Chapter 37: Search for Yasaka!

Within the training facilities of the Gremory/Sitri mansion on Kuoh. Itachi and Behemoth stood before a hologram of Bob, reporting of his encounter with Alex Teach of the Hero Faction and his threat. "The entire Hero Faction will be in Kyoto?" Itachi repeated what he heard from Bob's report, this was quite convenient he had to admit.

"Yes… According to Alex Teach he and the Hero Faction will come to Kyoto. What they want, I am not entirely sure. But I will act as guard for lady Serafall when she has her meeting."

"How do you know this Alex Teach?" Behemoth curiously asked as he stroked his beard.

"We have a history… back from when we were kids at the orphanage. And Alex is many things, but he is not one for empty threats. Him confronting me, is just his way to psyche us out." Was all Bob had to say on the manner, to which Behemoth hummed with suspicion.

"We'll see what we can fix from our end. Keep me posted Bob." Itachi dismissed his Pawn, the petite little Bob sheepishly nodded.

"Will do. Over and out." Bob hung up and his hologram image faded away.

"This is just perfect." Behemoth quickly spoke with enthusiasm. "Now that we know where they are going to be, you and I can go and annihilate those nuisance Hero wannabes. Young master, if you take out the entire Hero Faction, I am certain it will help rebuild your reputation." Behemoth added with great enthusiasm, soon the entire Underworld and High-Class Devil society would be forced to acknowledge Itachi's greatness. By singlehandedly taking out the troublesome Hero Faction that has been troubling to all Factions.

"I doubt it will be that easy, Behemoth-sensei." Itachi somehow doubted the two of them could take down the Hero Faction. And he most certainly doubted the arrogant High-class devils would praise him for this accomplishment.

"Young master, you need to grasp this opportunity. And eradicate those troublesome Hero Faction members. With this, we'll be one step closer to ending Khaos Brigade." Behemoth further encouraged.

"I agree. But I would like to make some preparations. I need to get my peerage ready." Itachi said to which Behemoth frowned. He had never much cared for Itachi's choice in peerage members.

"I wish you would reconsider. They may be your peerage, but I think you should have chosen those more fitting of your own stature. Instead, you pick former criminals, bounty hunters, gluttonous monsters, an abomination of aborted souls, and the daughter of a true monster." Behemoth gave indirect jabs at Kuroka, Damian, Eto, Jack, and Raven. "Not to mention that prideful old fool. And now, the one I thought was the most reliable of the bunch, has connections with the enemy." Behemoth ended with a jab at both Bob and Harry.

"I personally find them quite fitted to my own stature." Itachi smiles and brushes off Behemoth's comment. If only Behemoth knew what kind of monster Itachi believed himself to be. "Try and keep an open mind. I greatly value all of them, and consider them a member of our family now. Please, sensei, for me just try."

Behemoth seeing the determined look in Itachi's eye, could only sigh. "Very well, I shall give them a chance to prove themselves in my eyes." Behemoth reluctantly agreed.

"Perhaps we should change the topic, sensei." Itachi gave a light nervous chuckle as to him it seemed Behemoth was pouting.

"Hmm, perhaps… What does lady Rias think of your aspiration to become a police officer?" Behemoth had to admit, he was initially disappointed that Itachi didn't pursue to become a future Maou. But at the end of the day, he was still proud of his student.

At the mentioning of Rias, Itachi's face softened and seemed to light up with a smile. "She was very supportive. And I am doing my best to support her dream of becoming a Rating Game champion. Her last battle with Sona truly showed her natural talent."

"Hmm?" Behemoth raised his brow a bit, looking pleased and amused at seeing Itachi so enthusiastically talking about Rias. "Indeed. Rias Gremory much like you, always had quite the natural talent with her demonic power. Even without any proper training in the past, her power easily surpassed several High-Class Devils. And having clearly done some form of training now, she is clearly showing exceptional results." Behemoth had to admit, talents like Itachi was rare even by High-Class devil standards. And the same applied for Rias. Then there were those like Sairaorg Bael who worked hard for his level of strength. Young Sona was also quite talented in her own right. "One thing is certain. I believe the future generation of Devils is secured with a talented bunch of youngsters."

"Thank you for your praise, sensei. However, you, Esdeath, Serafall, father and mother have impacted my growth greatly. Without you and Esdeath, I wouldn't have learnt to manipulate my Demonic Power to such an extent. I am grateful you took time to be my teacher." Itachi had to pay respects to Behemoth, despite being the left-hand servant of his older sister, Behemoth had taken time out of his busy schedule to train Itachi for all those years.

Behemoth looked touched and slightly flustered at his student's gratitude. "Oh, young master… no need for thanks. It was my privilege to teach you! You make this old man so proud every day!" Behemoth cried emotionally tears, it was like his grandson was graduating from college.

"You always get so emotional, sensei…" Itachi nervously chuckled as he watched his weeping master cry his eyes out.

Behemoth seized the water works, and quickly gained a serious look on his face. "Young master… Although I cannot say I have approved of every decision in your life. Such as your choice of peerage members… you not wanting to become a Maou… Like I have said many times, and like the old man I am, I will repeat myself many times more as you grow older. I am proud of the man you have become. You are like the son I never had… my pride and joy. And till the day I die, I will never let you forget it." Behemoth patted Itachi on the shoulder. And even though he has heard it many numbers of times, that Behemoth was proud of him. Itachi was still left a bit speechless right now.

"… Thank you, Behemoth-sensei. As always, your praise is greatly appreciated. Although a bit embarrassing at times." Itachi gave an amused chuckle at his master, who joined in with a chuckle of his own.

"Now…" Behemoth brought forth a massive battle axe, that was too large for his old frail stature to lift. Yet, Behemoth lifted the axe one-handed like it weighed nothing. "As your instructor. Let me see if your battle senses are up to speed. We must be prepared, should we take on the entire Hero Faction."

Itachi was a bit taken aback. He hadn't sparred with Behemoth since the Trigon incident. And Itachi didn't wish to discourage his master, but Itachi had grown quite powerful since then. And Itachi knew without a doubt, he was stronger than Behemoth now. "S-Sensei… are you sure this is a good idea?"

"Ho? You think this old man lacks the power to take you on? Heh, you may have defeated a God, young master… But don't let that arrogance fool you…" Behemoth's body started to grow, he stood at a towering ten feet over Itachi, and his muscular frame rivaled that of Harry. Ram like horns growing out from the side of his head, and a white lions mane growing around his head to match his beard, and brown bear like fur across his body. "In terms of battle experience, you are still thousands of years too early to challenge me." Behemoth really was the Beast King. With his monstrous strength capable of flipping entire islands, his mere presence causing earthquakes, and his magical abilities capable of destroying an entire continent.

Itachi couldn't argue with that. And with a magic circle, Itachi changed clothes in the blink of an eye to his training gear. "I will not hold back…" Itachi already at the start of the battle, had activated his flaming Touki aura and his Sharingan. 'Putting Behemoth-sensei under a genjutsu won't work… like a true Beast King, Behemoth-sensei can take on attributes and qualities of the entire animal kingdom. Including the ability to "see" even with their eyes closed. And like a snake, he can detect heat signatures through his senses.' Itachi jumped off the platform and down to the training area, and Behemoth quickly took a giant leap after him.

Behemoth without hesitation, brought down his battle axe to slash at Itachi. Itachi using his Sharingan however, predicted this movement and clasped his palms onto the side of the blade. And to Behemoth's surprise, Itachi with his strength held off Behemoth's strike. "Impressive young master, even if I only used one arm you still halted my strike." Behemoth smirked, and snapped his finger. "However…" A dome of Behemoth's magical aura formed itself around them. And suddenly, the scenery changed. They were on a series of chain islands out in the middle of the open ocean. "Domain Expansion." Behemoth with his mastery of various spells, was capable of creating entire pocket dimensions like those used for Rating Games. A different dimension in its entirety, a level of spell only Maou or God level fighters have been known to master. With this type of spells, many Gods are said to have created their own domain worlds and universes such as Mount Olympus, Asgard and many others. Although Behemoth's version, wasn't near that same level of magnitude.

"I see you want us to not hold back." Itachi commented, as he still held back Behemoth's battle axe.

"Indeed, would be a shame if the entire mansion crumbled down onto us. No, would be a shame if all of Japan crumbled." Behemoth booted Itachi square in the chest and launched him crashing into a smaller island. The sheer impact of Itachi's body, caused the entire island to explode.

Behemoth's clomping footsteps echoed as he watched the remains of the island sink into the ocean. "Hmm?" Behemoth raised his brow as he saw the ocean beginning to move in a swirl, the swirl grew into a maelstrom, moving all the surrounding islands around like a rollercoaster. "Heh, exquisite." Behemoth smirked as he saw Itachi standing at the bottom center of the maelstrom at the ocean floor.

Itachi smirked as he stretched out his arms to the side, and out from the spinning maelstrom, Itachi had created eight colossal water dragons, their massive roaring heads looking like they were about to sample Behemoth like an appetizer. Itachi wasn't done however, as water began surrounding his own body like armor. "Touki: Defense Mode." Itachi's very being vibrated with sheer power that made the entire earth tremble.

Witnessing the earth, the ocean floor all tremble had Behemoth get misty eyed with tears. As to Behemoth, it was like Itachi was mimicking him and his ability to create earthquakes with his mere presence alone. "Your showing of abilities flatters me young master, as your teacher."

"Glad to hear it..." Itachi smiles as he crosses his arms, and the water clashes back around him. The raging waves still clash all around them, but Behemoth doesn't budge and merely watches as rising from the center of the maelstrom. Was a water created avatar of Itachi's upper body wielding a sword and shield, while the eight water dragon heads surrounding it like extensions of the body itself like tails. "But I must say Behemoth-sensei… I wasn't expecting you to give me this kind of field advantage." Itachi floated within the center chest of the water avatar, having created a pocket of air around himself. Itachi had made this form, by taking inspiration of his Susano'o, wanting to substitute its colossal form and defense abilities.

"Field advantage? Boy, I am the Beast King… all of nature is my field of expertise!" Growing gills like a fish, Behemoth dived head first into the raging waters. Soaring like a torpedo, Behemoth circled around the giant water avatar of Itachi. Jumping out like dolphin, Behemoth jumped at one of the dragon heads and with his battle axe he sliced one of the heads off. Behemoth then delivered a heavy air slash aimed at the avatar, hitting it square in the chest. The sheer force of the shockwave made the giant water avatar of Itachi reel its body backwards.

Behemoth moved to swing his axe again, although this time he was met with the water shield in the avatar's left arm. The water avatar's water dragon tails then all began to circle around Behemoth having him fully surrounded. Before the water dragons could all lunge at him, Behemoth beheaded them all in a single slash of his battle axe.

"Fire Magic: Nova!" Itachi generated a massive sphere of blazing fire outside of the water avatar. The fire sphere itself eclipsed the water avatar of Itachi, as it grew from its chest. Itachi launched the colossal blazing sphere of fire at Behemoth.

Behemoth using his right hand to wield the battle axe, fought off the ever-regenerating water dragons. While with his left free hand, he held out his middle and index finger. Behemoth exhaled his breath as he stared at the incoming sphere of fire. "Disorder!" Magic pulsated from Behemoth's fingers, as he thrusted his arm forward the pulsating magical energy, made the fire sphere unstable. The flow of magic power within the Nova spell, was disordered and unbalanced causing the entire attack to collapse into thin air.

"Water Drills." Raising the middle and index finger of his right hand, Itachi formed out from the ocean ten giant spinning drills of water that stretched out towards Behemoth.

"Rampage of the Earth King!" Moving his arms like a blur, Behemoth swung around his battle axe and slashed through all of the water attacks. Leaving them as mere droplets of water raining back into the ocean. The axe was swung with such force and ferocity, it generated pure fire that caused the remains of the water dragons and drills to evaporate upon contact. "Giga Spike!" Throwing his arm into the air, Behemoth launched a giant pillar of earth and stone from the ocean floor. The pillar was coated in coral and seaweed as it pushed through the water avatar's left shoulder.

With the arm wielding the shield disabled, Behemoth took a jump at Itachi's water avatar, and swung his flaming battle axe across its chest. Itachi grunted as he felt the boiling heat as a result of the water avatar of himself getting slashed. "We're not done yet!" Behemoth unleashed a ferocious series of slashes from his flaming battle axe. The water avatar of Itachi began to boil from being in contact with the burning steel of the axe.

Itachi with a firm glance, reached his arm out and grabbed ahold of the blade of the axe. "Touki: Assault Mode…" The giant water avatar of Itachi, suddenly transformed into a giant fire avatar. Reeling his fist back, Itachi threw a punch into Behemoth's chest at full strength. Behemoth gasped as Itachi punched him in the kidneys. Behemoth gurgled up a little blood, and with his bloodied fangs he smirked.

"Earth King's Rumble!" Underwater volcanos suddenly erupted, and dampened the surrounding ocean that was boiling. The entire ocean was starting to evaporate from the intense heat, and waves of magma shot up and clashed into the fire giant.

Behemoth snickered as he grabbed onto the side of an entire large island, and then threw it as if it was a mere shuriken with ease. The island burned upon clashing with the fire giant avatar of Itachi, and was crumbled into rubble. Behemoth wasn't done however. Behemoth threw all the remaining surrounding islands as if they were mere projectiles.

Itachi dissolved the fire avatar, freefalling he stared at the incoming islands. Itachi kicked the air itself, and launched himself forward like a flaming bullet. With the power of his Assault Mode, Itachi shot straight through a series of islands and obliterated them in a blazing fury of fire. Flying through one of the islands, Itachi reeled his fist back as Behemoth came into view on the other end. Itachi threw a heavy punch at Behemoth, who used his battle axe to block the strike. Behemoth buckled under the pressure of Itachi's strength, and the ocean floor itself cracked open and expanded into a crater.

