Kol stood there, outside of his own bedroom, staring at the closed door for an instant. He lifted his hand to knock but refrained at the last second, should he give her any more time? He was like an overexcited child, he wanted to burst in and just be with her. He wanted to be near her, with her, to be able to touch her - she was so close and yet so out of reach.

Kol knew his wife better than anyone. He did not simply love her : he adored this woman from the depth of his soul, nearly worshiped the bloody ground she walked on. The youngest Mikaelson boy wasn't known for his shout outs of emotions, never did. On the opposite even, he well renowned in the Supernatural community for being worse than Klaus himself - he was told to be cold, ruthless, and void of any human emotions. A psychotic maniac!

Or at least that's what he had allowed himself to become... After. After loosing her, loosing any hope to bring her back to him, loosing his meaning to go on. How could life possibly matter without his Gods-sended Angel? Kaylah was his whole world. He knew her since they were small children and somehow he's always cared for her, wanted her, wanting to be close to her, to get her attention (sometimes not in the best ways); even before he could put wordings on it, he loved her. To his child-like eyes, she was already his and the mere thought of any other male circling around her drove him crazy.

His wonderful Kaya was such a complex person, she had this halo of innocence surrounding her and yet she emanated with such a strength, he wouldn't have been able to describe her in a sentence even if he had wanted to. How could he? She was such a walking paradox, always doing exactly the opposite of what's expected of her. Shy she could be, of course, but it wasn't her main trait and for the past few days, Kaylah had been uncharacteristically silent.

Three days had passed since she awoke the second time and everything was good in the teeny tiny town of Mystic Falls! But was it, really? Something was wrong with her, he couldn't tell what exactly but he just knew. He wished he could confront her about her odd behavior, ask for explanations but in the same time he wanted to show patience with her (not his best trait, granted!), to allow her some time on her own, to get a grip over her new environment, over this new era she needed to discover more of. But something was off and there will be so much time before Kol needs to get it out of his system and ask.

Kaylah was laying down onto the King-sized bed, her every senses were on their best, her vampires abilities at their peeks. She could hear everything from, at least, sixty miles away - it was a constant hubbub, a hurtful throbbing in the back of her head.

She inhaled deeply, holding it in for an instant before exhaling slowly. Concentration. She simply needed to concentrate to keep the noises away. To shut it down. She concentrated on her breathing for a short amount of time before her eyes snapped open to stare at the ceiling. She managed to only hear her near surroundings, she could feel a presence behind the door, hearing a quick-beating heart, specific to vampires. She knew without much doubt who that would be.

She had delayed this conversation far too much, it was only fair he'd want some explaining as to why she'd been so distant. She lifted herself up on her elbows, easily sitting in a crossed-legs position in the middle of the bed. She blinked, licked her lips and cleared her throat.

"Instead of burning holes in this poor door, why don't you simply come on in, Husband?"

Kaylah was faced with silence before the door slowly opened. He took a few step inside the room, slowly closing the door behind him, as if he was trying to stall. He turned back to her, his dark eyes full of endless warmth, a soft smile on his lips. "Hello, Sweetness..."

She grinned back at him. "Hi."

Kol slowly made his way in front of her, straight as an I. "...May I?" He asked softly, pointing to the end of the bed.

"It's your bedroom." She nearly giggle. "You can do as you please."

Kol sat down, and eventually they stared at each others quietly for a short instant.

"I'm sorry to have came here unannounced, Darling, but I- I must say I couldn't help it no more."

She smiled softly at him. "I'm glad you came to me. It is time for us to chat, huh?"

"I would like that, yes... You know me, Kaya, I'm hardly a patient man. I tried, really. I wanted to give you time until you'd come to me and just... open up to me, but clearly that did not happen. Have I done som-"

Her eyes nearly widen at the assumption. How could he possibly think such a thing?

"No! No." She gently cupped his face into her hands, her thumbs brushing across his cheeks; he almost instantly leaned into her touch, craving for the sensation of her skin against his. "Of course not. Oh, my Darling Kol, it is a treat for the heart to have you back to me..." She smiles sweetly at him. "Never doubt that."

"I don't doubt of our love, Kaya... I never have, but you can't deny that you've been quite distant, no?"

She licked her lips anxiously. "I confess, my love, ever since I awoke something terrible sinks my sorry soul into infinite sorrow..."

Kol frowns lightly howsoever, he didn't like the mysterious embracing her sentence, why wasn't she clearer than that?

"I only wish to help you free yourself of the heavy burden you bear on your delicate shoulders, Darling. Show some faith in me, huh? And I assure you I will help you the best I can..."

She smiles genuinely. "My only wish has been to be truthful to you, but sometimes, as this one particular time, the truth is better left unsaid."

She didn't want to tell. But she didn't want to lie, either. Kol wasn't some stranger she could easily lie to, he had a special place in her heart; when their hands were tied together, their destiny linked together, in front of the Gods on their wedding day Kaylah had promised him not only to be loyal and faithful, but to do right by him; to be by his side through illness and pain; she had promised not to keep secrets from him; to never lie to him; and she wanted to honor that promise. No matter that she did it a thousand years ago, it still felt like yesterday to her; she still loved her husband with the same burning fire.

She had considered the idea of keeping her mouth shut about all this, to play pretend and have one happy family reunion, gain back Niklaus' trust only to strike when he'd be at his lowest! But she couldn't do that to Kol. It would destroy him to learn it like this... She may hate Nik like she never hated anyone before, but she didn't want to cause her husband any avoidable pain.

Telling him was the only right thing to do.

The only thing to do.