Chapter 36: Back to Kyoto!

Today was the day of the school field trip for the second-year students. Having gathered at the bullet train station, Kuroka stood there pouting while holding onto Itachi's sleeve. "Don't pout, just enjoy the trip with your classmates." Itachi sweat dropped as Kuroka continued to pout.

"I don't wanna. I want to stay with you captain." Kuroka mumbled as she held tightly onto Itachi's sleeve. Whilst also casting a dangerous glare at Rias and Akeno who both were beaming with smiles, excited at the lack of competition around for a few days. "Come with me, captain~" Kuroka put on a cutesy look, wiggling her hips back and forth, and her breasts jiggling a bit loosely within her uniform showing she wasn't wearing a bra. "Just use some magic, to make the others think you are a second-year student~ And then we can have fun in a hotel room together, nya~"

"… Kuroka, that would be unethical. Besides us third years have career day." Itachi sighed at how stubborn Kuroka was. They would only be apart for a week. Besides, even if Itachi didn't really have a career goal in mind, Behemoth was acting as counselor so that the students that were devils could tell him their extravagant career goals. Itachi could imagine how Behemoth-sensei would react if he didn't show up, the old man was nearly as overprotective as Serafall was.

"Why do you care? You will just be the head of the Sitri family. Now just hop into my suitcase and we will be on our way. Raven, shrink the captain so he can fit in my suitcase. Oh! Or better yet, shrink him so he can fit in-between my boobs." Kuroka continued to spit ball some outlandish ideas to get Itachi with her on the trip to Kyoto.

'Sitri head… huh?' Itachi looked with a thoughtful expression, visibly looking discomforted at the idea.

"It's Rachel Roth in public, Kuroka. And don't trouble Itachi." Raven sighed and pulled Kuroka back by the ear. Raven stood ready with her suitcase. Itachi suspected that Raven was actually a bit excited for this trip. Despite her monotone voice, and stoic expression. Itachi could read her like an open book. Both were experts in not showing emotions, and thus had no issue reading the other's feelings.

"Fine, Rachel Goth or whatever." Kuroka sighed as she was dragged along with Raven, who lightly groaned at Kuroka teasing.

"Don't forget these." Itachi handed the two of them a pass of sorts. This pass was required for devils to freely travel to highly spiritual powered places like Kyoto. With all their temples and shrines normally being taboo for devils. But with this pass they could walk through Kyoto and its many temples during their trip, without causing any issues. "And here is one for you." Itachi handed a third pass over to Bob.

Bob sighed, in his 8-hour form he accepted the pass. "I don't get it, why did I get stuck with babysitting?"

"Serafall is having a conference talk with the local Youkai. And Esdeath is busy with the rest of Serafall's peerage hunting for Khaos Brigade outposts. And Behemoth, well he is the counselor of Kuoh academy and required to be present at career day. Your job will be to make sure the peace talk goes smoothly." Itachi went over the task that had been entrusted to Bob.

"… Why can't Kuroka and Raven do it?" Bob groaned, it sounded troublesome to the Grizzly Sin of Sloth.

"Because they are to enjoy their field trip. Not work." Itachi replied.

"Plus, out of the rest of us, you drew the shortest straw." Damian in the background taunted as he, Harry, Eto, and Jack all held up long straws. Bob begrudgingly took his bag, and went aboard the train while mumbling something that could only be described as Bob cussing out Damian.

"There you are! Everyone else is already seated, now as an assistant teacher set a proper example! Stand up straight!" The real reason Bob didn't want to go became evident, Rossweisse immediately started bossing him around. Ever since becoming a member of Rias' peerage, Rossweisse had also taken a job as a teacher at Kuoh Academy. And along with Azazel were the two teachers responsible for this trip. Rossweisse seemed however to be especially harsh towards Bob. Some suspected the harsh treatment was because Bob had become the official wielder of the Mjolnir Replica. Being a replica of one of the holiest relics from Rossweisse's home, the former Valkyrie seemed determined to make Bob a proper wielder of the hammer.

Meanwhile, like a concerned mother Rias went over the stuff with her servants. "Do you have everything? Handkerchiefs? Tissues? Enough money?" Rias was very invested in making sure little Asia had everything she needed.

"Yes, Rias Onee-sama!" Asia beamed with a bright smile, she seemed to be very happy that Rias cared so much for her.

"Xenovia? Issei? Kiba? Do you guys remember to pack everything? You didn't just stuff things into your bags, did you? Make sure to place things properly if you want room for souvenirs." Rias handed them all their passes, while still fussing over some stuff.

"You know, they are not children, right?" Itachi put his hand on Rias' shoulder, who was starting to look overly motherly. Made Itachi wonder how much fuss Rias would make if it were their actual children that were going on the trip. Itachi imagined a lot more crying would be involved.

"I know, but still one can never be too careful." Rias truly viewed her own servants as her younger siblings. Itachi smiled and pulled Rias close to him.

"You heard your mother kids. Make sure not to talk with strangers, alright?" Itachi lightly joked with his dry humor, making Rias pout a bit.

"Nya, I wouldn't mind calling you daddy~" Kuroka purred like a kitten at Itachi. Well, he walked right into that one.

"Ara, would make me the mistress, wouldn't it?" Akeno came up behind Itachi, stroking her hand underneath his chin. Itachi kept a calm and composed expression, even though they were in a public place which was a tad embarrassing.

"Mmh!" Kuroka pouts and walks straight up to Itachi, her gaze focused onto his lips as he is saying something to Akeno. "Hey captain!" Kuroka gains Itachi's attention and pulls him by the collar, standing on her toes as she plants a kiss onto a surprised Itachi's lips.

Itachi looks stunned, Rias looks in shock and Akeno lets out a surprised giggle. "Seems we pushed Kuroka-chan's jealousy a tad bit far over the edge."

Kuroka doesn't let go right away however, in fact she drops her bag and jumps onto Itachi. Holding onto his waist with her legs wrapped around them, and her arms wrapped around the back of his head. Kuroka breaths heavily, her eyes slightly open and her cheeks flushed red. She looks with lust, as she sucks on Itachi's tongue. This aggressive kiss made Itachi even look to be in a daze, having been a little caught off guard. Kuroka is however yanked off, by a pouting Koneko. Kuroka seeing her pouting little sister let out a nervous chuckle. "Whoops, got a bit carried away there. Nya, sorry captain just needed to mark my territory." Kuroka licked her lips as she lustfully eyed the stunned Itachi.

"Y-Yeah, well… off you go." Itachi traces his fingers across his lips, picking up some saliva from Kuroka stuck around his lips. And as such, Rias, Akeno and even little Koneko looked bothered.

Without any further delay, the second-year students went onboard the train and departed. Itachi and the rest stood by and waved at them as the bullet train took off. Itachi was still in somewhat of a daze from Kuroka's kiss. "Well, that was a pleasant surprise." Itachi mumbled to himself, which instantly triggered something in Rias, Akeno and Koneko. Rias was quick to pull Itachi into a kiss, and before he could even say anything Akeno followed up not wanting to be left behind. Itachi looks to be in more of a daze, even more so when Koneko yanks him down and plants a small kiss on his cheek. Itachi is so surprised. It feels like his head is spinning. "What is up with everyone today?" He mumbles to himself.

"If you are done flirting. You should head for the academy." Eto mentioned, stretching her arms as she headed on back home to work on her book.

"Yeah, I got my janitor job to get to. I've already been late twice this week." Damian was quick to also rush, taking flight to the sky with his Devil bat wings.

"Indeed, and I need to start preparing the most splendid lunch you brats tastebuds have yet to taste." Harry as well had to rush for his job at the school cafeteria.

"Mommy, Jack wants a piggyback ride." Jack jumped onto Itachi's back, resting her chin onto the top of Itachi's head.

"Alright, alright, we better go. Sona will scowl at us if we are late." Unlike Itachi and Rias, Sona was far too diligent of a student to ruin her perfect attendance. So, she had seen off her own peerage members, who were going on the trip earlier this morning back home.

The bullet train soared past the city boarder, and was soaring by the country side. Bob sighed as he looked out the window. Dressed in a leather jacket with a white V-neck shirt underneath. Added with his muscular build and tough demeanor, made him seem intimidating to the Kuoh Academy students, who thought he was some delinquent. At first that is. The students looked in awe, as their latest silver haired northern European beauty of a teacher, Rossweisse stared intently at Bob. Rossweisse may be brand new to teaching, but already she had captured the hearts of her students. The boys thinking, she was a knockout beauty, and thanked the Gods that such a beauty had become their teacher. The girls adored her, despite Rossweisse being strict she was also quite a klutz. On her first day of introduction to the class, she had written her name in some strange language none of them recognized. Before Azazel-sensei corrected her, and flustered at her own mistake she profusely apologized and re-wrote her name in perfect Kanji.

And now, said beauty of a teacher was scolding Bob on his posture. Bob's cheeks flushed red, having Rossweisse talk to him like this with all the students watching in awe had him flustered from embarrassment. Hearing some of the female student's giggle at his predicament, Bob twitched his brow and slumped into his seat. Not knowing, that the female students were beginning to see his charm, and that he had already made himself a small fan club. "Don't ignore me when I am talking to you. I can't believe you were chosen by Mjolnir. It doesn't make any sense." Rossweisse huffed, she was determined to make Bob a warrior deserving of such a hammer. Luckily none of the students around them knew what Mjolnir was, so they just assumed it was a fellow acquaintance of both Bob and Rossweisse.

"Shut up already. I swear, if you didn't have that pole up your ass maybe you would actually be able to find a boyfriend." Bob threw back, hitting Rossweisse where he knew it hurt. The former Valkyrie puffed her cheeks and looked with a flustered face and teary eyes.

"S-Shut up you big brute! Who are you to tell me to get a boyfriend, idiot! Get run over by the train already brutish fiend!" Rossweisse fumbled a bit with her words, and Bob instantly got up from his seat looking ticked off.

"Huh?! You wanna go?! Man or woman, it doesn't matter I hit anyone that deserves it!" Bob butted heads with Rossweisse, as sparks flew between them.

"Hah, violence as expected of a mere brute! You have no tact! No brains! Only big strong muscles…" Rossweisse paused as her hand was suddenly feeling up Bob's muscles. Realizing this, Rossweisse quickly pulled away. "Idiot! Big dummy!"

"I would say "are you a kid" but knowing how old you are I feel that would be redundant!" Bob threw back, and now something in Rossweisse cracked as her body looked as stiff as a statue. Suddenly a fist clashed straight onto the top of Bob's head, knocking him off his chair and to the floor. "Hah, hypocritical much?! You are just as much of a brute as me!" Bob picked his head up, with blood trickling over his forehead.

"You! You drive me crazy!" Rossweisse's cheeks were bright red as she glared down at Bob. Both having completely forgotten their surroundings, until Azazel-sensei coughed.

"Rossweisse-sensei, Bob-kun… we're on a train." Azazel pointed out, and instantly Rossweisse blushed with embarrassment.

"I'm so sorry everyone! This big brute and I caused such a scene!" A flustered Rossweisse profusely bowed her head apologetically to her students, who were enjoying the show. And some had their hearts skip a beat over seeing Rossweisse get all flustered.

"Seriously, had I not put a protective spell on this train it would have broken in two back there…" Azazel mumbled in a whisper tone, as he yanked Bob up by the ear. "Try and not argue with the former Valkyrie, alright big guy?"

"She started it…" Bob groaned.

"What are you? A kid?" Azazel retorted at hearing Bob's excuse.