Behemoth with his monstrous strength, managed to push back and pushed Itachi off balance. Behemoth followed up with a heavy hit square into Itachi's mouth. Itachi groaned his he busted his lip, and blood trickled down the side of his mouth. As Behemoth threw another heavy punch, Itachi met it with his own. Their fists collided and unleashed a giant shockwave that tore at the ocean floor.

Small remains of water still remained around them, but were slowly being boiled away from all this intense heat. Itachi made use of the remaining water, which was enough to create a tsunami wave at the height of a skyscraper. By merely widening his eyes, Itachi put his focus into the tsunami wave, and altered its pH levels turning it into acid.

Itachi used Behemoth's battle axe as a springboard, and took a giant leap over his master's head. Behemoth stared at the incoming tsunami acid wave with little care. Dropping his battle axe to the side, Behemoth clapped his hands together. And the sheer force divided the acid tsunami wave in half, splitting it right down the middle causing it not to hit Behemoth. The acid rained down next to him, and clashed with the ocean floor to which it let out a loud sizzling sound as it melted through various rocks, and underwater volcanos and mountains. "You've even learned to alter the pH levels of your water… impressive. It took Lord Malphas Sitri nearly a century to develop that technique. And it took Lady Serafall a decade into the Civil War to master it." Behemoth swung his entire body around, and slammed his fist into the fiery fist of Itachi. The shockwave of their punches split open the entire ocean floor, and entire rubble exploded and flung itself like tsunami waves into the air.

Behemoth was starting to feel the pressure, sweat dripping down his brow and he was starting to feel out of breath. Whereas Itachi didn't even look winded, in fact it looked like he put in the minimum effort. Behemoth exhales and backs up. He falls onto his ass and in a loud exhale says. "I yield." Upon hearing his master admit defeat, Itachi exited his Assault Mode, and Touki form. "Man… I'm starting to feel my age here. Phew…" Behemoth reverted into his base form, and old white haired bearded man with glasses dressed in a Hawaiian shirt.

"You are still quite skilled for your age, Behemoth-sensei. Judging by the weight of your punches, I would say you rivaled Juggernaut Drive form Vali and Issei. Although your speed and durability are not quite up there. But your magic talent still remains, and your skill with the battle axe." Itachi didn't want to dash his master's spirit. Behemoth was quite powerful, stronger than Kokabiel, Shalba, Baraqiel. In fact, Itachi believed Behemoth much like Esdeath and Grayfia were all Maou level, and although weaker than each of the current Four Maou, with the likes of Ajuka and Sirzechs being obvious reasons as to why. Behemoth wasn't far away from the levels of Serafall, and even Falbium Asmodeus from what little he knew of the Maou.

Behemoth undid the pocket dimension, so they were transported back into the training area of the Gremory/Sitri mansion. "Even so, I suppose a battle with an old man like me, pales in comparison to a God like Loki." Behemoth sighed as he stretched his shoulders a bit.

"Well… against Loki there were certain factors at play." Itachi referred of course to the Leviathan Blade, which unbeknownst to Itachi during the battle with Loki, was a Divine Weapon. Without it, Itachi wouldn't be able to halt Loki's regeneration process and deal lasting damage.

"Don't sell yourself short young master. Neither I, Esdeath or even Lady Serafall would have been able to defeat Loki. Azazel even wasn't able to defeat Loki. If it was a lower-level God, then it is a maybe for me and Esdeath. But Lady Serafall could certainly manage to defeat one. The Gods… are quite the fearsome bunch, and defeating one is no small feat regardless of which God. And regardless of the factors at play." Behemoth begrudgingly had to admit, the Gods in general outclassed almost all other factions. With certain factions having a few exceptions that could defeat mid-level Gods such as Loki, and high-level Gods. For the Devils such known exceptions were for example Ajuka Beelzebub and Sirzechs Lucifer. But out of the entire Devil race, only Sirzechs Lucifer could stand up to the Top 10 strongest Gods and have a chance at winning.

"Behemoth-sensei… what would you say the weakest God even would be capable off? Destructive wise that is." Itachi had to admit he was curious. He might end up battling another God like Loki in the future after all.

Behemoth hummed as he tried to think up a roughly estimate. "Well, even I must admit I am unsure of the full capabilities of the Gods. I only know what I have heard from a few stories, and a few things I have seen in person. But I would say even the weakest of Gods, should be able to wipe out entire large continents… maybe even destroy small moons. Loki given enough power and effort, could gather power to destroy the entire planet from what the reports from Odin said. Other than that, … I have heard of Gods destroying entire realms, realities, universes. And although we don't know much about Ophis and Great Red, we speculate they can erase all of existence." Behemoth revealed the potential power of the mightiest of the Gods, and that of Ophis and Great Red.

This revelation from Behemoth, had Itachi feeling rather grim. While he knew he was out of his league against the likes of Ophis. However, Itachi was still not fully discouraged. Achieving such a level of strength to rival the mightiest of Gods, would be difficult, but Sirzechs Lucifer a fellow Devil had proven it to be possible. Itachi wasn't quite sure how to achieve such levels of power yet. A sure way Itachi knew of for himself to get more power, was to awaken the Eternal Mangekyou. Which the being who gave him this second chance at life had promised. But even with the power of the Eternal Mangekyou, Itachi wasn't sure how much of a power boost it would be in the grand scheme of things. But with all the skills he had already learnt, he could potentially take his Mangekyou abilities to a new level in the future. Only time would tell in the end.

"Behemoth-sensei, rest up. I will gather my peerage and prepare them to go to Kyoto if need be. If the Hero Faction appears like Bob said, we cannot let this opportunity go to waste." Deciding to focus on things that required his attention at the moment, Itachi pushed away his thoughts of self-doubt and concerns, as he went to brief his remaining peerage members in town of the situation in Kyoto.

Meanwhile, the second-year students had divided into groups to go sightseeing around Kyoto. Asia, Issei and Kuroka's groups had all decided to go together to the Fushimi Inari temple. They were all by some shops, chattering as they looked at various items. "Wah, look at all these cute foxes." Asia, Irina and Xenovia's eyes sparkled as they looked at small fox figure phone straps.

Issei stood with Matsuda and Motohama, the latter two were swooning overseeing the cute chattering girls. While Issei couldn't help but feel happy for Asia, as with this fluffy atmosphere she appeared as an ordinary high school girl. "Hey you beautiful trio, look this way. With this backdrop Kyoto scenery, it will make an awesome photo." Matsuda and Motohama both snapped a photo of the girls with their cameras.

Kuroka's eyes were twitching as she held up a fox phone strap. Kuroka hissed in annoyance. "Like hell I will give Itachi some stupid fox… I need to give him something to remind him of me! I just know Rias and Akeno are putting in their moves on him right now! I need to get something real special so Itachi doesn't forget about me!"

"… Well, I think he would have a hard time forgetting you regardless." Raven standing next to Kuroka, looked at her friend with a sweat drop. 'Itachi would be happy with anything you would give him anyway…' Raven mentally sighed while browsing through the shop items. Then suddenly something caught Raven's eye, a small ornament of a red and white fan. 'This is…' Raven gasped as she remembered that flashing memory from Itachi, of a red and white fan symbol getting splattered with red fresh blood.

"Something caught your eye miss?" The shopkeeper asked. Raven looked at the shopkeeper, he was a tall man with handsome features. Although the upper part of his face was not visible as he wore a rice hat that was tilted downwards. He was dressed in a two-piece black Yukata. Something about this shopkeeper, felt off. At first glance, Raven hadn't noticed it at first. It was like he had appeared out of thin air. Regardless, she sensed no hostile intent from the man, yet Raven decided to remain cautious.

"Yes… what is this fan?" Raven asked holding up the ornament.

"Just a small phone strap, miss." The shopkeeper replied in a calm relaxed manner. Whether it was the intense heat of the sun, or this chilling sensation she felt from the shopkeeper, Raven felt sweat trickle down her brow. "If you wish to know what it symbolizes. It represents mastery of fire, great passion, and strong fiery emotions. It is in many ways, a symbol of great love. Perhaps, there is a certain young man that comes to mind? Or young woman, I don't judge."

Raven was on edge, how was this fan linked to Itachi? And what is more, what did this shopkeeper have to do with it? "Is this a common symbol in Kyoto?" Raven asked the shopkeeper.

"No… it's from a different land." The shopkeeper smirked and gave a simple, yet cryptic answer.

Kuroka and Raven exchanged a glance, Kuroka recognized the fan as well. She and Rias had stumbled upon the same symbol when they entered Itachi's mindscape. "Hey, mister shopkeeper, who the hell are…" Kuroka and Raven turned to face the shopkeeper, although widened their eyes as not only the shopkeeper, but his entire booth and shop were gone. "… you?" Raven and Kuroka felt the tickling sensation of the wind blowing against them, despite the powerful heat of the summer breeze. The wind for a short moment, reminded them of the cold sensation of death. The wind blew into the dangling red and white fan ornament that Raven held in her hand.

Raven looked down, seeing where the shop stood before there was a note. The piece of paper blew into Raven's ankle. Raven reached down and picked up the note. "Consider this a gift, free of charge. Tell Itachi I said hi, and ask him if he is enjoying his life. Signed, the unseen one." As Raven read out what the note said, Kuroka was on full alert. Although she could not sense the mysterious shopkeeper's presence at all. He didn't even have a scent for her to try and follow.

"Hey, what are you two standing over there for? Come on, we're moving up towards the temple." Issei called out to Raven and Kuroka, no one else besides the two of them had noticed the strange shopkeeper.

"What do we do? Do we say anything?" Kuroka whispered, wondering if they should let the others in on this "unseen one".

"No… whoever he was, I felt no malicious intent from him. Clearly, he is not normal. Also, did you notice?" Raven asked to which Kuroka looked with a raised brow for a moment, what else was there to notice. There was nothing else that was strange besides the shopkeeper.

That is when Kuroka sensed it, or rather didn't. "Yeah… we're not being watched." Ever since they came to Kyoto, both Raven and Kuroka had sensed that they were being watched by the local Youkai. Even if they had been given permission to be in Kyoto, they were still supposed to be under constant surveillance. As devils and angels are foreign to the youkai.

"And now…" As time went on, Raven once again felt hidden gazes on them. They were once again under surveillance by the youkai.

Kuroka's cat ears came to view, and they twitched as they picked up some sound. "They sound tired… like they lost track of us. And just now they caught up. They are wondering if we are up to some mischief, something about losing our scent."

"… Whoever that shopkeeper is, I suspect he is to blame." Raven mumbled to which Kuroka looked slightly confused.

"What do you mean?" Kuroka whispered to Raven.

"The unseen one… when he was here, the youkai wasn't. When he left, the youkai found us. Whoever he is, he managed to slip into Kyoto undetected. No one besides us noticed him… because he wanted us to. He is like a phantom, a ghost… And, he seems to know Itachi." Raven tightened her grip onto the red and white fan ornament. Itachi needed to be informed of this, clearly. Although Raven didn't want to risk doing anything rash while they were in Kyoto. As they had no way of knowing, if the "unseen one" was watching them.

At the corner of a nearby shop, the mysterious shopkeeper stood there in silence, watching the second-year devils, humans and the one angel. Completely unnoticed and undetected. "What an observant child… I can see why you picked her to be in your peerage, Itachi Uchiha. Oops, I mean, Itachi Sitri." The shopkeeper smiled as he took off his rice hat. His eyes crystal blue and glowing in a dim fiery ember and locked onto the form of Raven. The shopkeeper pulled a black hood over his head, covering his face in the darkness of the hood, with his blue fiery dim ember eyes glowing like glints in the darkness. The shopkeeper began to whistle in a chilling tune yet he drew no attention to himself, he hung the borrowed rice hat back on a rack of a nearby souvenir shop. "But I do like this Yukata, the Japanese design some comfortable clothing." The "unseen one" the entity that resurrected Itachi in the first place, dropped off a few golden coins and shining jewels at the register as payment for the yukata. And then he vanished from sight.

Making their way up to the temple, Kuroka was in the lead not really interested in the scenery. Whilst mostly everyone stopped to take a photo of the scenery of the various gates. "This is stupid… we still haven't found the perfect souvenir for Itachi and Shirone." Kuroka groaned.

"Well… this could count as a souvenir. Or maybe more like a clue." Raven said holding up the red and white fan phone strap.

"Oh yeah, give the guy you like something associated with some form of trauma. That sounds like a good gift." Kuroka rolled her eyes, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

"Well…" Raven blushed a bit, she was new to the idea of being in love after all. Having to suppress her emotions to keep her powers in check also didn't help. "Fine…" Raven pouted a bit, as she attached the red and white fan ornament phone strap onto her cellphone.

After having walked for a mere ten minutes, Motohama was already lagging behind and out of breath. The glasses wearing member of the perverted trio, desperately tried to catch his breath. "W-Wait up guys… how are you all… so full of energy?"

"Well… speaking for myself I am a devil so my physical stats are just better." Issei gave a nervous chuckle as he rubbed the back of his head, staring with pity at his comrade and fellow pervert.

"Come on Motohama, this is disgraceful. Even Asia-chan is doing better than you." Matsuda taunted his friend, who shot back a hateful glare.

"Asia is also a Devil, so her stats are just better!" Motohama shouted back at his bald companion. Matsuda was in better shape as he actively played sports after all.

"Maybe… but what about Aika Kiryuu? She's not complaining either." Matsuda snickered as Aika was up further ahead with Asia, Irina and Xenovia chattering.

Now that was blow to his pride, Motohama gasped and nearly crumbled on the spot in despair. Seeing the weeping pervert, Murayama and Katase further up ahead snickered. "Such a loser." The two chuckled.

"Who?" Kuroka sighed, not having paid attention until now. She and Raven looked down to the bottom of the group, where Motohama was weeping and trying to catch his breath.

"…" Wordlessly Raven snapped her fingers together. And suddenly a black ominous energy enveloped Motohama.

