Chapter 24: Old Maou Faction!

The VIP room with all the faction leaders was filled with what seemed to be a never-ending awkward silence. This was a first each individual representative of the three factions were gathered in one place. And the tension was through the roof, truly signifying the importance of this conference. One wrong move and once again the academy would become a battlefield.

Everyone was on edge on the sidelines, especially the peerage members of Rias and Itachi. Sona and Tsubaki were both also on edge, although they seemed a bit more collected. While Itachi remained as calm as ever, merely trying to analyze the room. Rias on the other hand, looked with a scornful look at Azazel who sat there looking all carefree. Issei was constantly looking at Vali, his so-called destined rival. Whom didn't seem all that interested in Issei. Vali was far more interested in other powerful players.

Eventually breaking the silence, were the sound of a clap coming from Sirzechs Lucifer himself. "Well then, shall we commence the conference? I hope no one minds the presence of my younger sister and her family. As well as young Itachi-kun and Sona-chan. They were quite active during Kokabiel's attack a few days ago after all."

"I have read the report. And I must give my thanks. I have no objection to their presence." The leader of the angels Michael merely smiled.

"Seems my side caused you some trouble… Sorry about that." Azazel said without a timid expression, he had quite the attitude about the whole situation. Which seemed to anger both Sona and Rias as their mouths twitched. "But no objection here either…"

"Wonderful. If you would take a seat over there." Sirzechs nudged to the nearest wall where several chairs had been prepared. As the leaders of the academy of sorts, Grayfia guided Itachi, Sona and Rias to sit in the seats placed a bit up front. While the peerage members were seated in chairs that were up against the wall. "With everyone gathered, I'll say the preconditions of the meeting. The people present here acknowledge the most important event and forbidden subject, being the Non-existence of God."

The room was met with no surprised looks, Sona, Tsubaki and Akeno who were not present when Kokabiel announced the death of God had been informed by Itachi and Rias prior to the conference. Everyone in the room seemed to have that knowledge.

"Then, acknowledging that, let's continue the conversation." With Sirzechs' sentence, the conference between the great powers finally began.

Everything was progressing smoothly as far as Itachi could tell. No one seemed to be making a fuss, only with Azazel dropping a comment every now and then that froze the atmosphere of the room. But the Governor seemed to enjoy it.

Itachi's attention was taken away from the conversation for a brief moment, when he suddenly felt Rias' hand clasp around his. She was trembling a bit, without a doubt nervous. Itachi understood, and to calm her he clasped her hand back without a word. Holding onto her tightly, while stroking his thumb gently and lovingly across her hand. Rias smiled warmly, blushing a bit, but quickly composed herself to appear calm and focused.

"Now then, Itachi, Rias. Could you speak about the incident a few days ago?" Sirzechs gave the two young devils their turn to speak.

"Yes, Lucifer-sama." Staying formal, and in total synch the two of them stood up and began speaking of what their groups experienced during Kokabiel's attack. Rias beginning with how her Bishop Asia was kidnapped, and forced to heal Amon. Which actually caused the stoic dead eyes of Amon to land on the slight trembling form of Asia. The former nun couldn't help but feel some fear regarding Amon, with him being the younger brother of Raynare and all. And being involved with Kokabiel on top of it, her two biggest tormentors.

Itachi continued to summarize the battle that ensued after Amon's revival. And how Kokabiel was eventually defeated, with Irina taking the Excalibur cores back with her. Their summary was met with a lot of sighs, and some dirty looks being sent Azazel's way as he sat there smiling showing a completely relaxed body posture. "Good work, sit down." Sirzechs acknowledged their reports with a smile, and the two of them sat back down as the meeting continued.

"Thanks, Rias-chan, It-tan~" Serafall whispered their way.

The mood turned serious as Sirzechs looked Azazel's way. "Now then, Azazel. After hearing this report, I want to hear the opinion of the Governor of the Fallen Angels."

Azazel, not breaking eye contact with the maou, sat there with a laid-back attitude whilst smiling carefreely. "Kokabiel, a leader of one of our central organizations, acted independently without any knowledge from the other leaders, nor my own. And the rest, well you heard it in the report. That is all."

Michael, Gabriel and even Baraqiel sighed at the Governor's attitude. "Azazel-sama, could you act at least a little considerate considering how dire this situation is?" Baraqiel rubbed the bridge of his nose from his superior's behavior.

"… Well, I guess I'm sorry." Azazel shrugged, still looking rather carefree of this situation.

"I can see you haven't changed…" Gabriel commented.

"And you and Michael are as dull as ever…" Azazel threw back.

"Anyway, should we take this as you not wanting anything big occurring against us?" Michael quickly changed the subject.

"I don't have any interest in wars. Like the report said, Kokabiel wanted my head for that very reason." Azazel sighed, already bored with the conversation from the looks of it. "Oi, kid, show this old man around town and help me find a nice bar." Azazel shot a smirk in Itachi's direction, although was met with a cold glance from the young Sitri. Speaking of cold, ice had started creeping up Azazel's feet, Serafall looking visibly angry at Azazel's attitude. "My, how scary…" Azazel smiled, easily breaking free with a burst of light from his feet blowing the ice away into shards.

"Don't talk to him…" Serafall gave one last warning to the Governor.

"… My, my, from an ice queen on the battlefield, to an overbearing older sister. Honestly I can't tell which is more frightening." Azazel smirked at the annoyed Serafall.

"Now, now, there is no need for this." Gabriel tried to defuse the situation although the mere sound of her voice seemed to annoy Serafall.

"Serafall, calm down." Sirzechs put his hand on Serafall's shoulder. The Leviathan nearly instantly seemed to cool down.

"Azazel, I want to ask one thing. Why have you been gathering owners of Sacred Gears for the past decade? At first, I thought you were gathering humans, and attempting to augment your battle potential. I even anticipated you to wage war on Heaven or us."

Sirzechs comment was met with a nod from Michael. "Indeed, the moment I heard you got a hold of the Vanishing Dragon, I had to admit I was worried."

Azazel smiled bitterly. "Anything wrong with an old man having a hobby? It's for the sake of Sacred Gear research. If you want, I can send some of my research material to you as well? I have no interest in war. I am perfectly satisfied with the world as it is now. I have strongly ordered my subordinates, to not interfere with the human world's politics, you know? I have no interest in intervening in religion either, not to influence the business of devils. Seriously, do you all have no trust in me?"



"Ehehe, no."

"Why would we trust a rotten Fallen Angel like you?"

Sirzechs, Michael, Gabriel and Serafall all voiced out their distrust in Azazel. To this Azazel slightly twitched his brow at their bluntness. Devils are known for being brutally honest, and Angels can't lie. "Tch. I thought you were better than God or the last generation's Lucifer. But you guys are troublesome yourselves. Argh I get it, let's hurry up and make peace already. That is why we are here." Everyone seemed stunned that Azazel was the first to bring peace up on the table. "I mean, we shouldn't be having this much of a hard time deciding. After all, it wasn't that long ago we all came together to fight Trigon during his attempted invasion of Earth."

The atmosphere in the room changed at the mentioning of the monster who claimed to be the destroyer of all that exists. "… That was different, if Trigon hadn't been stopped all sides would have suffered greatly." Sirzechs voiced out.

"You say that, and yet we allow Trigon's daughter/personal portal to walk freely among us." At this point Raven lowered her head, hiding her face beneath her witch hood. While Itachi frowned upon them talking about Raven in such a manner. "Not to mention these rifts that keep appearing between this world and that monster's dimension. If a big one appears enough for him to fit through… well, the entire world would end."

"If I may speak up." Esdeath stepped forward. "It is also why I have suggested we put Raven under full lockdown. Giving her the time to focus on closing these rifts more efficiently."

Raven's eyes widened a bit. She knew of course that if they followed Esdeath's suggestion all the rifts would vanish before they appeared. But Raven would lose her freedom as well. "…" She found herself losing her voice, unable to speak up while feeling all eyes were on her.

"I'm going to stop you right there." Itachi stood up, looking angered. And Raven looked at her master, rather surprised. "I have already told you. I will not allow anyone to take away Raven's freedom. If even you are to stand in the way Esdeath, me and the Sins will stop you. No, if even all the Faction leaders are to stand in my way, even my own older sister, I will not hesitate. Raven is my precious comrade, our precious comrade…" Itachi looked amongst his friends, who all smiled with admiration at him. "Anything that may happen in the future, we'll deal with it together. I refuse to resort to any extreme options until we have at least tried other methods."

"Itachi…" Raven whispered under her breath. She couldn't believe it, Itachi just threatened all the Faction leaders for her sake. He even threatened Serafall.

The Faction leaders were left in silence, although Serafall smiled and nodded in approval of her brother's words, despite them being a threat at the same time. Sirzechs also smiled at his words, even Michael and Gabriel did. Azazel, started bawling with laughter. "Ah, man, you just made me like you even more kid…"

"Quite the bold move, Itachi-kun. Of course, no one here wants to take Raven's freedom away. She is your responsibility, so we shall count on you to aid her in this regard." Sirzechs smiled, looking in approval and with respect for the young Sitri heir. "However, don't hesitate to ask for help from us, okay?" To this Serafall nodded in agreement.

"Onee-chan will always help out her precious It-tan and So-tan!" Serafall declared.

"Thank you, Sirzechs-sama, Serafall-sama." Keeping it professional, Itachi gave a bow of gratitude.

"Such an admirable quality, it is hard to believe you are a devil." Michael said, and Gabriel looked in awe at the kindness displayed from Itachi.

"Hmph, but pray tell…" Esdeath continued. "These extreme measures you spoke of, should you fail to stop Trigon from sending his minions and fail to stop them from getting to Raven, what would they be? Tell me, is it to kill her?" Esdeath's harsh wordings made all but the Faction leaders stiffen.

"Wh-What?" Kuroka stood up, a little pissed off at Esdeath's wording. Bob and Damian stood up as well, looking with harsh glares at the Queen of Levithan.

