her own bed. "We all heard you screaming…" Rias looking rather worried jumped into his bed next.

"We were all surprised, I don't think we have ever heard you scream like that." Sona looking equally concerned entered wearing her blue pajamas.

"You poor thing, did you have a nightmare?" Akeno also jumped into his bed, resting his head against her bosom, her massive soft bouncing breasts acting as a pillow as she gently stroked his head.

"I'm fine…" Itachi assured, looking like he didn't care about the current situation. His mind too occupied boggling about his recent nightmare. Wondering what it meant. If it was simple fear over the power and threat that was Ophis? Or if the Dragon God used some of her powers to influence his dreams?

No one however believed his words, as evident with Kuroka having dragged Koneko with her into his bed. "Nya, Itachi-sama if you want me and Shirone can cuddle with you all night to make you feel at ease." Kuroka hugged Itachi tightly.

"N-Nee-sama…" Koneko grumbled at her sister, blushing with embarrassment over laying so close to Itachi.

"You seem fine, but I'm still worried." Raven holding her hand onto Itachi's forehead, linking herself to his mind and checking if everything was fine with his mental state. She was surprised however, as Itachi gently slapped her hand away. Worried that if she linked to his mind further, she would see something she shouldn't have. Like she did when she healed him during the battle against Trigon last year.

"Itachi-kun, I must say, you got everyone in an uprise." Sirzechs chuckled lightly at seeing everyone fuzzing over Itachi having a nightmare.

Damian and yawned, dragging the sleeping Bob whom clung to his pillow away. "Seriously captain, we all thought you were under attack or somethin'. Sleep tight." Damian yawned, dragging Bob with him to their floor. And comedically flinging Bob along with his pillow, into Bob's room.

"I'm glad that you seem alright, senpai. I will let Buchou and the others look after you." Kiba gave a light chuckle as he went back to his own room.

"So even the mighty Itachi Sitri gets nightmares from time to time." Xenovia like Kiba shortly left the room.

"Ahh, I got to see something very interesting~" Eto hummed in a merry tune, as she skipped her way back to her own room.

"Luckily father returned to the Underworld with mother, otherwise father might have objected to this." Sirzechs awkwardly scratched his cheek considering how Rias was dotting on Itachi right now.

That's right, after parent's day their families came over to have a small gathering while reviewing the footage they had taken of their kids during parent's day. However, their parents had to leave during the night and return to the duties over their territories in the Underworld. Whilst Sirzechs and Serafall both managed to stay for a sleep over, claiming it was to scope out the academy further for the upcoming peace conference. So Grayfia had to leave with Millicas as well, to oversee Sirzechs duties. Although Grayfia didn't look too pleased with leaving her husband. Giving Sirzechs a look that warned him not to goof around and do his job in the human realm, unless he wanted to feel her wrath.

The night continued to be quite hectic, as Serafall refused to leave his side. And so, did Rias, Akeno, Kuroka. Raven ended up leaving, although she looked hesitant, and Itachi could have sworn he saw her pout as she walked out. Koneko was practically forced to stay by Kuroka. Sona was also forced to stay by Serafall, whom had dragged Sona into the bed with her the moment she had tried to leave. Sona eventually realizing the futile struggle from escaping Serafall's iron grip eventually fell asleep.

Sirzechs having tried to join in order to sleep next to his beloved sister Rias, found himself quickly kicked out of the room by said sister. "How cruel, Ria-tan…" Sirzechs could be heard weeping from the other side of the door.

Before he knew it, his entire bed was full. Serafall and Sona huddled together in a corner, with Serafall hugging Sona like a body pillow, and with Sona sleeping peacefully in her embrace. Rias hugging onto Itachi's right arm, and Akeno hugging onto his left. With both Koneko and Kuroka resting their heads on his lap. Itachi laid in silence, wide awake as he replayed the nightmare over and over again in his head. And replayed his encounter with Ophis during parents day.

'She knows who I am… She knows what I have done… What I am…' Images of Ophis flashing before his very eyes, and his body remembering the pressure it felt from her endless power. It was the first time he had ever felt so small, so helpless. With Madara it felt like standing before a mountain, like he was looking down on you from the peak of the mountain. With Trigon it felt like being caught in the middle of a violent storm, threatening to blow you away and tear you to shreds. But with Ophis, you are a mere ant standing before a massive dragon. 'Will a time come where they know…?' Itachi's gaze trails down to the girls around him. 'What am I going to do? Where will this path take me?'

Itachi went with a sleepless night, too engrossed in his own thoughts. Before he knew it, it was already morning. It was like any ordinary morning, everyone gathered around for breakfast. Sirzechs overjoyed at getting to try his beloved Rias-chan's cooking skills. Serafall clinging to Sona and Itachi. Sona looking groggily annoyed this morning as a result of her doting older sister. Yet Itachi, just sat there, eating in silence.

"…" Itachi sitting in silence wasn't something the others were unused to, sometimes he just wanted a quiet morning.

"Itachi-kun." Sirzechs was surprisingly the one to call out to him before anyone else. Itachi peaked up, his eyes meeting the strong blue eyes of the Maou. "I would like to ask you to accompany me on a stroll around town."

"Eh?" Rias and Serafall both reacted in shock, Rias because she thought her brother would ask her, and Serafall had her reasons.

"No fair Sirzechs-chan! You are trying to steal It-tan away from me! He may be cute and adorable, but he is still my darling brother!" Serafall threw a fit, pointing accusingly at Sirzechs.

"Nonsense, Serafall. Besides when he marries Rias, he will be my brother-in-law." Sirzechs boldly stated, sparkles sparkling around him.

"Ngh!" Serafall couldn't say anything, although she looked as conflicted as ever over her brother being engaged to someone.

"O-Onii-sama, not that I'm complaining but I thought you would ask me…" Rias instantly regrated her decision seeing her brother's reaction.

"Ah, Ria-tan, don't misunderstand, onii-tan would love to spend some quality time with you! But right now, I have something to discuss with Itachi-kun. Besides, there is something you need to do. It is time, for you to release that bishop of yours." Sirzechs mentioning the shit in crossdressing vampire boy, caused some surprised looks at the breakfast table.

"Really? Is it the right time?" Rias looked a little surprised, Gasper's powers were still unstable.

"I believe you have grown powerful enough to handle him, and oversee his growth." Of course, being powerful enough wasn't Rias' concern. Her concern was that Gasper was simply not ready for the outside world. Being the shut-in, he was.

"I think we can do it buchou. Gasper can't actually stay trapped in that room forever." Akeno voiced her opinion on the matter.

"We'll help Gaspie, in any way we can." Koneko looked with a stoic expression as she held up garlic, her eyes sparkling over the thought on teasing the poor vampire hybrid.

Seeing the youngest nekomata looking so keen on teasing someone, while having such a stoic face, caused everyone but Kuroka to sweat drop.

"… I don't think that would be very helpful." Kiba gave a light nervous chuckle over seeing Koneko so eager.

"Nya! My Shirone is so thoughtful!" While Kuroka seeming oblivious to her younger sister's true intentions, looked genuinely touched as she wept a few tears of joy.

When breakfast was over, they all had gathered outside of the gates to the mansion. Serafall desperately clinging onto Itachi's arms while whining like a child. "I wanna go! I wanna go! Sirzechs-chan will try to steal you away!" Serafall exclaimed, wanting her darling brother to exclusively show her around town.

"There you go spouting such nonsense again…" Itachi looked unsure of what to do here, and looked to Sona for help. Although his younger twin, seemed to avoid eye contact with him. Seems Sona doesn't wish to deal with Serafall this early in the morning.