"S-Sorry…" Bob said sounding flustered.

"Ah! Cheer up big guy!" Azazel slapped Bob on his back as they all returned to their seats. "Hey, I have a surprise just for you when we get to Kyoto." Azazel revealed causing Bob to raise a brow.

"A surprise? For me?" Bob looked a bit caught off guard. Azazel and him weren't really chummy, and this felt more like the type of thing Azazel would do for Itachi or Issei.

"Yeah, for you." Azazel ruffled Bob's hair, and then proceeded to lean back into his seat without saying another word on the matter.

"Hmph, maybe it is someone to help you with your attitude problem." Rossweisse huffed in her seat.

"My attitude problem? Lady, you got a lot of nerve…" Bob's eyebrows twitched, this lady was driving him crazy.

"You are one to talk…" Rossweisse pouted, saying it in such a weak and quiet voice that Bob looked caught off guard. "Talking about my lack of boyfriends… and daring to assume I am too old. I will have you know I am still young." Rossweisse's cheeks were flushed in a shade of crimson, and her blue eyes glistening.

Bob fell into silence as he stared at Rossweisse in awe for a moment. "… Yeah, you are." Bob mumbled out loud, and instantly he held his tongue. 'Shit, did I really just say that out loud?!' Feeling the panic, Bob nearly stood up from his seat.

"Well… thank you." Rossweisse's cheeks turned redder, and she couldn't even bear to look Bob in the eye. 'Don't look at me with those googly eyes… makes me feel weird.' Rossweisse thought to herself, feeling like curling up into a ball. "By the way, where is the Mjolnir replica?" Rossweisse whispered so the students wouldn't hear.

"Mjol Jr. is right here." Bob mumbled and pointed to a chained necklace around his neck, carrying a small ornament hammer that was the shrunken Mjolnir replica.

"I see… that's good." Rossweisse found herself intently starring at Bob's neck. The white V-neck shirt was tightly fit onto his body, showing the lines of his muscles and chest. "Make sure not to lose it." Rossweisse mumbled, her gaze falling off and back onto Bob every now and then.

"Yeah…" Bob mumbled as he looked out the window. His cheeks lightly flustered, as Bob hid away his face behind his hand. Even the tiny shrunken Mjolnir replica pulsed and glowed in a bright shade of pink.

This fluffy atmosphere, topped with the necklace most assumed was a gift from Rossweisse to Bob, had the students further in awe. 'So cute!' Several students thought, and it was at this moment. A few of the female students came up with a plan, to aid their virgin teacher in hooking a certain thuggish looking man named Bob. And amongst these students, were Murayama and Katase, who were one of the lucky few to know of the supernatural.

Seated up front were Matsuda and Motohama, behind them were Kiba and Saji. In the seats next to theirs were Asia and Aika, then Xenovia and Irina. Tsubasa was seated next to Tomoe a bit further back, with Momo and Reya sitting across from them. Murayama and Katase sat on the seats next to the student council members, and were the closest to the regular humans currently observing Bob and Rossweisse bicker. Raven or rather Rachel sat with Kuroka. Raven taking the time to read a book, while Kuroka looked bored and blew some bubblegum bubbles. Issei in the meantime sat by himself, in a two-seater behind Kiba and Saji.

For once in his life, Issei could say with certainty he wasn't thinking about oppai. As he looked out the window and seeing the landscape soar by his eyes. All Issei could see were the fiery landscapes of Muspelheim. Back then against Loki, he had been able to use Juggernaut Drive thanks to Vali lending him one of Ophis' snakes. That was the power of Ddraig, his power. 'If I could only use it to protect Asia, Xenovia, Buchou and everyone… without losing my lifespan. Shit, Vali has it easy. Damn natural talent.'

"I'm glad to see you jealous about power for once, rather than that Sitri brat having his little harem." Ddraig spoke within Issei's mind.

'Don't get me thinking about that… it still fucking bites!' Issei felt like crying internally at being reminded of Itachi's harem. Damn that pretty boy, it was his dream to have a harem not Itachi's. So why?! 'Hey, Ddraig… is it possible to you know achieve the power of Juggernaut Drive in some other way?'

"Well, I would say you being reincarnated into a Devil has already offered you some options. Like the thing you do when you mix your Pawn Promotion ability with your Balance Breaker." Ddraig said, referring to the recent Rating Game they had against the Student Council where Issei used his new move to beat Saji.

'Yeah, but I can only promote to a Knight, Bishop or a Rook with that ability. No matter how hard I tried in training with old man Tannin, and Damian-senpai… I never seemed to be able to promote the armor with Queen.' Issei sighed. He had worked hard to get to his current level. Yet he still felt far out of reach from his goal. It didn't help, that beings like Vali and Itachi existed. Vali could effortlessly use Juggernaut Drive without losing his lifespan by substituting his enormous demonic power. And then there was Itachi-senpai, who seemed to have twice the amount of talent as Vali, and was even able to defeat a God like Loki. A being even Issei, Vali, Saji and old man Tannin working together could not defeat. Then there were the rest of the Sins, all who seemed to be effortlessly on the same level as Rias, and some even above that. They were all reincarnated like he was, were they not? And Issei is even supposed to have one of the 13 Longinus, some of the most broken Sacred Gears there is. Issei sighed as without a doubt, the level of experience and skills each of the Sins had far exceeded his own after all.

Issei was so caught up in his thoughts, he didn't notice Xenovia had seated herself next to him. Only when she gently blew into his ear, which caused him to jump in shock did he notice. "Xenovia?" Issei looked flustered, and Xenovia just giggled at him.

"I have to hand it to Akeno-senpai. Her tricks work quite well." Xenovia said, Akeno having taught her some seduction moves.

"Hehehe, well what's up?" Issei nervously scratched his cheek. He was a little self-conscious around Xenovia, Asia and Irina. Ever since Rias claimed that he had attracted himself the attention of the church trio.

"I wanted to tell you something." Xenovia revealed and changed her look from playful, to serious. "This time, I do not have Durandal with me. I am unarmed."

She just confessed something incredible here, she didn't bring her weapon, was this true?! "Really? Why didn't you bring Durandal?"

"Yes, after our game against the Student Council… alchemists from the Orthodox Church approached me. They claimed they had discovered a way to suppress the destructive aura of Durandal without diminishing its holy power. Hence, Durandal has been sent to them via channels from Heaven. I don't blame them… I am supposed to be the wielder of Durandal. Yet I am unable to suppress its destructive force, and lost to Tsubaki Shinra during the Rating Game. And even Kiba Yuuto was able to effortlessly use Durandal far better than me. Not once, did he unwillingly release the destructive force of the blade in his battle against Tsubaki Shinra. Perhaps I would be better off dead, and leave the sword to Kiba Yuuto."

"Don't say that. I think you are a splendid Knight. Heck, I am the wielder of the Boosted Gear yet I hardly understand how it works sometimes." Issei attempted to cheer up the self-doubting Xenovia. "But hey, I will lend you Ascalon during this trip. That way you won't be unarmed."

Xenovia lightly smiled at having Issei try and cheer her up, it made her quite happy. "Thank you, I will make sure to return it upon your request." Xenovia gratefully accepted, she stood up to return to her own seat, but before going she gave Issei a kiss on the cheek. "That's thanks for trying to cheer me up." Xenovia smiled as she saw the flustered expression of Issei.

"Y-Yeah… don't mention it." Issei held his hand onto his cheek where Xenovia had kissed him.

During most of the trip, Issei discussed with Kiba and the rest of their schedules. And if they could meet up someplace during the trip. It was decided that upon the third day of the trip, they would be able to schedule a meet up so they all could hang out. Rachel and Kuroka seemed less interested in such things, and Kuroka mentioned how she was going to buy some souvenirs for both Itachi and Koneko.

Issei in the meantime for the remainder of the trip went into a deep meditation like state. Dwelling his subconscious within the Balance Breaker, trying to speak to the previous wielders spirits that still haunted at the core of the Balance Breaker. People who had attempted conquest, and reach a tyrannic standing of power in the world. But all failed, as Juggernaut Drive consumed their lifespans. And there were righteous people as well, who had used Ddraig's power to fight for people. But sadly, also met their end, either at the hands of the Hakuryuukou, or at the hands of another Longinus wielder. Or some other exceptional entity. Issei was mainly able to communicate with two former wielders, those that achieved greatness. The strongest male and female wielder of the Boosted Gear. Belzard and Elsha. Elsha had handed Issei a box, containing the hidden potential all former wielders failed to reach. But when Issei opened it, he was forced back awake and the contents of the box had flown away.

Kuroka looked away from the window of the train, and began browsing through her phone's gallery. "Hehe." Kuroka smiled happily as she scrolled through pictures of Koneko. Pictures of her little sister eating snacks, sleeping, doing exercises, of Koneko trying on various casual cute outfits that she ends up being too embarrassed to wear. Then Kuroka gained a smug grin, as she scrolled through pictures, she had of Koneko looking Itachi's way. Seeing the shy looking Koneko looking at Itachi, trying to find ways to approach him. 'Kya, Shirone is so precious. Don't worry, Onee-chan will ensure Itachi-sama notices more of your charm. That way we all can be together forever~' Kuroka thought.

Raven looked at Kuroka with a raised brow. 'I can't be bothered…' Raven rolled her eyes and returned to her book. Feeling a slight mental pull, she opened a small portal where she heard the light whimpers of the Hydra. "Shh." Raven shushed as she summoned forth prime beef and sent it down the portal for the Hydra to feast on.

"Hehe…" Kuroka's face flushed slight red, as she had gotten to the second part of her gallery. Pictures of Itachi, drenched in sweat after a long training session, when he sleeps. Selfies Kuroka had taken while lying next to a sleeping Itachi. Then came some spicier pictures, of Itachi freshly getting out of the shower wearing nothing but a towel.

Raven's eyes wandering to Kuroka as she let out more strange light sounds, Raven widened her eyes seeing the half-naked pictures of Itachi on Kuroka's phone. Raven's usual pale face turned slight red. Before she would react even more, Raven placed her book onto Kuroka's phone blocking the image. "Huh?" Kuroka surprised by this looks to Raven, who is glaring at her with her cheeks slight red. "Heh." Kuroka gains a smug smirk as she looks at the flustered Raven. "Turned you on, didn't it?" Kuroka teased, to which Raven flustered looked away and hid her face behind her book.

"We can't get to Kyoto sooner…" Raven groaned not wanting to hear Kuroka tease her the rest of the way.

While the second-year students had their field trip, the third-year students had career day at the academy. They were to go around and visit booths from various college fields, to broaden their horizons and decide on a career path for the future.

And as such, Itachi was in the middle of talking to the guidance counselor, Behemoth. In regards to his career path. Behemoth the moment Itachi walked in the door, went from strict looking to a happy proud grandpa like figure. "Young master, you need not say a thing. I shall just put Maou as your future aspiration. I'm sure Lady Serafall will be pleased to hear that."

Itachi looked with a lighthearted smile at his old mentor. "Sorry, Behemoth-sensei. But I have no desire of becoming a Maou. I don't really… care much for Underworld politics.

As such Behemoth slumps into his seat, one can even make out the pouty lip he made underneath his bushy white beard. "Young master, with your potential, choosing not to become the next Maou is just wasteful. You would certainly strive the Underworld into a new era."

"I am thankful that you hold me in such high regard, Behemoth-sensei. But it's just not for me." Itachi looks somewhat apologetic as he felt like he was crushing some dream of Behemoth.