"Huh? What the hell? What's going on-" Motohama froze as he suddenly felt a massive weight within his body being lifted up. "Huh? What, I feel so… light…" Motohama stood up, he took a quick jump and suddenly flew up like 6 feet into the air. Matsuda's jaw looked like it was about to hit the floor.

Motohama looked with teary eyes of appreciation as he gazed upon Raven. "Don't fall behind." Raven stoically said as she moved on ahead with Kuroka, Murayama and Katase.

"What did you do?" Murayama blinked at suddenly seeing Motohama so filled with energy.

"In the words of Issei, I boosted up his physical stats slightly." Raven stoically replied.

"Ho, that's nice of you." Kuroka smirked.

"Would be annoying if we had to wait for him at every rest stop on the way. This heat is already annoying enough." Raven had only done this act of kindness, so that they could speed up their trip up Inari Mountain.

"Yeah, that's what I thought." Kuroka chuckled as she expected as much from Raven.

Although, on the way up Motohama would not shut up and sing Raven's praise. "Rachel-chan is a real goddess! A Goth goddess! Her cool demeanor, stoic face and sexy legs, she's the whole package!"

"Dude, pretty sure she just didn't want this trip up the mountain to be any longer than needed." Issei hated to dash Motohama's hopes and dreams, but his Goth Goddess had her eyes only for a certain stoic devil Prince.

As they all made it to the top of the mountain, they found a shrine. Due to the dense foliage, there was barely any sunlight, much to Raven's relief as they were surrounded by shades. The silence was eventually interrupted, by the sound of rustling leaves. All Devils and the one Angel of the group suddenly flinched, they could all feel it. They were surrounded, all by inhuman presences.

"Aika, Murayama, Katase, stay behind me." Xenovia was quick to determine these presences were hostile, drawing out the Holy Dragon Slayer blade, Ascalon.

"Wh-What's going on?" Murayama and Katase sounded nervous as they did as Xenovia told.

"D-Dude, what's up?" Matsuda and Motohama were also confused as they stepped closer to Issei. They noticed Issei's eyes darting back and forth, watching closely at what was hidden behind the bushes and the tree lines.

"Not from Kyoto…" The tiny voice of a girl came from the rustling leaves. A cute short girl in a priestess outfit, with short messy blond hair, and golden irises colored eyes.

"Wow, a real cutie appeared…" Matsuda and Motohama swooned a bit.

"She's not human…" Aika mumbled as the first thing she noticed were the animal ears, fox ears to be more precise. A fluffy furry fox tail also swayed back and forth from her lower back.

"A fox girl… Is she some guardian of the mountain or something?" Aika continued to mumble to herself, even if she was new to the supernatural world, she was still able to piece two and two together. They were at the Inari Mountain, of course there would be fox spirits.

"Oi, foxy, you want something?" Kuroka without care spoke up, showing off her cat tails and ears.

"Nekomata, huh?" The little fox girl mumbled as she laid eyes on Kuroka. Her nose then twitched a bit, and her golden eyes fell onto Raven. She then started gnashing her teeth in rage, and snarled at the group. "Outsiders! How dare you?! Attack!" She commanded and out from the tree lines, emerged several fellows with black wings and crow heads dressed as mountain hermits. And a few others with fox masks dressed like priests.

"Ho? Karasu-tengu… and other foxes, huh? Quite the army there, kid." Kuroka sounded carefree, while everyone else were on edge.

"Shut up! Give my mother back!" The little girl commanded, and her troops went in for the attack. Although instantaneously, all of her troops were frozen in place as a massive pool of darkness surrounded them. Tendrils of darkness emerged from the pool, along with tentacles to keep the Karasu-tengu and the foxes restrained.

"Enough, we're not here to fight." Raven who casted the spell, halted anything from getting out of hand.

"Not here to fight?! Do not lie! You cannot deceive my eyes! You reek of those demonic monsters who attacked Kyoto last year!" The little fox girl shouted in outrage, tears trailing down her cheeks as she accused Raven.

"A year ago?" Kuroka raised her brow, and then looked to Raven. "Oi, you think she means back when-"

"Of course, what else." Raven sighed. She knew this was related to the incident when her father tried to invade the world with his army. Raven lowered her head, and stoically apologized. "I am not with those demons… I am truly sorry for what my brethren and father attempted last year. But I am not with them. My name is Rachel Roth, I am a part of Itachi Sitri's peerage. He was here in Kyoto last year on a class field trip, like we are all this year." Raven showed the pass they had gotten, as well as her Sitri emblem symbolizing her allegiance to Itachi.

"Devils from last year…?" The fox girl seemed to somewhat calm down, she had vague memories of Itachi, Rias, Sona, Akeno and Tsubaki when they were here last year. She remembered them fighting alongside her mother, when the demon army of Trigon attacked. "Itachi… Sitri?" The girl mumbled as she recalled the Sitri heir, just after he had helped Yasaka dispatch of Trigon's demons that chased her.

"Your name is Kunou, right? I'm Itachi Sitri, it's nice to meet you." The little fox girl, Kunou briefly remembered the friendly smiling face of Itachi.

"… Stand down." Kunou ordered her troops, who all dropped their weapons and were in that moment released from Raven's spell. Tugging onto her priestess outfit, and lightly pouted as she lowered her gaze. "I'm sorry…" Kunou looked like a kid getting scolded, as she apologized to Raven.

"It's fine." Raven managed to muster a faint smile, as she knelt down to eye level with Kunou. "Now, tell us… what happened to your mother?" Raven laid a comforting hand onto Kunou's shoulder, and then the water works started running as Kunou began to cry.

Meanwhile, just outside the coast of Kyoto. Alex Teach tapped his sword onto his shoulder, sitting atop of a barrel onboard his ship, Queen Annes Revenge. And sitting before him, tied up in magical chains, was the feral looking Yasaka who snarled her fangs at him and his crew. "Heh, nothing but a beast after all." Alex snorted, seeing as Yasaka's body was covered in golden fur, and her feral eyes glared at him with intense hatred.

Six figures then suddenly came jumping down onto the deck of the ship through a space rift. "Yo, you guys are late…" Alex turned his head to tauntingly greet his fellow Hero Faction members.

"You seem to have done your job, Teach." A young man with black hair, and spectacles. Dressed in what appeared as a combination of a Japanese school unform, topped up with a mage-styled robe over the uniform with a feathered cape. The descendant of the famous German alchemist, astrologer and magician Johann Georg Faust. Georg, the sub-leader of the Hero Faction. Georg looked with slight disdain at Alex, who only snorted at his serious attitude.

"Of course, was there any doubt? That someone as strong as me would fail?" Alex chuckled at Georg, who returned with a frown directed at Alex.

"Whoa, she looks like a cute fox~" The only woman of the group, looking of foreign descent with her long flowing blond hair and blue eyes. She wore a Japanese girl school uniform underneath some armor. The one who inherited the spirit and soul of the famous French Saint, Joan of Arc. Jeanne, one of the core members of the Hero Faction.

"Ho, that feral look in her eyes… she seems quite strong. Did you have a hard time, against her, Alex?" A two-meter tall, well-built muscular man with shoulder length gray hair. He was also dressed in a male school uniform underneath some ancient Greek inspired armor. Carrying the spirit of the Greek mythological hero, declared Demi-God, Heracles. Sharing the name Heracles, he is one of the heavy hitters of the Hero Faction and one of its core members.

"Nah, threatened to destroy her precious town was enough to capture her." Alex didn't hide his need to use underhanded methods to capture Yasaka. After all, none of these people would care.

"Well, you have done well all things considered." A handsome young man, with silver white hair and red eyes. Like the other members except for Alex, this man wore a male school uniform underneath what appeared to be a priest cloak. Descendant of the legendary Germanic Dragon Slayer, Siegfried. Sharing the name of his ancestor, Siegfried one of the two greatest swordsman in all of Khaos Brigade next to Arthur Pendragon. And also, one of the core members of the Hero Faction.

"…" The shortest member of the group, a young boy with dark skin, gray blueish hair and purple eyes. Like the other members, he is dressed in a boy's school uniform underneath a hooded cloak. This boy is Leonardo, youngest of the Hero Faction. Descendant of the famous Italian artist and engineer Leonardo da Vinci. Despite being so young, Leonardo was still one of the core members of the group, possessing the fourth strongest Sacred Gear in existence.

"Well done, Alex." The young man up front smirked, wielding a long spear. He was a handsome young man, with short black hair and blue eyes. He wore a fall seasoned Japanese school boys' uniform like everyone else, and ancient Chinese attire. The descendant of the warlord, and one of the most central figures in the Three Kingdoms era of China, Cao Cao. The leader of the Hero Faction, its strongest member, and the wielder of the ultimate and most powerful Sacred Gear known, the strongest Longinus, the True Longinus. Cao Cao looked upon Yasaka with a menacing smirk. "Well then, let's get to it, shall we?"

Back at the hotel, the devils had brought young Kunou with them to discuss the situation of Yasaka being missing. Having gathered at the hotel restaurant for a meeting, the young second-year devils from both the Gremory and Sitri group, and young Kunou. They sat before Rossweisse, Azazel, Bob and a certain cute Maou shoujo sama, Serafall Leviathan.

Serafall having just arrived in town for business, and was dressed in a glamorous kimono with her long black hair tied up into a bun. "Ho~ Ho~ Hot, hot…" Serafall lightly moaned as she ate a steaming hot dumpling. Whilst also looking to be savoring the flavors. "Yasaka-chan is missing, my that is troubling." Serafall looked to the young kitsune, and gently asked. "How are you doing sweetie?" Serafall was careful in her approach to young Kunou. The young kitsune seemed nervous, sitting before such important people like Serafall and Azazel.

"I'm worried about mother…" Little Kunou sniffed, she was then picked up by Serafall who placed the little kitsune in her lap.

"Of course, you are. No worries, we'll find your mother. And then with my magical girl powers I will send the bad guys who took her flying!" Serafall's enthusiasm and cheerful tone seemed to be contagious, and was especially influential with young Kunou, who quickly seemed to attach herself to the Maou.

Kunou appeared to fawn over Serafall, like children does to super heroes. Kunou at least seemed to be in a better mood from just this short exchange with Serafall. "Are you really going to beat those crooks up?!" Kunou asked with enthusiasm in her voice.

Serafall confidently huffed and stuck her nose into the air. "Of course, I am not called the mightiest female devil for nothing~" This statement made Kunou further glance in awe upon Serafall.

"Amazing!" Kunou seemed fully invested in the might of Serafall. Seems the Maou Shojo had gained another fan for her show.

"Serafall-sama… What about the meeting?" Bob seeming a bit on edge asked, he tried his best to act professional while on the job.

"Ah, that's right. I am here to secure cooperation of Kyoto's Youkai forces. And without Yasaka, that will be difficult. We need to find the culprits responsible for Yasaka's kidnapping asap! Bob-chan, get to investigating!" Serafall declared, but Bob just sighed and sweat dropped.

"No, I actually have a pretty good idea of who kidnapped Yasaka. As I was about to say before you ordered dinner, I encountered a member of the Hero Faction last night, Alex Teach. He told me the entire Hero Faction was going to be in Kyoto, so without a doubt they are involved in this kidnapping." Bob revealed to Serafall who then lightly hummed.

"Ah, yeah you did mention something urgent you had to bring up. Whoopsie, teehee!" Serafall playfully stuck her tongue out, to which everyone at the table except for Kunou sweat dropped at the Maou's sense of urgency. "Well, now that we know who is involved, any idea on how to find them?"

"Nah, even I haven't sensed anything in the area." Azazel revealed, the Hero Faction had been skilled in covering their tracks. "Perhaps we should request help from the Shinto Pantheon? Tsukuyomi-dono is scheduled to act as a representative during the talks with the Youkai, as the Youkai are more familiar with the Shinto Pantheon than they are to the Devils."

"Usually in times like this, it is common to patiently wait for the kidnappers to make their next move and present some form of demands." Rossweisse revealed, having spent a little too much free time watching criminal investigation television programs.

"Unless they took Yasaka and dipped out of Kyoto first chance they got. For all we know they might be using her for some experiment." Bob retorted on another possibility.

"Shush, don't say such things in front of Kunou, are you dumb?" Kuroka silently shushed Bob, who had forgotten to consider the daughter of Yasaka was present.

Sheepishly Bob averted eye contact. "Sorry…" He quietly mumbled.

"It's fine…" The once again saddened looking Kunou sniffed.

"Well, I suppose all we can do is wait for the Hero Faction to make their next move. Judging by Bob's report, something tells me whatever they are planning, will take place in Kyoto." Azazel rubbed his chin trying to think of an effective plan. "We will simply have to keep our eyes open. In the meantime, Kunou-chan here will stay with us at the hotel. For all we know, the Hero Faction might target her as well. You all will be charged with protecting her." Azazel instructed.

"Yes." The young devils in the room, plus Irina quickly responded completely synchronized.

After a nice dinner, the meeting was over and they all headed back out to the hotel lobby. Where Aika, Matsuda, Motohama, Murayama and Katase had been waiting. Seeing their devil friends having finished the meeting, Aika quickly ran up to Asia, Issei, Xenovia and Irina. "What's going on?" Aika quickly asked.

"My, they seem to have taken quite the interest in the workings of the Supernatural world." Azazel stepped in putting his arm on Issei's shoulder, looking with a cheeky grin. "Long story short, young Kunou will be staying at the hotel for protection. Some terrorists kidnapped her mother. And we're going to have to keep an eye out. And that is all."

"Terrorists?!" Matsuda, Motohama, Murayama and Katase exclaimed in shock instantly feeling frightened as they remembered the Diodora incident.

"More devil terrorists?" Aika looked with a slight fearful glance as she held onto Asia. As if she was worried Asia would disappear before her eyes again.

"No, humans this time." Azazel replied and walked away whistling without adding further context.

"Wait, humans…? Shouldn't that be like, really easy to deal with?" Motohama remembered how useless they, as humans had been against Diodora's peerage members.