Itachi finally gives in and lets out a sigh. "It wouldn't be a problem if she came with us, right?" Itachi looked at the carefree smiling Sirzechs. Smiling like he was enjoying the scene playing out before him.

"I never said she couldn't, I just wanted to have a chat with you." Sirzechs casually replied. Had Sirzechs purposely kept quiet about it in order to see Serafall throw a tantrum? This man was truly devilish indeed.

"Ah! Then So-tan will come along as well!" Serafall's mood having taken a quick 180, as if her tears had magically vanished and been replaced with a bright smile. Using this advantage to spend time with both her siblings, she grabbed onto Sona's arm.

"A-As much as I would want to, onee-sama, I-I have student council business to attend to…" Sona seeming to struggle breaking out from her sister's hold, desperately trying to find various excuses.

"Eh?! Can't you do it later, come on, So-tan." Whilst Serafall was busy trying to drag Sona along, Sirzechs leaned in closer to Itachi.

"Psst, hold on, kay?" Sirzechs gave a light chuckle.

"Huh?" Before Itachi even had time to respond, Sirzechs had them teleport through a magic circle.

"Ah?! Sirzechs-chan, you meanie!" Serafall shouted to the heavens, acting like Sirzechs robbed Itachi away from her.

Itachi felt wobbly as they had teleported to the other side of town, nearly losing his balance over the sudden landing. Itachi quickly shot Sirzechs a look. Seeing Sirzechs' bright cheerful smile turning into a childish grin, while holding his hands up in a peace sign. Did Sirzechs just get Serafall's hopes up on spending time with her siblings, only to rob her from it the last second? This Lucifer was truly devilish indeed.

"… You know nee-san can probably track us, right?" If Itachi knew his older sister, he knew she would be hellbent on finding them.

"Not to worry. I cloaked our presence. You would have to be quite skilled at sensory abilities to notice us. Now, shall we go?" With his arms crossed behind his back, Sirzechs strolled down the street while humming a merry tune.

Itachi noticing they were attracting a lot of attention, especially from the women in town. It was not every day one would see a tall, handsome foreigner with bright crimson hair. And with the suit Sirzechs wore, plus his aura and presence in general, made him look quite wealthy. "Looks like your cloak ability doesn't prevent us from attracting attention from the general public."

"Are we? My oh my, Grayfia would be quite upset if she saw this." Sirzechs gave a heartfelt chuckle. Although he quickly paled as his imagination went to what his wife would do to him, if she was here, and if she heard him. "Please don't tell Grayfia I said that…" Sirzechs pleaded.

"Don't worry, my lips are sealed." Itachi assured, and Sirzechs sighed in relief.

"Well, what did you want to talk about?" Itachi had to admit, for Sirzechs suddenly wanting to talk with him in private, it must be something very important which made Itachi quite curious.

"Oh, just some idly chitchat with my future brother-in-law." Sirzechs as he casually strolled with Itachi, stopped by a food vendor when he caught a whiff of a delicious snack. Buying both him and Itachi a red bean paste filled Taiyaki.

"You know, nothing is fully set regarding that engagement." Itachi said as he took a bite of the fish shaped cake.

"Really?" Sirzechs gave a teasing smile as he raised his brow at Itachi. "Rias-chan has told me a lot about you. Well, whenever I tease her so much, she slips up that is. And how much progress you two have made."

"Such as?" Itachi knew he was going to regret this.

"You kissing her after the battle against Trigon for one." Sirzechs said as he happily took a bite of his Taiyaki. This caused Itachi to nearly choke on his Taiyaki. "Here, have some oolong tea." Conveniently they had stopped by a vending machine, and Sirzechs purchased an oolong tea at the right moment and handed it to Itachi. "Quite the interesting reaction I got there."

"… I honestly thought you would be upset." Itachi couldn't help but wonder why Sirzechs didn't look upset considering how overprotective he was of Rias.

"My, why would I be upset? Itachi-kun, I have known you since you were a small boy. You are like a brother to me." Sirzechs in a display of affection puts his hand on Itachi's shoulder. "I know you love Rias-chan as much as I do."

"…" Itachi wasn't going to deny it, and him saying nothing was all the confirmation Sirzechs needed.

"But I can tell, something is keeping you back. And I can tell there is something you haven't told me, or anyone else. Something that is troubling your conscience." Sirzechs bringing this up, made Itachi feel on edge. After his encounter with Ophis and his nightmare last night, had made him feel more troubled about his past actions. And how those actions would affect his life here.

"… What makes you so sure of that?"

"Itachi-kun, I have lived for centuries. I know how to read people. I know what kind of faces troubled people put on. Because I was once like that. But that's a story for another day." Itachi made a mental note on the last part there.

"… And? Did you expect me to pour my heart out? And reveal my problems to you? Is this what this is all about?" Itachi stopped and looked at Sirzechs, his emotionless gaze looking rather stern.

"No, of course not. I didn't expect anything like that at all. It is your choice, and whether you chose to tell me or not, makes little difference to me. After all, in my eyes you will always be Itachi Sitri. My future brother-in-law, and the man I have come to respect and trust with even my beloved Rias-chan. The man I have come to love as my own brother. Nothing will change my opinion on you. And the same applies for Rias and the other girls."

"…" Itachi's mind flashed to splattering blood, as his blade cut through his own kin. And the screams of his tortured younger brother Sasuke. "I wonder." Itachi seemed to think differently than Sirzechs.

"I know. Because they know you, and love you. Mark my words, whatever it is that is troubling you. Their feelings for you won't change." Sirzechs kind words of encouragement, did ease Itachi's mind a bit. But still, Sirzechs only says this because he doesn't know. If he did, would he still say those exact same kind words? Itachi wasn't going to risk it, and just wanted to move off topic on this conversation.

"… I won't tell you, but I will work on it." Itachi said in a low voice. And Sirzechs still smiled at him with kindness and merely nodded.

"Just know this, Itachi-kun. You can always ask for help without telling anyone the details. You don't have to work through this alone." They both had finished their snacks, and continued their stroll around town. When suddenly Sirzechs clapped his hands loudly together out of nowhere, startling Itachi a bit. "Yosh! Let's move on to another topic!"

"… Like what?" A little startled, Itachi hesitantly asked.

"Itachi-kun, what are your dreams for the future? What do you want to do with your life?" Sirzechs' question caused a look of confusion to befall Itachi's face.

What did he want to do in the future? He really hadn't given it much thought. Honestly it was like he still believes he didn't have a future worth mentioning here. He knew what some wanted from him. Behemoth and Esdeath both believe him to be the next Maou. His parents want him to take over the Sitri household. But what did he want? All he could think of, were all the friends and comrades he had made in this world, and all the relationships he had built here.

"… I don't really know. I think I will be fine with anything, as long as I have everyone by my side. Although, I don't think I want to become a Maou." His answer didn't displease Sirzechs, in fact he seemed to accept it.

"I see. Well, I suppose if you want to marry more girls than Rias, being a Maou isn't the way to go." Sirzechs gave a heartfelt laughter, after all it was normal for devils to have a harem. "Don't you worry, onii-san will always be here to support you." Sirzechs gave him a childish grin and a thumbs up, his tone sounding like teasing.

"I'm not calling you that." Itachi harshly retorted, a little annoyed at Sirzechs' teasing like tone.

"How cruel! And here I thought we were having a touching moment!" Sirzechs cried, acting like he was hurting from Itachi's retort.

Although, now that they were alone. Itachi couldn't help but wonder if he should tell Sirzechs about the appearance of a certain Dragon God. Sirzechs with his resources could be of great help with Ophis. "Hey, Sirzechs-sama, there is something I want to tell you…"

"Hmm, what is it, Itachi-kun?" Sirzechs looked patiently as he waited for Itachi.