"Well… I suppose I can understand you wanting to be the Sitri head instead." Behemoth sighed, although at hearing this Itachi falls into a deep silence.

Itachi is in deep thought, tuning out the rest of what Behemoth was saying. Then Itachi decides to ask. "What if I don't want to become clan head?" At hearing Itachi ask this question Behemoth looks with a raised brow.

"Well… those are your options. Of course, as clan head you are free to pursue any other passion projects you may have. Like your father with his various hospitals in the Underworld. He balances that quite well with the financial work of the Sitri household as well as political dealings."

"Well, I have no desire of being clan head either. In fact, I was hoping to relinquish this position to Sona in the future." Itachi revealed and at hearing this Behemoth went from confused to baffled.

"Young master, pardon me for asking. But have you even given any thought as to what you would like to do with your life?" At this question, Itachi looks down and sighs as he realized he didn't have any particular career goal in mind.

"No, other than becoming stronger to protect my loved ones… and bringing about an era of peace, stopping Khaos Brigade. I guess I haven't really given the rest of the future any much thought." Truth be told, Itachi had kind of half expected to die in his efforts of bringing peace. Especially when facing entities like Ophis. "Now that I think about it, I don't know what I want to do with my life. I just know, it doesn't involve the position of Maou or dealing with the political world of High-class Devils."

Behemoth falls into silence. He rubs his beard as he looks at his priced student. Who for once looked clueless to what the answer was. After all, for most it wasn't an easy question to answer. What do you want to do in life?

"Sorry, Behemoth-sensei… but can I go for a walk to think on this matter?" Itachi asks, feeling that if he just sat here, he would never reach the answer.

"Of course, young master. Remember, my door is always open." Behemoth allowed Itachi to take a stroll around the academy.

Itachi walks out from the school building, seeing many booths set up by college students in various fields of study around the gymnasium. Itachi walks by the various booths, seeing fields of economics, science, mathematics and various others. All that could lead to a good job in the future. But being a High-Class Devil, Itachi was rich beyond the wildest of dreams. So, he really had no need for a good paying job. What he wanted, was to do something that he felt was worthwhile. Something he was good at. Which is why, Itachi didn't find any of these fields of study to be appropriate to him. When it comes down to it, Itachi is a Shinobi through and through. All he knows is how to fight war, assassination, espionage, lying. Heh, maybe he would make a good politician.

But recently with the girls, Itachi has seen another path. A path of love and relationships. Opportunities he never knew existed for him before. Itachi spotted Rias, Akeno, Sona and Tsubaki having a conversation. From the looks of it, they had also been talking with Behemoth-sensei. Only difference was that it appeared as if they had their lives figured out.

"Hey." Itachi greeted them as he approached, and instantly Rias and Akeno's faces lit up.

"Itachi, there you are." All of them gathered around him. "Did you have your talk with Behemoth-sensei yet?" Rias asked.

"… Yeah. You guys too I assume?" Itachi looked amongst them and was met with nods.

"Yeah, I told him I wanted to be a Rating Game champion. But other than that, I will continue to pursue a study of finances and business analysis to better help support the Gremory family when I take over." Rias revealed her aspiration.

"I will also be studying finances. But I will mostly focus on becoming a teacher for my Rating Game school." Sona as well had her own aspirations.

"I will also be studying to one day become a teacher at Sona's academy." Tsubaki revealed.

"Honestly, I think I will try and continue to tend to shrines like my mother did. Other than that, I am content with being your lover, Itachi." Akeno revealed as she hugged onto Itachi's arm. "And Rias' as well~"

Rias gave a nervous chuckle, her eye and brow lightly twitching at Akeno's aspirations. Well, Rias felt Akeno was free to pursue whatever she wished. "Well yeah, what about you, Itachi?"

"Well… all I really want is to enjoy a peaceful life. Personally, I don't think there is a field of study I wish to pursue." Itachi reveals, and they all seem to relatively accept his answer well enough.

"Heh, well if you want, I can be your sugar mommy, should you marry into the Gremory family." Rias teased and lightly giggled as she kissed Itachi on the cheek.

"I don't want you to spoil onii-sama to the point where he becomes a worthless person. But speaking of marrying into households… Do you even want to be the Sitri clan head, onii-sama?" Sona knew very well how Itachi felt about the political world of the Underworld.

"No, I don't really have any desire of becoming clan head. Frankly, I do not know what I want to do with my life. Once upon a time, I may have wanted to be something like a Maou. But now, I think that is not for me either." Itachi says this of course in referring to how he wanted to become Hokage once in his past life. Become the strongest Shinobi in history and force about an era of peace by uniting everyone with his power.

"Well, if you want. There is always room for teachers at my Rating Game school." Sona suggested, finding it to be quite the intriguing idea. Her brother was a genius after all, academic wise and combat wise.

"If not, you can always start a passion project to work on when you marry into the Gremory family." Rias suggested, both suggestions lightened Itachi's mood up slightly as he smiled.

"Thank you for the offer, but I shall take a few more moments to think on this. If you would excuse me." Itachi decided to continue his walk around campus. As he left the girls behind, Rias, Akeno, Sona and Tsubaki all shared a concerned look for Itachi.

As Itachi walks around campus, he comes across the main gates where he sees Damian in an altercation with a local police officer. Damian was talking to officer Kosuke, a police officer who has frequently arrested Damian due to his public inappropriate culture speeches. "What now?" Itachi sighs and decides to see if he can help his peerage member out.

"Ah, Itachi." Damian greets Itachi as he sees him approach.

"Officer, what has Damian done this time?" At hearing Itachi ask this, Kosuke laughs it off.

"Oh, no it is nothing like that. Damian hasn't done anything. We were just talking." Officer Kosuke reveals to which Itachi lets out a sigh of relief.

"Hey, what type of guy do you think I am?!" Damian seems slight hurt at Itachi assuming he was in trouble.

"A troublesome idiot." Both Itachi and Kosuke answer at the same time.

"That's just cruel man…" Damian slumps his body forward, looking somewhat depressed. Although his mood takes a quick change. "Office Kosuke here is visiting the academy of the behalf of the Police Academy. He is here to spread out flyers to anyone who would have any interest in joining the force."

"Yeah, but so far… I haven't really had much luck." Kosuke sighs, holding a whole bunch of flyers under his left arm. It was to be expected, Kuoh academy was largely populated by female students after all. They weren't exactly likely to have any desire to join the Police force.

"How many have you handed out so far?" Itachi asks.

"So far… six. I have been standing here for two hours." Kosuke sighed, although Kosuke then perked up as he noticed the student uniform on Itachi. "Would you like one?" Kosuke smiled and offered a flyer to Itachi. "A strapping young lad like yourself would make a fine addition."

"Hehe, I'm not quite sure he would-" Damian nervously chuckled, he didn't want to dash Kosuke's hopes but Itachi was a High-class Devil after all. Likely not to accept.

"I will take one." Itachi however surprises both Damian and Kosuke as he accepts the flyer.

Looking over the flyer, Itachi is hit with a sudden sense of nostalgia. Remembering when he was piggybacking Sasuke after a shuriken training session. On their way back home, they walked by the Police Force building. Itachi remembered how his father Fugaku Uchiha was the Police Chief. How Sasuke declared he wanted to be a member of the Force when he grew up, just like their father. And Sasuke also asking Itachi if he would join the force. But due to the current clan situations, Itachi didn't think such a job would be possible for him at the time and said no. 'It takes the most skilled of Shinobi… to root out the criminal element amongst their own.' Itachi repeated the same words he had said to Sasuke all those years ago, and smiled.

"Sorry, I have to run. Goodbye." Itachi parts ways with Damian and Officer Kosuke.

Itachi rushes straight back to Behemoth's office, and opens the door startling his former mentor. "Behemoth-sensei, I have decided on what I want to be. I am going to become a Police Officer for the Kuoh Police Department." Itachi reveals as he shows the flyer to Behemoth.

Behemoth is flabbergasted. "B-But young master… are you certain? This would mean you would need to commute from the Underworld to the Human world."

"I will relinquish my title as Sitri head over to Sona when the time comes. And I will just move to the human world and continue to live here in this town." At this revelation Behemoth's jaw hits the floor. His priced student, the most talented apprentice he has ever had doesn't want to become Maou, clan head, or even do anything to benefit the Devil hierarchy society. Instead, he wants to work as a police officer in the human world.

Behemoth groans, and slams his head into his desk. Falling into a sense of depression. "But you will visit your old master, won't you?" Behemoth looked like a lonely grandpa about to be left alone by his beloved grandson.

"Well, if I marry Rias I kind of have to go to the Underworld from time to time. So of course, I will visit. I am grateful for everything you have done for me over the years, Behemoth-sensei." Itachi out of respect, bows to his mentor.

Behemoth sniffs, and gets teary eyed. "Young master…" Behemoth sniffs as his eyes sparkle with tears. 'I wonder how Esdeath will take the news… moreover I wonder how lady Serafall will take the news. Oh boy, I feel like I am going to get scolded.' Behemoth then sighs once more, as he felt he could expect an earful from both Serafall and Esdeath not stopping Itachi from wanting to live in the human world.

"Well, if you will excuse me, Behemoth-sensei. I will go and find Sona and the rest to tell them of my decision." Itachi without as much another word, rushes out from Behemoth's office.

Rias, Sona, Akeno, Tsubaki had met up with Koneko who was done with her classes. "Itachi, did you consider my proposal?" Rias asked, whether she was referring to the sugar mommy thing or the other was unknown.

"Well… no. But I did find out what I want to do." Itachi reveals, and they could tell how serious he was. Seeing as he was smiling so brightly, looking genuinely happy with his decision. Itachi then shows them the flyer. "I am going to join the Kuoh Police Academy. I have decided to work as a Police officer in Kuoh Police Department." At hearing this Itachi was met with mixed surprised reactions.

"A… Police officer?" Rias asks, her eyes widened in surprise. Rias was so surprised she actually wondered if she heard Itachi right.

"But, onii-sama… what about the Sitri family? Are you just going to commute from the Underworld to the human world every day?" Sona asked.

"About that, I plan on living in the human world. And as for the position of Sitri head, I will relinquish it to you, Sona. When the time is right of course, father still has a few years left in him after all." Itachi reveals and Sona is further shocked.

"R-Really? Well, it certainly would make my dream of the Rating Game school easier… I would have access to more finances. Yes, I approve of your decision full heartedly." Sona was quick to show support for Itachi's decision.

"I also support you fully, Itachi. I don't care where we are, as long as we are together." Akeno revealed.

"Hmm, police officer, huh?" Koneko looked to be pondering on the idea herself. "Could arrest a lot of perverts… and if Onee-sama steps out of line… interesting." Koneko thought as she licked her lollipop.

"Well, I must say I am surprised. But I don't disapprove. But, where does that leave us?" Rias asks looking kind of worried, if she were to become head of the Gremory family she would need to be in the Underworld.

"Well… I was going to ask you to live with me. I'm confident no matter what issues arises, we can figure them out, together." Itachi said as he took Rias' hand. Hearing Itachi say these words made Rias very happy, she was smiling and nearly even felt like crying.

"Well, I do love Japan. So, maybe moving here for good wouldn't be such a bad idea." Rias giggles as she embraces Itachi in a hug. "No matter where, as long as you are by my side. I feel like everything is going to be okay."

And with that, career day came to a close. In the meantime, the second-year students had arrived at Kyoto. "It's Kyoto!" The enthusiastic students declared as they exited the train onto the station.

Kuroka and Raven didn't seem that enthusiastic however, Kuroka while blowing pink bubble gum, seemed more enthusiastic in browsing through pictures of Itachi.

