Mystery P.O.V.

So, there I was lying on the floor and bleeding out from the bullet wound in my chest when she came up to my wounded body and wept over me.

"D-Discord!" She cried as she wept, burying her face into my shoulder.

"We need to stop the bleeding." Said the egg head. "Sunset Shimmer and Applejack are going after Sombra, we need to temporarily stop the bleeding before he loses too much blood."

Just then, Rainbow Dash cried out in pain. She was bent over as she clutched at her swollen belly.

"Guys! I can't wait for the ambulance. This baby is coming out now!" She cried as she began sobbing and breathing heavily.

Egg head took charge.

"Fluttershy, you take care of Rainbow Dash and I'll take care of him. Cutie Mark Crusaders, I need you to help me out with Discord. Soarin, Quibble Pants you guys help out Fluttershy with Rainbow Dash and her babies."

Let me back track to when this all began so it makes more sense. But then again, what fun is there in making sense? Hi, Discord here, and let me just say what a wonderful audience you Guys are. *winks*

How did I, well, we end up here you ask? Well let me change the P.O.V. first. That's point of view for you younger kids. Let's begin with my favorite person's life.

Oh Celestia almighty, do I love her. Fluttershy I mean, not Celestia. ? ゚メン? ゚リリ?

Several months earlier...


I was currently sitting in my living room in the afternoon, reading a blog post written by my friend Tree Hugger about her peaceful protest in the Amazon rainforest when I received a text.
It was Rainbow Dash asking if we could meet up with each other at the gym in a few minutes.
I reluctantly agreed because I knew that if I didn't she would drag me there by force.

Let me give you a little back story. Normally I am not much of a gym person but I would normally go jog with Rainbow Dash and Applejack in the early morning so they could help walk the dogs from my place of employment on a regular basis.
Then, I would go back to my house to quickly shower and change while the dogs play in the yard.

I own the business where I work so I can come to work whenever I want to but because I get up early to go running with Applejack and Rainbow Dash I get to work at around 7 or just as the sun is rising. I take the dogs with me and we walk there. They are pretty big dogs and so protecting of me, I have never gotten mugged while walking with them. I just hate to leave them in their cages all day while they aren't being adopted.

To maybe clarify about my place of employment it's half a veterinary clinic and half a shelter. It's a place where I can be surrounded by animals and heal them as well. Most of them don't mind being in cages but I mostly let the dogs out to stretch their legs and because they are easy to catch If they do get away. Running with Rainbow Dash and Applejack has really increased my stamina so now I can catch up to the big dogs.

If Applejack was too busy to accompany her in the afternoon then Rainbow Dash would ask me to come with her to the gym.
All we would do is some cardio and I would sometimes help spot her while weight lifting.
She has spotted me while weight lifting many times.
I can now lift more than just the bar.
After that we normally hit the exercise bikes, squeeze in some yoga and finally a quick shower. If we have time we go for a half hour session in the steam room to cleanse our auras and revitalise our chakras.. (I've never been in a steam room so I don't know how long you should stay in there for.)
As I was changing into my gym clothes I thought I heard something break. Picking up a nearby broom, I walked into the next room and saw...

"Angel?" It was my beloved bunny Angel who had just woken up from his afternoon nap and when he didn't see fresh carrots in his bowl he must have gotten upset and broken the glass I had left on the coffee table.

I loved my fluffy bunny but he could be a real handful sometimes...well all the time. I sighed and put the broom down as I placed my hands on my hips and stared him down.

"You're lucky I care enough to feed you but because you broke the glass you're only getting 1 carrot instead of 3." I told him sternly.

Angel glared at me as I crossed my arms and gave him the stare. He immediately shielded his eyes and squeaked at me to stop.

"That's better. Now let's clean up that broken glass before you get hurt."

Before I had the chance to sweep up the broken glass, the doorbell rang.

Sighing, I walked to the door to see who it was. Angel angrily kicked his bowl when he realised he wasn't getting his food any time soon.

I was going to glare at him one more time when the door bell began to ring more urgently. I immediately knew who it was. Not wasting any time, I speed walked to the door and flung it open. There, in her gym clothes and a gym bag stood my childhood friend Rainbow Dash. She must have ran here because she was sweating and leaning with her hands on her knees as she breathed heavily.

"Where have you been?" I texted you to hurry up like 5 times and I was just about to call you when I remembered you feed Angel around this time. So I decided to just come here." She explained while trying to catch her breath. Normally she catches her breath pretty quickly. I wonder what was taking her so long.

"Can I come trouble you for a glass of water?" Rainbow Dash asked as she walked inside and closed the door behind her.

"Sure. Just go to the living room and I will be there shortly with your water." I smiled at her sweetly.

"Thanks Fluttershy." Said Rainbow Dash as she smiled back at me.

Just as she turned to go into the living room I remembered the broken glass I had yet to pick up.

"Wait Rainbow Dash, watch out for the..." I was interrupted by a loud cry of pain so I ran into the living room to investigate. Rainbow Dash had stepped on a huge shard of glass and it went right through her foot.

I gasped, knowing that I could have prevented it if I had just cleaned up the glass while it was barely broken.