"I-" Itachi however halted himself at the last second. In a crowd of people behind Sirzechs, flickering in-between people as they walked by, was Ophis. Staring right at him, her smile crooked up into a smirk.

"Can't run~" Ophis uttered, although it seemed only Itachi could hear her, as Sirzechs didn't even react.

"Itachi-kun?" Sirzechs looked perplexed over seeing Itachi spooked. Itachi returned his gaze on Sirzechs for a split second, and then back to the crowd only to see Ophis was gone. Was his mind playing tricks on him? Or was she actually here? "Itachi-kun?" Sirzechs grabbed onto his shoulders, looking worried as Itachi had sweat running down his brow and his eyes widened like saucers.

Sirzechs could hear the rhythm of his heart beat, Itachi looked like he had seen a ghost of some kind. Sirzechs knew Itachi very well, and knew Itachi wasn't the kind of person to get scared that easily. Sirzechs having noticed where Itachi looked earlier, peeked behind them with a harsh death glare, ready to meet the gaze of whoever frightened Itachi. Although, saw no one. No one that made themselves visible at least.

"Itachi-kun, who did you see?" Sirzechs looked back to Itachi, demanding answers this time. His stern gaze met Itachi, and Itachi looked like he had calmed down.

"… I can't say, I'm sorry." Itachi couldn't risk it, as powerful as Sirzechs was he was no match for Ophis. And he couldn't risk telling Sirzechs as he knew if Ophis was listening she would kill those dear to him. Itachi however, had other means of giving information that Ophis wouldn't know of. Activating his sharingan, Itachi gazed into Sirzechs' eyes. This sudden action causing the Maou to look on in surprise.

Sirzechs' view changed into a dark empty void, with only him and Itachi. "What are you doing?"

"This is the only way I can tell you, without risking anyone listening. Although once I have told you, you must keep your act together." Sirzechs nodded, understanding that whatever was going on was deadly serious.

"During Parents Day, something happened…" Itachi began, Sirzechs knew something had been wrong with Itachi after that day. Judging by how Itachi had acted, and looked with such caution. "I saw Ophis." This caught Sirzechs off guard, he even looked startled, sweat visibly trickling down his temple.

"The Dragon God of Infinity? Why didn't you say anything sooner?" Sirzechs finally realized why Itachi was so on edge. And it was not what he had expected.

"… Ophis told me not to. Threatening to kill those dear to me if I did."

"I see, I understand… What did Ophis want from you?" This is what Sirzechs was most curious about. What would the Dragon God of Infinity want with Itachi? Unless, Ophis had noticed what Ajuka found in Itachi all those years ago.

"I don't know, she just said she came to see me. Nothing more… She analyzed me, and then she left after making the threat." This confirmed at least some suspicions of Sirzechs, Ophis was after the energies of the five gods within Itachi. Something Itachi himself wasn't even aware of. "I don't know what to do… I feel like she is not something we can beat… I was hoping you maybe had some answers, Sirzechs-sama."

"… Dealing with Ophis won't be easy. I will see what I can do, so don't you worry." Sirzechs brought Itachi into an embrace, like an older brother would do to comfort their younger brother. "I will keep quiet about this, and keep an eye out. You can count on me. I promise." There was no way Sirzechs was going to let Ophis harm Itachi, or use him for whatever she had planned.

"Thank you." Itachi spoke in gratitude. And instantly they were back into reality.

And Sirzechs did as instructed, he kept it cool and still smiled brightly. "Let's get going, I have occupied you enough from Serafall as it is." Sirzechs gave a light chuckle, and Itachi joined him in on it. They casually strolled down the street, although Sirzechs would on occasion cast a few glances behind him in case anyone was following them.

Meanwhile, Rias was occupied introducing her hidden Bishop to her new Knight Xenovia, Pawn Issei, and her other Bishop Asia. Rias had gathered her peerage members on the ground floor of the old school building. In front of a closed off classroom, the rumored "Sealed classroom" which is now Gasper's room.

"Wait, buchou, you really have a secret club member in that room?" Issei looked at the door before them, noting the yellow tape marked with "KEEP OUT" along with what appeared as magical seal tags. "Why haven't we met him before?"

"… Due to various circumstances, this child was asked to be sealed away. He possesses a rather unique power, and that power is beyond his own control. And due to my lack of power in the past, I couldn't help him control it either." Rias sighed, perhaps the time was right? She wouldn't know until she tried. She just hoped Gasper wouldn't resist too much.

"So, he can't get out from that room?" Issei thought that seemed kind of cruel, wondering if this bishop had the necessities for everyday life in that room.

"No, he can get out if he wants. He can't just exit this building. But he simply refuses to leave this room." Rias flicked her fingers, releasing a pulse of red magical power from her very being. The building itself vibrated a bit for a few seconds.

"…" Issei awaited in anticipation, although when nothing happened, he wondered if it was because this supposed powerful bishop resisted Rias' power.


A mighty surge of wind, blew off the yellow tape from the door, along with the sealing tags. This sudden action spooking both Issei and Asia. How was everyone else able to remain calm?! Issei couldn't help but question in his mind.

"T-This person… is he a shut-in?" Issei couldn't help but ask considering how Rias described him. In responds Rias sighed and gave a simple nod.

"Despite that, this kid is the biggest earner among us servants." Akeno's revelation had Issei's jaw dropping. A shut-in was their biggest earner?! How?! "Through a computer, the kid takes special contracts from humans. There are those types of humans that don't want to meet us directly. So, we have the kid here negotiate contracts with those humans this way. He grabs as many contracts as those superior ranked devils."

A magic circle burst to life at the door, slowly but surely gaining white cracks until the point where it shattered. The seal was broken, and as if on que a high-pitched scream emitted from inside. "Nooooooooooooo!"

Rias not even surprised, gave a light sigh. 'Hopefully we can get him to calm down…' Rias pushed the doors wide open, acting as the only light source in this pitch-black room. "Good day to you. It's nice to see you all energetic." Rias greeted in a sweet gentle tone, sounding almost motherly.

"W-W-Whyyy?!" A coffin rumbled in the center of the room.

"A-A coffin?" Issei blinked in confusion. With his devil ability to see in the dark, he took a quick look around the room. It clearly looked like it belonged to that of a girl. Pink, filled with stuffed animals, a mirror with a cute pink frame by what looked like a makeup table. And a closet that was slightly open revealing several feminine clothing, and a spare set of a Kuoh Academy girls' uniform.

"Ara, ara, the seal got removed, you know? Why don't we all go out together?" Akeno's gentle voice called out, as she approached the coffin. A sense of sympathy felt from her voice, as she was trying to connect.

"Nooooooo! This place is good! I don't want to go outside! I don't want to meet people!" This was a serious case of a shut-in. Issei and Asia exchanged brief glances with tilted heads. Xenovia also giving a questioning look.

"Big cry baby." Koneko spat out a harsh comment, causing the one inside the coffin to wail clearly hurt at the remark.

"Waaaahhhh! Koneko-chan is bullying me again!"

"Now, now." Rias calmly approached the coffin, lifting up the top. Looking lovingly at the trembling petite form of Gasper. "It's okay..." Rias felt a little hurt that her own servant looked so desperate to escape.

"Ooh! A girl! Not to mention a foreigner!" Issei called out in excitement. Seeing the blond frail form of Gasper, and his bright red teary eyes. It was like looking at a doll. Issei obviously excited over having another blond beauty like Asia in their group.

"Heh." Koneko in surprise gave an amused snort, a mocking grin spread across her face as she looked at Issei. Kiba as well gave an amused chuckle.

"Appearance-wise, this kid looks like a girl but without a doubt he is a boy." Rias turned her head sideways, gently holding said boy in her arms.