"Oppai… Oppai…" A man came up behind Kuroka, his hands making grabbing motions as he moved them closer towards Kuroka's chest.

"Kuroka-chan! It's a pervert!" A female student tried to warn, but without the need as she sensed the man's presence, Kuroka elbowed the pervert on top of his head making him collapse.

The students looked in awe, as Kuroka casually walked with Raven. "Ah, I miss Itachi already…" Kuroka sighed, she wanted Itachi to be here groping her from behind.

Raven pinched the bridge of her nose, almost as if she read Kuroka's mind. "I don't even want to know what you are thinking." Raven groaned and walked on ahead.

"Ah, wait up Rachel, we're supposed to be in a group, remember?" Kuroka pouted that Raven tried to take off without her.

"Yes, along with us." Murayama and Katase were careful in their approach to Kuroka, who seemed nonchalant about their presence.

"Huh, oh right. Groups of four." Kuroka gave them a quick glance, showing no interest as she continued walking on. Murayama and Katase twitched their brows in slight annoyance and followed the nekomata.

"K-Kuroka-chan… we talked about some sites to visit. And Rachel-chan gave her input, but you still haven't." Katase said to Kuroka who seemed slightly annoyed by their presence.

"I don't care. Just take me some place with souvenirs. I need to get Itachi and Shirone something special." Kuroka's lack of interest in their mere presence alone was infuriating to the point where Murayama had enough of it.

"What's your deal? We haven't even done anything to you." Murayama told Kuroka off, she carried a strict tone but with a low tone so none of the other students would hear.

"Well duh, not like you two could do anything to me either. You are just boring to me, that's all." Kuroka told them off as she left them standing there like statues.

"Don't mind her." Raven appeared behind Murayama and Katase, her sudden presence making them jump in fright.

"Rachel-chan, you scarred us." Katase pouted.

"Ah, sorry about that." Raven apologized in a monotone voice. It didn't make her sound sincere at all, even though she genuinely was. "Kuroka is just what you would call a tsundere when it comes to showing her emotions." Raven said loud enough for Kuroka to hear, whose body jolted at the comment. Kuroka shakingly turned around to face them with a deadly glare.

"Huh? What did you say about me?" Kuroka's glare made both Murayama and Katase shiver in fear and cower behind Raven. Kuroka went up to Raven's face. "What part of me is tsundere exactly?!"

"Well, although you enjoy teasing Itachi and Koneko. When they show affection back, you turn into mush. That and even though you care about the rest of our group, you treat them coldly like a cat usually does, even though you secretly love us." Raven was quite straightforward in her answer, Kuroka's personality nearly mirrored that of an average household cat. It liked showing affection, but when shown affection back they would sometimes scurry off. Kuroka like a cat, would laze around the house and eat.

"Why you little!" Kuroka looked to be fuming, feeling insulted.

"Case in point." Raven tiptoed to get to Kuroka's eye level and gave a light kiss on her cheek. Kuroka looked flustered and backed away looking slightly creeped out.

"What the hell?! You creep!" Kuroka's face was red, and Murayama and Katase looked in awe at Raven's prowess at reading people.

"Trust me, I only did that to prove my point." Raven said in a monotone voice. "You can't handle others showing you affection. But you enjoy showing others affection through teasing."

"Argh! Fine! Whatever…" Kuroka pouted and turned away from Raven and the others.

The students all arrived at a local hotel, that was owned by the Gremory family, as it was named "Kyoto Sirzechs Hotel" and looked to be extremely high-class.

"Amazing, is it really okay for mere second-year high school students to live in this expensive hotel?" Matsuda and Motohama looked in awe like all the other students.

"What kind of name is Sirzechs anyway?" Aika asked with a raised brow.

"Sirzechs Lucifer-sama is Rias Onee-sama's older brother." Asia revealed to her friend who flinched.

"Wait… the crimson haired princess and her family owns this hotel?" Aika shakingly pointed.

"Yeah, but compared to the various Gremory estates. It is rather small and lackluster in comparison." Xenovia revealed which further shocked Aika, Matsuda, Motohama, Murayama and Katase. They were told the castle they were brought to after the Diodora incident was just one of many houses owned by the Gremory family.

As they entered the lobby, Rossweisse quickly tried to catch the attention of her students. "Now I have done some research on Kyoto." Rossweisse handed out maps, with some areas circled in a red marker. "These are various 100 Yen stores around Kyoto, that are close to our hotel. If you need anything, please go there. You can never be too careful with your pocket money. If you start being a big spender during your student years, you will grow into an unreliable adult. Money is what makes the world flow. If you buy everything you want, sooner or later you are going to run out of money. 100 Yen stores are Japan's greatest treasure!" Rossweisse showed off her cheap side, and greedy side. Money really was a big deal for her, it was what made her become a reincarnated Devil after all. Half the students weren't even listening, still too in awe over the hotel.

"Blah, blah, spending a few bucks on your favorite things and restaurants won't hurt. Remember kids, if you spend too little in life. You will be a known cheapskate who can't even get yourself a date." Bob jumped in with his own take, and did so with a knowing grin.

"That was an indirect jab at me, wasn't it?! It was! Wasn't it?!" Rossweisse looked like she was just about ready to strangle the life out of Bob. "I may be a virgin, but at least my financial life is secure!" Rossweisse held her tongue, and looked with a flustered face as she gazed out onto her students. The boys looked ecstatic that their foreign beauty of a teacher was untouched by another man. The girls were in awe, and found Rossweisse's ditzy clueless personality to be endearing.

"Hehe, peace." Bob smirked holding his hands up into a peace sign, as a showing of victory. Even though he may also be a virgin, at least the students didn't know.

"What are you so proud of? Last time I checked you're also still a virgin." Kuroka pointed out without any shame or care. And instantly Bob's body froze, and he turned his back sitting in a fetal position. Some wondering how Kuroka came to possess such information.

'Well, out of the Sins only Harry and Damian have sexual experience with the opposite sex. So, you're not one to talk.' Raven told Kuroka through mental telepathy.

'Heh, well I have some experience.' Kuroka had a smug look on her face, remembering her recent moment in the bath with Itachi. 'Besides, I'm only saying it to help. Those two virgins are a perfect match for each other.' Kuroka replied through the telepathy link, as she looked at the flustered Bob and Rossweisse. 'And that big idiot is the best when it comes to sabotaging himself. What's he thinking now anyway?' Kuroka looked at Raven, as she established a mental link with Bob.

'It is hard dammit! Growing up your whole life with such monstrous strength that you scare away any women makes your romance life hard dammit!' Bob thought as he cried a bit on the inside. Even though Bob doesn't realize he was quite popular with the opposite sex, especially those that admired muscly men. But due to his own mentality that he was a freak of nature, is what had dampened his love life.

Raven and Kuroka both sweat dropped, and then Raven looked over to Rossweisse and established a mental link with her as well. 'I'm so stupid! Stupid! Me and my big mouth! That big oaf made me blurt out something so outlandish to my students! But… he is a virgin too, huh? And being the wielder of the replica of Mjolnir, he is bound to have prosperous future. Heh, his flustered face is quite cute… I wonder how he would look on his knees, holding onto my thigh as he slowly kisses his way down. His hot breath tickling against me, as he is about to lick my-' Raven and Kuroka hearing the rest of that train of thought from Rossweisse, had the two girls blush a bit. Despite being a virgin, Rossweisse certainly had quite the dirty mind.

Kuroka and Raven further sweat dropped, and then Bob's thoughts came in. 'Why did Kuroka have to say that? I was having fun teasing Rossweisse… when her face goes red, she looks hella cute. And when she yells at me, it really stirs something within me. Huh, maybe those nuns scolding me all those years at the orphanage really did have an effect on me. I can just imagine her carrying that fiery passion in the bedroom as well.' Kuroka and Raven with deadpan expressions sweat dropped even more. It was a good thing Bob and Rossweisse couldn't hear each other's thoughts.

'You pair of degenerates.' Raven and Kuroka thought simultaneously, which made Bob and Rossweisse both jolt looking even more flustered. Even though the two of them couldn't hear each other's thoughts, they certainly could hear Raven and Kuroka's.

'D-D-Don't just read my private thoughts! It's not what you think! Please don't tell him!' Rossweisse frantically thought through the telepathic link between her, Kuroka and Raven.

'Hey I'm a guy! I have urges just like everyone else! I have seen the looks you give Itachi every time he as much bends over to pick something up! So, don't you two dare and judge me!' Bob gave them a totally different reaction on the other hand.

Ignoring Bob's rant, Kuroka and Raven exchanged a look. "See what I mean?" Kuroka pointed out to Raven.

"… Yes." Raven groaned slightly, as Bob's rant got to her a bit. 'I wasn't looking at anything.' Raven threw back through the telepathic link.

'Don't you dare lie! I have seen how your eyes wander from your book to look at Itachi's butt!' Bob accused which caused Raven to lightly blush, unleashing enough power to make a lamp from the ceiling of the lobby fall onto Bob's head.

'Heh, no need to be shy girl.' Kuroka looks smug as she glances at Raven. 'I have some good shots of Itachi's firm butt on my phone, if you wanna see.' Kuroka offered causing Raven's face to go into a deeper shade of crimson.

As everyone was assigned their rooms, Azazel put his hand on Bob's shoulder. "Come with me, the surprise I have is waiting for you."

"Uh, Azazel… I only have an hour left in my current form. Can it wait until I have gotten some sleep?" Bob pointed out as he was running out of time in his ripped muscly form.

"It can't, besides, I was told to bring you in that scrawny form of yours anyway." Azazel revealed as he slapped Bob on his upper back.

"The hell? Why would anyone need me in my weakest form for? Unless this was some trap to kill me." Bob gave Azazel a dirty look, and Azazel looked hurt by the accusation.

"Do you really think I would do that? Come on, we're on the same side here. Trust me a little, would ya?" Bob still glared at Azazel. He wasn't fully willing to trust Azazel. "Anyone told ya, you look as cold as Itachi with that look of yours? Come on." Azazel had enough and just dragged Bob with him.

Whilst Azazel took Bob away for some secret meeting, Rossweisse and the other teachers present began handing out room keys to the students. Issei, Matsuda and Motohama were given a room. So were Asia, Xenovia, Irina, Aika. And Kuroka, Raven, Murayama and Katase. Kiba, Saji, Tomoe, Tsubasa, Momo, Reya was also given a room, Kiba and Saji had to share with two other random male students to meet the room quota of at least 3 to 4 residents. Yet despite it all, the entire group found themselves gathered into one room. "So, why are all these fuckers in our room?" Kuroka groaned while chewing on a poky stick, she had really looked forward to resting in bed and lazing around.

Gathered around, seated on chairs or the floor were Issei, Matsuda, Motohama, Asia, Xenovia, Irina, Aika, Kiba, Saji, Tomoe, Tsubasa, Momo and Reya. While Kuroka like Raven, Murayama and Katase were seated in their beds.

"Well, we sort of need to establish a base of operation. In case something happens on this trip. We took a vote, and it was decided that Bob's room was to be our base. But he's not here, so we decided to come here. Where two other members of the Sins are." Kiba tried to explain it, although sweated a bit over how shitty they had been taking this vote without Bob's input.

"… Okay, but why are the other humans here?" Kuroka pointed at Aika, Matsuda and Motohama. Kuroka realized why Murayama and Katase were here, seeing as they shared this room with them.