"You would think so, but no." Azazel revealed, kindly deciding to explain to the humans. "The Hero Faction, are a group of humans with powerful Sacred Gears, all descendant of some important historical figures. With these Sacred Gears, even a normal human can become a world ending threat. They are really dangerous, super humans would be a good word used to describe them."

"Why are you telling them this?" Raven asked the Fallen Angel Governor. She really didn't see any need to further include these humans in their affairs.

"Simple, so they know what they will foolishly rush into if they decide to stick around and help. Well, most likely the Hero Faction won't target regular humans, doesn't fit their memo. But still, information is a great key to survival. And that, is why I decide to act as a proper teacher and inform my students for their safety." Azazel revealed which left Raven mute, she supposed it was a good enough of a reason, one she really couldn't argue against.

"Ah, I'm stuffed…" Serafall walked out with a satisfied grin on her face, while holding young Kunou's hand. "Kyoto has some tasteful chicken."

"Mm, it is mine and mother's favorite." Kunou excitedly waved her tail around Serafall, showing she really had attached herself to the Leviathan.

"W-What a beauty!" Matsuda and Motohama's jaws nearly hit the floor upon laying eyes on the beauty that was Serafall.

"Huh? Ah, are these the humans from the Diodora incident?" Serafall casually asked Bob who followed behind her like a bodyguard.

"Yes, Serafall-sama…" Bob awkwardly bowed his head to the Maou.

"What's up with him?" Aika whispered to Asia who only let out a nervous giggle.

"Heh, the oaf is trying his best to keep his manners up. Good on him I would say, he lasted throughout that entire dinner without making a rude comment." Rossweisse seemed to take delight in Bob's awkwardness, which caused Bob to twitch his brow.

"And you downed beers like an overbearing alcoholic…" Bob spoke through gritted teeth, trying his best to remain composed.

"Tada!" Taking a spin, her body glowed as Serafall changed her attire into her magical girl outfit. "I am the Maou Shojo Levi-tan!" Serafall winked at the humans, three of whom looked absolute caught off guard, and the other two rushed with excitement to snap photos.

"Guys… please stop." Issei felt embarrassed on behalf of Matsuda and Motohama who were snapping pictures of Serafall. That is one of the four Maou you know?

"Wait! I recognize her! She's the magical girl that appeared during Parents' Day!" Motohama looked with excitement.

"Oh! You are right Motohama!" Matsuda shared the excitement. And Serafall enjoyed this little photo session.

"Wait, why was she at Parents' Day?" Aika was the only one who seemed to notice how odd it was that some random Devil was at Parents' Day.

"Why not? I am It-tan and So-tan's older sister after all." Serafall pouted a bit at the comment.

"Huh? It-tan and So-tan? Who's that…" All five humans seemed equally confused at hearing those strange nicknames.

"… She means Itachi-senpai and Sona Kaichou." Issei revealed and instantly his human friends looked at him with shocked faces.

"Eh? So, she's Itachi-senpai and Kaichou's older sister?" Matsuda and Motohama stopped their photo session, they had to admit they were a bit scared of Sona and Itachi's wrath should they overstep their bounds.

"Yes… She is also the current Leviathan and one of the 4 current Maou." Issei added which further shocked them.

"Hm? What?" Serafall cutely tilted her head, confused at their shocked faces. "Ah, you humans probably expected me to be mean with horns, right?"

Aika was doing her best not to laugh, still not having gotten over the cute nicknames for the stoic academy President, and the academy's cold ice prince. Matsuda and Motohama on the other hand were snickering at hearing those nicknames. Murayama and Katase hid their somewhat flustered faces. "She calls Itachi-senpai for It-tan, it's so cute." There certainly were mixed reactions.

"What's wrong?" Serafall looked with a perplexed expression at the various reactions she brought from the humans.

"… Serafall-sama, I think you can expect angry messages from Itachi-sama and Sona-sama." Bob added.

"But why?!" Serafall raised her voice in shock at the sudden claim from Bob.

"Heh, that's not everything though. She is the only female Maou, you know what that means, right?" Azazel had a mischievous grin on his face as he wrapped his arms around Matsuda and Motohama. "This is what the strongest female devil looks like… I will let that sink in for a minute." Azazel lightly snickered as he indirectly taunted Serafall by saying how childish she was.

At hearing this, Aika, Motohama and Matsuda seized their muffled snickers and paled a bit. "H-How strong are we talking?" Matsuda whispered.

"Strong enough to destroy this entire country a hundred times over with just a sparkle of her power." Azazel reveals causing all the humans to pale, looking in disbelief that such a cute little creature was that powerful. 'Well, other than Serafall I suppose that Venelana, Grayfia or Esdeath would be considered some of the strongest female devils. And judging by her recent rating game, so is Rias. But she still lacks the experience and skill of the other four, so she still has ways to go.' Azazel mentally noted some of the strongest female devils. And then his gaze fell onto Raven who also deserved her praise. "Well, with Rachel's sleeping power that her father holds influence over she would be on the level of a Super Devil if she used it. So, I suppose she would be the strongest female devil in that sense."

"You're barking up the wrong tree, Azazel. That power belongs to my father… and it is not something I can control. As long as that remains the fact, then it isn't my power. Compared to Serafall Leviathan, I am nothing but a novice currently." Raven dismissed Azazel's praise wholeheartedly, rejecting the idea of calling the side of herself her father has influence over as her own power.

In responds however, Serafall just giggles. "Raven-chan, you are so cute and humble like my sweet little It-tan. You two make a good match~" To this sudden praise from Serafall, Raven hides her flustered blushing face. Serafall smiles with pride, thinking of Raven, Rias, Sona and even Kuroka and how much they've grown. Serafall was pleased so many strong female devils were appearing. "I look forward to seeing you all realize your true potential."

Everyone, even Azazel looked in awe, as with that comment it made Serafall seem as a good and charismatic leader. That is, until she herself ruined it by saying. "But don't think me saying you are a good match for It-tan, means you can try and steal him away from me. He is my precious adorable little brother."

"And there are her true colors showing… a major bro-con and sis-con." Azazel sighs and sweat drops, having thought for a moment he had seen some incredible development of Serafall.

"Damn straight! I will go to the ends of the Earth! And declare war on Heaven if it meant protecting It-tan and So-tan!" Serafall pridefully and passionately declared.

"… I think this is where you are supposed to do your job, and tell her to act like a proper Maou." Kuroka lightly elbowed Bob to step in.

"That wasn't in the job description Itachi gave me, so I'm not going to say a damn thing." Bob however was not about to get in the middle of that discussion. 'I have seen what a chore that is for lady Esdeath and sir Behemoth. No sir, I am not taking part in this discussion.' Bob wisely decided to let Serafall just be herself.

In the middle of the night, after having trained with Lin all night, Bob had resided himself to his room. He barely got eight hours of sleep however, as a certain former Valkyrie barged into his room. "Bob, I need to use the room to contact lady Rias of the situation. I am certain she like Itachi would like to be briefed-" Rossweisse started off with a light hearted gentle tone, but suddenly shrieked as her face flushed red. "S-S-Show some decency!" The flustered Rossweisse pointed out, as Bob was caught with his pants down.

"Me show some decency?! Learn to knock! I was in the middle of changing!" Bob equally flustered shouted back at Rossweisse.

"It's the middle of the day! The students have gone out for lunch! Why are you even changing?!" Rossweisse's eyes were locked on Bob's dangling manhood. Not wanting Bob to get the wrong idea, she quickly covered her eyes.

"I was out training all night! I got back a few hours ago and fell asleep!" Bob retorted. Their screaming contest having drawn the attention of some of the students in the hall.

"Is Rossweisse-sensei paying Bob a visit? My adults are so bold." Some girls whispered amongst themselves. And amongst these students were Murayama and Katase, both who actively tried to hitch Rossweisse and Bob together.

Rossweisse overhearing the gossiping students, looked flustered. She spoke in a softspoken voice as she turned to them. "Nothing to see here, girls. Just educating this dumb brute." Sounding like a pure innocent maiden, Rossweisse had her students in awe. Her tone of voice quickly shifted back into a loud shrieking voice of a strict educator as she looked back into Bob's room. "Get dressed already you moron!" Rossweisse marched into Bob's room and closed the door behind her, not wanting to students to overhear the lecture Bob was about to receive.

Once Bob had gotten dressed, Rossweisse was back at scolding him. Telling Bob to act more dignified now that he was the wielder of a replica of Mjolnir. "Tch! You are one annoying bitch, you know that? Just let me go back to sleep!"

"How rude! I cannot believe an identical replica of the mighty Mjolnir, would ever pick such a lazy master!" Rossweisse huffed her head to the side, where she glanced at the full-sized Mjolnir replica leaning against the wall of the room. Bob groaned as he saw her pout, maybe that bitch comment was taking it a bit too far.

"Mjol jr. isn't my servant. He is my partner." Bob says and the hammer pulses in responds, with a rather sad blue like color. "Aww, look what you did. You made him upset." Bob sighed.

"Ah!" Rossweisse looked flustered and turned to the hammer, bowing her head while speaking in a soft-spoken flustered tone of voice. "I'm sorry." But as soon as she realized what she was doing, she looked annoyed and turned to Bob. "Hey! I don't need to apologize to a weapon! You idiot!"

And just like that, they were back to fighting. "Hey, how about you go to that 100-yen store you love so much and stop nagging me?!"

To which Rossweisse throws back. "I am a teacher! I cannot leave the students to go sightseeing! What I don't understand, is why you are here, you big stupid jerk!"

Bob then snapped. "Get off my case! No wonder you don't have a boyfriend!" Bob uses the move he saw Odin countlessly use on Rossweisse before, and it was quite effective.

The now even more flustered Valkyrie was near tears. "B-B-Boyfriends don't matter! I know I am just an ex-Valkyrie virgin! I want a boyfriend to fool around with too! But I have just so many responsibilities and come off as strict! I know I am a useless woman! Mother and grandmother always says so!" As Rossweisse goes on her emotional rant about her struggles in life. Bob starts looking guilty, feeling sorry for bringing up whatever bad memories he stirred up within Rossweisse.

Bob's cheeks flushed a bit from embarrassment, and guilt over making a woman cry. Being pure hearted, Bob was unable to watch a girl cry. "W-Well… a beauty like you will find someone eventually… Y-You won't be single, or a virgin forever…" Bob blushed as he awkwardly tried to apologize. The sniffling Rossweisse looked up at Bob with slight awe, as she attentively listened. "So, just please stop crying…"

The sulking Rossweisse sniffles a bit. "Really? I'm not too old?"

"Old? Woman, you look like you are in your twenties, trust me your good. And easily one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen-" Bob holds his tongue from speaking further as he freezes up. 'D-Did I just say that out loud?' Bob peeks over to Rossweisse, seeing her blushing after hearing Bob call her beautiful. Seeing her blush, was enough to make Bob blush.

Although, Bob's embarrassment turns into annoyance, as Rossweisse takes the compliment to her head and gets a bit overconfident. "I'm beautiful, really? Hehe, I'm beautiful. But of course, a dumb brute like you would find me beautiful, it is only natural after all! I am a former Valkyrie!" Bob was unaware however, that Rossweisse didn't actually insult him. More like, she compared him to the dead warriors the Valkyrie were supposed to take to Valhalla. Rossweisse merely thought it was obvious a warrior like Bob would then find her beautiful.

In responds to all this fluffy atmosphere, Mjolnir jr. suddenly pulses into a shade of red, like if it was blushing. "Sh-Shut up!" A blushing Bob yells at the hammer as if it was teasing him. "Argh, whatever! Suppose I am going to the store and get some food… can't sleep with this nagging hag acting all high and mighty." Bob groans as he walks out the door.

Rossweisse however, did not miss that last comment and tensed up. "Who are you calling a hag?!" And so, she stormed out of the room after Bob. "Don't you walk away from me!"

Watching the spectacle were Murayama and Katase. "They are so into each other." The two girls squealed in delight. "But they are just so awkward around each other… Rossweisse-sensei acts too serious. I feel bad for her. At this rate they will never start dating." Murayama sighed.

"Yeah, and that Bob is too stubborn." Katase as well sighed.

"We need to find a way to set the mood for them." Looking at the clock, they realized the sun was about to set. And then an idea just clicked in their heads. "We need to get them to go on a romantic stroll through the city."

"Yeah, but where?"

"Where what?" The sound of a third voice startled the two humans, who looked behind them to see the little fox Kunou.

"Kunou-chan, what are you doing up so late?" Katase gently knelt down to Kunou's eye level.

"I heard those two fun people bickering." Kunou revealed with a bright smile, having quite enjoyed the bickering between Bob and Rossweisse.

"Hey, Kunou-chan… Do you know any nice quiet places nearby?" Murayama asked hoping Kunou with her being a local, knew of a good spot for them to set up Bob and Rossweisse.

"Nice quiet place?" Kunou cutely tilted her head with her fox tail waving back and forth.

"Yeah, a nice place that would be pretty during the night maybe?" Murayama added.

"Hmm? There is this old forest path mama would take me with her on walks to patrol the city. It's nice and quiet with the sound of the bamboo forest… and you get a good view of the town with all the pretty shiny lights." Kunou revealed, wagging her tail around a bit excited at the memory of her and her mother.

"Sounds perfect! Now we just need to find a way to fool the two of them to go there…" Katase and Murayama hummed as they began thinking, Kunou not knowing quite what was going on still joined in on the humming.

A few moments later, Murayama stood before Bob who looked at her with a raised brow. "Some suspicious people heading towards the temple?"

"Yeah, and I thought since… well you are kind of like the security guy of this trip. Maybe you should check it out… they took this old forest path you see…" Murayama sweated a bit. She wasn't sure how Bob would react if he caught her in lying.

"Hmm, well with the Hero Faction around it might be worth checking… Very well, show me on the map, I will go right away." Bob stretched his muscular arms, readying his body for a potential fight. Murayama quickly showed him on the map, and Bob headed off.