"Eh?" Something in Issei looked like it broke. "No, no, no, no matter how you look at it. It's a girl, Buchou…" Issei looked at Rias, desperately looking at her face for any trace of her bluffing. That kid had to be a girl, right?! "Eh? Seriously?"

"He has a hobby of dressing in female clothes." Akeno said it so calmly.

In his shock, Issei let out a loud shriek. "EEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHH?!" This spooked the already frightened Gasper.

"Eeeeeeek! I am sorry, I am sorryyyyyyy!" The boy trembled while in Rias' embrace, as she gently stroked his head. Truly like a mother and a child.

"Uwaaaaaaah!" Holding his head in his arms, Issei crouched down dramatically on the spot. "What a cruel twisted fate… He perfectly looks like a bishojo… for him to be a man… for him to have a penis…"

"Vulgar words are prohibited." Koneko's words jabbed the already defeated Issei.

"Why? Why do you even wear those clothes?! You are a shut-in! Who are you trying to show yourself off to?! Your own reflection in the mirror?!"

"B-B-B-But, girl's clothes are super cute." Gasper refutes upon hearing Issei's words, looking a little shocked over meeting someone like him.

"Don't say things like super cute! Shit! Even though you're a guy! You shattered my dream in an instant! I was actually dreaming of a blond bishojo combo with you and Asia! Give it back! Give me back my dreams!"

"W-Who is that person?" Gasper asked, shakingly pointing at Issei, Asia and Xenovia.

"These are my newest peerage members whom joined while you were here. That is my Pawn, Hyoudou Issei. The one with the blue hair is my new Knight, Xenovia. And the other girl is a bishop like you, Asia." On que the three of them bowed their heads while saying "nice to meet you", although Gasper only shrieked in fright.

"Wah! The members increased by a lot!"

"They are all good kids, don't worry." Rias held the frightened Gasper closer, to which he seemed too slowly but surely calm down.

"H-He's not, here is he?" Gasper seemed frightened, as he looked around the room.

"No, he's not." Rias let out a gentle sigh. "I really wish you wouldn't be so scared of him."

"Who is buchou talking about?" Issei leaned in closer to Akeno and asked.

"Ara, ara, why Itachi of course. Gasper is utterly terrified of him after all." Akeno replied, giving a light hearted giggle. "Maybe we should have brought him along?" Akeno's sadistic side was beginning to show.

"Eeeekk! No! No!" Gasper cried into Rias arms.

"Akeno…" Rias sighed.

"Why is he so scared of Itachi-senpai?" Issei raised his brow in bewilderment.

"We're not quite sure…" Kiba replied, just as much at a loss over this as Issei was.

"Easy, Gasper is tiny, frail, and weak. Itachi-senpai is tall, dark, and handsome, with quite the powerful presence to boot. It is only natural this crybaby would be scared." Koneko harshly commented, although her calling Itachi handsome seemed to be a slip of the tongue, something that did not go unnoticed by Issei.

"Did, you just call Itachi-senpai-" Having realized it herself, she quickly halted Issei from saying another word by punching him in the gut. Issei had the wind knocked out of him, as he fell onto his knees.

"Shut it…" Koneko blushed a bit.

"Please, can we go outside? Okay? It's all right for you not to be sealed any more, you know?" Rias ignored the others having her full attention on Gasper.

"Noooo! For me the outside world is impossible! I am scared! I am scared of the outside! I will only cause trouble for others!"

"Hey, buchou said to go outside-" Issei marched up, and grabbed Gasper by the arm. As he was about to yank him out.

"Eeek!" Gasper in the next moment vanished.

"Huh? Why? I was definitely pulling his arm…" Issei looked perplexed at this, turning his gaze to the side seeing Gasper now trembling in the corner of the room. "What did he do?" Asia and Xenovia looked just as confused as Issei did at this strange phenomenon.

"Don't get angry! Don't get angry! Please don't hit me!" Gasper cried.

Noticing their doubts, Akeno decided to explain. "He possesses a Sacred Gear that when he is excited, stops the time of everything in his field of vision can be stopped for a fixed interval of time."

The revelation of Gasper wielding such a powerful sounding Sacred Gear, made Issei look agape. "Because he couldn't control the power of his Sacred Gear, by the orders of the Archduke and Maou, Sirzechs-sama, he was sealed." Akeno filled Issei, Asia and Xenovia in on the situation.

"This boy is Gasper Vladi. He's my bishop. For the time being, he's a first-year student here at Kuoh Academy. Also, before being reincarnated. He was half human, half vampire." On the revelation, Issei noticed the sharp fang glistening in his mouth.

Whilst the Occult Research Club dealt with their shut-in member, Sona was currently dealing with an overbearing Serafall. "I can't believe Sirzechs-chan took off with It-tan like that! Onee-chan is so mad now she could attack Heaven!"

"Please don't attack Heaven, nee-sama…" Sona sighed, currently to please Serafall having been forced into a little dress up. Sona's face burning red as she was dressed in a blue magical girl outfit.

"Kya! Onee-chan just knew this outfit would be perfect for So-tan! Really brings out your feminine curves…" Serafall with a dangerous looking smile looked at how the short skirt presented Sona's butt, and how the light blue leggings brought out her legs.

Sona shivered in rage and sheer embarrassment. Especially as she heard the snapping sounds and the blinding flashes of Serafall's camera. 'Onii-sama… you owe me big time for this!' On que with Sona's thought, a red magic circle was brought to live revealing Itachi and Sirzechs.

Sirzechs quickly pushing Itachi out and waving at Serafall while smiling. "Here you go Itachi-kun, I had fun, bye Serafall~" In order not to deal with Serafall tantrum, Sirzechs threw Itachi quite literally into the fire, and left as fast as he came.

"Ah! Sirzechs-chan you coward!" Serafall pouted having looked forward to lecturing Sirzechs about "kidnapping" her darling brother.

"Ah… ah…." Poor Sona stood there like a deer caught in the headlights. The last person she wanted to see her in this outfit, was her respectable older twin brother.

"…" Itachi stood there in silence, due to the awkward moment Sirzechs had randomly thrown him into. He had no idea how to respond. His first instinct was to run while Serafall was distracted so he wouldn't get caught up in this dress up situation. Then again, seeing Sona looking this embarrassed made him want to stay. Completely oblivious to the fact that Sona was embarrassed over him seeing her like this, and merely thought Serafall had embarrassed Sona in someway like usual. Feeling like he was being a good brother, Itachi merely responded with. "Huh, cute outfit."

"I know right!" Serafall now finished with her tantrum over Sirzechs, latched onto Itachi preventing any hope of escape.

"I wanna die… I want to crawl into a hole and die…" Sona hid her embarrassed face behind her hands as she squatted down in order to make herself less visible.

"Good timing It-tan! Onee-chan has prepared a ton of outfits for you and So-tan to try out!" Serafall beamed with bright joy. Seeing as his reaction to Sona earlier was wrong, judging by Sona's reaction. Itachi began to wonder if running away had been the right option.

After what seemed like an endless photoshoot, Serafall seemed content with her new It-tan and So-tan material. Fawning over the hundreds upon hundreds of pictures she had taken of them in various outfits. As their older sister was fawning over the photos, the two twins quickly slipped out. Forgetting the current outfits, they wore, they just wanted to escape.

They had successfully escaped the cosplay session with Serafall in the Student Council room, and made a run for it to the Old School building. Trying to catch their breaths from having sprinted at their top speed to get away. If they had flown or teleported Serafall would have sensed it and caught up with them.

"So-tan?! It-tan?! Where did you go?! Onee-chan has more outfits for you to try out!" Serafall searched the school grounds.