"Well, we kinda want to know more about… devil life." Motohama and Matsuda were desperately trying to hide their true intentions. Being in this room with so many hot looking babes was a dream come true! Although they were also a bit curious to what kind of adventures Issei has now as a Devil, and what the life of a Devil is like.

"So, fuck discussing plans and skip straight to storytelling? I'm good with that." Kuroka yawned as she laid down onto her bed, she really wasn't in the mood for anything like a briefing. "What you lot wanna know?"

The five humans each exchanged a look, and mentally came to an agreement. "How did you all become devils? Do you guys go on adventures and stuff? And why did you become devils in the first place?" Kuroka and Raven both looked with stern expressions in responds to those questions.

"Umm, well… Issei, Asia and Xenovia have basically told us they were all killed at one point… and that Gremory-senpai reincarnated them into Devils afterwards. But what about you?" Motohama sensing the heavy atmosphere on the subject, tried to ease it by revealing what they knew of Issei, Asia and Xenovia. All had been killed by Fallen Angels. For Issei and Asia, it was Raynare, and for Xenovia it was a stray blast from Amon.

"My sister and I were born poor, we're Nekomata hybrids. This shitty old devil dude took us in, and started experimenting on me in his quest to create Super Devils. When he wanted to experiment on Shirone, I killed him. I was branded a Stray Devil, called an insane beast and power-hungry monster, and became a wanted fugitive in the Underworld. Then in the middle of the night, in a forest, he came like a valiant prince. Itachi-sama proved my innocence, he took full responsibility for me regardless of how much it hurt is reputation. He fixed my broken relationship with Shirone, or Koneko as you know her. We don't go on adventures, we do job requests, kill Stray Devils, and sometimes have to fight high leveled supernatural beings. I became a Devil because of a shitty situation. And I only continued to remain one, thanks to the love and kindness from Itachi-sama. And that's it." Kuroka quickly summarized her life story, feeling some pity glances her way. Kuroka huffed and laid down underneath the covers of her bed.

Raven sighed as she supposed she was next. "Mom was a young foolish cultist. Did the bride of Satan ritual. Out comes demon dad, he rapes mom, I am born. Mom took me away to a group of sorcerers known as Azarath. Feeling different from everyone, I searched for knowledge of my origin. Accidently summoned my prick of a dad to Azarath, dad killed mom and all the other inhabitants. Took me to Purgatory. I lived in that hellish realm for a good portion of my life. Broke out, Kuroka here and the others found me. My father followed, and tried to destroy the whole world. Itachi and everyone else teamed up to fight my father. In the end we beat him, and with nowhere else to go, Itachi offered me a home and I took it. End of story." Raven had to summarize it, if she were to keep a stoic and emotionless face through it. She feared she would get emotional talking about how Itachi risked his life and was put near death fighting Trigon to protect her.

"Wow… even I didn't know…" Issei mumbled in awe at hearing the stories of Kuroka and Raven. Even if he had heard bits of the battle against Raven's father, that was about it. Asia, Xenovia and Irina as well were shocked as this was their first time hearing this as well.

After a series of storytelling from everyone else, several were left emotional at hearing Kiba's story. Even Matsuda and Motohama apologized for having cursed him to death for being a pretty boy. In the end, Matsuda, Motohama, Aika, Murayama and Katase looked at Issei. "… I know what you all are thinking. My story is the worst of the bunch." Issei sulked and lowered his head. Having randomly accepted the confession of a girl he had just met, and then later been killed by said girl. Sure, some didn't have the same brutal fate as he did. But he was the dumb one to get himself into such a situation.

"Nah bro, you saw them titties and you went for it. Any of us would have brother." Matsuda comforted his sulking friend with pats on the back, while Motohama nodded. And the rest looked in bewilderment.

"So… one does not have to die, to be reincarnated?" Aika asked having reached that conclusion from hearing everyone's stories.

"That is correct." Momo acknowledged, being one herself who got reincarnated upon her own request to Sona.

"And these… "Evil Pieces" as you call them is what turned you into devils?" Aika came with a follow up question, having brought forth a chessboard that she had found in the room. "And each piece is based off a chess piece."

"Pretty much, yes." Kiba affirmed.

"We Angels use a deck of playing cards instead! Like me, I am Lord Michael's Ace!" Irina posed proudly with her Angelic wings.

"But you don't remain like servants for eternity or some shit like that, right?" Aika seemed really interested in the workings of reincarnation. "You get to work yourself up the ranks?"

"Yes! And then we can get servants of our own!" Issei declared with star flashing eyes, his hands making groping motions as he imagined all the women he would have in his future peerage.

"And that's how you plan to become Harem King… is that right?" Matsuda and Motohama asked with their faces darkened, as they held their heads low. Their tone of voices carrying a heavy seriousness to them. Both perverts then grind their teeth in envy. "Bastard! Hey! Why can't we be reincarnated into devils?!" The two perverts crowd Issei for answers.

Issei in responds backs up a bit, and nervously rubs the back of his head not sure how to break this to his friends without offending them. "Well, uh, you guys just… don't have anything… special to offer a devil. Like me with my Boosted Gear. Besides, Buchou has no more pieces anyway. And neither does Itachi-senpai."

At the insinuation, the two perverts blew up with rage in Issei's face. "We don't want Itachi as a master! And how dare you take 8 pawn pieces?! Couldn't you have saved some for the rest of us?!"

Issei desperately trying to get out of this situation, suddenly remembers the third high-class devil of their academy. "But Sona Kaichou has some pieces left if I remember correctly…" At getting shoved under the buss like that, Saji, Momo, Reya, Tsubasa and Tomoe all gaped in shock at Issei.

Matsuda and Motohama begin imagining themselves surrounded by the beautiful girls of the Student Council. Of course, there is Saji. Who like Issei has a ridiculous overpowered Dragon Sacred Gear. As Matsuda and Motohama are wiggling over to Saji about to ask how many pieces Sona has left, they were beat to it by the girls.

"So, how many pieces does she have left?" Aika asked Momo.

Hesitantly Momo answers. "Sona Kaichou has one Rook, one Knight and three Pawns left." Doing the math, the five humans realized there was one piece for each of them at least.

"Saji! My good man!" Motohama clapped Saji on the back, as he and Matsuda both carried fake friendly grins. "Would you mind putting in a good word to Kaichou for us?"

Saji however sighs at their attempt. "Look, Kaichou is a very strict person. And talentless people like you wouldn't even register on her radar."

"Well, I wouldn't say that for all of them. Aika Kiryuu seems to have some latent magic talent from what I can sense." Momo hummed as she and Reya both felt the hidden magic talent within Aika.

"Sometimes magic talent isn't enough, you know?" Kuroka said from her bed, she and Raven had of course also sensed the magical talent in Aika long ago.

"Well, yes, but it is something." Reya acknowledged.

"And I want to be of some help. So go on, talk to you master about it." Aika said in a slight demanding tone.

"Kiryuu-san, I'm not so sure about this…" Asia said sounding concerned, she knew what kind of life Aika would be throwing herself into. What danger awaited. Asia had little choice in being reincarnated, she was already dead when it happened. Aika had a choice.

"Well, if Kaichou won't accept us. We'll just have to wait for when one of you lot graduates and gets a peerage of your own." Aika pointed out, she knew from all these talks she had options in the pick of a future master.

And upon mentioning this, Matsuda, Motohama, Murayama and Katase all instantly realized that fact as well. "We want to be in Kiba's!" Murayama and Katase both jumped Kiba and hugged him. Kiba nervously smiled and chuckled.

"Oh dear… I'm flattered girls. Although I'm not sure about getting a peerage. Not until I have repaid my debt to Rias." They couldn't even be mad at Kiba's declaration, especially since he said it in such a gentle manner.

"In that case we wish to either be a part of Akeno-senpai or Kuroka's peerage!" Matsuda and Motohama passionately declared, but Kuroka snorted at them.

"Sorry, I have no interest in getting a peerage. I will be staying Itachi's Queen and have his babies." Once again being reminded how Kuroka's heart, like many others belong to Itachi. Matsuda and Motohama cry tears of blood jealousy at hearing this.

"I feel you, I'm super jealous as well." Issei shares the pain of his two companions. Although is then pinched in the cheek by a pouting Asia. Irina also looks at him a little annoyed.

Xenovia on the other hand seems carefree, and casually brings out a pack of condoms. "If you'd like, I could cheer you up with my body, Issei." Xenovia casually offered.

"X-Xenovia… now's not a good time." Issei sweated as he felt the judging glares around him.

"Bastard!" Matsuda and Motohama grab Issei by the collars, crying tears of blood.

Breaking the tension, was Raven who sighed and closed her book. "It's better if none of you get involved. In fact, I stand by that we should have erased your memories of the Diodora incident."

At this, Aika seemed to take offence. "Asia risks her life like that all the time, right? Then why can't we-"

"Because we have powers and you don't. Simple as that." Raven effortlessly and quickly shut down Aika's argument. Aika, Matsuda, Motohama, Murayama and Katase all had a look that acknowledged this fact. They didn't have a Sacred Gear or a special ability like the rest. "You all saw Issei in his Juggernaut Drive. How much destructive power he displayed? And Issei isn't even the strongest in our group. We have a Crimson haired Princess with enough demonic power to destroy all of Kuoh several times over in an instant. A Student Council President with the power to flood an entire town under levels of sea water. A stoic devil prince so powerful, he fought and defeated the two Legendary Heavenly Dragons, and even a God. Battles that could potentially destroy an entire country, a continent, the world. Youkai, Demons, Fallen Angels, Dragons. There is no way, normal humans without any special talents or traits could possibly survive in such a world. In truth, I can't comprehend why anyone would want this life. Due to my own powers, if I show the tiniest bit of emotion, I risk my powers running wild. My father is basically evil incarnate. I can't show my feelings towards the man I love." Raven finished her little rant, even if it did sound like her usual monotone self.

Everyone looks somewhat sympathetic for Raven. Even Aika realizes she went over the line. Deciding to change the mood, Aika put on a smug expression. "Ne, Rachel-chan… the one you love is Itachi-senpai, right?" At this Raven's face turns a bit red, and in responds Kuroka's bed is flung into the ceiling with Kuroka on it.

"Don't… do… that." Kuroka's muffled pained cries came from the bed as it was lowered back down. Kuroka groaned, awake and looked with an annoyed expression as she had a bruise on her forehead.

Raven having calmed down, flinched as she heard Aika giggle from her reaction. "I knew it~"

"So, Itachi-senpai… really has a harem?" Murayama and Katase looked a bit disappointed with their image of Itachi shattered.

"Well, not official. But yeah, a harem is slowly but surely being formed." Kuroka smirked rubbing her hands together, as if things were going according to plan.

"Kuroka, you know Itachi isn't the type for a harem." Raven points out, but Kuroka just shrugs.

"It is the norm in High-class Devil society due to the low birthrate. That and his devil biology says otherwise. He just needs a little… convincing." Kuroka lifts up her own chest with a mischievous grin on her face. Raven's face suddenly flushed red. "You read my mind, right? Nice image huh?" Kuroka gave a knowing smirk, as she had thought of her private moment with Itachi in the bath. Raven groaned and without another word, she launched Kuroka back into the ceiling, this time on purpose. While the rest were left baffled and wondered what Kuroka showed Raven through their minds.

In the meantime, Azazel and Bob were taking a long walk up a series of stone stairs leading to a temple. "How… much… further?" Bob, in the short time period had been reduced back to his petite form, and was sweaty and out of breath climbing these stairs.

