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Title: Royal Insignia
Serenity x Endymion
Rated: T
Summary: Neo Queen Serenity is preparing for her day and having a little trouble. Thankfully she has a loving husband.

Serenity had been utterly dismayed and devastated when she realized in her late teens, back when she was known as Serena, that her royal insignia, the golden crescent moon that graced her forehead, wasn't real.

It had been there from day one when she first learned she was the Moon Princess the Sailor Scouts were supposed to find. It had always been there when she transformed into her royal form from then on, so she had thought it was real; especially since she had no reason to think otherwise.

It wasn't until she turned eighteen and her past memories had completely settled and revealed themselves in fine detail that she discovered that the golden crescent, the all-important shape that identified her as being of the royal Moon line, was never real.

Her silver crystal had simply created the illusion every time she transformed, and it turned out it was because her emotions were high and she was usually being faced with an enemy in some form.

Even her last transformation as a scout, into Eternal Sailor Moon, where her crescent moon had been on display as part of the transformation was nothing but an illusion that was part of her look in that particular form.

She had also realized in that moment of discovery that she had never before then transformed into her royal form outside of the need to. Never to simply be the princess she was or even to simply get a look at herself in her white silk dress without any pressure around.

Now the Queen of the Earth sat in front of her vanity mirror in her spacious dressing room, having already showered and wearing nothing but a towel, trying to paint on the crescent moon that declared her a royal of the Moon.

There was a small silver round dish full of a special gold powder almost in front of her on the vanity table top, and off to the sides of the table were various shades of lipstick that would compliment her skin and whatever outfit she chose to wear on any given occasion, a silver and white jewelry box, and a fluffy little white pillow with a delicate silver crown resting on it.

She leaned on the table with one hand her face close to the mirror, a thin brush in her other hand with the tip of its smooth bristles coated in the gold powder, and attempted to draw the familiar crescent onto her skin.

She drew the top line that made up the crescent and then began to draw the bottom line so that she could fill it in, but the brush slipped as she moved her hand and the line dropped down nearly between her eyes.

Serenity quietly growled in frustration and grabbed the little white towel in front of her and wiped the mistake and the entire attempt away so she could start over once again.

Again she leaned forward and began to draw the top line of the crescent, but she pressed too hard and made the line not just too thick but it didn't even look like a line at this point.

She cried out in frustration and nearly threw the brush at the mirror as she straightened before she heard a deep masculine laugh.

Endymion leaned against the doorframe watching his love in amusement as she leaned over her vanity toward the mirror, looking like she was about to crawl on top of the table, as she tried to produce the golden crescent moon she was known for.

He had been just as shocked as her when she revealed her discovery of the fact that her golden crescent moon was not real. That it wasn't a permanent part of her skin.

It wasn't until that very moment, sitting on the bed in his apartment where she had moved in as soon as she finished high school, that he realized she had never transformed into her royal form without there being some dangerous situation. He hadn't either for that matter, but he didn't have a royal insignia that was eye catching.

She had transformed and sure enough the crescent moon wasn't there. Her silk white gown was draped over her body fetchingly, her jewelry was in place as was her hair pieces, even her high heel shoes were, but the golden crescent moon was nowhere to be seen.

He had comforted her and when he had gotten her calm he asked how she had done it in the past, how she had it visible then. Apparently she had been taught to use a particular kind of powder to draw on the crescent moon, which had to be reapplied daily since she bathed daily.

The next day they had gone out to various makeup stores and other stores that sold makeup, and he had helped her find various gold colored powders, liner pens, eyeshadows, and such so they could try to reproduce the crescent moon in the right shape and particular gold color.

Endymion shook his head slightly as he watched his love. They had found the right shade of gold in the combination of a powder and liner pen and after much practice she had been able to produce the crescent moon.

However, there were times when she just couldn't for the life of her produce it without making a mistake. Something that had picked up in regularity after the world had changed and they had ascended to the throne, because she needed to find a new medium to use and a way to use it.

Not to mention she had to keep it a secret from the population; not even the girls, who really were acting as her Guardian Scouts now, knew.

Luckily she had found a new type of powder that was waterproof until she was ready to clean it off, so she didn't have to worry about it washing away in the highly unlikely chance she got caught in the rain or if she went swimming.

And now is one of those times where she cannot make the crescent without making a mistake. He thought as he finally gave in to his amusement and laughed.

She looked over at him sourly and he smiled.

"Go ahead and laugh it up." Serenity nearly snapped. "I have been at this for almost fifteen minutes!"

Endymion laughed again and stepped into the room and toward her. He picked up the towel as he reached her and gently wiped the gold powder off. He then took the brush from her, dipped it in the powder, and gently grasped her chin before he lifted the brush and began to draw the crescent moon.

Luckily for her he had practiced right alongside her, and had no problems reproducing the crescent moon he loved seeing on her.

Serenity sighed as she closed her eyes and let her King do what she could not. If he had never learned she would still be at, and probably wouldn't be able to do it since her hand hadn't wanted to cooperate.

"Done." Endymion said within a few short minutes, and she opened her eyes as he released her chin and looked in the mirror. There on her pale forehead and in between her moonlight colored bangs was a perfect golden crescent moon.

"Thank you my love." She said as she looked back to him, finally calm enough to take in what he was wearing.

He wasn't finished getting dressed. He wore his white pants, white long sleeve dress shirt with his gold cuff links in place, and his white socks. Everything else was missing.

Her eyes softened. Her love was so handsome; even when he wasn't fully dressed.

Endymion smiled, like he could read her thoughts through her eyes.

"You are beautiful; even dressed in a towel." He said, and then grinned. "You would look even better without it; especially if you wore your crown."

Serenity blushed. "Tonight." She said simply.

Endymion smiled and nodded before he grabbed her brush and gestured for her to face forward as he moved behind her. Once she did he began to brush her hair starting from the top and working his way down before gathering the tresses pooled on the floor and brushing as he stepped back to stretch them to their full length.

Once he did that he left her hair stretched across the room and moved back to the vanity and exchanged the brush for the comb and stood straddling her hair as he parted it down the middle.

As he combed one half and shifted it up in his hold he thought of how in addition to knowing how to produce her royal insignia he also knew how to do her hair. The centuries they had been together while the world was changing before they took the throne had certainly gave him plenty of time to practice while enjoying the feel of her hair.

In no time he had her hair up in her familiar twin buns with the remaining tresses trailing in two long streams.

With that done he moved off to one of her drawers and pulled it open and began to look through the items within. He pulled out a pair of silk pale gold panties and closed the drawer before moving back toward his love.

Serenity tilted her head slightly to the side and silently stood up and stepped around her bench and in front of him as he knelt down.

She dropped her towel, not at all embarrassed about being naked in front of her husband, and braced her hands on his shoulders as she stepped into the underwear he had chosen for her one foot at a time.

Endymion pulled them up her legs and adjusted them so they sat perfectly on her hips. Then he went and retrieved her royal gown and the matching arm cuffs and helped her into them.

"There. All done." He announced quietly. "You can do the rest on your own."

"Do you want me to help you finish dressing?" Serenity asked.

"No. You can assist me tomorrow." He answered before he began to walk toward her dressing room door. "We will have to rise early." He said before he paused and looked back to her with a heated look that made her blush.

"I will help you put on your crescent moon so that we can take our time." Endymion added with a smirk.

Serenity huffed and made a sound of disgruntled frustration as he laughed his way out of the dressing room.