Itachi and Sona were nearby, hiding in a bush while suppressing their energies to prevent Serafall from sensing them. "Is she gone?" Sona whispered.

"I think the coast is clear…" Itachi peeked out from the bush, surprised to see someone squatting down and staring right at him. Looking at him with a stoic face.

Koneko having detected them with her senjutsu skills, and by their scent. "If it isn't senpai, I thought for a moment it was a pervert." Koneko stood back up, as Itachi came crawling out from the bush.

"We're hiding from Serafall. Did you see her by any chance?" Itachi looked around to make sure his sister wasn't around with new cosplay outfits for them to try on.

"She's not here." Koneko replied in a monotone voice, as she took a look at both Itachi and Sona whom came crawling out at hearing her sister wasn't nearby. "What are you wearing?" Koneko looked at them strangely.

"It's a long story…" Itachi sighed, he was dressed up as Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon. While Sona was dressed up as Sailor Mercury.

"K-Kaichou…!" A voice practically gasped in disbelief. Sona and Itachi slowly turned their heads to see Koneko wasn't alone. She was also with Issei, Asia, Xenovia, Gasper whom looked like he desperately wanted to escape, and Saji who was the one gaping in disbelief.

Something within Sona seemed to crack, she put on the sternest face she could muster. Looking as strict as ever, and despite her outfit it made her Pawn yelp in fear. "Saji, mention this to anyone… And you will wish you were dead."

"Whoa… scary." Issei looked sympathetic for Saji.

"Is Rias around?" Itachi asked, he of all people knew Rias was a fan of Sailor Moon. And if she had seen him like this, it would be rather troublesome for him.

"Huh? No, Sirzechs-sama appeared and told her to come with him. She left with Kiba and Akeno-san a while ago." Issei was the one to reply.

"We've been tasked with helping Gya-kun to control his Sacred Gear." Koneko replied, seeming fascinated with staring at Itachi in his cosplay outfit, her eyes practically sparkled.

"I see, I am pleased to see you again, Gasper." Itachi greeted the hybrid vampire with a friendly smile. Gasper however flinched in fear, hiding behind Issei. Itachi for the life of him couldn't understand why Gasper was afraid of him. He couldn't recall doing anything to frighten the poor crossdressing vampire.

A presence filled the air, clear as day and everyone was alarmed. "Heh. Looks like the younger siblings of Levithan are playing dress up."

"Azazel." Itachi casually greeted the Fallen Angel Governor.

Azazel approached them, dressed in a yukata. "Yo, Itachi Sitri, Sekiryuutei. It's been a while." The smiling Governor was met with nothing but hostility from the group. Issei instantly activating his Boosted Gear, and Xenovia readying her Durandal for battle. Saji also activating his Sacred Gear, and Koneko getting into a fighting stance.

Sona in a swift motion, changed her outfit back to her school uniform using a magic circle. "Pray tell, what business does the Governor of the Fallen Angels have with us? The Conference is in few days from now, you have no business here yet."

"My, I really enjoyed your other outfit more. What a shame." Azazel gave a humorous sigh.

"This is the Fallen Angel Governor?" Saji sweated a little with a hint of fear.

"Yeah, I've meet him a few times already…" Issei confirmed, having unknowingly done contracts with the Governor of the Fallen Angels.

Azazel gives them all a rather bitter smile, holding his hands up like a sign of surrender. "I don't feel like fighting. But you bunch should know, that even with all of you gathered here, you wouldn't win against me, right?"

"Don't be so certain about that…" Sona retorted back at the Governor.

"Even with you, young Sitri things wouldn't turn out much different. And I know Itachi won't fight me either, if he did it might have been a different story." Azazel was confident, he knew Itachi and he had some sort of understanding, or in the eyes of the Governor a friendship. Neither would fight the other, unless they really had to.

"If I didn't know you, I would. But I also know that you are not looking for a fight, we wouldn't have detected you if you were." Itachi knew perfectly well if Azazel wanted to fight, he would have attacked them right away.

"Exactly, so can all of you relax with your postures? I only wished to see the wielder of the Holy Demonic Sword." Azazel revealed.

"Kiba's not here… Whatever you are planning I won't let it happen!" Clearly Issei didn't trust a Fallen Angel like Azazel.

"… Ah, I see, so he's not here. This is boring." Azazel scratched his head and calmly approached them. Azazel then pointed to Gasper that was trying to hide. "You vampire boy. You're the possessor of the Forbidden Balor View, right? If you can't use it properly, then it will become a thing that causes harm to others. As a support type Sacred Gear, if you can supplement the deficient aspects, it should be fine but… Now that I mention it, the research of Sacred Gears by devils didn't progress much. If you invoke it via the 5 senses, if the Sacred Gear's owner's capacity is insufficient then, it will move naturally, and it will be extremely dangerous."

Everyone looked in bewilderment, as they didn't feel any malice from Azazel. Rather he sounded interested, and only Itachi knew why. "Your hobby on research over Sacred Gears is as present as ever I see."

"Ding, ding, you really do understand me kid." Azazel gave a light hearted chuckle, as he approached Itachi. "Although I must admit, those eyeballs of yours interest me also. I wish you would let me study them."

"Not going to happen." Sona stepped in-between them, holding a rapier sword and pointing it at Azazel's throat.

'That's new…' Itachi made a mental note. Since when did Sona use a rapier sword?

"Whoa, scary. Just like your sister. You two are more alike than you know." Azazel's comment caused Sona to intensify her glare, looking near ready to penetrate her blade through his throat. "Before the two of you were born, she was quite cold blooded. So was Sirzechs in his youth."

"Unless you wish to see them like they were in their youth again. I suggest you leave before they notice you." Itachi knew that if Serafall sensed Azazel nearby, especially near them she would freak.

"You are such a killjoy sometimes, you know that?" Azazel looked towards Saji this time, taking a mere quick glance at his Sacred Gear before knowing exactly what it was. "The Absorption Line, huh? A piece of advice. Connect it to this vampire, if he invokes his Sacred Gear while you're absorbing from it, he should probably run less wildly."

"M-My Sacred Gear, it can suck the power of the opponents Sacred Gear as well? It thought it simply absorbs the opponents' power and weakens them…" Saji looked at his Sacred Gear like it was an amazing object for once.

"Wow, seriously young Sitri?" Azazel looked at Sona with an amazed expression. "You didn't even properly educate yourself on your own servants Sacred Gear? It's because of this, that the Sacred Gear owners don't even try to master the power of their Sacred Gears well enough. Misusing creations of God such as this… makes me really sad." Azazel made a dramatic sigh, which only seemed to anger Sona further.

Itachi forcibly had Sona lower her blade from Azazel's neck, shaking his head. "Then please, oh mighty Governor. Enlighten us." Itachi said in a sarcastic voice.

"You know, sarcasm really doesn't suit you kid." When he was only met with a bunch of unamused looks from the crowd, he sighed in defeat while mumbling. "What a dull bunch, no sense of humor." He then pointed at Saji's Sacred Gear once more. "The Absorption Line holds the power of one of the legendary five dragon kings, the Prison dragon, Vritra. And thanks to newer and recent research from our faction. We know it can connect to any object, and can scatter that power. If it's a short time, it's possible to separate the line from the owner's side, and connect it to some other person or object."

"Interesting…" Sona seemed intrigued, thinking of new training regiments for her Pawn. Knowing that Saji can now increase the power of her other servants in mid-battle was quite useful.

"Oh, and if you grow stronger, the number of lines will also increase. More lines, more objects or people it can connect to, and the more power it absorbs."

"Thanks for the info, if that's all I suggest you be on your way." Sona threatened.

"Now, there was one other thing." Azazel smirked.