"Not much further. I promise you. It is worth it." There Azazel went again with his cryptic answer. It was the same answer he told Bob like fifteen minutes ago, and here they still were.

"It better be worth it…" Bob grumbled and continued to climb.

"We're here." Azazel announced as they reached the top.

"Huh?" Bob as he took the last step to the top, collapsed on the stone floor with his sweat forming a small puddle. "I feel like… falling asleep." Bob groaned, although his eyes were prevented from closing as he saw a pair of feet land before him. Bob from curiosity glanced up at the figure over him, and elderly women in her early sixties from the looks of it. Although she was in great shape. Her hair was in a slight shade of grey, and curly.

"Welcome Bob, I've been expecting you." The woman greeted, with a light smirk.

"Bob, this is Lin. She is a known Kung Fu master. And the previous owner of Storage Magic." Azazel introduced, and at the last part Bob's eyes lit with curiosity as he gazed on Lin in awe. "As a favor to me, she has agreed to train you in the use of Storage Magic. Ain't that neat?" Azazel yanked Bob up from floor, making him stand on his own two feet.

"The previous owner… wait, I thought a new Storage Magic wielder only appeared once every century. How are you even alive?" Bob found himself asking, and as an answer white feathered angelic wings emerged from Lin's back.

"You are correct Bob. Once every century, Storage Magic is passed down to another, regardless if the current owner is still alive or not. In my case, I had been reincarnated into Lady Gabriel's Brave Saints as her Jack of Hearts around my prime. So, I've been alive and well ever since." Lin smiled while ruffling Bob's hair.

"Well, good luck to you two. I have other students to attend to." Azazel went on his way back to the other students, his whistling tunes fading away as he walked back down the stone stairs.

Bob now left alone with Lin, looked unsure as what to do. "So… what? I take a quick nap, and we do some exercises?" Bob asked nervously.

Lin lightly giggled at his suggestion. "Nap? Now what would be the point of such training? I seek to train that current body of yours."

At this Bob was astonished. "What? But… this is me at my weakest!"

"Precisely why we must train you from here." Lin threw back with enthusiasm. "And with that walk up those stairs, I would say you are already warmed up, right?"

"Well… kinda tired out more likely." Bob panted, the fatigue catching up to him.

"You will need to train your body as it is. Storage Magic won't always be around, you will need to train your own body to sustain itself in combat. And prepare for a time, when Storage Magic will pass from your body, to the next." Lin's lecture did make sense, Bob in this moment had to acknowledge the day would come when Storage Magic wouldn't be his anymore.

"But what was all that Azazel said about teaching me to use Storage Magic?" Bob remembered what the Governor of the Fallen Angels had said before he departed.

"That will come later. First, we start training your weak body." Lin declared much to Bob's displeasure.

For the next hours, Bob was forced to carry a heavy boulder up the stairs to the temple. He had to do pushups while Lin sat by slurping noodles. He had to do squats while holding a bamboo stick on his back with each side holding a heavy stone wheel. Bob nearly felt like passing out from all this exercise.

"Alright, time for some mental training." Lin declares as she looks at Bob laying on the ground in a pool of his own sweat.

"M-Mental training? My body is aching here…" Bob panted.

"Which is why we switch to mental training. We're going to be meditating." Lin says as she sits in a lotus position before Bob.

"Meditating? How will that help me?" Bob groaned as he sat in a lotus position as well.

"Tell me Bob, what is the greatest weakness of Storage Magic?" Lin asks Bob who looked slightly caught off guard at the question.

"Umm… it takes a lot of time to charge up?" Bob was a bit reluctant to answer, afraid that he would sound stupid.

"Indeed. The greatest weakness of Storage Magic, is all the time required to sleep in order to reach your strongest form. And that is where meditation comes in, sort of like a cheat code." Lin slyly winked.

"A cheat code?" Bob questioned with a raised brow.

"Meditation is a great substitute technique to use Storage Magic. I discovered it as I was close to losing Storage Magic unfortunately, so I wasn't able to reach my full potential. But you, have a great deal of time left." Lin revealed.

"Wait… so you couldn't reach the 23-hour form through meditation? Is that the full potential you are talking about?" Bob found himself curious to Lin's claims.

"No, what I am about to teach you. Is how to achieve the next level after the 23-hour form. A form that should make you ten times stronger than all of the original Four Maou combined, for a total of 10 minutes." Lin revealed which astonished Bob to hear. He had never thought there to be a stage after the 23-hour form.

"Wait, but how? Once 24-hours have passed I am forced to revert back to my weak form!" Bob pointed out. How could there possibly be a form beyond the 23-hour form?

"Easy, you gain this through sleep mimic meditation. By doing this, you are tricking your inner clock which is limited to only 23-hours before the gathered power depletes. By doing this, you will gather energy at a much higher rate than ever before, making you able to access a form like for example your 23-hour form in less than a minute. This technique will push your body to new levels of power, and enable you to reach a form with double the result of your 23-hour form in a minuets time of meditation. However, it does come at a cost." Lin revealed and thus Bob's smile fell. He had hoped to gain such a super powered form and being able to use it constantly.

"What is the cost?" Bob asked feeling slight fearful.

"After one usage of this form. You will be unable to gather any energy from either meditation or regular sleep, for three full days after using it. In other words, you will be in your weakest form for three full days. Hence also why, we need to train your body for the future." Lin reveals another reason as to why she was putting Bob through this excessive strength training in his petite form.

"Okay… so, how exactly do I achieve this new form? I've never exactly meditated before." Bob asked.

"In order to meditate, you need to be in a calm state of mind to the point where your heart rate slows down, and stops for a full minute. Free from thought. Doing this, your body will gather the energy around you at a rapid rate. And you will be able to reach this new form, which I have dubbed "Power Nap". Pretty nifty, right?" Bob lightly cringed at the name of the form, and lightly let out an awkward chuckle.

"Well… let us begin. And once we are done meditating. We shall have a sparring match, where you shall try and hit me." Lin instructed, and thus began meditating. Bob in a hurry and a little nervous closed his eyes and rested his hands onto his lap.

'Okay Bob… you can do this. Just stay calm… empty your mind… and relax. You can do this. You can do this.' Bob continued to think, although was quick to realize the flaws of this mental encouragement. He couldn't empty his mind of thoughts. 'Well shit.' Bob mentally groaned.

After a failed session of meditation, they began sparring. And Bob was thrown around in the dirt like a ragdoll, his boxing moves paling in comparison to Lin's Kung Fu skills. "Now, tell me what you did wrong?" Lin said as she dusted off her hands.

"Well… I was thinking you would-" Bob groaned as he picked himself up.

"Exactly, you were thinking. Trying too hard. Don't try, just do." Lin instructed as she yanked Bob back up. "Again." Lin stood ready in her stance, awaiting Bob to make the first move.

Bob exhaled his breath, and rushed in throwing punches. Lin easily parried, and used the weight of her body to knock Bob off balance before pushing him to the ground again. "Argh! I can't! I'm just too weak in this form! How am I even supposed to beat you like this?!" Bob let out his frustrations.

"I never told you to beat me. Just to hit me. This exercise is simply trying to improve your battle tactics. You fight too direct. You rush in thinking too much on what to do that you leave yourself open for attacks. With Storage Magic in your prime form, normally this wouldn't be much of an issue as your body in that state is capable of handling the abuse. But you do not need to take that abuse. You need to improve your fighting style, not just for when Storage Magic inevitably will leave you one day. But for when you come across a powerful opponent." Lin continued on with her lecture, to which Bob lightly groaned.

"What do you mean by that?" Bob asked as he sat back up.

"I heard that recently you and your friends faced Loki and Fenrir. Let me tell you this, even in your 23-hour state, if you had fought Loki, you would have lost. And the injuries he would have dealt you, would not be something you could take standing. You are reckless is my point." Lin explained to which Bob looked to be mopping a bit. Thinking back on all their battles, there had been times when Bob had taken unnecessary risks and gotten himself hurt. Just because he could handle the pain in his 23-hour state, and was like a tank. However, not only would the power of Storage Magic one day leave Bob. With the battle against Khaos Brigade, Bob was bound to face many powerful enemies.

"… Do you ever miss Storage Magic?" Bob found himself asking Lin, wondering how she handled losing the power.

"Not really, now I don't sleep away most of the day so I consider that a big plus. Besides, I still hold a bit of Storage Magic within me. I am nowhere near what I was in my prime state using Storage Magic though. As more of Storage Magic left me, I found myself feeling less and less tired. And it became impossible for me to reach that level of power again. After the first year after you were born… I was unable to use the form I am trying to teach you to access. One day, Storage Magic will have completely left my body, and fully gone over to you depending on your progress." Lin explained the nature of Storage Magic, but she didn't look upset about it. And yet, Bob felt a pit of guilt in his stomach.

"I feel like I am stealing from you when you put it that way…" Bob looked down feeling guilty. Lin however bursts out laughing, and slaps Bob on the back.

"Don't worry. I feel quite privileged to teach the next wielder of Storage Magic. This, much like getting older and dying, is just the natural order of things. There is no need to feel bad about it. Besides, even without Storage Magic I can still kick a tank in half so you have no need to feel guilt over this." Lin encouragingly stroked Bob across his back. "I will also be counting on you, to pass down my teachings to the next generation Storage Magic wielder, Bob."

Bob's eyes widened a bit, as he remembered why he joined Itachi's peerage. So that he could help the next wielder of Storage Magic, and make it so they didn't have to endure the hardships, the loneliness he went through growing up. "You can count on me, that is actually my dream for the future! To give the next wielder of Storage Magic the help I never got as a kid!" Bob stated with great passion that brought a smile to Lin's face.

"Heh, now I feel guilty… over not having sought you out sooner. I could have helped you quite a lot." Lin sighed as she put her arm around Bob, like a mother embracing her son. "You will make a fine teacher."

"I hope so… so far all I've done is mess up your training regime. Maybe I'm no good after all." If there was one thing Bob lacked in his petite form, it was confidence. "Maybe, I'm a failure."

"That's not what I see." Lin says as she holds onto Bob, placing her forehead onto his. "I see a diamond in the rough. A brilliant ball of clay yet to be molded into a work of art. I believe, that you have the potential to be the greatest wielder of Storage Magic in history."

"Heh, well I hope I meet your expectations." Bob sheepishly scratched his cheek.

"I'm sure you will, in due time. Now, let us start some basic muscle building exercises." Lin declared and instantly Bob paled.

"Eh?" Bob blinked, he really lacked confidence in his petite form.

Running up the stairs to the temple, the silver haired Northern beauty Rossweisse made her way towards where Bob and Lin were training. 'That big oaf didn't show up for dinner. He is supposed to be an example for the students as an assistant teacher! I can't believe he would ignore his responsibilities like that. According to Azazel he is up here.' As Rossweisse reached the top temple gates, she came to a halt.

"I can't do it! Hot! Hot!" Bob cried in pain, as he was doing pushups over burning charcoal. His tiny frail arms shaking and trembling, but Bob tried his best not to fall not wanting to burn his skin.

"You are doing great. Just one more set to go." Lin encouraged with a bright flashing smile.

'He's… training?' Rossweisse hid herself from view, and observed the tiny petite form of Bob doing pushups. 'He looks so small… weak… but his face is at least cuter like this. Wait, why does that matter?!' Rossweisse became flustered from her own thoughts.

"Come on now Bob. Think about your friends, and everything they have done for you. It is important you become stronger for their sakes, right?" Lin further encouraged.