"T-This just got serious…" Issei slumped in his seat, while Asia held onto his hand looking a little frightened.

"… It's okay." Raven spoke up. "If it were to come to it, I would want you guys to kill me to stop Trigon."




Everyone looked on in silence, unsure of how to respond. "Raven…" Rias, Sona, Akeno, Tsubaki, Issei, Asia, Kiba, Kuroka, Bob, Damian all looked to the floor, realizing the gravity of what such a situation would bring. And could understand Raven wanting to die than rather unleash Trigon upon this world.

The lone footsteps of one, reached Raven's ears as they grew closer. Seeing a pair of legs standing before her. Raven looked up and met the gaze of Itachi. His expression as stoic as hers, not showing any sign of wavering. However, then the young Sitri brought his hand forward. Sticking his index and middle finger out, he poked Raven on the forehead.

Raven looked stunned at this sudden action, not taking her eyes away from Itachi's. Itachi then smiled at her. "I would never result to such a thing. If anything, worst case scenario. I will just have to seal you away so Trigon cannot use you. And then unseal you, once we have dealt with Trigon. Raven… I won't let anything happen to you. You, Kuroka, Bob, Damian, Eto, Jack and Harry… Are all my precious comrades and family. I would rather die, than kill any of you. The same applies for you guys." Itachi looked out at Sona, Rias, Akeno, Tsubaki, Issei, Asia, Kiba.

"…" Raven felt her cheeks getting hot, as she quickly hid her blushing face underneath her hood.

"And it will be our responsibility, to make sure you don't die trying to protect us." Sona commented, whilst smiling. She admired her brother's kindness, although she wasn't going to let him die for any of them. And from the looks of it, the others had the same thought.

Itachi smiled to himself, although deep down. He knew, he couldn't guarantee anyone's lives, not even his own. But then a blond knuckle head ninja came to mind, and one thing was for sure in Itachi's mind. He was damn well going to try his best to keep everyone alive. "Pardon this short interruption. Please continue…" Itachi gave a small apologetic bow, and returned to his seat.

Even Amon held his stoic gaze onto Itachi for a mere second, before returning to looking down on the floor. Vali smirked, while humming to himself like he found out something interesting.

"Heh, foolish dreams…" Esdeath whispered under her breath, although smiled at this naivety and innocence displayed by Itachi.

Azazel smiled, and leaned back in his seat. "Now that we have heard the determination of the youth. How about us old timers get to it and create peace already?"

Michael smiled and agreed, wanting to create peace between the three factions to avoid greater damaging to the world right now. Sirzechs agreed as well, wanting to move the devil species further without any conflict disrupting it. Gabriel also agreed giving light claps at the sound of the faction leaders being in agreement, although her eyes twitched a bit over being referred to as "old timers" with the rest of the Faction leaders. Serafall seemed more reluctant to agree, and like Gabriel she took a small offence to being referred to as an "old timer".

The onlookers all seemed on edge, apart from Eto who from the looks of it had fallen asleep showing her absolute lack of interest in this meeting. Itachi gave small apologetic bows to Grayfia, who sent his sleeping knight a dirty look. Kuroka gave a few nervous chuckles, as she jolted Eto awake by lightly elbowing the sleeping half ghoul on the arm. Eto lazily opened her eyes, seeing Kuroka practically glaring at her, Kuroka's gaze practically saying. 'Are you out of your damn mind?! Falling asleep in a situation like this?!' Eto blinked a couple of time under Kuroka's stare. And quickly closed her eyes and fell back asleep, irking the nekomata who was tempted to hit Eto upside the head. Raven, Bob and Damian merely looked on with a sweat drop, as on que little Jack had also fallen asleep.

None of the Faction leaders seemed to care, Grayfia on the other hand looked beyond angry at the disrespecting behavior. Thus, frantically Itachi kept bowing his head apologetically to spare his two servants from Grayfia's wrath. Esdeath gave a light snort and chuckle at the sight, while looking rather laid back. Completely bored and found a form of entertainment from watching Itachi crack under Grayfia's harsh stare.

The conference itself went on for an hour give or take, and when it finally seemed that each side had made peace. Each leader let out a sigh of relief over this matter being done with. A conflict which has lasted for more than centuries, finally seemed to have come to an end.

"Now then, the discussion has considerably been solved in a good direction. I believe we could spare some time to hear from the young ones who have patiently listened to our discussion." Michael addressed nudging towards the younger devils in the room.

"U-Umm, Michael-sama… May I ask you something?" Issei nervously raised his hand, seemingly feeling threatened by being in the same room as so many powerful leaders. Everyone's gaze focused onto Issei, which seemed to make him more nervous.

"Please, do go ahead." Michael gave the okay signal, smiling warmly at the young reincarnate.

Issei cast a glance onto Asia, gathering his courage for what he was about to ask. His eyes focused, and his expression looking dead serious as he looked at Michael. "Why did you exile Asia?" To this everyone looked astonished, this didn't seem like the right time to be asking the leader of Heaven such a question. "Sorry, but I've wanted to hear an Angel's view on this… Asia who trusted in your God that much, why was she exiled from the church?"

"Issei…." Asia gasped, seeming a bit touched at Issei showing such care for her.

Michael closed his eyes, his body language signifying he wasn't very proud of what he was about to say. But he answered in an earnest manner. "I can only apologies for that. After God…" Michael halted, seeming a bit touchy at the subject regarding his father. Gabriel even seemed a bit disheartened. Yet Michael continued. "After God was annihilated, only the system to govern divine protection, mercy and miracles remained. This system was, if I am to explain it simply, the system to perform the miracles and such. Just like God did. God made the system, used it to bring about miracles above ground. To bring the effect of holy things like exorcism, crosses, holy water etc. these too are the system's powers."

"… What you are essentially trying to say, is that the system has been difficult to control ever since God's death?" Itachi interjected into the conversation. To this, Michael only nods.

"To be honest, it takes a big toll on anyone who uses it with the exception of God. With me as the center, everyone of the Seraph was able to somehow start up the system. But of course, compared to the time God was in control of the system… the divine protection and mercy to those who believed in God is not complete. It's unfortunate, but those who can be granted salvation is limited due to my lack of power."

"It's not your fault …" Gabriel gently held onto Michael's hand. "Even added up the Four Seraph couldn't equal up to God. You are doing the best within your power to keep the system running. Without you…"

"Thank you, Gabriel." Michael then continues. "In order to keep the system running, there was a need to keep away those people related to the church who could possibly cause an influence to the system. An example of that, is the Sacred Gear of Asia Argento, Twilight Healing. Same goes for your Boosted Gear and also the Divine Dividing."

"… Asia is included because she could heal devils and fallen angels as well, right?" To Issei's question, Michael only nods.

"If we hadn't exiled her, a person who could heal Devils and Fallen Angels. The faith of those around her would be influenced. The source of us living in heaven, is the faith of believers. Because of that, Twilight Healing is a forbidden sacred gear which can cause an influence to the system. An example of such an influence is-"

"The people who know about the non-existence of God, right?" Xenovia interrupted.

"Yes, that's right. Xenovia. Losing you is a serious wound even for us. But if apart from us the Seraph and other higher ranked Angels… If more humans knew of the non-existence of God. And approach his house of worship, or a place with a direct connection. The system will suffer huge effects. Therefor I apologies but there was no other way but to make you and Asia Argento heretics."

"Yes, we deeply apologize. Informing Griselda of this… wasn't easy." Upon Gabriel mentioning that name Xenovia visibly flinched, and she lightly began to sweat.

"Y-Yes, I can only imagine…" Xenovia stuttered. Was she perhaps scared? "W-What about Irina?" Xenovia seemed hesitant to ask.

"… She's still processing this information. She is to become a member of my Brave Saints." Michael informed, to which Xenovia smiled with a slight look of relief. "She is very worried about you though…"

"I see… Please do tell her I am fine."

"Again, we can only apologize." Both Michael and Gabriel lowered their heads for forgiveness from Xenovia and Asia. Both who looked baffled that the high ranked Angels asked them for forgiveness.

"No, Michael-sama, Gabriel-sama. Please don't apologize. I realize the gravity of the situation, and as someone who was raised by the church, I can accept your reasoning." Xenovia seemed a bit flustered that beings like Michael and Gabriel would apologize to her. "It may anger the other believers if they heard what I am about to say. But I am quite satisfied with my current life.

"Me too, Michael-sama, Gabriel-sama, I also feel I am happy with my current life. Since I now have a lot important people. And to have the chance to meet and talk to you, is an honor!" Michael and Gabriel smiled with a look of relief.

"We are grateful for your forgiving hearts. I will leave Durandal to you, Xenovia. Since it's the family of Sirzechs' sister I am at ease it won't be used by those who do as they please."

"Now that the church duo has gotten their share of questions answered…" A person who had seemed bored regarding this whole conference decided to speak up. Eto sat there with a sinister looking smile as she eyed the Faction leaders before her. "I believe I have the right to ask a question myself, yes?"




The Faction leaders all went quiet, it didn't take a genius to guess what a half Ghoul wanted to ask them. Azazel however, smirked. "Sure, go ahead…"

"Why were the Ghouls cast out from the world of the Supernatural?" The simple question, was met with silence and questioning looks for those who were unaware.

"Easy, you kept eating our source of living, the humans. Why wouldn't we take care of such a problem?" Azazel answered without hesitation.

"My, straightforward, I like you…" Eto gave a sinister giggle, killing intent leaking from her as she glared at Azazel.

"To be honest, it happened so long ago it is hard to describe what happened in detail. I am not even completely sure." When someone who had lived as long as Sirzechs didn't know all the details, it truly showed how long ago the banishment of Ghouls from the Supernatural world was.