Katase on the other hand, had it a bit more difficult. "You should be in bed young lady, it's getting late. You are a student. You shouldn't be horsing around at night. Or you will end up becoming a worthless being like that Bob." Katase was getting a lecture, and had a hard time getting a word in, but the moment Rossweisse mentioned Bob she saw a window.

"Umm, about Bob-san… It seems he snuck away somewhere tonight." The moment Katase said that, Rossweisse's mood shifted.

"Where?" Rossweisse went into serious mode, having completely forgotten about lecturing Katase for still being awake.

"Umm, he went towards this mountain, this old forest path…" Katase showed Rossweisse using the maps on her phone.

"That irresponsible man… I will go and drag his ass back. His time is almost up, he shouldn't be out there with the Hero Faction lurking around!" Rossweisse said and went right after Bob. Katase blinked her eyes in confusion.

"His time… is almost up?" Katase questioned, she wasn't aware of how Bob's powers worked and why Bob was about to run out of time. What is more, why did Rossweisse keep track of Bob's time?

"Are they going to sneak away to kiss?" Kunou sounded like a cheeky brat as she giggled behind Katase with Murayama next to her.

"Hopefully…" Murayama sighed.

"Sounds fun." Kunou ran away to follow Bob and Rossweisse on their "romantic date" realizing that Kunou might mess it up. Murayama and Katase followed after the little fox.

"Wait, Kunou-chan!" Murayama called after the mischievous Kunou.

On the mountain path, Bob looked all around this forest, but he couldn't find anyone or sense any hostile presences nearby. "This is the correct place… right?" Then the felt a storming presence coming his way.

"There you are!" Rossweisse, the storming presence called out to him.

Bob looked with a stoic expression at Rossweisse. "… Jeez, I get that you look suspicious but I actually thought the Hero Faction was here or something. Well, can't really blame the girls for thinking you were someone suspicious. Hmm, after all, no none-suspicious person would spend her paycheck at the 100 Yen store." Hearing this only pissed Rossweisse off.

"What are you talking about?! I heard you snuck out here, you know your time is almost up, right? If you thought the Hero Faction were here, why would you put yourself at risk!" Rossweisse scolded, but Bob widened his eyes a bit.

"Wait… you know that my time is almost up?" Bob asked, and realizing how that may be a bit suspicious, Rossweisse's face turned bright red.

"W-W-Well it is simple math, right? You only have so many hours in this form after all!" Rossweisse huffed her head to the side.

"Heh, I didn't know you cared~" Bob chuckled with a smug smirk on his face. "Besides, if I ended up in trouble. Mjol jr. here would just fly me away from here, no problem." Bob pointed at the shrunken Mjolnir replica appearing as an ornament on his necklace.

"E-E-Even so, it is still reckless and foolish! You will find yourself in an early grave with that attitude. Isn't that what Lin has been trying to teach you, you reckless oaf!" Rossweisse didn't even bother arguing or denying the fact she cared for Bob's safety. "We're all comrades, right? If you think the enemy is nearby you should alert the rest of us."

At hearing this Bob felt a tad bit guilty, he rubbed the back of his head and sheepishly blushed. "Sorry, alright? It's just… if Alex is involved… I should be the one to deal with him. I just… don't want anyone else caught up in my problems." Bob didn't want to admit it, but finding out Alex was a member of the Hero Faction had made Bob feel responsible. If things had played out different when he and Alex were young, then maybe Alex wouldn't have mixed in with Khaos Brigade.

"… You men, always thinking of fighting." Rossweisse sighed and rubbed the bridge of her nose. "I swear… Do you know how many fools have walked into an early grave because they had the same attitude as you? I don't know the story between you and this Alex Teach… but he made his choice. It's not your problem to deal with."

"… Maybe." Bob looked up at the starry night sky and sighed. "Fuck me… Let's just go back to the hotel or something." Bob turned around to walk down the stairs with Rossweisse.

"Good, glad I finally got through that thick head of yours." Rossweisse smiled with satisfaction.

"Yeah, don't count on that happening too often." Bob gave a light chuckle, even he knew how stubborn he was himself. Looking around at the scenery, Bob could see the whole town from here. All the lights flashing like stars, and the clear night sky. "Heh, you know… this mountain makes for quite a romantic scene." At hearing Bob suddenly talk of romance, Rossweisse gained a faint blush.

"R-Really? Yeah, I suppose." Rossweisse carefully moved herself closer to Bob.

"Yeah, it is a shame it is us that are out here though." Bob then instantly shattered the mood, as Rossweisse stiffened. Her brows twitching in anger. "Someone like Itachi and Rias would have loved this view." Bob shook his head and looked with a smug face at Rossweisse. "Too bad it is us though. There is no shot. After all, you are not my type."

Gasping behind a bush, were Murayama, Katase and Kunou. While the former two were shocked, and worried Bob was going to ruin this moment. Kunou looked like a child watching a funny cartoon.

Rossweisse's eyes twitched, how dare Bob assume he was her type? "Really?" Rossweisse asked sounding annoyed.

"Such a waste of a lovely night." Bob yawns and stretches his arms out as he walks away with a smug grin on his face. Rossweisse then however, teleports in front of him stopping him in his tracks.

"You say there is nothing going on here between us? Well, let me be clear on one thing mister, I think I am the one who makes that call." Rossweisse poked her finger into Bob's chest, as he smirked looking down on her.

"Oh, it's your call?" Bob looks with a smug grin and a raised brow.

Rossweisse instead of getting annoyed, smiles at his smug face. "And even though you look so cute with the Mjolnir replica, and this cute jacket." Rossweisse pulled on his jacket, before taking a few steps down the stairs, Rossweisse then twirls around smiling at Bob. "You are right, I would never fall for you at all."

At seeing her smile, Bob looks annoyed as a vein starts bulging on his forehead. Rossweisse then continued saying. "Frankly, I am feeling nothing looking at you."

Bob puts on a forced smile with veins bulging around his temple, as he bends slightly forward to Rossweisse's eye level. "Is that so?"

Rossweisse then huffs at him. "Or it could even be less than nothing." To which Bob looks more annoyed as they both glare at each other.

"Good to know. So, it looks like we agree." Bob says and Rossweisse smiles triumphantly.

"That's right!"

"What's going on? I can't see." Kunou leans a bit forward, although then she suddenly falls off the small cliff and down towards Bob and Rossweisse.

Both Bob and Rossweisse glare at each other and at the same time they say. "This has been a waste of a night-" Although before they can finish, Kunou falls onto Bob's back, pushing him forward just enough for Bob and Rossweisse's lips to meet in a kiss.

"Ah…" Kunou gasps thinking she did something bad, and was now caught.

Bob and Rossweisse however don't move. Both look so flustered and are blushing as their wide eyes gaze into each other. Small muffles come from Rossweisse as her lips are still on Bob's. Bob then slowly backs away, embarrassed he tries to hide his blushing face and turns around to not face Rossweisse.

Rossweisse however looks in slight daze, touching her fingers gently to her lips, her eyes glistening as she looks at the shy Bob. She could tell he was blushing from his red ears. Rossweisse then hides her own blushing face, her eyes still glistening. "That was my first…" Rossweisse mumbles.

Bob of course heard her, and responds with. "Y-Yeah… mine too." Bob looks awkward as he tucks his hands into his pockets.

Kunou, realizing they hadn't noticed her, just quietly snuck away, tiptoeing away so they wouldn't notice her. Rossweisse stepped closer to Bob, and leaned onto his arm as they continued to walk down the forest path.

"I-It's getting late…" Rossweisse tries to hold up their conversation, but it for some reason feels awkward.

"Y-Yeah… I have training with Lin later once my time runs out..." Bob mumbles, desperately not trying to look at Rossweisse's face right now.

"Oh, your time will be up in a few minutes, right? You uh… need help getting to the hotel? Or the training grounds? You get so sleepy and even lazier in that small form of yours." Rossweisse basically had offered to carry Bob, which caused him to look even more flustered.

"Eh, no… I think I will be fine…" Rossweisse then quietly hums.

"Well, just remember if you get too tired, I can carry you." Realizing how that may affect Bob's masculinity, Rossweisse looked flustered and quickly tried to correct herself. "Oh, no wait! I mean since we are comrades, it is only natural I help you, right?! So, me carrying you holds no other meaning. It would be just troublesome to be late for bed, and for you to miss your training, and… I, umm… I…" Rossweisse then widened her eyes, it was like she was brought back down to earth, back to reality as she realized what had just happened a few moments ago. "Wait a minute, hey that was my first kiss back there… I can't get married anymore! Take responsibility you clumsy oaf!" Rossweisse with teary eyes grabbed onto Bob's collar and started shaking him.

"The hell do you mean? There are plenty of people who get married even after having sex!" At hearing that, Rossweisse's face was as red as a tomato.

"S-Such vulgar language!" Rossweisse blushed at the thought, although quickly found herself liking the idea more and more.

Bob awkwardly scratches his cheek. "Well, anyway… sorry, it was an accident, alright? I'm sorry if it is a big deal for you and… Well, it's not how I imagined my first kiss going either… frankly I can't believe I am in my twenties and this is my first kiss…" Bob lowers his head feeling depressed. Due to his power, he usually scared away any potential love interest in the past. Or convinced himself no one wanted a freak like him.

"W-Well… since it was your first time as well… I guess it is okay…" Rossweisse blushed at how pure Bob looked, and awkwardly pushed her fingers together, using her hands to hide her smiling face.

"Holy shit it worked out…" Murayama and Katase were in disbelief, they were certain their plan had failed once Bob and Rossweisse started bickering. Kunou crawled her way back over to them and showed her hands in a peace sign.

"Peace~ I managed to sneak away undetected~" Kunou said looking with a smug smirk.

"Come to think of it… a certain little fox girl fell into me earlier." Bob and Rossweisse both glared up at the three girls' hiding spot, and all three at once flinched looking a bit pale in their faces.

Later back at the hotel, Kunou, Murayama and Katase sat on their knees with teary eyes as they were being scolded by Rossweisse. "Playing a prank on your own teacher, the nerve! It is about high time you girls grow up, you two are high school students! And dragging young Kunou into this, way past her bedtime. You should be ashamed!"

"We're sorry…" Murayama and Katase both sniffed, but internally they were giggling that they had successfully arranged it so Bob and Rossweisse had a moment.

"My gosh, you two! All this just to play a prank on me and that brute. To think I accidentally even kissed him… It's not like I wanted to embrace his masculine body… and feel his soft lips on mine… his hot breath… I… I… I'm going on a break!" Rossweisse with a flustered face, feeling herself getting all tingly down there, made way to not say anything or show something shameful in front of her students.

The two students, still on their knees exchanged a cheeky smirk and fist bumped as everything was going according to plan. Rossweisse had rushed down to the hotel bar, slamming bills onto the bar counter startling the bartender. "Do you have mead?!"

"W-We have some imported batch…" The bartender sweated a bit, seeming nervous before this Norse beauty.

"Give me the whole bottle!" Shot, after shot of the lukewarm honey flavored beverage, Rossweisse's face grew redder as she tried to get Bob out of her mind. "Puwaaa~!" And then after calling me beautiful, he hash the nerve to call me a hag!" After a few drinks, Rossweisse had started venting her problems to the bartender, her face red and even starting to mess up with her own speech, Rossweisse was drunk.

"I think you have had enough miss…" The poor bartender tried to take the mead away from Rossweisse.

"Am not drunk!" She insisted. "I've been drinking with him ever shinsh I became Odin that old man's bodyguard… That old bastard! After years of serving him! Having the other girls laugh behind my back, calling me a servant girl! That old bastard abandons me! Without as much as a how do you do! Butttt enough about that old man! That dumb brute Bob! Do you know what he did?! After all thish rubbishhh! He kissesh me! It's all hish fault that I can't get married! I can't get a boyfriend! No boyfriend! No boyfriend!" Rossweisse starts to weep, and the barkeep having the patience of a saint stood back and listened.

"Well, it sounds like you have it rough." The bartender spoke in a calmer voice, his blue fiery ember eyes looking at Rossweisse.

"Thank you! Finally, someone seesh it! I thought only Rias-sama would see it, but you have shum good points barkeep… huh, wait… ish your face different from before?" Rossweisse sluggishly looked at the bartender, who was taller than the previous one. And quite handsome, but being drunk she couldn't quite make out his facial features.

"Yes, I just took over the last one's shift." The new bartender smiled.

"Huh? Well, you are a good listener… Still, that bum Bob. He ish not dignified at all! There ish no way! He ish lazy… rude… strong… brave… and most of all dumb. There ish no way…" Her eyes glistening, and her face looking slightly troubled as she mumbled out some gibberish, along with one final confession. "There ish no way I could fall for him… But why… why can't I stop thinking about him?"

The bartender served up a new drink, a red colored margarita cocktail with pomegranate seeds. "Sounds like you are going through troubling feelings of love. My wife loves this drink. It is a perfect drink for a young woman like you, down in the dumps. It's inviting color, and taste are sure to lift your spirits." The bartender placed the drink before Rossweisse. "It is also on the house." At hearing this, Rossweisse took a sip to savor this drink.

"Puwaa~! That tastes so good~ The fruit flavor really adds to it~" Rossweisse continued to enjoy her free drink.

"Glad you like it." The bartender smiled, brushing aside his beautiful silver hair from his fiery ember blue eyes. "Still how horrible, getting abandoned by Odin like that. You sure have it rough. The old man should take better care of his servants." The man cleaned up the empty shot glasses left by Rossweisse.

"Huh?" The drunken Valkyrie flinched upon hearing what the bartender said. "Hey, how do you know?" The red-faced former Valkyrie looked up, only to see the bartender was gone. The drunk Rossweisse sat wobbly in her seat for a while, trying to gather her bearings. How did the bartender know Odin? Looking down, Rossweisse saw a note underneath her glass. "Here is the recipe for the cocktail… signed, the unseen one…?" Rossweisse read out the content of the note, and looked around with a suspicious glance. Even drunk, Rossweisse was on full alert.