"…" Bob paused looking in deep thought. His mind flashing images of all of his friends and teammates. Most of all, he remembered the day he met Itachi who stretched out his hand to him, Bob the freak from that day on became just Bob. Discovering he was not alone in being a quote-on-quote freak. "Okay, I will try my best!" Bob declared as sweat poured down from his face, dripping onto the burning charcoal creating small damp trails of steam and making small frizzling sounds.

"Good." Lin gave an approving nod of Bob's determination.

Rossweisse watching this, couldn't help but smile with admiration. In Asgard they were all taught how to become warriors, training together and working together. Seeing Bob's desire to become a greater warrior for his comrades, really sparked some admiration from Rossweisse.

Lin's harsh training continued, with pullups over a lake filled with piranhas. To doing stretching exercises while dangling on a tree branch over the edge of a cliff. To sparring sessions, all the way until nightfall. The scrawny petite form of Bob, let out a loud sigh as he walked down the steps from the temple. "Man… Lin's training is so exhausting. Would have been so much easier if I had just even gotten a wink of sleep." Bob groaned. He disliked the rule Lin had of no use of Storage Magic. It was his ability, wasn't it? Why wouldn't he improve on it with Lin being the former wielder, there was bound to be a bunch of things she could teach him.

Bob walked to a vending machine, he needed a sports drink or something. "Ah, my wallet, wallet." Bob began searching his pockets for his wallet.

A hand slammed onto the glass of the vending machine, the hand was dressed in black leather gloves with the fingers torn giving it a biker, punk like appearance. "Don't worry my man, this one is on me." The man's familiar sounding voice sent shivers down Bob's spine. Bob had not sensed this man even approach. The man stuck in some coins to the vending machine, and clicked on a lemon soda. "You always loved the lemonade at the orphanage if I remember right."

Bob shakingly turned his head to the side, eyeing the man which towered over his current petite stature. Bob's eyes locked with a pair of deep blue ocean eyes. The man had wild dark black hair, was dressed in a red vest with the sleeves ripped clean off, and a black t-shirt underneath with a spraypainted cross boned skull decorated at the center. The man was smoking a cigarette and blew the smoke into Bob's face. "Yo, Bob. It's been a long time." The man smirked as he patted Bob on the shoulder.

"Alex… Alex Teach." Bob shakingly acknowledged, the descendant of the notorious pirate Blackbeard. And a member of the Hero Faction, and the same man who attacked Damian and Jack a few days back.

Alex had greeted Bob in what one would describe a friendly manner. Although Bob could sense that something sinister was brewing in those blue eyes. Especially since Bob knew, that Alex was a member of the Hero Faction. And had a great deal of information about the Sins judging from Alex's encounter with Damian and Jack. Without a doubt, Alex knew Bob was a devil as well. "Long way from home, aren't you?" Bob pointed out, trying to keep himself composed.

"Heh, a crime with a guy traveling a little now?" Alex snorts as he takes a deep inhale of his cigarette. The stump of it burning bright, and then Alex puffed out a cloud of smoke.

"No… but last I checked assault was a crime. I heard what you did, you attacked Damian and Jack." Bob despite being in his weakest form did not back down, and confronted Alex who had attacked his friends.

"Aw, upset I didn't greet you first before your new gang?" Alex said in a slight taunting tone, and handed the lemon soda to Bob from the vending machine. "Go on, old friend. Have a drink with me."

Bob hesitantly accepted the lemon soda. "Where's your drink?" At this question Alex brought out a flask that smelled of booze.

"Got my rum right here. I would ask if you want a sip, but you've always kind of been a health freak about these kinds of things. Unless… that has changed now that we actually can drink and smoke?" Alex held the flask of rum before Bob's face. Bob looked with a stern gaze in his eyes, as a way of showing it had not changed. Even though Bob did drink sometimes on joyous occasions, this was not one of them. "Heh, figured. Your old man was an alcoholic, right? And your old lady a chain smoker."

"… Yeah." Bob quietly replied.

"Heh, well can you blame them? How would you react if your only kid turned out to be a freak?" Alex went up in Bob's face with a taunting smirk.

"…" Bob backed up, with a saddened look on his face.

"Ah, cheer up. Turns out, I am a freak too." Alex said showing off his cleaver sword. What Azazel had called the Nebula Cleaver, Alex's Sacred Gear. "Yeah, discovered I had this bad boy left from my ancestor, Edward Teach… or as you know him, Blackbeard. I found it, a few years after you were kicked out from the orphanage. You were tossed around quite a bit after that, huh?"

"… Yes." Bob once again quietly replied.

"Ah, no need to be shy Bob. We're old partners in crime, aren't we? We're best friends~" Alex said holding out his hand for Bob to shake. Bob winched as he noticed a scar mark on Alex's arm. Alex of course took notice and chuckled. "Oh yeah, I still have this… that you left me." Alex smirked referring to the scar. "You squeezed so damn hard, my bone popped out. Remember that? We were what? Thirteen?"

"… Something like that. You still haven't answered me on one thing, why did you attack Damian and Jack?" Bob gathered his courage and stared down Alex.

"Don't worry about it, it was just some horseplay. Nothing serious, I mean… if I wanted to kill them, I would have. It was just a joke. You know I always loved to joke around." Alex lightly hit Bob on his shoulder. Bob however, is not amused. "Gee, you sure have turned into quite the stiff. Ey? What happened to my right hand? My brother? My partner in crime? Where is the Bob, who together with me ruled the entire orphanage?" Alex wraps his arm around Bob, pulling him closer.

"That… was a long time ago. We were kids." Bob tried to brush it off, but Alex just laughed at how formal Bob was acting.

"Yeah, we sure got spanked a lot by those nuns for the trouble we caused. That is… until I showed you how you should use your "gift". Ain't that right, Bob? No other kid, no nun ever dared lay their hands on us after that." Bob looks with a look of shame as Alex continued to reminisce about the past. "We were kings of that orphanage. If you had stuck by me, we would have controlled the entire city by the time we reached eighteen." Alex once again made a reference to the scar on his arm. "But then… you turned on me."

Bob shakingly remembers how he accidently hurt Alex by breaking his arm with his monstrous strength. And ever since, Bob was thrown from orphanage to orphanage. And he was continued to be known as a monster amongst the rest of the kids no matter where he went. Even when he was quote on quote "adopted" by that manager who wanted to make use of Bob's power to become a professional boxer. Bob was still unhappy during those days, he considered himself a freak. That is, until the day a lone teenager stepped up into the ring with him, with a job offer. Itachi had offered Bob a place where he belonged, a place where he wasn't a freak anymore. Bob looks apologetically at Alex. "I'm sorry… for all of it. But if you are here to square up things that happened when we were teens. Then leave the others out of it. Leave my friends and family out of it." Bob clenched his fists, mustering up his courage, he put on a mean menacing look as he got up in Alex's face and stared him down. "Or else, I will do worse than just break your arm this time."

Alex stands in silence for a few moments, just glaring Bob right back in the eye. Then he cracked a smirk. "Heh, there he is. There is my Bob." Alex snorts and draws his blade, taking a swing at Bob, when suddenly Bob's necklace comes to life and Mjolnir jr. grows into a regular sized hammer to block off the strike. "New toy? Nice."

"Tell me something, why the Hero Faction? You always struck me as a mobster type of guy, Hero doesn't quite fit up your alley." Bob doesn't visibly even flinch that Alex tried to take a swing at him.

"Heh, you got me there. What can I say? They gave me an offer I couldn't refuse. Like you, I need someone to teach me how to use this thing properly." Alex gave a nod at his cleaver blade.

"… So, let me guess. The only reason you haven't bailed from them, or even tried to take over. There are members stronger than you?" Bob knew Alex all too well, Alex hated being someone's lacky. Back when they were kids, Alex always needed to be the one in charge.

"One or two guys, yeah. I'm pretty high up the food chain though. But our leader." Alex whistles and shakes his head while giving a light deep chuckle. "Now there is a man with power. I have to admit, even I wouldn't be able to lay a finger on him. You should run Bob, because he is coming. My crew is coming to Kyoto. And judging by the people you brought with. The Cat Sin of Lust, Kuroka… And the Hydra Sin of Gluttony Raven. Even with you, the Gremory, and the Sitri princesses' peerage members… You lot would get massacred." Alex threatened with a malicious smirk.

Two strong winds then emerged around them, as a spinning kick comes to halt mere inches from Alex's face. And magic circles are swarming around Alex threatening to blast him into oblivion. As both Lin and Rossweisse arrive to Bob's aid, both women glaring at Alex. Alex remains calm and level headed, he holds his arms up as a showing of surrender and backs up. "Wow, got yourself a pretty girl there, Bob. Respect." Alex whistles as he lays eyes on Rossweisse, and then sheets his cleaver blade, and backs up. "See ya around, Bob. But know this… me and my crew ain't leavin' town that easily." Alex says before he vanishes right before their eyes.

With Alex gone, the trembling Bob falls to his knees. The amount of pressure he felt back there, and bloodlust it was too much for his petite state to handle. "Bob…" Lin helps her student back up, rubbing his back gently. "Easy, take a deep breath."

"I'm okay… I'm okay…" Bob assures as reattaches the now shrunken Mjolnir jr. back onto his necklace.

Rossweisse looked at Bob with a hint of pity, but also slight admiration. Despite his weakened state, Bob had stood up to Alex when he felt his friends were threatened. It truly showed Bob's loyalty to Itachi and everyone else. "We should inform Azazel at least of what is going on."

"And Lady Serafall, she is coming tomorrow for her meeting." Bob despite being in slight shock over his unexpected reunion with Alex, quickly regained his composure. "I should also inform Itachi about this…" Bob groaned as he recalled Alex's threat, the leader of the Hero Faction and the whole group would come to Kyoto. Despite being humans, they had caused great trouble for the Three Factions for months now. No doubt, they were some powerful Sacred Gear users, and not to be underestimated.

Meanwhile, just by the shoreline of Kyoto, Alex came in for a landing onboard a ship. Awaiting him onboard, was Connla, a potential member of the Hero Faction's main group. And the one who accompanied Alex when they ambushed Damian and Jack a few days back. "Alex, I've just received word from Georg. He said they would all be here by tomorrow. And that you had better complete the task at hand before they arrive. Cao Cao apparently isn't quite patient."

"Relax, I was just out making a social call. Now then…" Alex jumped up into the crows' nest of the center mast of his ship. "Get a move on! You lousy maggots! Arm the cannons! Line up against the town, aim for that blasted fox temple! Get moving you bleeding cockroaches!" The black sails of the ship pushed out from the strong wind current, and the ship sailed on the open waters. It was an old classic pirate ship. And it was armed with 16 cannons on its right side, that was pointed towards Kyoto.

The ship was crawling with men, all Sacred Gear wielders in service of the Hero Faction, and mostly in particular under Alex as their captain. The ship came out from the darkness, the bleak moon light shining onto it as it came to view. The back of the ship was inscribed with the name "Queen Anne's Revenge". It wasn't a remodeled version either, it was the real deal. Alex was commanding the ship of his late ancestor.

Connla gazed onto his captain in the crow's nest. 'When I first heard… I thought it unthinkable. Alex Teach, with his Nebula Cleaver he reemerged the ship of the notorious Blackbeard from the depths. And rebuilt it to its former glory. With the power of the cleaver… without a doubt he could claim the seas and bring back about the age of piracy.' Connla couldn't help but think with admiration, he had never met someone as charismatic as Alex Teach. It was clear why Alex held the third highest rank amongst the Hero Faction.