"… From my understanding." Michael spoked up, looking a bit uncomfortable. "Ghouls, were gluttons' beings who constantly preyed on the God's source of life, the humans. They even started to prey on other supernatural beings. And threatened to destroy the balance. Therefore, the Gods directed their wrath upon the Ghoul race. Exterminating a great deal of them, to the point they were almost extinct. And banished the remaining of them. Cutting off any contact. Over time, the Ghouls adapted themselves into human society. Although the amount of them didn't even equal into 1% of humanity."

"Isn't that hypocritical, to banish them to the world of humans, despite humans being your so-called source of life? Your God actively threatened the lives of his own source of life. Sounds like he was suicidal." Eto's words were met with some glares, although a lot of nervous ones as well.

"Since Ghouls didn't even equal to 1% of the human population. There was no real threat of humans going extinct. It's not pretty, but it is the truth. The Gods did this so more humans would turn to them for protection from Ghouls and other type of danger like plagues. And the Gods provided. Granting humanity with powers like Sacred Gears, weaponry and techniques to fight back and to survive. Amongst those techniques were Storage Magic for example." Michael revealed, casting a glance over to Bob, the current wielder of Storage Magic. "So, if the Ghouls had attempted at war even with humanity, they would have failed."

Eto frowned, no longer holding up a childish persona, no longer smiling. She was genuinely angry. "Essentially, the only reasons Ghouls still exist, was to push more humans into having faith and believing in these Gods?"

"…" Unable to say anything, Michael only nods.

"Well, seems even your God isn't perfect. He sounds like quite the asshole if you ask me." Those words struck a nerve within Michael and Gabriel. As the latter began releasing a golden aura of power that caused the room to tremble.

"Gabriel, please…" Michael put a hand on her shoulder, and she looked apologetic for reacting as she did and lowered her aura. "It's not like it was the God of the Bible's decision. The majority of the Gods agreed upon it."

"My, I got to see something quite interesting." Eto smirked, her skin feeling a little itchy and a light burning sensation in the face of Gabriel's aura.

"It is not as if Ghouls and humans can't co-exist. You are living proof of that." Azazel interjected, pointing out at Eto's heritage. A Ghoul father, and a human mother.

To this, Eto's mood shifted. "… And due to my parents' union, they were hunted and my mother was killed. And my coward of a father abandoned me. If anything, my hellish childhood and life, are all a result of the incompetence of your Gods. I lived my life on the run, hunted, an outsider to both Ghouls and humans…"

"Oh, and what do you want an apology? Or is the severed head of a God the sort of retribution that suits your style more? Or better yet, create chaos?" Azazel looked rather laid back, not really seeming all too concerned.

"What I want? Hmmm, well let's see… For starters." Eto smirked as she stood up from her chair, looking down on the seated leaders with a sinister smirk. "How about all of you get on your knees and kiss my feet?" Eto's words earned a collective set of gasps. The Faction Leaders looked unamused and merely sat there in silence, while Azazel gave an impressed whistle looking rather amused. Itachi sighed and rubbed his temple, fearing this would happen.

The room went cold, as both Grayfia and Esdeath surrounded Eto. Grayfia freezing Eto's legs in place, and Esdeath holding her blade to Eto's throat. Eto just smiled, looking carefree as she casually looked into the murderous gazes of Grayfia and Esdeath, fearless. "The only reason you still draw breath, is out of my respect for the young master…" Esdeath grabbed onto Eto's chin, forcing them to lock eyes. "Know your place, bitch."

"And the only reason I haven't tried to "bite" any of you. Is because of Itachi as well. But I must admit, you smell good…" Eto took a sniff of Esdeath's scent, and licked her lips. "… I wonder how long that will keep me back?"

Stepping in, shattering Grayfia's ice locked onto Eto's feet with mere pressure. Itachi pulled Eto back, giving her a stern look. "Play nice." Itachi gave a warning, and Eto merely smiled and in a surprise of events held her arms around Itachi. Raising her leg up to his thigh. Looking like she was about to kiss him, earning a reaction from Rias, Akeno, Kuroka, Sona, Raven in the form of them either standing up from their seats, or a gasp in Raven's case. Even Serafall looked ready to murder.

"Heh." Eto smirked at the reaction from each of the girls. Although looked a bit surprised to even see Gabriel react, not like the other girls. But like Eto was a kid at a museum about to touch a valuable piece of artwork. Eto brushed off Gabriel's reaction, and redirected her focus. She then turned her gaze back to Itachi. "Or what? Going to give me a spanking?"

Itachi's eyes said it all to Eto, he understood why she was acting out the way she was. But this wasn't the place nor the time for it. By the lack of reaction from Itachi, Eto rolled her eyes a bit seeming bored and stepped back, and returned to her seat. Itachi turned to the Faction leaders and lowered his head. "I cannot apologize enough for Eto's behavior… It's just that it is a sensitive topic for her."

"It's fine." Srizechs gave an assuring smile, seeming to understand the situation. "Grayfia, please stand down." Not speaking like a husband to his wife, but as a Maou to his servant, Sirzechs ordered Grayfia to stand down.

"But Sirzechs-sama, she insulted the great-" Grayfia was about to protest.

"Now." Sirzechs added more sternly.

"… As you wish." Grayfia bowed and returned to Sirzechs' side.

"You too, Esdeath." Serafall sternly ordered. Although Serafall somewhat disliked Eto, she was still a part of her little brother's peerage. Esdeath quietly eyed Eto, and returned to Serafall's side.

"Well, not like we are going to apologize. It is too late for that anyway." Azazel shrugged in regards to the Ghoul discussion. "There would be no point in it, which I can tell she agrees on." Azazel nudged to Eto, whom didn't even respond and just sat in silence looking bored. "But now, I want to hear the opinions of those who have power to influence our world. From the invincible Dragon-sama, Vali. What do you want to do to the world?"

Vali merely smiles and shrugs at Azazel's question. "If I can fight strong guys, then it's fine."

"Then, what about you, Sekiryuutei?" Azazel turned to Issei.

Issei scratched his cheek, clearly not sure how to answer. "To be honest, I don't understand it well. I am more concerned with taking care of my junior devil at the moment… And I can't say I have any particular feelings gushing forth if I am asked such a question about the world…"

"Ho? Then how about I put it into simpler terms?" Azazel gained the whole rooms attention. "Hyoudou Issei, if we fight then there will be a need for you to fight as well. If that happens, you won't be able to have sex with Asia Argento."

"Eh?!" Everyone looked dumbfounded while Asia looked to be blushing with embarrassment, steam rising from her head as no doubt certain thoughts were boiling within her brain.

"Wh-What did you just say?!" And Issei's attention was officially fully caught.

"If we make peace, then there won't be a need to fight. If that happens, then what's left is the continuation of the species and prosperity. You could make children with Asia Argento, or any other woman you would have once you have become Harem King." Azazel fought back the urge to snicker at seeing Issei's amazed look. "Pretty simple right? If there's fighting going on, no sex. If there is peace, you can have sex all the time. Which will you choose?"

"Peace! Peace! Peace is the best thing indeed!" Issei shamelessly declared.

Kuroka looked with a perplexed look, as Damian was now standing in salute while shedding a single manly tear down his right cheek. "Oy, what's with you?"

"I feel like a teacher seeing his student graduate…" Damian sniffed, looking proud.

"… Ridiculous." Itachi whispered underneath his breath at Azazel's wording.

"I-I mean, peace would be for the best, right?" Rias cast a few suggestive glances in Itachi's direction.

"Ara, I can agree to that." Akeno as well eyed Itachi. And as a result, Baraqiel was sending glares at Itachi, causing Itachi to sweat drop a bit.

And suddenly jumping into his lap was Kuroka, holding onto him tightly. "Well, I can't say I disagree either. Nya." She purred as she nuzzled against him.

"Now, Itachi Sitri. What are your thoughts? What do you want to do to the world?" Azazel asked.

"… What I seek, is the same I have sought since I was a child. World peace. I have no interest in battle." Itachi answered, and Serafall looked like she was about to cry. For her hearing Itachi still having that as his goal, after all these years moved her heart as it meant he hasn't changed since he was a cute little child.

"Heh, interesting. But after the world is at peace, what then? Any future plans?" Azazel inquired further detail. Everyone else seemed to be intrigued at hearing the answer as well, well except Vali and Amon who couldn't look less interested.

"None." Itachi simply, but firmly answered. "Is what I would have said before." It is what he would have usually answered, he hadn't had a greater life goal before. But then his mind went over to Rias, Akeno, Kuroka, Raven, Koneko. He sat there in silence pondering a potential future. "Now, I think I will simply try and overcome certain personal issues… And then, we'll see… Maybe continue with a family of my own I suppose."

"Heh, so… The Hakuryuukou merely wishes to fight strong opponents. The Sekiryuutei wishes to for peace and sex. And the special Devil kid with strange eye powers, wishes for peace and the quiet family life, eh?" Azazel gave a slight intrigued hum. "But what if it doesn't go that way? What if there's war? What then? I can already guess Vali gets to fight so he is happy either way." Vali didn't voice any objection to Azazel's claim. "But what about you, Hyoudou Issei?"

"I-I may be weak now… But I will use all my power, and as much power from Ddraig to protect all my comrades!" Issei declared with words of heartfelt passion.

"Hmm, and you, Itachi Sitri?" Everyone was focused on Itachi once again.

"Simple, I would fight to protect those I hold dear. And do whatever is needed to end the conflict as quickly as possible." Itachi's answer was met with a sinister smirk from Azazel.

"… If that involved even fighting against the strongest being in this world?" Azazel's question instantly brought Itachi's mind to Ophis. He remembered that endless pool of energy, the power, the unshakable fear.

"I would, and I would keep fighting until my last breath." Itachi answered without hesitation, despite the fear he felt from facing Ophis. If it came down to it, he would fight her. Even if it would end up being a pointless battle.

"Yosh, good answer." Azazel smiled and nodded in approval.

After those words, a strange sensation overcame Itachi. He could feel his body seizing its functions. On instinct in responds, Itachi flared his power to its max. And found himself able to move. Although when he came to, the room had changed a little.