In the back of the bar, behind a room that said "Staff Only", the previous bartender laid unconscious, stripped to his t-shirt and boxer shorts. "Forgive me for putting you in such a state. And thanks for letting me borrow your uniform." The unseen one put a red ruby in the bartender's shirt pocket, as he left the borrowed uniform next to the sleeping bartender. "Seems that Valkyrie has no idea what Odin is plotting… oh well. It was worth a shot." The unseen one said, and started whistling in a chilling tune as he vanished from sight.

Within Bob's room at the hotel, the group had decided to hold a quick meeting. Bob, Rossweisse and Serafall being the only ones not present at the meeting. Bob currently training with Lin at the temple, Rossweisse was drunk at the bar, and Serafall was about to have her own meeting with Tsukuyomi. "So, still no sign of Yasaka?" The hologram of Itachi asked with his arms crossed.

"None I am afraid." Kuroka responded, having taken the lead of this report with Raven at her side. Issei, Kiba, Xenovia, Irina, Asia, Saji, Tsubasa, Tomoe, Momo and Reya sat in the background. Azazel was leaning up against a wall in the corner of the room with young Kunou.

"How is young Kunou holding up?" Rias asked with concern for the young Kitsune in her voice.

"Still a little angsty… But we've done our best to keep her spirits up while we search the town." Raven replied.

"What about Lady Serafall? Her meeting is supposed to happen now, right?" Behemoth asked with concern for his master.

"Yes… Well about that. Our dearest Leviathan is going to try hold the meeting with just the presence of Tsukuyomi. She hopes the influence of the Shinto Gods will be enough to persuade the Youkai for their cooperation. Of course, if we can locate Yasaka before the meeting is over, it will be a big plus." Azazel interjected, the hopes of this approach being that the Hero Faction would act sooner, if stopping this meeting was their goal that is.

"And Bob? Is he with Lady Serafall at this very moment?" Behemoth asked impatiently tapping his foot.

"Uh, no…" Azazel bluntly replied, and everyone could instantly tell that Behemoth looked ticked off.

"No?! What do you mean no?!" Behemoth was outraged, Bob had one job in Kyoto!

"Well, with the Hero Faction on the loose, we needed someone to hunt them down. Plus, Bob is also receiving training from the previous wielder of Storage Magic. Serafall herself was rather insistent." Azazel sweat dropped slightly at seeing the Earth King distraught like this.

"Sounds like nee-san…" Itachi let out a nervous chuckle to try and ease the tension. And successfully, Behemoth dropped the subject in a huff. "Well, I have Harry, Jack, Damian and Eto on standby should you need our help. Rias, Akeno, Gasper and Koneko are also currently present in the house. And have eagerly volunteered to help should it come to an all-out battle."

"Of course, my dearest servants are there as well. If the Hero Faction wants a fight, I will give it to them." Rias said proudly while puffing her chest out.

"Heh, yes… Well, if this is all for the meeting. Then I suppose there is nothing left except wishing you all a good night." Itachi said as the meeting came to a close, that is until he noticed a rather hesitant Raven trying to speak up. This sudden act caught Itachi's attention. "Something the matter, Raven?"

Raven hesitantly held onto her phone, which had the phone strap of the red and white fan attached to it. Raven had to report of this mysterious "unseen one" entity to Itachi. "Well… actually something else happened…" Raven said as she presented the dangling phone strap of the red and white fan. And instantly Itachi's eyes turned into a wide look of shock.

"Where did you get that?" Itachi's voice sounded quiet, fearful even. Before Raven could get a word out however, the whole room erupted in a fiery explosion. "R-R-Raven!" The sound of the transmission cutting off Itachi echoed in the explosion.

Back in Kuoh, the transmission cut for Itachi who grunted and slammed his fist into a table. "Harry! Damian! Jack! Eto! Gather together now! We're going to Kyoto!" Itachi's voice was loud, and very commanding. Something which even had Behemoth shocked, he had never seen his student ever raise his voice like that.

"Akeno! Koneko! Gasper, get ready for teleportation!" Rias normally would be excited to travel to her beloved Kyoto. But right now, she was worried for their friends.

Back in Kyoto, the explosion had been contained to the singular room of Bob so not to affect the rest of the hotel structure. Floating outside in golden spheres, carried by Azazel, everyone gathered outside at a field. "Everyone alright?!" Azazel looked around, seeing no one was missing and no one was hurt.

"That scared me…" Issei sighed as holding onto him were Asia, Irina and Xenovia. Kiba stood next to them with his sword of Betrayer drawn.

"Sitri group is also fine…" Saji coughed a bit from the smoke, as Tsubasa, Tomoe, Momo and Reya stood around him.

"Fine here too…" Raven and Kuroka stood already battle ready. Raven transforming out from her school uniform and into her cloak.

"Good…" Azazel sighed as young Kunou held onto his robe like a frightened child.

"Are Kiryuu-san and the others, okay?" Asia asked with concern for their human friends.

"… Yeah, seems the explosion was limited to our room. The rest of the hotel appears to be intact. In fact, no one woke up from that…" Azazel grunted and summoned forth a spear of light. Whoever attacked, had put everyone else to sleep prior to the attack.

A footstep drew everyone's attention away from the hotel, and our group of Devils, plus one Angel, a Kitsune and the Fallen Angel Governor turned around to face seven figures jumping down from a floating pirate ship. One of the cannons onboard the pirate ship emitted smoke, having been the cause of the explosion earlier. "Greetings, Fallen Angel Governor, the Sekiryuutei. And two members of the infamous Seven Deadly Sins. I'm Cao Cao, the hero that shall slay you all. It is a pleasure." The leader of the Hero Faction greeted the group with sinister smirk on his face, with the other six main members backing him up.

At the temple with Bob and Lin, a mere moment prior to the explosion. Bob was floating off the ground in a lotus position, in his petite form meditating. Lin circled around him with a pleased smile on her face. At this moment, Bob was letting go of all his worries. And completely relaxed like if he was in the state of a great sleep. A blue burning energy surrounded Bob as he floated.

"Good, he has nearly perfected mediation sleep substitution. Now he just needs to fully let go of his surroundings, and he will have mastered Power Nap." Lin had to compliment Bob, his conviction to protect his friends made him a quick learner. He still needed several more training lessons however. Lin sighed as she had to find a way for Gabriel to ease some workload off from her, so she could spend time training Bob.

Then, the sudden "Boom!" of an explosion brought the training to an abrupt halt. And Bob's eyes shot wide open, as he fell onto his feet, his body began to grow in muscle mass. "That explosion… it came from the hotel!" Bob's body quickly changed, the meditation substitute for sleep really showed results. In a mere 30 seconds of a perfect session of meditation, Bob had managed to gather enough energy to enter his 23-hour state form. "I have to help them!" Without hesitation, Bob summons Mjolnir jr. to his hand and leaps into the sky.

"Wait! Bob!" Lin called out as Bob took flight without hesitation to the heavens. His devil bat wings spread out far from his wide muscly back. "You still haven't fully perfected Power Nap yet! Don't try and enter it unless there is an emergency! And be careful, once your 23-hour form runs out of time, you will need a 10-minute cooldown before you can meditate again!" Lin groaned, spreading out her Angel wings and taking flight. She may not be near her prime right now, but she could still try and help somehow.

Back on the field, Azazel coldly stared at the Hero Faction, as he lightly pushed Kunou to the side and into the arms of Asia who took Kunou a bit back in case the Hero Faction were targeting her. "So, you guys are the infamous Hero Faction? What, just a bunch of brats… Truth be told, I am a bit disappointed." Azazel gave the group a light taunt.

"Heh, and here your backup is also a bunch of brats, Governor. A bit hypocritical, won't you say?" Cao Cao spun around his spear. The sheer sensation of the spear was one of danger. Just looking at it had the Devils feel sick to their stomach, even Azazel had a bead of sweat drip down his forehead.

"I see…" Azazel pulled out a golden dagger from his pocket, the dragon within the dagger growling at sensing the spear's presence. "Listen well everyone, be careful of that man's spear, True Longinus. The most powerful Longinus capable of even killing a God. Never did I imagine the spear would fall into the hands of terrorists."

At Azazel's words everyone flinched in fear. Irina in particular was awestruck at the divine artifact. "That is the holy spear that even the Seraphim fear?" Irina couldn't stop herself from trembling, her voice sounding shaken and frightful.

"The spear that pierced Jesus Christ himself… carrying the blood of Jesus himself. The spear capable of killing a God…" Xenovia and Irina both averted their eyes from looking directly at the spear.

"That is the holy spear?" Asia on the other hand, appeared completely mesmerized by the divine weapon. Until Azazel covered the former nun's gaze with his hand.

"Asia, people of faith should not look too long at the spear. They will lose their sanity. After all, it is one of the holy relics amongst the True Cross, the Holy Calice, the Holy Nails and the Shroud of Turin." The spear, the mightiest of all the Sacred Gears, the True Longinus was indeed a frightening artifact.

Kunou angrily hissed at the Hero Faction, and her gaze was completely focused on the leader Cao Cao. She could smell the scent of her mother on all seven of these heroes. "You boy! Are you the ones that kidnapped my mother?!" Kunou hissed.

Cao Cao with a carefree smile chuckled in the face of Kunou. "That's right, we did."

"What do you want with Yasaka?!" Azazel snarled at the Hero Faction.

"We just want her to collaborate with a little experiment. As instructed by our benefactor." At hearing Cao Cao so carefreely boasting of having taken her mother, Kunou snarled with tears glistening in her eyes.

"This benefactor… is it Ophis? And why appear before us?!" Azazel interrogated.

"To answer your questions in order. No. And also, to kill you all, of course." Cao Cao smirked as he pointed the tip of the True Longinus towards Azazel. "Let's have some fun before the experiment starts. Governor."

"… Then we have no choice I see." Azazel summoned a three-pronged spear of light and rushed at Cao Cao. Clashing his spear of light with the True Longinus. Cao Cao smirked and backflipped as he easily parried off Azazel's blows.

"You are quick to act, governor." Cao Cao chuckled as he rapidly thrusted his spear at Azazel. The Fallen Angel Governor's body was enveloped in a bright flash of light, and emerging out was a golden armored arm, pushing the spear aside Azazel emerged out in his golden Scale Mail armor. "My, this serious already?"

"You claim to be here to kill us. So, I don't have time to play around. If you come with the intention to kill, prepare for death yourself!" Azazel pushed Cao Cao back, in terms of brute strength Azazel had the clear advantage. And with the armor, he might have some protection from the spear.

"We don't have time to stand around either!" Raven flew to the sky, and prepared a spell to launch at Cao Cao.

"I won't let you." Georg blitzed Raven from behind, and blasted her with a fire spell. Raven's cloak held off the fire, and dispersed it with a mighty swing of her arm. The cloak was fire proof it would seem.

Kuroka's body glowed in the fiery aura of Touki, as she rushed ahead. In Kuroka's path was the shortest and youngest in the Hero Faction, Leonardo. Every part of Kuroka's senses screamed this boy was dangerous, so she refused to hold back. Blue youkai fire emerged from Kuroka's hands, and burnt across her black cat tails without causing harm to her own being. "Wild hunt!" Kuroka took a leap at Leonardo, and spun her body around creating a giant storm of blue fire.

"Annihilation Maker." Leonardo raised his arm, and out from his shadow dozens of demonic looking monsters emerged. The monsters all collectively roared and charged at Kuroka. Kuroka's slashing blue fire claws cut through the monsters' flesh and tissue, but failed to deal lasting damage as they continued to push forward.

"Annihilation maker?! Another Longinus Sacred Gear?!" Azazel grunted as he held of an energy blast from Cao Cao's True Longinus. The spear having fired off a bright beam of energy that pushed the Governor backwards.

"Let's go! Everyone!" Issei entered his Balance Breaker, and activated his ignition boosters to soar to Azazel's side. Although before Issei could reach Azazel, his back was slashed open by the blade of Siegfried.

"Lay down, and die dragon." Siegfried kneed Issei's upper back pushing him to the ground. Siegfried's blade unleashed an unpleasant feeling, its power felt demonic. Raising his blade, Siegfried aimed to pierce straight through Issei's heart.

"I won't let you!" Kiba rushed in at full speed and clashed his Sword of Betrayer with Siegfried's blade.

"Ho? A mix of holy and demonic, eh? That is quite the Balance Breaker." Siegfried complimented Kiba, put quickly managed to push the knight back. Taking a quick slash aimed at Kiba's neck, Siegfried began pushing Kiba back. The valiant knight continued to move at super speed, but even so Siegfried kept up without any issue. No, in fact Kiba was getting pushed, his speed was getting overwhelmed.

"Kiba!" Xenovia and Irina seeing their fellow swordsman getting pushed back came to his aid. But the single colossal blade of Jeanne held the two at bay. Xenovia wielding Ascalon, and Irina wielding swords of light found themselves both pushed back in the face of Jeanne's strength.

'What's going on here?! They are humans, right?!' Issei was baffled, how could a group of humans overpower the physical enhanced strength of a devil? Issei was caught off guard, as he heard the sound of groaning flesh getting slashed. Kiba groaned as his guard was broken through by Siegfried, and his shoulder got slashed. "Kiba!" Issei's ignition boosters speed towards Siegfried, aiming to punch the hero at the back of his head.

But as Issei got too close, four mechanical like arms emerged out from Siegfried's back, wielding a sword each that pierced through Issei's limbs. Issei cried out in pain, as his knees, and arms were pierced through by swords.

"Issei!" Asia was left helpless standing on the sidelines, wanting to rush to heal Issei and the others injuries. But she wasn't a combat type, if she went out there now without a doubt she would be killed.