Itachi's senses were on full alert, quickly rushing at Issei and catching an incoming fist from an unknown assailant. A silver haired individual dressed in a black leather jacket and matching pants, with white armored wings growing from his back. Itachi quickly acted and delivered a kick to the assailants' chest sending him flying backwards a few feet away. The man got back onto his feet, a smirk creeping up on his face as his gaze meet with Itachi's.

"Vali, seriously? Did you have to make such a dramatic entrance?" Azazel seemed just as caught off guard as them, at Vali's actions on attacking Issei out of nowhere.

"I came here to test my future rival… So far, not impressed." Vali spat out a little blood, feeling the effects of Itachi's kick. "But you on the other hand…" Vali smiled his teeth partially bloodied. Itachi activated his Sharingan, glaring back at Vali, whom retracted his wings to show Itachi he wasn't going to fight.

"Allow me to properly introduce myself. I am Vali. The current Hakuryuukou, the White Dragon Emperor." Vali tucked his hands into his pockets, staring at them like any confident street punk would.

"Sorry about Vali here. He is a rather… unusual guy. Just know he isn't in any rush to settle the rivalry between red and white. And you told me this would just be a social call." Azazel looked over to Vali, like he demanded an explanation.

"Just as I said, I wanted to test my future rival. See if he reacted at all to my presence."

"I-I did, but you just moved in so fast…" Issei tried to explain himself, still in shock that he was almost attacked.

"Really? And I tried to hold back and everything. Sorry about that I guess." Despite saying that, Vali's words felt more like a jab of mockery towards Issei than anything else. Vali suddenly found himself quickly feeling paralyzed for some reason. He could only gasp as he saw something, he couldn't believe his legs were melting on the spot. "What is this?"

"Wake up."

A booming voice echoed inside Vali's head, and suddenly he gasped. Looking down to see his legs were fine. He had fallen to his knees however from Itachi's genjutsu. "An illusion? My, scary, it felt so real and everything."

"That was a light warning. Should you ever think of doing something like that again." Itachi gave a threatening glare at Vali, yet the White Dragon host only seemed more interested in Itachi's power as a result. 'As I thought, like a tailed beast host, the dragon can knock him awake from genjutsu.'

'Interesting, is those eyes the source of what Ophis was talking about? I can see why she is interested in this one.' Vali snickered in his mind, having really come to see even the tiniest glimpse of the power of the five Gods Ophis sensed within Itachi Sitri.

"Hyoudou Issei, how do you think you stack up in terms of the strongest beings in this world? What number on the list do you think you would be?" Vali's question was only meet with a bewildered look from Issei. The perverted boy couldn't help but wonder why that was important.

"I don't know… And I don't honestly give a damn." Issei gave his honest reply.

"Heh. Well, I do care. And as it stands, you are probably somewhere around the 4, maybe 5 digits range. And what about you, Itachi Sitri?"

"I don't really care for numbers. Although I know I am above you." Itachi's reply was met with a smirk from Vali.

"Now see, that is a proper way to respond to such a question. Why don't we find out?" Vali loomed with a threatening look closer to Itachi.

"Vali." Azazel called out, and thus restraining the silver haired young man.

"I know, don't worry Azazel I was only joking." Vali backed up, and went to Azazel's side.

"Before we leave, I have one last piece of advice for that vampire. If he drinks the blood of Vali or Issei here. His progress will skyrocket." With that Azazel waved them goodbye, and walked away with Vali in tow.

Everyone stared in silence and exchanged a few glances. Once Azazel and Vali were out of sight, they commenced with Gasper's training, with Saji aiding them this time. Itachi stood in silence, with the little Koneko still staring at him with fascination. It was then Itachi remembered he was still dressed like Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon. "I suppose I should go and change…"

Before he could change however, Itachi's attention was focused elsewhere when he heard someone drop something behind him. Slowly turning around, Itachi saw that none other than Rias had appeared with Akeno. Rias having dropped a picnic basket with sandwiches she had prepared for Issei's group.



What followed was a long awkward silence, especially for Itachi whom felt really embarrassed over having the last person he wanted seeing him in this outfit. Rias went from surprised, to instant fangirl mode. Her eyes sparkling as she rushed up to Itachi to inspect the details of his cosplay. "Wow! Itachi, you've never looked cooler than you are now!" Rias squealed in delight. Her face getting hotter as she leaned her face in closer to Itachi's, to inspect his mask. "You look so hot in that…" Rias whispered into his ear, holding her hands onto his chest almost about to pull him into a hot passionate kiss.

"Rias." Sona interrupted knocking Rias back to reality.

"Umm…" Rias looked behind her, seeing her servants looking amazed at her behavior. "Y-You look really stylish, Itachi." Rias backed up, blushing in slight embarrassment.

"T-Thank you, I suppose…" Itachi looked equally embarrassed, especially from the glares he got from his sister Sona. Akeno on the sidelines, gave a longing sigh from looking at Rias and Itachi. "I-I should probably get changed…" Itachi used a magic circle to change his outfit into his standard uniform. To which both Rias and Koneko looked slightly disappointed.

Itachi had to eventually leave the group, due to Gasper still being terrified of him which got in the way of his training. Itachi went to the one place he could be alone and to train, his training simulation room back home. Having used the records of their recent battles, to upgrade the simulations. Creating simulations of Kokabiel and Amon for him to fight against.

The aftermath, was a room cloaked completely in fire, with the burnt remains of the simulations of Kokabiel and Amon scattered on the battlefield. The fire died down, revealing a burning bright figure in the center. The fire vanished, revealing the figure of Itachi. His body completely unscratched, and steam emitting from the sheer heat of his body. "Assault Mode takes a lot out of me…" Itachi takes a few heavy deep breaths. "But it is very effective in its destructive power."

Drenched in sweat, Itachi decided to hit the showers. Letting the cold water cool off his heating body. A presence suddenly made itself known, as the door to the room got locked. Itachi expecting Rias, turned around and instead of Rias he was surprised to see it was Akeno.

Akeno's body only covered up with a towel wrapped around her curvy body. Her back turned to the door, and her eyes staring longingly at Itachi. It wasn't like Itachi wasn't used to Akeno making advances towards him. But usually, she would only do it with Rias present. "Akeno?" Itachi found himself questioning, as Akeno dropped her towel.

Her whole body on display for him to see, her massive soft looking breasts heaving for each breath she took. Her long hair dark smooth silky like hair falling down over her plump rear and wide hips. Akeno clearly seemed more nervous, vulnerable.

Seeing Akeno like this, was unusual, usually she was so confident and forward. Yet her eyes looked at him, like she wanted his attention, love and care. She stared at him so longingly, and started to approach him.

Akeno stopped right in front of him. Her gaze taking in every part of Itachi's body. His well-toned muscles and well-trained body. His long black hair framing his handsome face. His body so gruff and hard in contrast to how hers was soft and smooth. Before Itachi can say anything, Akeno had wrapped her arms lovingly around his neck, while looking up into his eyes.

Her lips looking soft and glistening as she leaned her face closer to his. "Do you want to stop?" Akeno whispered, her violet eyes focused on Itachi's dark eyes.

"…" Itachi didn't respond, not sure what to say. His instincts told him not to turn Akeno down. As he was aware, he loved Akeno just as he loved Rias. But his mind, told him otherwise. Old memories of a past life nagging at the back of his mind.

Akeno smiled a little at the lack of responds, puckering her lips and softly planted them on Itachi's. Having taken Itachi's lack of responds as a sign of wanting to continue.

Itachi stood still, feeling Akeno's soft lips pushing against his. And his devil instincts took over, and he started kissing her back. Akeno's face flushed in a small shade of pink, feeling butterflies in her stomach. She couldn't believe this was finally happening. Akeno's tongue entered Itachi's mouth, gently wrestling against his, and Itachi returned the favor.