Michael and Gabriel were both looking out the window, and Sirzechs was in a deep conversation with Azazel. "Oh, surprising the young Sitri came to before Grayfia and Esdeath." Azazel spoke as he was praising Itachi.

Looking around Itachi noticed everyone else besides him and the Faction leaders were frozen in place. Itachi looked stunned in silence, as he cautiously eyed his frozen friends. Leaning in close to the frozen face of Rias, waving his hand before her eyes to see if he got a form of reaction. "What's going on?" Itachi looked to Azazel.

"Gasper-kun's Sacred Gear no doubt." Sirzechs informed.

Itachi flinched as he sensed movement, looking at Vali and Amon who both simultaneously started to move again. Followed shortly by Rias, Grayfia and Esdeath. "What's going on?" Rias looking equally confused as to why everyone had scattered from where they sat mere moments ago for her. Then it hit her. "Oh no, Gasper…" Rias looked with concern for her peerage member, rushing to the nearest window where she saw the old school building where Gasper and Koneko were.

"It would appear the two of you were strong enough to move. Although if Gasper's power's keep growing that might change. I would say the same applies for Amon, and Vali although his Sacred Gear certainly helped." Azazel analyzed with great interest in Gasper's Sacred Gear's powers. "You were all roughly frozen for a total of five minutes before you started moving."

"I see, a strange sensation." Sona spoke calmly having begun moving again once Azazel began explaining.

'When did these two…' Itachi was slightly amazed at seeing Rias and Sona able to have enough power to move in Gasper's frozen time space.

"But she… she woke up before any of you." Azazel looked to the corner, where Raven was standing. Apparently, she was moving even before Itachi did.

"I sensed the sensation of Gasper's Sacred Gear, and put a defensive spell over myself. I didn't manage to help the rest of you however." Raven explained and shortly Itachi, Rias and Sona joined her at looking out the window of the conference room.

"Man, that was weird." Bob, Damian, Jack and Eto all seemed to gain their ability to move now.

"Something must have happened to Gasper for his Sacred Gear to act out like this." Rias eyed the old school building, holding her hand onto the glass whilst looking concerned.

"Eh?" In a surprising turn of event, even Issei was able to move now along with Kiba and Xenovia.

"Hmm, it seems the Sekiryuutei and Yuuto are able to move due their unique Sacred Gears. And Xenovia seems to be safe from having activated the sword Durandal in time." Azazel analyzed.

"I seem to have remembered the sensation of having my body frozen in time. So, I thought maybe if I activated Durandal it would protect me. Seems I was right."

"Wait, so Gasper is causing this? What's going on?" Issei was quick to ask.

"It's a terrorist attack." Azazel was quick to answer.

"I feared something like this might happen." Itachi knew it wasn't a secret, there were those of the Three Factions that were opposed to a union of peace. Kokabiel being an example from the Fallen Angels.

Itachi approached the nearest window, and before his eyes were flashes of light spread all over the academy. And the new school building began subtly shaking as if there was an earthquake.

Appearing out of golden portal across the academy, were human-like silhouettes. Dressed in black robes, these figures fired what appeared as magic bullets. Disintegrating all the guards the Faction leaders had brought with them whilst they were frozen in time. Then pikes of rocks popped up across the field, as the only guard left moving outside was Itachi's own teacher and Serafall's Rook, Behemoth.

"Magicians, huh? I was expecting something more impressive." Behemoth, slamming his right foot to the ground, dragging it slightly to the side. Had a giant rock wall pop out from the ground, and flung it to the side dragging various of these magicians with it until it crashed into the barrier walls splattering these attacks upon impact.

"Magicians. They practice a kind of magic that was originally interpreted from the magic system of devils by the legendary magician "Merlin Ambrosius" and reconstructed as sorcery. Unlike the beings from Azarath who practice magic like Trigon's daughter here." Azazel nudging with his chin over to Raven, who sent him a cold glare, clearly not liking being referred to as just Trigon's daughter. "Anyway, judging by the power they are all emitting. They are all around the magic power level of a mid-class devil. Should be easy enough for the Seven Deadly Sins here to handle. And of course, more than easy enough for you two." Azazel looked at Vali and Amon.

"Still, what are they using to make Gasper act out like this? From what I know he cannot control his powers properly, and these magicians should have been affected by his powers as well with their low level of power."

Answering Itachi's question, Azazel quickly began to explain with his vast knowledge of Sacred Gears. "Most likely, they used a Sacred Gear or magic that transfers power on the half-vampire kid's Sacred Gear and forcefully made it go into Balance Breaker state. Although it is only temporary. Still to affect people outside of his field of vision to such lengths… the kid's potential is frightening indeed."

Rias visibly trembled with anger, as a gush of red destructive aura emitted from her. "Gasper has been made into a terrorist weapon at the old school building… I don't know where they got information regarding my servant… Moreover, for them to use his power to disrupt this important meeting! Never have I been insulted to such lengths! I will make them pay!" Rias marched straight for the door, only to be stopped by a hand landing on her shoulder.

Turning her head to face Azazel who tried to stop her. "Now, now, we need to come up with a proper plan before you begin going on a rampage. It could cause your servants dearly if we go in unprepared."

Rias frowned, feeling sick to her stomach over the idea of not rushing to help her darling servant. But she knew Azazel was right, which infuriated her even more. In responds Rias merely brushed Azazel's hand off, although stood in place.

Azazel sighed as with the same hand Rias had brushed off from her shoulder, Azazel summoned a countless number of light spears in the sky outside. And by lowering his hand just slightly, the spears rained down like a storm showering upon these magicians. The terrorists attempted to make protective barriers around themselves, but the spears penetrated their defenses without any difficulty and thus the magicians were eradicated. "Whoops. I forgot Levithan's Rook was out there…" Azazel casually rubbed the back of his head, although didn't seem really bothered by it.

"Mmph! Serafall huffed her head to the side. "As if something like that can take down Behemoth-chan."

And outside, various light spears were stuck in a massive rock dome, and inside was the Earth King Behemoth. "Damned Fallen Angel Governor, nearly giving this old man a heart attack…" Behemoth snarled under his breath.

"D-Did you just singlehandedly end a terrorist attack?" Issei questioned in awe.

"Hah! Yeah right, these were only foot soldiers. The real big bosses have yet to arrive." Azazel revealed, it was obvious that more powerful players would appear considering who is present at this conference. "This school us enveloped in a barrier. But, despite this, they appeared within the barrier. There must be a transfer-use magic circle or a person connecting with a gate to the inside of the premises. Either way, if they increase the effect of Forbidden Balor View even more, even us top dogs will be frozen into place. And then without a doubt they will blow up the entire academy trying to annihilate all of us in the process."

Magic circles once again appeared spread across the school grounds, and more of the same type of magicians kept coming out in greater numbers. "They'll keep appearing no matter how many we knock down, huh?"

"Yes, although judging by their coordinated attacks, the knowledge of the half-vampire kid. I would say we have a traitor in our midst." Azazel said something shocking, yet not something that was unexpected. "I suspect whoever is the big boss will show themselves if we shut ourselves in here for a while."

"So, we're just going to sit by and wait?! While they have Gasper and Koneko captured?!" This did not sit well with Rias, and it was understandable.

"If we go out and rampage, we might just be doing what the enemy wishes. Besides, I'd like to see who the mastermind is behind this attack." Azazel sounded composed so he laid himself back in his chair, waiting this thing out.

"The enemy would appear if us leaders wait it out here. That being said, retrieving Gasper should be our number one priority. If we can send someone past the enemy lines of defenses, and into the old school building which has become the terrorist base. It could work." Sirzechs interjected with his own suggestion.

"That being said, how are we supposed to have someone slip past the enemy? The magicians outside have blocked our teleportation with their magic. They want to make sure we cannot escape and our only option is to fight. So do tell, how are we going to get someone over to the old school building without entering the battle? If we rush in, they might force the kid to speed up his Sacred Gear's powers and we'll all be stuck in place." Azazel once again annihilated the army of magicians outside with a rain of light spears. Although more kept appearing.

"The old school building houses my base of operation the Occult Research Club. It has my remaining unused Rook piece hidden in a safe location." Rias' suggestion instantly struck something in Sirzechs and Itachi.

"I see, Castling, huh. Since they would probably expect you to rush in through the front door to save Gasper. We could use this to catch them off-guard." Sirzechs nodded at Rias' suggestion.

"Eh, what's Castling?" Issei whispered to Kiba.

"Castling is a technique typically used in Rating Games. Rias can use her remaining Rook piece, to instantly switch the locations of the King, being her, and this Rook piece." Kuroka having overheard the question decided to answer.

"Oh! So buchou can transfer over to the old school building in an instant!" Issei looked amazed, as expected of his master.

"However, you will be on your own." Itachi spoke up, although he looked composed one could tell he couldn't help but be a little worried. What if the big enemy boss was in the clubroom and Rias would be walking into a trap?

Rias looked Itachi straight in the eye, not willing to back down with members of her own peerage being in danger. "I can take care of myself. I have to do this." Itachi saw the fiery determination burning in her eyes. She wouldn't back down no matter what he said, that much was clear.

"I do think Rias-chan can manage… However, I also agree with Itachi-kun that it is reckless to go alone. Grayfia, is it possible to transfer more than one person through Castling with my magic system?" Sirzechs looked to his faithful wife, having hopes Itachi or someone could go with Rias in this infiltration.

"Yes, it seems we can only deploy a simple technique ceremony here, but it's possible to transfer Rias ojou-sama and one other." Grayfia already began making preparations.

"Okay, I will-" Before Itachi could volunteer Azazel stopped him.

"Hyoudou Issei should go." Azazel suggested, and was met with a lot of questioning looks. After all, Issei wasn't the strongest player they had to offer. "The half-vampire could possibly gain control, if he drinks the blood of the Welsh Dragon or the Vanishing Dragon. And I doubt any of you would trust Vali to go. It is the strategic option."