Asia looked to Saji and the Sitri group, seeing all of them were struggling against Alex Teach. Alex smirked as he wielded his sword in his left hand, generating a barrier of sorts around him that repelled all the Sitri groups attacks. Tsubasa who had attempted to rush with her energy yo-yo's as they generated volts of electricity, was launched back violently and crashed into a stone staircase, denting it. Saji's Absorption Line merely bounced off of Alex's barrier. "How dull…" Alex smirked as he quickly tossed his blade to his right hand, and with a violent slash unleashed a massive shockwave that tore a crescent shaped moon hole into the ground. The blast itself unleashed several small slashes of wind that cut into the Sitri group's skin.

"Oh no… Everyone is in trouble… what can I…" Asia frightened mumbled to herself, with the young Kitsune Kunou holding onto Asia.

"What ish all this ruckus?!" The booming voice of Rossweisse echoed, as the drunken Valkyrie emerged out on the battlefield. And for a brief moment, Asia looked slightly hopeful. But Azazel, Issei, Raven, Kuroka and the rest looked stunned.

Even the Hero Faction members appeared to be baffled at this sudden turn of events. "Ho? A Valkyrie, eh?" The tall muscular Heracles stepped up, cracking his neck slightly as he stepped up to fight the drunk Rossweisse.

"Huh? Ya wanna fight?! Sho! I'll show y'all the power of old man Odin's former bodyguard Valkyrie!" The drunken Rossweisse let out a loud battle cry, generating multiple magic circles that unleashed a magical bombardment of various spells towards Heracles.

Heracles chuckled as he rushed into the bombardment like a madman. Like a tank he took on several explosive attacks and rushed at Rossweisse who, even drunk entered her Valkyrie battle maiden armor. Heracles threw a heavy punch to the drunk Valkyrie, who blocked off the strike with her forearm. Rossweisse grunted, feeling the sheer weight of Heracles' punch held a lot of power behind it.

Rossweisse gasped as suddenly an explosion erupted before her. Where Heracles had punch, an explosion followed. The wielder of the spirit of the mighty demi-god, rushed at the former Valkyrie delivering heavy hammer strikes followed by a series of explosions.

"Shit! She is too drunk to fight properly!" Azazel grunted as he continued to fight off Cao Cao.

"Hmm, it seems we are reaching the boiling point… Later, Governor." Cao Cao backflipped away from Azazel, and as he regained his footing, Cao Cao thrusted his True Longinus forward and unleashed a mighty blast attack.

"Shit!" Azazel tossed his spear of light aside, and held both hands out to catch the blast. Seeing the trajectory of it, if he even attempted to dodge the whole hotel with all of his students would face the consequences. As a proper teacher Azazel held off the blast, this time the beam carried far more power and even shredded at Azazel's armor.

As Azazel steadily began holding the blast back, he was about to send it flying back at Cao Cao. But Cao Cao had blitzed him with unbelievable speed that even Azazel struggled to follow. Cao Cao stood behind Azazel and smirked. "So long…" Cao Cao launched a second blast into Azazel's back, sending him flying far into the heavens.

"Sensei!" Issei shouted in disbelief at seeing Cao Cao send Azazel flying far into the distance.

Azazel was being carried several miles away by the blast, the energy sandwiching him and shredding away at his armor. 'Dammit! Those Hero Faction guys! They know we will try and protect the other humans nearby! They are taking advantage of that! Shit! Shit! I need to stop this blast and head back! If possible, I could use Fafnir's power to maybe create a Domain Expansion! That way the damage could be contained! Or maybe Raven could… no, that might be risky with Trigon's influence possibly taking over!'

The blast carrying Azazel suddenly dispelled, and swopping down a pair of arms grabbed onto Azazel. "Sorry for being late, Governor… We were a bit caught up in the training." It was Lin, the Brave Saint of the Arch Angel Gabriel, carried Azazel back towards the battlefield.

"Nah, you got here just in time… Where is Bob?" Azazel asked, and Lin gave a knowing smirk.

"He rushed on ahead." Lin simply replied.

Roughly several dozen explosions rocked the entire land area, as Heracles finally booted the body of Rossweisse out from a smoking heap. Smoke tendrils emerging all over from Rossweisse's burnt body, this beating had served however in sobering her up a bit. Rossweisse groaned, as she tried to pick herself back up. Heracles sighed as he stood over the red faced still slightly drunk Rossweisse. Rossweisse laid there bloodied, and with both her legs broken from the looks of it. "Had you been sober, this could have been a fun fight. I expected more from one of the famed battle Valkyries. You are a disgrace of a warrior… Heh, I wonder who is to take the dead battle maiden to the afterlife? Let's find out!" Heracles chuckled as he raised his fist, aiming to pulverize Rossweisse's head and splatter out her brains.

Heracles flinched as suddenly a bolt of dark blue lightning clashed between them, and soaring out from it was a hulking muscular fist hitting Heracles straight in his jawline. Heracles grunted as he was launched back several feet. Rossweisse with her face bright red looking at her savior, not even sure if she was blushing or if it was the alcohol anymore. "Bob…" Rossweisse despite the blood running over her eyes from a cut over her brow, recognized the muscular frame of the Sin of Sloth.

Bob was huffing and puffing with rage, his muscular chest tearing his shirt apart. Heracles looked into the smoke left from the lightning bolt, and saw the veins bulging around Bob's face and temple, Bob's pupils were shrunken as he stared with intense rage and fury. "Oi, punk!" Bob held his right arm out, and the necklace holding the shrunken Mjolnir jr. snapped as the hammer grew into a colossal size and flew into his grip. The hammer crackled with blue thunder, sharing Bob's anger. "Lend me your face for a bit…!" Bob snarled holding his left hand up to his face, clenching it into a mighty fist as he roared with a battle cry. "So that I can smash it into the FUCKING PAVEMENT!"

"Oh shit…" Alex himself even looked stunned at seeing Bob like this. "Umm, Heracles might be a good idea to back-" Before Alex could finish his warning, Heracles soared by him at super speed and towards Bob with a wide spread grin across his face. "-out…" Alex sighed.

Heracles jumped to be at eye level with Bob, and threw a heavy hit. But Bob without even flinching caught Heracles' fist. "What?!" Heracles sounded surprised Bob kept up with his speed. Bob then heaved Heracles high into the air, and body slammed him hard into the ground. Bob's iron grip tightened hard around Heracles' fist, to the point where one could hear bones snap. Bob grabbed Heracles by the back of his head, and smashed the smug face of the Hero to the pavement. An explosion erupted, and rocks were flung high into the air.

Heracles with his face buried in the pavement, let out muffled chuckles. Heracles wrapped his legs around Bob's neck, and actually tossed the hulking Bob to the ground. "You are strong…" Heracles smirked as Bob only glared at him.

"Little shit stain!" Bob snarled as he wrapped his own legs around Heracles' neck and tossed him high into the air. Taking a huge leap, Bob appeared over Heracles with his arm thrown behind his back. "Grizzly Claw!" Bob thrusted his palm forward, unleashing a mighty air cannon blasting into Heracles sending him propelling back to the ground. The crashlanding cleared away an entire forest path, leaving nothing but a huge crater.

Heracles coughed within the crater from all the dust, he let out light pained groans. Heracles stepped through the smoke, dusting off his armor from dust he glared up at Bob with glee. "That hurt…" Heracles said as blood dripped down from the corner of his lip. Heracles's body then began building up a glowing aura, as he bent his knee, Heracles kicked himself to the skies above leaving behind a mighty explosion that rocketed him straight towards Bob. Reeling his fist back, Heracles punched Bob in his jawline and upon contact with his fist, and explosion erupted in Bob's face.

The fiery explosion had Bob recoil back a bit, but as the smoke cleared it revealed an annoyed unfaced Bob. Bob grabbed onto Heracles' wrist, and glared at the bewildered looking Hero. "My turn." Bob snarled as he threw a heavy punch to Heracles' mouth, busting out a tooth from the hero's mouth. Heracles however, chuckled and headbutted Bob.

"Interesting! I want to fight you! You are a devil worthy of killing!" Bob snarled in the face of Heracles, and held his arm out summoning the Mjolnir replica to his hand. With Mjolnir jr. at hand, Bob smacked the arrogant Hero upside the head with the hammer. The hammer unleashing crackling thunder, and shaking the whole town.

Heracles, with his intense durable body however, had somehow survived the strike of Mjolnir jr. even though it wasn't a full powered one. Even enraged, Bob realized the full power of the hammer he wielded. One wrong move, and the whole country would sink beneath the waves of the ocean.

Heracles groaned, his head nearly cracked open and blood pouring over his face. Bob had Heracles at death's door, one more strike and the hero would be dead. Bob raised the hammer once more, only this time he was met with resistance. The hammer was blown away from Bob's grip, by an energy beam. "Now, now, I can't have you kill Heracles. He may be human, but he has the durability of a Demi-God. That along with his Sacred Gear, makes him an irreplaceable teammate." It was the leader of the Hero Faction Cao Cao. His spear, the True Longinus was emitting smoke having been the source of the blast. Bob's entire arm was red, having been burnt by merely getting shined upon by the light of the blast.

Bob threw his arm back, aiming to strike Cao Cao with a Grizzly Claw shockwave blast. But before he could even thrust his palm forward, Cao Cao blitzed the sin of Sloth and slashed his spear across Bob's chest. The slash left nothing but a mere scratch, it wasn't deep enough to reach his organs or even his bone. But even so, Bob collapsed onto one knee clutching his free hand onto the scratch.

Heracles in the meantime, is saved by Jeanne who gives the unconscious Hero a drop of phoenix tears. And near instantaneous, Heracles was back on his feet. "Hey! Not fair! He was my opponent!" Heracles shouted in outrage at his leader.

"Cao Cao saved you. You were about to get killed." Jeanne sighed as she slapped Heracles upside his recently freshly healed head.

"My Sacred Gear, True Longinus, is the mightiest of all the Sacred Gears. Carrying the blood of Jesus Christ himself, this spear is poisonous to all Devils. Even more so than any holy Sword like Durandal and Excalibur. It is one of the holiest relics in all of existence. I'm curious, how will a replica of the notorious Mjolnir fare against it?" Cao Cao taunted Bob as he spun the spear around performing tricks. Moving with such speed, elegance and grace, Bob couldn't even begin to comprehend how this man was only a human. No, this was how a true human wielded a Sacred Gear. The true potential of mankind. Bob would be damn impressed, if Cao Cao hadn't been his enemy. A human, who had the power to contend with Maou level fighters, and the potential to one day contend against Gods.

"…" Wordlessly Bob summoned the Mjolnir replica back to his hand. The crackling thunder from the hammer vibrating through the air, along with the sheer aura of the True Longinus. "Heh, you might be the second most impressive fighter I have meet since the captain. The fact that you are a human makes it all the more impressive. However, you are by no means the strongest foe we have ever fought!" Bob snarled as he saw the arrogant smirk on Cao Cao's face slightly waver. Bob raised Mjolnir jr. thunder crackling as Bob thought back on the strongest foes they had faced. Ophis, Trigon, Fenrir, Loki, all were stronger than Cao Cao. "Now you bunch of brats! Prepare to get your butts kicked to kingdom come! You have poked the fucking bear!" Bob growled, as the form of a beaten Rossweisse flashed through his mind.

A few moments ago, before the start of the battle. Serafall sat within a house with the Shinto Moon God Tsukuyomi. The awkward atmosphere, had Serafall sit there in total silence. Tsukuyomi was just as stoic as Itachi and Sona, yet for some reason he was really hard to talk to. Serafall was also a bit bewildered as to why she was alone with the moon God, and why Tsukuyomi wasn't saying anything. "Umm, it seems my attendant Bob is not present … and I assume you didn't come here alone either, Tsukuyomi-dono?" Serafall tried her best to act professional before the Moon God.

"No, I am alone." Tsukuyomi calmly replied as he took a sip from his cup of tea.

"Then… are we to start discussions, or what? If we're not waiting for anyone that is… I am certain Azazel and the kids are busy trying to locate Yasaka after all." Serafall desperately wanted to ease this tension.

"We have no need for the Fallen Angel Governor here. As for the leader of the Youkai, her absence is regrettable. And I'm the only one that is supposed to be here, on orders from my sister since you insisted, we have this meeting at night." Tsukuyomi added which caused Serafall to lightly flinch. She was supposed to wait for Azazel to bring Yasaka, she wasn't sure how smooth the conversation would go just with her and Tsukuyomi.

The awkward silence was however broken at the loud echo of an explosion. Serafall quickly reacted and stood up from her seat. "What was that?!" Instantly Serafall's mind went to the Hero Faction, they had begun their attack. "Tsukuyomi-dono! It is the Hero Faction! I am certain of it! We should investigate and dispose of them!"

"Why worry over some mere human terrorists? They are being dealt with, I am confident those young reincarnated Devils, the Fallen Angel Governor and that Valkyrie will be more than enough. Please, sit back down so we may begin this meeting." Tsukuyomi calmly spoke and instructed for Serafall to sit back down.

"But… my brother and sister's peerage members could be in danger." Serafall trembled, she didn't want to be disrespectful to Tsukuyomi. The Moon God was known to dislike those who disrespected proper etiquette. And acted in a lewd improper manner. This was the God, who had decapitated another God, Uke Mochi the Goddess of Food, for preparing a feast in an unsightly manner after all.

"You care that much for your brother and sister's servants? My, not a quality I expected in a Devil." Tsukuyomi said in a monotone voice, that kind of irked Serafall and rubbed her the wrong way. The way Tsukuyomi referred to Itachi and Sona's peerage members, made them seem like easily replaceable tools.

"Listen, Tsukuyomi-dono… You may be a God, but I am still a Maou. Even I will not tolerate such a disrespectful tone towards my darling brother and sister's comrades." Serafall glared at the Moon God, who lazily gazed up onto Serafall.