With the Revenge perfectly lined up to the town, and his men ready at the cannons. Alex chuckled and gave a malicious smirk. "Fire!" He commanded, and the ship began peppering the town with cannon fire. Cannon balls cloaked in a black fiery like aura of magic, which made them soar higher across the dark night sky and reach further. The loud bang from the cannons probably had woken up the entire city.

However, no explosion came as intercepting the cannon balls were balls of blue fire. The blue fire incinerated the cannon balls. Yet Alex smirked as he eyed to the top of a small mountain. Seeing the blond beauty that was Yasaka, dressed in her yellow kimono, with nine yellow furred fox tails emerging from her lower back. Her eyes cast a deadly glare onto the Queen Anne's Revenge, and most of all onto its captain in the crow's nest, Alex Teach. "Noisy terrorists…" Yasaka glared and raised her dominant arm, casting a fog upon the entire land area. The fog was by no means deadly, as with it Yasaka simply put everyone in town to sleep. So, they would not wake up to the terror of their port being attacked by an old pirate ship. And what is more, would not wake up to witness the carnage Yasaka was about to bestow upon these attackers.

No wasting a second, Yasaka's face grew yellow golden fur and her body grew in size. Yasaka took on the form of a giant ten meter tall golden furred Nine Tailed Fox. At seeing this, Alex wasn't overcome with fear, rather with glee as he smirked. "There she is boys. Open fire!" Alex commanded and his ship continued to pepper Yasaka with cannon fire. The cannon balls were incinerated before the might of Yasaka's Fox Fire, yet it didn't matter. It was only to serve as a distraction.

Alex pulled out his Nebula Cleaver, and lifted the sword high up into the air. The entire ship, was suddenly lifted off from the waters and levitating. The ship was sailing in the clouds, Alex using his Nebula Cleaver manipulated the field of gravity around his ship to make it float. Strong wind currents also gathered in the sails, making it soar across the heavens. Also, a curtesy of Alex's Nebula Cleaver.

Yasaka however, took a giant leap at the incoming ship. Stomping her right front paw onto the deck of the ship causing it to tilt downwards. While her giant eyes glared at Alex standing a top of the crow's nest. "Well, ain't you somethin' you foul beast." Alex greeted Yasaka. Yasaka opened her massive jaw, showing blue Fox Fire forming into a sphere.

Alex however remained unfaced before this intense heat of the blue fire. Yasaka unleashed a breath attack of blue fire that clashed into the entire ship. But suddenly, the flames parted moving around the ship. Alex stood there smiling, holding the Nebula Cleaver in his left hand, Alex had created some form of air barrier around the entire ship. Which also successfully pushed Yasaka herself off the ship.

Yasaka snarled, and slammed her front paw onto the barrier around the ship. Yet it would not break, Alex's left arm however lightly trembled and twitched as a result of Yasaka's attack. "You really are strong, fox lady. As expected, in a fair fight, I probably wouldn't win. A fair fight that is." Alex smirked as his ship opened fire upon Kyoto once more.

Yasaka gasped and moved her nine tails to intercepts the cannon balls. She winched in pain as the cannon balls actually blew up burning her nine beautiful golden furred tails. "And that's the end of that." Alex smirked as he pointed the Nebula Cleaver's tip at Yasaka. And on command, the reins of the ship came to life and like snakes they bound themselves around Yasaka's body.

Yasaka roared as she struggled to break free from the binds of the reins, the reins were enhanced with some powerful magic as even her Fox Fire could not burn them. The reins wrapped themselves around her neck, strangling her. Suddenly the reins began unleashing a black shadowy mass, curtesy of Connla. And they were also unleashing a massive surge of electricity curtesy of some of Alex's crew having a lightning based Sacred Gear. Yasaka howled in pain, screaming and turning, struggling to break free. Yasaka began to shrink, falling out from her Nine Tails form. "Do not worry, I'm not going to kill you. We have… other uses for you." Alex broke out into a chuckle as he watched Yasaka twitch and turn in pain as the electricity coursed through her body. The pained crying echoes of Yasaka resonated with the dim moonlight.

That's the end for now!

We have finally reached the Hero Faction arc people, and although the first two chapters will mainly focus on the second-year students, Bob and Rossweisse. Itachi will have a huge role in this arc, as this is the arc where he awakens the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan after all. I am planning for this arc to be roughly 4 chapters long. I have been planning this arc since near when I started this story way back in 2018, and thus have made a ton of notes for it over the years.

Anyway, I have also decided to include a little fun series at the end of the authors notes. "What do the Sins think of each other?" We will start off with the first member to join Itachi's peerage, Kuroka. Let me know if you guys want to see more of this in the future with other characters besides the Sins as well.

The Sins' thoughts on Kuroka!

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Jack: She's a cat that is in constant heat.

Harry: Loudmouth with an attitude at times. But she is a valued comrade. I admire her strong familial love for her younger sister Koneko.

Damian: She has some wide luscious hips and a nice fat ass and huge tits. Downside is that she is lazy as hell and leaves her trash out.

Eto: She smells good. I get aroused at the thought of stealing Itachi from her.

Raven: I cherish our friendship. We may have had problems at first, but other than Itachi she was one of the first to make me feel welcomed.

Itachi: She is very affectionate, and I admire her trying her best to build a good relationship with her little sister Koneko. Her relationship with Koneko, reminds me of my own relationship with my past life brother Sasuke. Only her relationship with Koneko succeeded where I failed with Sasuke.

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manners: Sorry to say, but I am not interested in writing that story. I'm not really into making Naruto MC stories as there are so many of them already. Again, sorry but no thanks.

SolSparda369: Sounds appropriate.

Mr. Haziq: I have plans for Sona expanding her arsenal in the future. But at the moment I feel she wouldn't have learnt how to use things like ice, due to how rare that ability is amongst the Sitri family.

Dasgun: 00

enumeaelish666: Itachi and his group became known as the Sins after the end of Trigon's invasion back in chapter 14. Azazel and Sirzechs in that chapter are seen discussing the individual traits of each of Itachi's peerage members, and thus dub them the Seven Deadly Sins. Itachi getting the Rinnegan is something that is not impossible, I will admit that. And yes, if he were to get the Rinnegan he would have his own unique Rinnegan ability.

Kat Chen1: Other than Ophis and the entity that brought Itachi back to life, there isn't anyone else that know he has the Totsuka Blade and the Yata Mirror. They only know of him having the energies of Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi, Susano'o, Izanagi and Izanami.

VzLucifer: Thanks!

MoinLeute: I love Arkham Knight, such a good game. And also fair enough, I get that certain elements of this story is not for everyone.

codywhite162: Thanks!

The Viking Stranger: Thank you!

NaruCrazy: I can understand why that irks you. But Rias by no means at this point beats Serafall in a 1v1. Rias has only surpassed Serafall in terms of the level of her demonic power. It may have seemed easy, but Rias is sort of a prodigy as stated in canon, and I have planned for her potential to be greater than that of her brother. So, with Sirzechs training Rias to control her demonic power, I found this to be the appropriate result. Serafall still outclasses Rias in various other categories like strength, speed, battle experience etc. I may have not worded it well enough, so that is my bad. The point I wanted to get across was just that Rias' level of demonic power had surpassed Satan class fighters like Serafall and Shalba. And as for Issei, I mean that is basically plot armor, no? I mean, yeah sure in Juggernaut Drive and after boosting some he will surpass Serafall's strength level, it is just bound to happen as Issei's strength grows every 10 seconds or so. But the thing is, Issei will still get bodied by Serafall before he can reach the needed level of power. I wrote more to you through PM, but I don't feel like repeating everything I said here.

Gerg: I do not see what is wrong with Bob. Tons of people named Bob.

fallendemon248: Thanks! Glad to hear you liked their individual character growths!

merendinoemiliano: Thanks!

Guest: That is an interesting theory, and honestly you did mention some elements of what I have actual planned. Although I haven't exactly planned for Itachi to have a similar ending to Kratos, it is still an interesting theory that honestly could have worked as you described it.

kenjutsulover: There have already been small clues dropped as to who the entity who resurrected Itachi is here and there. Not obvious ones mind you, but still. I will be giving more bigger hints as we get closer to the reveal. Also, at the moment I haven't particular planned for any other Shinobi to show up. I have planned for a reunion of sorts with Itachi and Sasuke but that is still far away into the future.

kageknuser2710: In fairness, with such a young body at the time starting developing physical strength might not be the brightest idea. And he kind of had to focus on studying demonic power and magic etc.

Ltbutterfly287: Okay, the baby thing I can understand. What I don't understand is you complaining about me giving Itachi the sharingan, seeing as it is an actual ability he has in the original series. I would have understood if the character had for example been Naruto or heck even Sakura who suddenly got the sharingan, that I could understand why it would be annoying. But me giving it to Itachi is stupid? I'm sorry, but the only stupid thing here, is that argument of yours. Just because some people in the fanfiction community give the sharingan to characters like Naruto like it was some bargain sale for sharingan, I'm supposed to not let Itachi have the sharingan, even though it was one of his main abilities in the Naruto series? You come into this story which is titled "Itachi Sitri" then you best believe he will have the sharingan.

L: Yes, at some point Trihexa is going to appear in the story.

andresskorskiruiz: You are welcome! And we are here at last!

There are no other names: Perfect Susano'o, yes without a doubt Itachi will get it. And as for the Rinnegan, let us just say it is not impossible. (Which honestly might as well mean yes).

Guest: Thanks, sounds like a valid reasoning to me. You might just have given me an idea to work with here in regards to the Devil Fruits.

Goldenexperience420: For the first question, the answer is I didn't think of it at the time and I don't care about changing it. Second, what's wrong with Bob? I feel like you owe every single Bob in the world an apology XD. No, but if you want an actual answer, with Bob being the Sin of Sloth, I thought it was a perfect name to sort of represent his laziness. (Sorry everyone in the world named Bob). As for the Mangekyou, well firstly it requires great emotional distress to awaken (usually in the form of the death of a loved one, or something to that degree). Second, I felt it would provide some good character growth for Itachi's character. And third as the writer I felt up until now it has been too early, and in the recent Loki fight I have given Itachi a chance to show his abilities to their full extent of what he has learned in his new life. Therefor the perfect moment for him to awaken it is in this arc in my opinion as the writer. As for why Itachi straight up just doesn't bang the ladies around him, his past is still a factor due to him feeling guilt. This is a part of Itachi's character and is a struggle he needs to overcome. Which honestly, he is not far away from doing. And he will awaken the Mangekyou during this arc so, yeah that's about it.

Guest: If you read the Authors Note at the end of the previous chapter, I say that in terms of raw demonic power Rias has surpassed Serafall. Rias by no means has a chance of beating Serafall in a 1v1 fight yet. Serafall is still physically stronger, faster, and has far more battle experience than Rias. The reason that Rias surpassed Serafall in terms of raw demonic power, is simply because Rias comes from a stronger bloodline thanks to her mother being a Bael, and has received training from Sirzechs to help control her powers better, and in this story Rias' potential is supposed to surpass that of Sirzechs.

Guest: The story will go on, just been busy studying and other things. But I will still continue the story.

Guest: Okay, you have a fair point. But at the same time, he had the body of a 4-year-old at the time, and didn't have access to his usual abilities and had to rely on the new powers he was in the earliest stages of learning about. So, just keep that in mind.

velniar341: I kind of get it, when we straight up go from a fight against Loki to the Rating Game, I kind of understand where you are coming from. Also, if Itachi gets a Rinnegan, which I might as well say he will, he will get a unique new ability.

Guest2001: An interesting idea, but I doubt it XD