"Dashie, I'm so sorry. Let me call you an ambulance." I said while tears fell down my face and I was feeling bad. After calling her an ambulance and cleaning up the glass we waited and they arrived soon enough.

Rainbow Dash was carried off on a stretcher and I would have gone with her but only family was allowed to ride with her.

Rainbow Dash taking over the P.O.V.

Why does she get to do it?

Because Fluttershy wasn't there when this happened so quiet!

After safely removing the glass from my foot, giving me a few shots and wrapping it up the doctor watching over me, Dr. Acula decided to take some blood to do a blood test. He told me he would call me in a couple of days to tell me the results.

I didn't think much of it to be honest. But he did tell me to not run or perform any sort of physical activity where I could mess up my bandages. I had to throw away my running shoes because one now had a huge hole through it.

Before I was discharged from the hospital, I called up Soarin to come pick me up so I wouldn't have to walk home. Normally I would have one of my friends do it but they were all pretty busy with their lives or whatever to do it.

I would have asked Quibble Pants if only he lived in the same state and lived in the same town. We would meet up occasionally like on a weekend or at the next Daring Do convention. I just wish I wasn't so torn between him and Soarin.

They both are aware of how I feel but they really want me to choose. I'm scared that if I choose one the other will be out of my life forever and I don't want that. I'm scared of losing their friendship.

Anyways, Soarin arrived shortly after and saved me from having to eat horrible hospital food.

The drive was mostly small talk but then it went as silent as a night in a scary movie right before the killer shows up. It's not that I wanted it to be dead silent but I really didn't want him bringing up who I would choose again.

Finally, we arrived at my house.
I looked to Soarin with a smile.
"Thanks for the lift Soarin, I really appreciate it." I flashed him one of my show stopping grins and he smiled back at me. "No problem, Dashie. Always happy to help a friend and fellow Wonderbolt." I had my back to him but I think I felt my heart drop as he called me 'friend'.

I waved goodbye to him only, he wasn't driving away. I was already at my door and was going to turn around to ask him why he was still there when...

"SURPRISE!" Yelled my closest friends as they came out from their hiding places as soon as I turned the lights on.
I was completely surprised that I almost fell backwards if Soarin had not caught me.
After walking in and closing the door behind us Pinkie Pie ran up to us and blew a noise maker in our faces and threw a handful of confetti at us.

"What's this for?" I asked her as I brushed the confetti out of my hair. Soarin did the same with his.

"This is to celebrate you not dying from stepping on a broken glass party!" Pinkie Pie cheered as she did cartwheels into the next room.
I raised an eyebrow at her antics.
"Thanks?" I said in a confused tone.

"When you told us you went to the hospital we thought it was a tad bit more serious." Said Applejack as she stood before me while she held her hat in her hands. "But Fluttershy clarified the whole thing. You have her to thank..." Applejack began before being interrupted by Pinkie Pie who came out of the kitchen holding a vegetable and fruit tray.

"Ahem!" She coughed loudly while offering us the food on the tray.
"Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie to thank for putting together this here small party."

"You were lucky to have survived this whole ordeal." Said Twilight as she read something off her phone. "Did you know that if you hadn't seemed medical attention right away you could have gotten tetanus?" (I made that part up I know nothing about what can give you what)

"Thanks for the info egg head. But I kind of already knew that." I told her bluntly to which she rolled her eyes and went to talk to Pinkie.

"Darling, I am glad to see you out of the hospital but can we at least decorate your foot wrappings?" Asked Rarity as she pointed to my foot bindings.

"It's not exactly a cast Rarity and Dr. Acula said this should be able to come off After a day or two." I told her while giving her a 'really' look.

Rarity scoffed. "Alright, if you insist. Since it's not exactly a cast anyways.
The party went on for the next few hours. We sang karaoke, we watched a movie, there isn't a lot you can do when you know you've got to get up early.

After the party was over everyone decided to call it a night. Pinkie Pie wasn't a fan of ending her parties early but she knew what it was like to be a working adult who had to wake up early for work. After helping with the clean up, everyone quietly went out the door but not before leaving me with get well cards and Fluttershy felt bad about the whole thing that she got me a new pair of shoes.

Soarin lingered behind for a while.

"Rainbow Dash, I..." Before he could finish my phone rang. Picking it up I saw it was Quibble Pants.

"Sorry but I need to take this." I told Soarin, cutting him off as he looked at the floor in sadness.

"Oh...good night then Rainbow Dash." He called me by my full name and walked off looking somber.

I wanted to go after him but I needed to answer the phone...

Several days later...

I had completely forgotten about the blood test and I was currently in the gym locker room with Fluttershy getting changed after our session in the steam room.

I received a phone call from the hospital so I picked it up and put the phone to my ear as I pulled on my gym pants.

"Hello?" I said into the receiver feeling a bit nervous about my blood results.

"Hi, this is Dr. Acula and I have your blood test results. Well your blood work looks to be in order but you might want to lay off any alcohol or other dangerous activities for the next 9 months. Congratulations Rainbow Dash you are going to be a mother." Was all I heard him say before I dropped my phone and sat down on the bench in shock.



Thank you to anyone who might be reading this. Also does anyone know how to make covers on Wattpad because I have no idea how to do that from my phone. See you in the next chapter.