"… Yeah, I will go." Issei volunteered. "Gasper is my kuohai. I cannot just sit by and do nothing.

Everyone stood in silence as they took in Issei's brave words. Itachi walked up to him, the height difference for once being visible between them. As Itachi towered a bit over Issei. Issei looked a bit nervous standing under Itachi's gaze, yet he did his best not to let it show. Feeling Itachi's strong firm hand planted on his shoulder, Issei looks a bit in awe as Itachi in an act of trust gave a nod. "Make sure to keep her safe." Itachi whispered under his breath for only Issei to hear, putting his faith and trust in Issei. Issei gave a strong firm nod.

"I am buchou's pawn! I will protect her with my life!" Issei declared honestly, Rias smiling at seeing the determination in her pawn. Training with Itachi really boosted up his confidence.

"But is Issei-kun ready for this?" Kiba asked, clearly concerned for his comrade. Not wishing to lose anyone else like he did to the Holy Sword project.

"Issei has learned to go into his Balance Breaker state for 10 seconds. It may not seem like much, but for those 10 seconds I can with confidence say he becomes stronger than the average High-class Devil. I think even Raiser Phenex would have a hard time fighting against him now. Against these magicians he should be fine." Itachi showed full confidence in Issei's abilities. Kiba and Koneko both looked surprised that Itachi thought Issei was strong enough to fight Raiser Phenex now. But none were as surprised as Issei himself.

"I-I wouldn't know about that…" Issei thought back on the hated Phenex. Raiser wasn't able to show off much against Itachi, as he lost nearly instantly. But still, we were talking about a High-class devil. And not long ago, Issei had even less magic power than a devil kid.

"Ho? Then perhaps we should arrange a match between them one day?" Sirzechs suggested jokingly.

"N-No thank you…" Issei replied in a nervous tone. He wasn't that interested in fighting after all.

"Oi, Sekiryuutei." Azazel called out to Issei.

"My name, is Hyoudou Issei." Issei looked strictly at Azazel, not liking being referred to as the dragon rather than his own person.

"Then, Hyoudou Issei. Take this." Reaching into his breast pocket, Azazel took something out and tossed it to Issei. Issei caught it, and eyed the object. It seemed to be some sort of bracelet, and there were two of them. "Those bracelets have the power to control a Sacred Gear to some degree. Give one to the half-vampire, it should help him control his powers somewhat."

"B-But there are two of them…" Issei looked confused, before quickly realizing the other one must be for him.

"It's for you, with it you should be able to gain greater control of your Boosted Gear. Heck, you might be even able to remain in the Balance Breaker state for a solid minuet."

"Seriously?!" Issei looked amazed, he could be useful to Rias in battle for once.

"However, use it only as a last resort. Since it can't regulate its consumption of stamina. You'll just exhaust yourself wastefully." Azazel warned.

"Got it, I will only use it when I'm in a pinch!"

Azazel wasn't done however. "Remember this well. The current you is a devil that was originally born as a human. Even if one possesses a powerful sacred Gear, it's useless if the host is weak. If your opponent is inexperienced, just sprinkle some of Ddraig's power and you win. However, if you encounter and experienced warrior… They will exploit your biggest weakness. And that is your weak body and inability to master Ddraig's power. My point is, unless you tame Ddraig's immense power, you will die."

From the way Issei reacted, it seemed he was painfully aware of this. Itachi looked to Azazel with a slight amused smirk forming at the corner of his lip. "You know, you are starting to sound like a teacher."

"I am? Well then you mind as well call me Azazel-sensei." Azazel grinned in amusement at the idea, actually it seems like Itachi mentioning this got all the Faction leaders thinking.

"Not going to happen." Rias and Sona both shot Azazel a cold glare.

"… Although, I must admit. Having someone with so much knowledge on Sacred Gears isn't a bad thing. If only that person wasn't Azazel, I imagine we'd all be happy." Azazel felt a jab at his heart from Itachi's cold comment.

"Wow, that stings kid…" Azazel looked with a deadpan expression at the Sitri heir.

"I am ready with the preparations. However, we should keep the enemy outside distracted before they notice what we are plotting." Grayfia's suggestion was met with a nod from Azazel.

"Vali, Amon, go for a little workout why don't you?" Azazel smirked at his two companions.

"Azazel, although I'm not against it… Wouldn't it be easier to just blow up the old school building with the terrorists and the half-vampire?" Vali's suggestion was instantly met with disapproving glances. Rias looked just about ready to jump at Vali and murder him for giving such a suggestion.

"Quit it. At a time like this where we're united in peace… We'll save that option for worst-case scenario only. If we can save a member of the Maou's family, it would greatly benefit us." Azazel instantly shut down the idea, and Vali backed up with a playful smirk.

"Understood." Vali gave a sigh, as the wings of his Sacred Gear unfolded from his back. "Make sure not to overdo it." Vali shot Amon a look, who only solemnly nodded in understanding. Vali unleashed a snow-white aura around his body, which exploded in a form of light.

"Vanishing Dragon! Balance Breaker!" The wings announced, and once the light died down. Vali was seen in his Balance Breaker armor. He had entered Balance Breaker just like that, without any issue. And just like that, Vali and Amon blew a hole in the ceiling and took off into battle.

A shock wave rocked the space around them, as Vali made a sonic boom as he zoomed straight into a group of magicians. Trampling them down into the ground with ease. Amon displayed a light show, eradicating another group of magicians with a mere wave of his arm unleashing a mighty light blast.

More magicians arrived, surrounding both Vali and Amon. Bombarding them with laser magic beams. Like fireworks exploding in the sky around the two warriors. The rapid fire of explosions died down, leaving a black smoke screen. The magicians stood in silence and eyed the smoke. And shooting out was the white hand of Vali, grabbing onto a gasping magician. Squishing her head like a grape in the grasp of his dragon claw like gauntlet.

The magicians backed away fearfully, as both combatants remained unscratched. Holding his hands out, Amon created a bow of light, followed up by a series of light arrows.

Arrows of Judgment

Releasing the string of the bow, Amon unleashed the arrows of light. The arrows whilst mid air splitting up into small light needles. The light needles rained pouring down onto the magicians, gunning them out from the sky.

"Man, what a pair huh? Vali has made Amon his new training partner. That's what they do all day now. Training. Not that I blame Vali, Amon with his light mutation powers makes for an excellent opponent. The kid's ability with light might rival mine and Michael's here." Azazel looked like a boasting parent bragging about his kids.

"Azazel, back to a question from earlier. Why have you been collecting Longinus owners? Don't tell me you intend to kill a God that no longer exists?" Sirzechs asked with a slight hint of sarcasm in his tone.

Azazel merely shook his head. "It's to prepare."

"Prepare?" Michael questioned.

"I said so, right? I won't go to war against you guys. I also won't make war here. However, means of self-defense are necessary. Besides, I never said I was preparing for an attack from you."

"Then?" Sirzechs inquired.

"The Khaos Brigade."

From the looks of it, the name was unknown to everyone in the room, but Azazel. "Khaos Brigade? Is that the name of some organization? Perhaps the one these magicians are from?"

"You are sharp." Azazel commended Itachi. "I wouldn't rule it out, but I'm not sure. I was only confirmed of their name and background recently. My Vice-Governor Shemhazai has also had his eye on this suspiciously acting group from before that. From what he told me. They have gathered a lot of dangerous members from all Three Factions. Even those outside of the smaller factions as well. Some even Sacred Gear possessing humans who all have attained Balance Breaker. I've also managed to confirm a number of Longinus possessors among them."

"And what is their goal?" Michael asked.

"Destruction and mayhem, I think. They are a terrorist group after all. They are all against this world's current state of peace. So, I wouldn't rule these magicians out as members." Azazel shrugged. Seems not even he knows the true extent of this Khaos Brigade's goal. But Itachi knew from his experience with the Akatsuki, there is always a greater goal behind such an organization. Then Azazel's next words, ran Itachi's blood cold. "The organization's leader is the powerful fiendish dragon that even overpowers the Welsh Dragon and Vanishing Dragon."

"… Ophis." Itachi whispered, although his whisper did not escape the ears of the rest in the room.

"That's right." Azazel nodded. Although seemed a bit surprised that Itachi was the first to mention Ophis' name.

"I see, so that person has moved. The Uroboros Dragon Ophis. The dragon feared by God… The one who has kept its reign over the position of the strongest since the world began." Sirzechs' wore a grim expression. The Maou was worried for Itachi, now that they knew what Ophis was doing, leading a terrorist organization. Whatever the Dragon God wanted from Itachi, could not be good. 'No matter who it is, I won't let anyone bring harm upon you, Itachi-kun.' Sirzechs shot Itachi a composed look, appearing as the strong leader he was trying to bring some assurance to Itachi.

Itachi felt uneasy, a fight against Ophis spelled death for anyone within the Supernatural world. It was known that only Great Red could contend with the Dragon God in combat. Even if Itachi were to gain his Mangekyou and all his old abilities, he knew it wouldn't change much against such an opponent. Not only due to a power difference, but because no one alive has witnessed Ophis fight at full power, besides Great Red probably. However, if it were to come to it, even if it would be pointless. He had to try. No matter if it cost him his life, he had to try.

The suddenly, like an echo, an unfamiliar voice filled the room. "Yes, Ophis is the leader of the Khaos Brigade." The blinding light of two magic circles appeared before the hole in the ceiling left by Vali and Amon.

Sirzechs clicked his tongue. "Of course, you would be the masterminds of this attack. Grayfia transfer Issei and Rias, quickly!" Sirzechs ordered.

"Yes!" Grayfia urged Issei and Rias to the corner of the meeting room, and a small magic circle was created on the floor. "Ojou-sama, I wish you the fortunes of battle."

Rias nodded, and cast a look over to Itachi. "Make sure to kick their butts for me." Rias smiled, and Itachi in return gave a small nod. Then Issei and Rias were enveloped in a light and transferred with the use of Castling.