Itachi embraced his arms around Akeno, his right hand sliding down onto her soft plump behind. Giving Akeno's butt a light squeeze causing a light moan to escape her lips. Itachi's left hand moved to cup one of Akeno's massive boobs, barely fitting the entire thing in his hand.

Akeno moaned more, her nipples getting erect as Itachi massaged her boob, her nipple getting gently rubbed in-between his fingers. Hearing her soft gentle moans, stirred something in Itachi, and something of his got erect as well.

Akeno broke the kiss for a moment, a trail of saliva connecting between their tongues. Her eyes staring at him lovingly, and suddenly Akeno's gaze traced downwards. Feeling something hot, hard and pulsing pushing up against her stomach. "Ara, ara, looks like I woke up the beast." Akeno smiled seductively and leaned her head against Itachi's chest, taking in the sounds of his heartbeats.

"Akeno, I-" Itachi knew in his mind he had to stop this. It wouldn't be right. It wouldn't be right to Akeno. Not while his mind is so conflicted.

"You know, Rias isn't home… Kuroka and Koneko are having some sisterly bonding time. Eto isn't home either. And Sona is busy dealing with Serafall. No one will disturb us…" Her gaze focused onto his eyes, while her hand reached down and began stroking his shaft. Akeno then grabbed onto Itachi's hand, and guided it from her boob, and down to her underwear area. Itachi's hands brushing against Akeno's entrance, and her trimmed pubic hair strip. His fingers tickling against her entrance, feeling she was already wet.

Akeno let out muffled moans, grinding Itachi's hand against her groin. Her face getting hotter and redder. She looked at Itachi, panting in-between her moans. "Hey, Itachi, have you and Rias done it yet?"

"… We haven't." Itachi replied, and Akeno looked genuinely shocked. In her shock she pulled her hand back from his hard pulsing manhood. And released Itachi's hand to which he also pulled back.

"Really? But, you two seemed to have grown so much closer recently…"

"I have no reason to lie to you." Itachi smiled a little at her reaction, was it really that surprising? "What is this all about, Akeno?"

"I…" Akeno blushed a little, seeming embarrassed. "I just thought, you and Rias seemed to have grown rather closer lately. So, naturally, I thought you had… well…"

"Had sex?" Itachi finished.

Akeno just gave a simple nod. "I didn't want to be left behind… And I wanted to be more to you, Itachi. I wanted to mean more to you like Rias does."

"But, Akeno, you do mean a lot to me, just as much as Rias." Itachi cupped his hand around Akeno's face, looking deeply into her eyes. "I have feelings for Rias, true. But I also have feeling for you, Akeno. Kuroka as well… And maybe some others it would seem. Heh, devil biology sure is complicated. Our biological structure gives us a natural instinct to reproduce with as many women as possible."

"Y-You have feelings for me?" Akeno was too caught up in that one part, that she kind of zooned out from the rest. Her face looking redder, but she also looked happy.

"Yes, I love you, Akeno." Itachi planted his forehead against hers, and looked lovingly into her eyes.

"I love you too, Itachi…" Akeno beamed with joy, nearly laughing a bit from feeling so happy. She quickly planted another kiss on his lips, seeming a bit eager to continue where they left off.

"Why is the door locked?" A voice came from the other end of the locked door.

"Maybe someone is busy in there?" The first voice was Damian, the second one was Bob. "Maybe you shouldn't open it so rashly-" Bob said, but the door clicked open.

"Ara, ara, well, such a shame… Next time, I will be sure to show you a good time." Akeno kissed him on the cheek, and gave a friendly wave as she teleported out of the room through a magic circle.

The door got unlocked, and Itachi looked like a deer caught in the headlights. Seeing Damian and Bob entering the room, clearly looking to change before they go to work-out. "Ehhh…" Damian looked awkward, having seen the light of the magic circle and a feminine figure from the looks of it, vanishing through it just as they entered. And of course, they noticed Itachi's soldier was standing in a salute. "… Did we just cockblock you captain?" Damian looked apologetically, same with Bob.

Damian practically prostrating himself by getting on his knees and slamming his head into the floor. "We're sorry bro!" Itachi stood there twitching his eyes at the situation. "Bob! Quick! Get down on your knees and apologize! We just did the most unforgiving act a bro can do! We cockblocked him! NO!" Damian cried, seeming to be in actual pain.

Akeno had wasted no time to get rid of this tension left from her and Itachi's moment. She had teleported into her own room, laid naked on her bed while fondling herself. Massaging her own boob with her left hand, and fingering herself with her right hand. Having put sound proof seals around her room, so she could be as loud as she wanted. "Ah! Ah! Itachi!" Akeno moaned loudly, the sound of her drenching juices squishing as she moved her fingers in and out. Imagining Itachi slamming her roughly against the wall, biting lightly into her neck while fondling her breasts. Teasing her, by rubbing his long, thick, rock hard, pulsing shaft against her entrance.

"Give it to me… give it to me…" Akeno moaned, imagining Itachi pushing his pulsing manhood straight in, all the way in, and filling her up.

Akeno pinched her own nipple, pulling it as she screamed in ecstasy. Rubbing her fingers against her clit, feeling her mind starting to go blank. Some drool lightly dripped down from her lips, as she imagined Itachi ravaging her. "I… I… I'm!" Akeno moaned as she imagined Itachi finishing inside her, and then she thought back to Itachi's words earlier. 'I love you, Akeno.' She hoisted her lower body up while squirming a bit. "I'm cumming!" Akeno moaned as she orgasmed.

Quivers ran through her body, as she laid there panting. "Ah… ah…" Akeno couldn't help but wonder what the real thing would be like. "Ara, ara, such a mess~" Akeno looked at her now wet hand. "Sorry, Rias… But Itachi's first will be me."

Meanwhile, deep within the underworld on a mountain, where violent winds ravaged the area that some dragons did not even dare fly in these conditions. And yet, Rias and Sirzechs were on top of the mountain, Rias dressed in her usual tracksuit, and Sirzechs in some spandex red and black unitard similar to that of a Power Ranger. The red headed princess couldn't help but sneeze as if someone was talking about her. "Is something wrong, Rias-chan?" Sirzechs asked, seeing a troubled look on Rias' face.

"I sense a great disturbance…" Rias mumbled.

A few days past, and Itachi was still getting apologize or rather getting teased by Damian. His apology sounded sincere, but the moments he chose to do them made it seem like teasing. During breakfast, whenever he saw him at the academy, during dinner. This also led to some questioning or rather interrogation from the other girls.

In the past few days, Issei had managed to bond with Gasper. Relating in Gasper who felt terrified for his own power. And his dislike for his own Sacred Gear, with the power to stop time people naturally begin distrusting him, becoming scared of him. Gasper lived a lonely life. And Issei was able to relate to him, from having discovered recently he had a Sacred Gear with one of the strongest dragons in history residing in it. He was also able to encourage Gasper by expressing his slight feeling of jealousy for Gasper's ability. The group was also able to help with Gasper being in public, by him hiding his face in a brown paper bag. Although Itachi couldn't help but question how it would affect Gasper's life in public, seeing as his red glowing eyes within the paper bag, would frighten anyone that came into contact with him. Although, Gasper still couldn't get close to Itachi without cowering away in fear. And Gasper hadn't even revealed his reasoning to Issei either.

The time had come, it was a silent morning, and a quiet day at school. When nighttime approached, is when things really started picking up. Itachi strolled out from their apartment building complex with Kuroka, Raven, Bob, Eto, Damian and Jack. Shortly followed by Rias, Akeno, Issei, Kiba, Xenovia. With Asia and Koneko having been tasked with keeping the vampire in a cardboard box Gasper company at the clubroom. Sona awaited with her queen Tsubaki at the Student Council room, with the rest of her peerage acting as a security force around the academy.