"Do not misunderstand, Serafall-dono. I have nothing but respect for you, and the New Maou Faction. But I am not unfamiliar with Devil's selfish nature either. You just caught me off guard with your affection towards mere servants of your siblings." Tsukuyomi continued to use his calm monotone voice. Tsukuyomi was nothing like his younger brother Susano'o. Tsukuyomi wasn't considerate and easy going, he was dignified and acted like a professional businessman. Tsukuyomi truly seemed like a true God in the eyes of most. "Now, please… remain seated. Have some faith in your siblings and their comrades."

Serafall seemed on edge, she was reluctant to sit back down. Suddenly however, Serafall got a distress call. Pulling out her phone, Serafall answered. "Hello? Behemoth? What's up?"

"Lady Serafall! The entire Hero Faction just attacked the Hotel the young reincarnated Devils are staying in! Me and the young master are preparing to come as backup! Are you safe?!" Behemoth was quick to inform, and Serafall gasped at the gravity of the situation. She had expected some of the Hero Faction, but now she learned it was the entire group that was attacking. Humans or not, this group had caused troubles for all Factions and were not to be trifled with.

"I'm fine! I will be right there to assist them-" Serafall's call was suddenly cut off, as the phone itself exploded within her hand.

"Serafall-dono. It is quite rude to answer a phone call in the middle of a meeting." Tsukuyomi scolded, without a doubt having been the one that caused Serafall's phone to explode.

"What's the meaning of this? Tsukuyomi-dono?" Serafall glared daggers at the Moon God for this sudden hostile action.

"Forgive me, but you were not showing proper etiquette, Serafall-dono. Now, sit down and let us proceed with the meeting." Tsukuyomi once again calmly addressed Serafall.

Serafall however was not having it, and bolted out the window. Tsukuyomi looked at Serafall's leaping form as she jumped out the window, and sighed. Serafall was making her way down the stairs from the temple leading into town, in a rush to help her comrades. When suddenly the illuminating form of Tsukuyomi teleported with the moon light and appeared before her.

"Get out of my way…." Serafall quietly warned, formalities were officially out the window.

"I am afraid, Serafall-dono… that I cannot comply." Tsukuyomi crossed his arms behind his back as he stood in Serafall's path.

"Why? Why are you standing in my way?! You should be helping me!" Serafall argued, they were at "peaceful" terms with the Shinto pantheon, so why would they suddenly stand in her way? Serafall grinded her teeth, if she attacked, she might as well be declaring war on the Shinto Pantheon. "Please, Tsukuyomi-dono… my little brother is about to join the battle. I have to be there to help! He can get seriously hurt! These terrorists might just be humans. But they are humans with incredibly powerful Sacred Gears!" Serafall tried her best to reason with the Moon God, it wasn't just the danger of starting a war that had Serafall shaken up.

Serafall knew, there was no way she could win in a battle against Tsukuyomi. Unlike his other two siblings, Tsukuyomi was not on the list of the Top 10 Strongest Beings in the World. But Tsukuyomi was still a powerful God, a God who was amongst the Top 20 strongest beings. "Tsukuyomi-dono… please. What if it had been your brother or sister in danger?"

"… Forgive me, Serafall-dono. But I cannot allow you to interfere." Tsukuyomi's declaration sounded like that of a typical traitor character in an anime. For a brief moment Serafall was concerned if Tsukuyomi had allied himself with the Hero Faction. "These unforeseen circumstances, have brought forth a unique opportunity to light for me. Therefore, I cannot allow your interference to jeopardize it." With these words, Tsukuyomi confirmed he was not allied with the Hero Faction. He in fact was just as shocked by their attack.

"What opportunity?! Why won't you allow me to join the battle?!" Serafall was still however outraged at the Moon God.

"I was for a brief moment considering letting you leave, to aid your comrades in battle. That is until you received that call. Itachi Sitri, will soon join the battle, yes?" Tsukuyomi asked and Serafall's shocked and confused expression was enough for Tsukuyomi to answer his own question. "For you see, this opportune moment could be the key… for that child to awaken his powers. Therefore, I cannot have you interfere to coddle him like a toddler. He will never grow to his full potential if you continue to do so."

Serafall's face darkened as she snarled, she summoned her magical girl staff and entered her magical girl outfit. "You out right say… you want to put my adorable little It-tan in danger? Just so he can awaken some power? You do realize… this could be taken as a declaration of war?" Serafall threatened, she wasn't about to put Itachi's life at risk for a mere chance he would awaken some new power.

Tsukuyomi merely sighs and closes his eyes at Serafall's declaration. "Indeed. If I raise my hand at you, then yes it would mean war. And the same condition applies to you." Tsukuyomi opened his eyes, revealing them shining in the illuminating blue glow of the moon. "Luckily, I can handle this situation without even lifting a single finger." Tsukuyomi declares, locking eyes with Serafall. Tsukuyomi's eyes reflected the shape of the moon tonight, a crescent blue shape on the side of Tsukuyomi's pupils, while the rest of his pupils looking clouded.

Serafall clicks her tongue in anger, not having time for this, and trying to avoid a war. Serafall takes a leap and jumps over Tsukuyomi's head, as she continues to run down the stairs. Leaving Tsukuyomi behind her, Serafall can only gasp as Tsukuyomi suddenly comes into view as she runs down the staircase. "What the…" Looking around her, Serafall noticed the scenery hadn't changed. Despite having run down the stairs, she hadn't made any progress and remained on the same spot.

"Like I said, I won't have to lift a finger. I can keep you here, until it has been settled. I do not wish your brother harm… in fact I believe he is crucial for this war with Khaos Brigade. Roughly fifteen years ago. When you, Ajuka Beelzebub and Sirzechs Lucifer presented the issue of Itachi Sitri, and him being in the possession of power from myself, my siblings and parents. I was in disbelief, in fact I thought at first it was a joke you were playing on us. But recently, after seeing him for myself… and from the report we got from Susano'o after the battle with Loki. I have found myself in bewilderment, and amazement. For the sake of the future, and our battle against Khaos Brigade. I have come to the conclusion, that Itachi Sitri needs to awaken these powers… For the sake of tipping the scale of this war against Khaos Brigade, to our favor."

"And, putting him through dangerous situations is the only solution?!" Serafall shouted out in rage at this brutal method.

"Yes, for as the battle with Loki proved. That when placed in stressful situations, Itachi Sitri's true power… the power of the Shinto Gods slips through. Therefore, I cannot allow you to interfere." Tsukuyomi revealed, which only further angered Serafall. She was well aware of what had happened during the battle with Loki. Sona nearly got gutted and nearly cut open. There was no way, Serafall was going to let Itachi go through such a stressful situation, as his older sister she couldn't just stand by and do nothing.

"My brother… is a kind hearted and gentle young man…. I will not forgive you! For willingly shoving him into a path of violence!" Serafall unleashed her aura, war or not she would fight anyone if it meant protecting Itachi and Sona.

Tsukuyomi smirked, he had to admire Serafall and her sisterly love towards her siblings. "… Very well. After this, you may continue to hate me all you wish, Serafall-dono. As a show of good faith. I will not attack you, Serafall-dono. Nor will I declare war on the Devils if you attack me, nor will there be any consequences if you should. So, feel free to strike… just know it will all be meaningless in the end, for you will not escape." For Tsukuyomi, all that mattered was Itachi awakening his hidden powers.

Serafall gritted her teeth, throwing her arm back, whilst holding onto her magical girl staff. A rainbow color of energy gathered in an explosive fashion of colors, as Serafall unleashed a war cry and launched a blast attack at the Moon God.

The scene switched to Bob unleashing a war cry, as he charged at Cao Cao, holding tightly onto the Mjolnir jr. as it generated dark blue volts of electricity. Bob's attacks certainly carried more weight and power to them, however to Cao Cao the Grizzly Sin of Sloth's attacks moved in his eyes like slow motion. Cao Cao smirked as he ducked under the swing of Bob's Mjolnir Jr. The lightning flickering from the hammer tickling against Cao Cao's skin. Cao Cao spun the True Longinus spear, and with the spear head he slashed Bob at his side this time. "Your bulky frame… makes you a slow target." Cao Cao kicked Bob's side hitting him right at the slash wound. Bob grunted in pain and fell onto his knee.

'It burns! It burns even worse than the light of an Angel!' Bob gritted his teeth, his ears ringing from the pain. And smoke even emitting from his slashed skin as if it had been burnt. The lessons from Lin went on repeat in Bob's ears, he had rushed in here without any strategy or plan. And he was still fighting too aggressively, and taking on damage that could have been avoided.

"Bob!" Rossweisse rushed using magic from the sole of her feet to function as an ignition booster. The former Valkyrie soared towards the downed Bob. Although before she could even reach him, she was slugged across the face by Heracles. Rossweisse was flung aside as the force of the punch created a friction explosion that burnt Rossweisse's skin and tore at her armor.

"Oi, Cao Cao. Remember, you promised big ol' Bob would be left to me." Alex shouted from across the battlefield as he held off the entirety of Sona's peerage members by himself. A void of space was bent around him, surrounding Alex so that every attack from Sona's peerage got sucked in and torn apart.

"Don't blame me Alex, the big guy just won't go down easily." Cao Cao stomped onto the back of Bob's head. "This is what you get… for abandoning your humanity."

"I ain't abandoned shit…!" Bob snarled as he looked up at Cao Cao from the corner of his eye. Bob's eyes also drifted over to Alex, feeling a pit in his stomach of seeing his former friend tormenting his new comrades.

"Heh, well… Alex always told us you were quite the monster. So, maybe you are right about that." Cao Cao pointed his spear tip right at Bob's face. Bob could feel it, if he got directly stabbed by that spear it was game over. Unless Raven could somehow heal him before he dies that is.

"The only monster I see here…" A giant boulder was hurled straight at Cao Cao, pushing Cao Cao off Bob. "Is you!" Rossweisse had blood trickling down her face, her silver hair stained in red stains of blood. And her armor torn to pieces. "Get up Bob! Are you not the warrior I thought you were?! Get up already, and beat the crap out of them!" Rossweisse called out to him. Bob looked in awe, how could she still be standing? Rossweisse's legs were broken, her left arm and at least six broken ribs with internal bleeding. Yet she still had the strength to stand.

Bob's face softened a bit, this woman drove him to madness at times. She constantly lectured him, telling him how to act like a proper wielder of Mjolnir Jr. Always butting into his business. Yet despite it all, all the nagging, Bob had rushed to save her without a second thought. He had been angry at seeing her get hurt. And the memory of their kiss still haunted his dreams and thoughts. "Dammit woman… I will get right to it!" Bob got up on his feet, smirking as he summoned Mjolnir Jr. to his hand. Yep, this woman drove him crazy in more ways than one. Yet despite all that, Rossweisse had been the one to steal his lazy heart. "Oi! Bastards… You want to see a real monster? Well step right up you sons of bitches! Bob the One Punch Man will take you all on!" Dark blue lightning and thunder crackled around Bob, as Mjolnir Jr. grew exceptionally in size, as he stared down all of the Hero Faction members.

"Heh, fool." Cao Cao smirked. He could tell the bloodied slash wound he left on Bob was taking its effect on his body. 'A couple more cuts should bring him down for good.' Cao Cao rushed in towards Bob, ready to pierce his blade through him. But right then, between Cao Cao and Bob, a blue magic circle appeared and out from it a wall of ice clashed against the True Longinus' spear tip. Cao Cao jumped backwards, as Itachi arrived through the portal. Accompanied by Behemoth, Rias, Harry, Damian, Eto, Jack, Akeno, Koneko and Gasper. "And now he finally emerges." Cao Cao looks with glee, like he had expected Itachi's arrival.

Itachi holds his right arm up, with the palm of his hand open. Having left in a rush, Itachi had no time to bring his new weapons with him. But that was not a problem for the Leviathan Blade anyway. Back in their home in Kuoh Town, in Itachi's bedroom. The Leviathan Blade laid mounted on the wall, although suddenly glowed blue, as it flung itself off the wall and went flying straight through the concrete wall. The Leviathan Blade is spinning across the heavens, appearing as a bolt of thunder soaring across the night sky. Itachi stands by in Kyoto, sensing something he lightly bends his fingers. And midflight from Kuoh and on the way to Kyoto, the Leviathan Blade alters its trajectory slightly to avoid collision, as it soars right by an airplane. The passengers looking in awe at seeing a thunder bolt fly by them sideways.

In mere seconds, the blade appears as a mere glint in the distance of the night sky in Kyoto, then in the next the blade spins right into Itachi's hand with a violent display of crackling thunder. Armed with his blade, Itachi lowers his arm. And starts walking towards Cao Cao. The Hero Faction leader smirks and responds in kind, by walking towards Itachi. "Captain…" Bob mumbled as Itachi walked by him.

"Make sure Raven tends to that cut." Itachi notes to Bob. Bob however then notices, that all the other Hero Faction members abandon their current battles. And every single member stands by Cao Cao. Itachi and Cao Cao step up to each other, Itachi looks at the smirking Cao Cao with a fierce glare. Cao Cao however, did not meet Itachi's gaze. 'Seems they are aware…' Itachi looks around, noticing none of the Hero Faction members met his gaze. It was no mistake. They knew the basics on how to fight against the Sharingan. 'Ophis' doing no doubt.' Itachi unleashes his Touki aura straight away, and each of the Hero Faction unleash the aura of their Sacred Gears in responds. Itachi stands face to face with Cao Cao, whilst surrounded by the rest of the Hero Faction.

"Good evening there, Itachi Sitri." Cao Cao, still avoiding direct eye contact. Greets with a sinister smirk on his face. "Hope you don't mind this crowded greeting." Cao Cao said mockingly acting like he was speaking to royalty.

"No, this is perfect. I get to annihilate your troublesome group all at once." Itachi retorted as lightning crackled from his Leviathan Blade. Rain began pouring down, as the dark thunder clouds rumbled and struck in a bright flash of light. Itachi's red Sharingan eyes glowing in this flashing light of thunder.

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