"Good luck…" Itachi uttered under his breath, as he eyed the spot where Rias and Issei vanished from. Then his gaze drifted over to their current threat, as two figures exited the magic circles.

"Prepare, traitors of the devil race, angel and fallen trash… to face oblivion at the hands of the True Maou bloodline!" The boasting voice of a man filled with arrogance, and pride probably only beaten by Harry.

Azazel began laughing at this development, while Sirzechs made a sour expression. Having studied upon devil culture from a very young age, Itachi was very familiar with all Devil crests. And these magic circles, held the crests of the original Levithan and Asmodeus.

Out of the Levithan magic circle, came out a young-looking woman, with a voluptuous figure. Her skin was tan, long brown hair tied into a bun. Her purple violet eyes shining through her glasses. Dressed in a low-cut dress with a large slit that exposed a large portion of her breasts.

And out from the Asmodeus magic circle, came out a young handsome looking man. He had long black hair tied up into a high ponytail and violet eyes. His skin was pale, and his ears were pointy. He was dressed in the clothes fitting of a noble. His clothes were black with dark red belts and motifs. His outfit was topped off with a cape.

"How do you do, current Maou Sirzechs-dono?" The woman greeted Sirzechs in a fearless tone, sounding a little condescending as well.

"Well, well, two descendants from the blood of the previous Levithan and Asmodeus. Katarea Levithan, and Creuserey Asmodeus." Azazel greeted the two with little care or worry.

"What is the meaning of this?" Sirzechs sounded a little threatening at the two descendants of the original Four Maous.

'The four original Maous descendants… After the original Four Maous died during the war, and the Underworld tried to erect new Maous. The descendants of the old resisted to no end, claiming it was their right to assume the position. After the war, the devils used their last power, despite already having been exhausted during the war, to drive off all the families of the hardline old Maous' army to a corner of hell. After that, the new Maou system was established with Sirzechs-sama, Ajuka-sama, Falbium-sama, and nee-san.' Itachi recalled from his history lessons provided by Behemoth-sensei.

Katarea Levithan gave a defiant smile, and huffed her chest out, radiating with confidence. "The members of the old Maou faction have nearly all decided to cooperate with the Khaos Brigade."

"Indeed, and in honor of our new partnership… Ophis has given us permission to exterminate you." The two descendants flashed their intense auras, causing the space around them to tremble. Itachi could feel the pressure, the two of them were no joke, as expected of descendants of the original Levithan and Asmodeus.

"So, it's a feud between the new and old Maou sides that has become full-scale. Devils are also difficult." Azazel smiled as if this wasn't any of his concern.

"Is this an attempt at a coup d'état?" Itachi spoke up. And the two descendants looked at him with sour expressions. As if they were saying how dare he, a mere child speaks to them so casually?

"It is, you cursed brat." Creuserey glared at Itachi. And all Itachi could think was, why was he cursed?

"Don't speak to It-tan that way!" Serafall stood up from her seat, and shrieked at the descendant of the original Asmodeus.

Katarea snarled a bit, as the mere sound of Serafall's voice annoyed her. "We have arrived here with the exact opposite intent of the ideal of this meeting. We've concluded that, since God and the original Maou are gone, this world should be reformed."

"Has Ophis seen that far ahead into the future? Or is it something the two of you have deluded yourself into thinking?" Azazel asked, causing Creuserey to nearly jump in for the attack, had Katarea not stopped him.

"Aside from being a symbol of power, Ophis just bears the position for the sake of gathering power. We've asked for Ophis helps to destroy the world and rebuild it again. We will be the ones to manage the new world." Essentially Azazel's story from earlier was confirmed. Ophis was gathering powers from rebelling members of devils, angels and fallen angels alike. Even other like these magicians.

To this statement, Sirzechs smiled sarcastically. "So, you're a gathering of angel, fallen angel, and devil rebels who want their own world and a new Earth to rule over. And the mediator of that is Uroboros Ophis. How ironic, that you would side with those you consider your enemy…" Sirzechs pointed out, as the Old Maou Faction being against peace, naturally hated Angels and Fallen Angels alike.

"Katarea-chan! Why are you doing such a thing?!" At Serafall's shout, Katarea's expression turned into that of hatred.

"Serafall, how dare you act so shamelessly, as the one who stole the position of Levithan from me! I'm the one who shares blood with the original Levithan! That position should have been mine!" Katarea looked so angry, one would expect foam coming out from her mouth.

"Katarea-chan… I-I!" Serafall backed up a big, looking slightly hurt.

"Don't worry, Serafall. Today, I'll kill you! And retake the title of Maou Levithan for myself! Then, Ophis will become the god of the new world. It's fine if she's just a symbol. The system and laws, the doctrine will be constructed by us! Michael, Azazel, Sirzechs, your era is over!" At her words, Sirzechs, Michael, Serafall, Gabriel, and Baraqiel's faces darkened. "And, we shall have our thrones decorated with your heads-!" Katarea was silenced, as blitzing her field of vision, followed by a quick jabbing pain in her gut. Katarea looked in bewilderment as a spray of blood escaped from her lips.

Creuserey looked in astonishment. It wasn't Sirzechs, Serafall, Azazel, Baraqiel, or even Gabriel and Michael that had attacked his fellow Maou descendant. It was Itachi, having kneed the overconfident Katarea in the gut. A mere insolent High-class devil brat, had blitzed their field of vision and assaulted their gracefulness.

Time itself appeared to have slowed down, as everyone was trying to react to what had just happened. Itachi frowned upon laying eyes on Katarea, and followed up with his assault with a spin kick right into the side of her head, sending her plummeting out from the sky and right into the ground. "You have made two grave mistakes here today…"

Creuserey quickly reacted, rearing his fist back and threw a punch at Itachi. Yet the young Sitri's reaction was on point, as he caught the fist mere inches away from his cheek. With all his strength, Itachi heaved Creuserey into the air, and threw him straight into Katarea who was still picking herself up from the ground. The two descendants rolled on the ground together, groaned as they collectively looked confused as to what just happened. "One, you dared launch an attack with such weak resolve. You couldn't hope to defeat any of these Faction Leaders with your level of power."

Itachi blitzed them again, and landed right before them. His sharingan glowing bright blood red as he looked down on them, like insects growling in the dirt. "Two, you openly threatened my older sister in front of me."

"You impudent little punk, who do you think you are talking to?" Katarea snarled.

"Certainly not a Maou, I can tell you that." At that Creuserey snapped, and at point blank launched a blast attack at Itachi. Leaving a trail of black smoke, that stretched far to the edge of the academy. Yet shooting out, were a pair of hands covered in water, grabbing onto Katarea and Creuserey's faces. Hoisting both in the air, Itachi slammed them into the ground, forming two body shaped craters beneath them. Itachi in a split second, entered his Defense Mode. With water surrounding his entire being like a suit of armor, leaving him without a single scratch from Creuserey's attack.

Itachi quickly diverted back into his normal Touki powered state, the water dispersing from his body. "Oi, Serafall… For a brief moment there, your kid brother's power doubled." Azazel commented, looking very intrigued by this sudden development. "And he is even manhandling Katarea and Creuserey at the same time."

Serafall wasn't paying attention, too much caught up in Itachi's declaration earlier. "Aww, It-tan got overprotective of his Onee-chan! I'm so happy!"

"This can't be happening… A mere child like you!" Katarea snarled, her fingers stretching into tentacle like arms, entrapping Itachi in their grasp and wrapping around him. Katarea returned the favor, hoisting Itachi up into the air, and slamming him hard into the ground. However, she suddenly felt a tug, as Itachi held her tentacle fingers and pulled her in with a mighty heave. Katarea was sent flying towards Itachi, and was met with a fist straight to her face. Her glasses breaking upon impact, and shards of glass spraying into her face. But due to her enhanced devil body, the glass didn't leave a single scratch, not even on her eyes. Although from the punch alone, Katarea's nose was broken, and she was sent flying back to Creuserey whom caught her midair.

"Are you alright, my dear?" Creuserey looked concerned, as Katarea looked with anger. Holding her hand to her bloodied nose, and adjusted her broken nose back into place.

"The brat is mine…!" Katarea declared, enraged. She pulled something out from between her breasts. A bottle containing a small black snake. Quickly before Itachi could counter her, Katarea swallowed the snake in the bottle. And in that instant, the space vibrated intensely, and a wave of power surged through the whole school.

Itachi covered his eyes a bit, as the wind emitting from Katarea grew intense. Her power swelled up, and gave off an ominous aura. In an instant, Katarea closed a power gap between herself and Serafall from what Itachi could feel. And in an instant, Katarea managed to blitz his field of vision, and at lightning speed punched his jaw. Itachi's body reared back a few steps, as a trail of blood ran down from his busted lip.

Itachi wiped the blood from the corner of his lip, looking astonished at how much of a power increase Katarea had gotten. Just what was it that she swallowed?

"I was saving this for Serafall… So, to think, her little brother made me resort into using this so early, is a disgrace. A disgrace you will pay for with your life." Katarera ominously hovered over Itachi, with her ten devil wings stretched out majestically from her back.

Creuserey smiled, thinking Itachi's doom was assured. As he was about to divert his attention to the Faction Leaders, six figures leaped out and landed around him. Kuroka was in the lead, with Raven, Jack and Eto on her left, and Damian and Bob on her right. "Nya, who would like the honor of taking down this punk?" Kuroka asked with a snarky smirk, seeing Creuserey taking it as an insult to his power.

"Please, mere reincarnated cannot hope to challenge me! Step aside unless you wish to die, and go fight the magicians. That is what you foot soldiers are for anyway." Creuserey snarled.

Kiba and Xenovia had also leaped into action, and fought against the magicians as instructed by Grayfia. Esdeath stood with Sona as they watched the battle unfold. "I'm surprised you didn't claim one of them for yourself." Sona commented to Esdeath, referring to Creuserey and Katarea.