Through teleportation magic circles, Itachi and Rias' group arrived outside of the academy gates. "… I have a bad feeling about this." Damian whistled, the atmosphere giving a chilling feeling for them all. Things could so easily go wrong today. And things could easily break into war.

"Keep your eyes peeled. And focus your senses on any approaching hostiles." Itachi commanded his peerage.

Bob having only gotten 16 hours of sleep, was still quite beefy and muscular. But due to how long the conference could potentially last, Bob couldn't afford to sleep to his maximum 23 hours form as it would have run out by the hour. With his 16-hour form, he was strong enough to take on anyone bellow Maou tier, and people above once he used promotion. And this form would last for 8 hours.

Jack jumped onto Itachi's back like a little monkey, wrapping her legs around his waist and resting her chin upon his head. "Mommy, we sense multiple holy energies… many strong ones too." Jack's eyes flared in hostility as she gazed upon the academy.

"It is to be expected, the Angels and Fallen Angels probably brought heavy security with them. Just be ready to attack if I give the order, and only if I give the order." Itachi cast a look especially at Jack and Eto, knowing those two were the most violent ones in his group. Although Jack was at least completely loyal to him, Eto was still a wild card.

"No trouble, boss man~" Eto held her hands up in piece signs. Her tone of voice sounding as teasing as ever towards Itachi.

"Mmm, we await your command." Jack nodded, and did an acrobatic jump over Itachi's head, landing before him with blades ready, acting as a body guard of sorts for her master.

"Jack… Although I appreciate your eagerness to keep me safe. Try and not seem too hostile, put your weapons away." Itachi ruffled the top of Jack's head a bit, the pouting assassin hesitantly complying and holstering her blades back into their sheets.

They strolled down the hall on their way to the Student Council room where the conference would be held. Until a threatening looming figure came into view. Standing before Itachi and the others, was a tall gruff looking, muscular dark-haired man with a beard to match his hair. His face looking stern and strict. Wearing some sort of black spandex combat suit underneath a coat.

His stern judging gaze, glared at Itachi. With this holy like aura emitting from him, one would think he was about to blast them with holy eye beams. He was a fallen angel, judging by how he felt holy, yet also tainted. The man's gaze softens, as his eyes trail onto Akeno. "Akeno…" The man utters, like he is trying to reach out.

Akeno looks like she is about to jump, as she quickly hides behind Itachi. Her grip holding tightly onto him. It became obvious to Itachi who this man was. He was Akeno's father, Baraqiel.

Upon seeing his daughter's reaction, Baraqiel's shoulders slumped in defeat. Itachi knew Akeno didn't exactly hate her father, like she used to. But that she was afraid of finding out the truth of her mother's death. And whether her father was involved. Akeno's situation reminded Itachi of a psychology lesson on Schrodinger's cat. The cat was the truth, and if Akeno opened the box she might find out one of two things. Her father never loved her or her mother and left them to die. Or, he loved them and tried his best to save them but was prevented from getting there in time. But if she never opened it, the answer could be either. It gave her some sort of safety. But Itachi and Akeno both knew, she had to open the box at some point. Now clearly wasn't that time.

"I-" Baraqiel looked uncertain on what to say. He hadn't seen his daughter in such a long time, he felt awkward. It didn't make it easier considering how much Akeno now resembled her mother. 'She's grown into such a beautiful young woman. She looks just like Shuri.' Baraqiel bawled his hands into fists, his gaze falling back onto Itachi, the man his daughter was hiding behind. 'And this boy…!'

Itachi merely looked back at Baraqiel, not flinching under the intensity of his gaze. The tension was through the roof, Baraqiel and Itachi standing in the middle of the hallway, just staring at each other. Analyzing each other.

The others merely look uncertain on what to make of the situation. The awkward silence came to a stop, as Issei gave a nervous gulp from feeling Baraqiel's presence. This high ranked Fallen Angel wasn't to be taken lightly.

Faster than anyone could register, moving at blinding light with all giving it away the crackling sound of lightning. Baraqiel threw a lightning cloaked punch at Itachi. And the young Sitri in a split-second respond, catching the fist, bare handed. The entire room, crackling with electricity. Itachi's hand shaking a bit trying to hold back Baraqiel's fist, yet his expression remains calm.

Everyone having registered what just occurred, gasped at the scene. Akeno in particular sent her father a harsh glare. Clearly displeased at her father's sudden action and hostility towards Itachi. Whilst Jack would have jumped in, had Damian not yanked her back.

Baraqiel's glare intensifies at Itachi, whom doesn't budge and glares back at the Fallen Angel commander. The crackling electricity on the walls slowly retreats back to Baraqiel, the lighting around his fist vanishing. The hulking Fallen Angel gives a hum and a nod of approval. Retreating his fist out from Itachi's grip with a mighty yank. His stern gaze fixated on Itachi. "Take care of her." Baraqiel says, and walks away.

"You have my word." Itachi said, Baraqiel's shoulders seeming to relax a bit from hearing that. Itachi shook his hand a bit, feeling it sting from that holy lightning. He had passed what seemed to be a test of strength, and earned Baraqiel's approval to take care of his daughter.

With no further disturbances, the group made it into the conference room, also known as the Student Council room. Sirzechs already seated along with Serafall, both Esdeath and Grayfia at their side. Also seated were the Arch Angels Michael and Gabriel.

"Wow, she's beautiful…" Issei found himself whispering as he laid his eyes on Gabriel. And Itachi and the rest of the guys couldn't help but agree. Gabriel was possibly one of the most beautiful women they had ever seen.

Gabriel feeling the eyes on her, turned towards them with a curious look. As soon as her eyes landed on Itachi, her face lit up like a Christmas tree in the form of a smile. Gabriel gave Itachi a friendly wave, which Itachi awkwardly returned. Wondering why one of the Arch Angels greeted him, a devil, in such a warm friendly manner. This caused Serafall to pout, and shoot the radiant beautiful angel a death glare.

The group gasped however, as they spotted Azazel. But what had surprised them as Itachi soon would notice, wasn't the governor himself, but rather his company. On Azazel's right leaning against the wall, was Vali. His cold piercing glare focused on Issei, and then Itachi. And on Azazel's left, with his head hung down and his eyes looking dead and devoid of feeling, was Amon. "Yo! Glad you could make it!" Azazel greeted them with a wide grin. And was met with a glare from Rias, Sona and the majority of the group. While Itachi although on edge, looked collected and calm. Making a mental note to keep an eye on the governor's company.

"Well then, everyone is here." Sirzechs announced as Baraqiel walked in, taking a seat next to Azazel. "Let the conference begin." Upon Sirzechs' words, various devil, angel and fallen angel guards appeared around the campus. Ready for battle should negotiations fail. And standing on the roof of the academy, was Behemoth, with a tap of his foot a magic circle formed around the campus. Walls of magic circles raising around campus in the form of a dome.

A barrier had formed itself around the entirety of Kuoh Academy's campus. And on que, outside of the campus grounds, the petite form of Ophis appeared out of nowhere in a flash. Gracefully landing on a building, sitting on the edge while kicking her legs back and forth. "Time to see, what the clan killer can do." A crooked smirk creeped up on her lips as she watched the academy intently. Although her field of vision acted like a zoom, going past and through walls until her gaze penetrated into the conference room, and her eyes landed on Itachi. Ophis snickered, summoning a bowl of popcorn out from thin air. The bowl floating next to her, and the delicious salty snack flipping itself into her mouth a piece at a time. "Let the show begin~"

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