"I'm no fool, I know when I am outmatched. And it is safe to say, Creuserey has whatever Katarea used to reach Lady Serafall's level of power. If they didn't have it, it would be a different story." Esdeath replied.

"Ho? I didn't take you as one to shy away from a stronger foe." Sona seemed to be teasing Esdeath with her tone of voice.

"Not at all, I would jump down there and fight them now if I could. I would love to take them on. But, at the same time, I cannot help but wonder what the young master has to offer. That and his little group of misfits." Esdeath eyed the situation with great interest. Wanting to see just how far along had Itachi and his peerage gotten. "And what about you?" Esdeath looked to Sona, who had a rapier sword ready in her grasp.

"I have a feeling more players will arrive that would require my attention. To waste my energy on these magicians would be pointless." Sona boldly declared, to which Esdeath looked with a smirk, a sense of pride filling her chest.

Back on the battlefield, Kuroka eyed Creuserey. "Alright folks, Jack and Raven you two and I will go and help Kiba and Xenovia clear out some of these annoying magicians. Bob, Eto and Damian, you can handle this creep." The group nodded, and Kuroka took off with Jack and Raven and attacked the magicians.

Bob rotated his left shoulder, and flung his Warhammer over his right shoulder. "This guy isn't as strong as Kokabiel. We should be more than enough." Bob declared, as even in only his 16-hour form. He was more than confident he, Damian and Eto were enough to take Creuserey down.

"Yeah, could probably take him on by myself." Damian moved his feet like a boxer, back and forth as he eyed their opponent. His attire different from his usual self, looking rather serious with his hair slicked backwards, and dressed in a butler like outfit.

"He has the blood of one of the original Maous', I wonder how he tastes." Eto licked her lips, and quickly entered her Kakuja form. Creuserey frowned upon the grotesque transformation of Eto.

"Two foolish reincarnated humans, and a filthy half-ghoul dare challenge me? Your insolence knows no bounds." Creuserey flared his aura, he was a descendant of the original Asmodeus, and his power was at the level of a Maou. He was not to be taken lightly. "My power is fueled by my unfathomable hatred towards the New Maou Faction! It is not something scum like you could hope to comprehend!"

Creuserey threw his right arm back, charging up a blast attack. The power of his blast creating a bright purple glint. His wings stretched, preparing to take off. Creuserey shot like a bullet, the shockwave he unleashed went off like a boom. Creuserey was no fool, and quickly went to rid of the greatest threat before him. Appearing before the massive hulk that was Bob, and unleashed the blast at point blank range.

The explosion rocked the massive titan Bob to his very core, as he was sent flying out from a cloud of black smoke and straight into the new school building. The crash making a whole wall collapse. "I have heard of you. You were the reincarnate who defeated Kokabiel. Taking you out first should naturally be my priority." Practically ignoring Eto and Damian, Creuserey powered through and went for Bob.

Charging up yet another blast, Creuserey aimed for Bob although was unable to fire as his arm was restricted. Looking behind him in confusion, he saw what appeared to be wires or strings wrapped around his forearm. And his blast was negated into nothing. "What the?" Before Creuserey could react, he was met with an upper cut strike from Bob that sent him flying. The punch shocked Creuserey's body, to the point where it felt like his very being was vibrating from the pain.

In the skies above, was the monstrous form of Eto's Kakuja. Its jaws open and ready to clamp down onto Creuserey. "Ugh!" Halting himself midflight, Creuserey fired beams out from his eyes towards Eto. Eto's Kakuja's tissue formed a barricade to absorbs the full force of the blast. Eto's Kakuja raised its massive claw and smacked it down onto Creuserey like if he was a fly. Eto wasn't finished however, and used her speed knight ability to catch up to the falling Creuserey. "Thanks for the food~" Eto giggled and aimed to take a chunk out from Creuserey's flesh.

Going on the defense, Creuserey shielded any vital spots although that didn't stop Eto from taking a bite of his arm. The crazed look in her eye, as she tasted the flesh of a blood descendant of Asmodeus was a frightening sight to behold. Creuserey cried out in pain, as Eto mercilessly ripped off a piece of flesh from Creuserey's left forearm.

Creuserey blasted Eto off of him before she could get her seconds, sending the half Ghoul skidding backwards. Eto's Kakuja dissolved itself, and she landed onto the ground gracefully, her body filled with energy. Eto stood there in silence for a few seconds, the sound of her chewing on the piece of Creuserey's flesh in her mouth nagged in Creuserey's ears. His noble flesh had been defiled by a filthy ghoul!

Once Eto swallowed her little snack, a small giggle escaped her lips. Her giggle turned into a light laughter, and later into a maddening laughter befitting of her sanity. With her laughter, her Kakuja exploded to life. Although it looked, different. Instead of the usual red pumping through the veins of her tentacle owl monster form, it was purple. And what was more noticeable, bigger than usual, and it looked far more demonic. Having grown white horns out from the owl head skull. "So, this is the flesh of a Maou?! No wonder you feared my kind! This flesh, so sweet and tender… I want More!" Her tone changed into a more demonic growl.

"You foul creature! I will wipe your kind off the face of the Earth after this!" Creuserey was fuming with anger.

"A little too late for that now, don't you think?" Eto gave her snarky remark, and quickly went in for the attack.

Bob and Damian although slightly disturbed by Eto's behavior, joined in on the attack.

Creuserey collided his fist with Bob's, although naturally the hulking behemoth overpowered Creuserey in a contest of strength. Creuserey added his demonic power to power up the blow. Damian followed with an attempt to depower Creuserey through the use of his strings, giving Bob the upper hand. And Eto went in for a sneak attack from behind, she was never one for fair play after all.

Creuserey however, despite the situation smirked. "Took you long enough." Suddenly the end of a staff smacked into Eto's Kakjua, the force of the staff was so great that the massive hulking dragon sized kakuja form of hers was knocked out of the sky. And Damian's strings were sliced up, a massive blade carrying holy energy having cut through his strings like butter.

And without aid, Creuserey was able to overpower Bob, by smacking his other demonic power infused fist into Bob's face. "Kakakaka! Sorry we took so long, but the boss said she wanted us to stay back for a bit!" A young man with short black hair dressed in ancient Chinese armor that looked to be from the Three Kingdoms period. And in his hands was a golden staff.

And accompanying this man, was another young man. A bespectacled young man with blond hair with a strand of hair across his face. His attire consisted of a simple business suit. And in his grasp, was a sword emitting a Holy aura that put even the Excalibur and Durandal to shame. "We agreed to offer you our aid as it was a request from our Team leader. Don't think that gives you any control over us, Creuserey Asmodeus."

"Who the heck are they?" Damian questioned in shock, especially at that Holy Sword. These guys were dangerous.

"My, my, seems the old Maou have brought some interesting players." Azazel commented from the side. "A descendent of the legendary Monkey King Sun Wukong. And a descendent of the legendary King Arthur, possibly the most famous Holy Sword user of all time."

"Heyoo! My name is Bikou!" The man in the ancient Chinese armor greeted the Fallen Angel Governor.

"I am Arthur Pendragon." The Holy Sword user gave a small polite bow.

"Oi, oi, seriously… Some strange characters like you interfering in my meal?" Eto looked cautious as she analyzed these two newcomers.

"The rumored One-Eyed Owl, Eto Yoshimura. Presumed dead. So, you were reincarnated into a devil?" Arthur revealed showing how much knowledge he had. "Bob the One Punch man. A former boxer said to have defeated every single foe in a single punch. Until he was challenged by a mysterious teenager. And decided to leave showbusiness. Wielder of Storage Magic. And Damian, known as a ruthless former bounty hunter and hitman for the mob. A human trained to his peak condition. Suffers from a form of multi personality disorder. One pathetic aspect of a pervert, and the other of a seasoned and trained killer. Got so greedy he started turning on his employers and hunt them down for local law enforcement for payment. Began thinking himself invincible due to his Sacred Gear Piano String. And his greed, eventually led to the mob taking revenge in the form of killing his wife along with their unborn child."

Damian's eyes widened. His body was trembling in anger. He grinded his teeth at the mentioning of his past. "Shut your fucking mouth!" Damian charged head first into battle against Arthur, although was blown away by a pulse of holy energy from Arthur's sword.

"And after that, his career as a bounty hunter and hitman went downhill. As the trauma from his wife and unborn child's deaths, made him refuse to kill anyone with someone who loved them. Went M.I.A a few years ago." Arthur calmly continued to analyze.

"What are you? A stalker?" Eto asked in a playful tone.

"It pays to know your enemies." Arthur calmly replied.

"Yeah, so which one of you wants to play?" Bikou slammed the edge of his staff to the ground, causing the ground to crack underneath the pressure.

As if in responds to his question, a highly concentrated ball of water blasted into Bikou's face. Knocking back the now drenched descendant of the Monkey King back a few feet. Bikou looks intrigued at this, knowing this was the demonic power of a Sitri. "Don't tell me, that Itachi Sitri already finished Katarea and has come to play?!" Bikou looked very excited for the chance to take on someone like Itachi, although his face turned a bit sour with disappointment. As standing before him was the youngest Sitri, Sona Sitri.

"I will be your opponent, monkey." Sona declared, pointing her rapier sword towards Bikou while standing in an elegant stance.

"My, the little sister wants to fight?" Eto giggled in a teasing tone.

"The ghoul is right. From our intel you are just the average High-class devil." Bikou tapped his staff onto his shoulder looking rather bored. "There is no way you could-" Bikou fell silent as a sudden wave of killer intent washed over him, and Sona's rapier sword flew by his right cheek. Leaving a single bloodied cut on the astonished Bikou's face. 'This girl… She's faster than I thought… I couldn't sense her killing intent until she was up in my face.' Bikou took a short leap back to make some distance.

Sona's looked at the Monkey King with a harsh cold glare, as she went back into her stance. "If I'm so average, why retreat?" Sona smiled.

"Kakakaka! Interesting! Seems our intel was a bit outdated!" Bikou span his staff over his head, entering a stance of his own.

Arthur in the meantime looked to Bob and Eto. "Well, I suppose I should get to work." Readying his blade, he eyed his new opponents.

Damian knew he couldn't touch Arthur as long as he had that sword. So, he redirected his focus, trying to forget the memories of the past for now. And focus on Creuserey who was right in front of him. "I will end this quickly so I can help my friends." Damian declared.

"Heh, foolish human. It will be quick alright. But your death will be slow and painful none the less." Creuserey charged at Damian, his fist reared back with demonic power emitting from it.

Damian enters a martial arts stance, taking a deep breath. Damian counters Creuserey's strike with his forearm pushing into Creuserey's forearm. And then with a quick precise strike jabs his hand into Creuserey's throat. Creuserey backs up, gasping for air. Damian doesn't give him a chance to rest, rushing at the gasping devil and holding his right arm out. His index and middle finger pointing towards Creuserey's chest, and in a quick swift strike gathering his hand into a fist and slamming it upwards into Creuserey's chest. The strike effectively hitting the devil's heart.

Creuserey attempted to summon demonic power, although found himself unable. Not having taken a notice, that Damian with his jab to Creuserey's throat earlier, had attached a string. The same with the strike Damian just delivered to Creuserey's chest. The strings were affectively negating any attempt Creuserey did to summon forth his demonic power.

"Without all that magic power, you are nothing." Damian taunted, as he delivered at blinding speed a series of jabs to Creuserey's body. All precise nerve punches, not only to attach his strings to Creuserey's body, but also to numb his muscles to restrict his movements.

"Damian's movements… you can tell he is a trained killer. I think his strikes might be even more precise and swifter than Jack's." Eto commented.

"I have a rule, never to kill anyone who doesn't deserve it. Unfortunate, that rule does not apply for you." Damian's killing intent was clear, his power was even swelling.

"I see, so the Sin of Greed's power is stronger when he is in his serious killer personality. Seems the painful emotions he is feeling of his past failures, is what fuels his Sacred Gears power." Azazel rubbed his goatee looking fascinated.

Damian delivered a roundhouse kick to Creuserey, knocking one of his teeth out. "Devil, Fallen Angel, human, trash is still trash regardless of race. I have met countless power-hungry scumbags like you, thinking they are at the top of the world." Damian thrusts his palm into Creuserey's chest sending him flying a great length backwards.

"You little reincarnated filth! I will tear you apart! Limb from limb!" Creuserey hissed in anger.

"And when you start losing, you try to boost up your confidence with empty threats. It's all the same. I have heard every line at least a thousand times already. So please spare me with the pointless boasts and bravado, that only serve as a way of stroking your own ego."

Damian's words infuriated Creuserey to no end. How dare he, a mere low-class reincarnate talk to him, who has the blood of one of the original Maou flowing through his veins like that?! Creuserey ripped off all the strings Damian had attached to his flesh with force, leaving several ripples in his body here and there. "Die!" Creuserey roared and charged up a massive blast attack. But Damian remained calm, and just stood there.

"Come on then. Try and kill me." Damian openly challenged.

Creuserey's pupils shrank, and in anger, he unleashed the blast at full power. "Regret mocking an Asmodeus in the afterlife, you reincarnated trash!" The blast was large enough to engulf the entire academy, yet Damian did not even flinch. Damian's senses heightened, as he swiftly moved his arms forming a net of his strings before him and the blast.

Creuserey's blast was negated into nothingness in the face of Damian's strings. And quickly the strings had surrounded Asmodeus completely, and entrapping him in their hold. "Impossible, I can't lose to a reincarnate! I have the blood of a true Maou!" Creuserey snarled, as he was trapped within the bindings of Damian's strings.

The former bounty hunter looking down on the descendant of Asmodeus. "If you had just stayed home, you wouldn't have had to die today… Think on that in the afterlife. Fake Maou." Damian with his available hand, gathered the strings into forming a giant spear tip, overflowing with magical power he had taken from all of Creuserey's attacks.

"Ah, yes, the Piano String Sacred Gear. Able to negate any magical attacks, as long as it isn't double the user's own strength. And take the power of the negated attacks, and absorb them to power up the strings further, making them denser and stronger. The sin of Greed is without a doubt stronger than Kokabiel at this point." Azazel commented, fascinated by Damian's Sacred Gear.

Creuserey snarled in anger, as he glared at Damian, and the giant string made spear tip that was threatening to end his life. "Katarea using it against a pure-blooded devil is one thing, but for me to have to use this against a reincarnate! I will never be able to overcome this humiliation! You shall repent with your life, human!" Out from his sleeve, fell a bottle into Creuserey's hand. He popped the bottle upon, and using telepathy took out a small black snake. Damian trying to seize the snake in his strings, knowing how much of a boost Katarea got from it wasn't about to let Creuserey also get a power increase. However, the snake itself blew away Damian's strings. The snake alone was double his amount of power, just what was that thing?!

Creuserey, then like Katarea swallowed the snake. And then the space around him vibrated intensely, even more so than with Katarea. Creuserey's power was swelling at an alarming rate, and without any effort he freed himself from Damian's strings, blowing them away from his being. "Now vermin…" Creuserey blitzed Damian, and gave him a backhand strike that sent the Sin of Greed plummeting to the ground.

Damian's body skidded in the dirt, dragging up a huge amount of it with him. And then Creuserey landed with his knees into Damian's gut, causing Damian to spit out a spray of blood. Creuserey grabbed onto Damian, and levitated up from the ground.

Creuserey reared his fist back, as he held onto the collar of Damian's shirt. Generating out from Creuserey's elbow was a row of magic circles. The giant magic circle lighting up the battlefield as ten whole layers of magic circle generated a torrent of power into Creuserey's fist. "An insolent human like you… dare sully the great name of Asmodeus." Creuserey threw a punch straight into Damian's face, the sin of Greed was sent flying to the top of the barrier surrounding the academy, causing small cracks to erupt around it.

Damian' spat out a small pool of blood, feeling his ribs breaking from the impact he suffered causing some internal bleeding. Damian fell towards the ground, quickly acting and manipulating his strings into creating a net for him to fall into. Although the net collapsed under the intense power of a Maou's descendent.

Creuserey with his majestic ten devil wings spread ominously with the reflection of the full moon light. His hand stretched out towards Damian, and charging up a blast of energy within the palm of his hand. "The penalty for such insolence, is death."

Damian lies on his back, feeling a burning pain in his chest from his cracked ribs. Yet he managed to pick himself up and stand tall. Readying himself with his strings to catch Creuserey's attack.

"Let's see then, fake Maou…" Damian challenged, with an ice-cold stare at the Maou descendent.

Creuserey looked unamused, his blast illuminating in a fresh purple glow, creating what looked like a blazing sphere at the size of a house. "Die, worm." With the screeching sound similar to a banshee, the blast from Creuserey fired in a massive wave of energy towards Damian.

As the blast engulfed Damian's surroundings, a firm strong fist shot forward to meet it. The academy trembled as if there was an earthquake, and the rumbling grew louder and louder. The fist collided with the wave, meeting a small struggle at first, although the fist powered through. Sending a surge of energy through it, cracks erupting within the blast attack like if it was made of glass. Light shined through the cracks, and then the blast imploded into a brilliant explosion. Damian looked in awe, seeing a massive shadow towering over him.

"Heh, welcome back…" Damian smirked.

Creuserey was left blinded by the smoke from the explosion, although saw a massive human silhouette standing in the smoke. "Luck doesn't seem to be on your side. For your foolishness has led you here, in the face of oblivion." Speaking in a proud boasting masculine tone, and standing tall dressed in nothing but a pair of swimming trunks, a blue apareon, and a chef's hat. And underneath his left arm, he was carrying a golden trophy that was engraved with "Best Chef"

"Who are you? Another arrogant human?" Creuserey glares at this newcomer.

"I am he who stands above all the Factions." The man held his arm up high, pointing his finger to the sky. "I am a member of the Seven Deadly Sins, the Eagle Sin of Pride, Harry Newgate-sama." The Sin of Pride, had returned, although fashionably late. After all, all heroes arrive at the last minute.

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Mr. Haziq: Let's see, so far Gabriel sees Itachi as a miracle child. And Amon, well he has lost everything.

merendinoemiliano: Thanks!

razmire: Indeed.

Hiruka Lucifer: I am leaning towards that option yes.

leblanq: That's good to hear, but I am pleased with what I have done so far I must say.

Confused: Omg! XD

Guest: Him not having his original powers makes him OC? How does that make any sense?

Guest: Here you go!

Guest: Sorry, but Shisui ain't appearing in this story.

Peter: I can guarantee you the number will be around 10.

yahska: Dude, you need to chill. The fact that he was able to do anything to a being like Trigon, one of the strongest beings in all of DC, is a feat in itself, vessel or not.

Yotsuba Tatsuya: Don't worry, more scenes of that level are coming. I just had Akeno jumpstart the whole thing, and when the other girls notice they will get more aggressive as well in their flirtations and advancements towards Itachi.

FailedKeikaku: They don't call it a Sacred Gear, they are wondering if it is. Itachi's sharingan at this point is something the Devil world has never seen before. They even deduced it couldn't be a Sacred Gear due to Itachi being a devil, but they can't help but wonder the realm of possibilities. As rare things can happen.

Guest: In what way is this like Shazam? I am really curious to know.

MorriganAensland: I do, but I thought vampire had a better ring to it. I don't know. But in the serious they all keep addressing Gasper as half-vampire and not Dhampir.

TravisTouchdown: You actually intrigued me with the idea of Bob and Rossweisse. Think I'm gonna go for it. Things with Ophis can still change, even though she is frightening now XD

Guest: Not for you, okay.

lord matt the god: Are these suggestions for Serafall's peerage? Or something else?

Guest: Here you go!

AuraRasengan: I can understand some of your arguments here, but I still stand by to keep that fight as it is.