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And now back to Yamcha...

After his talk with Tien, Yamcha packs his things and gets ready to go with Tien to the dojo.

Chapter 2: Almost Time To Go...

Yamcha threw some fists and leg blows as Puar watched.

Yamcha smiled " You know Puar, I think this could be a good change of pace for me."

Puar asked " What do you mean Yamcha?"

Yamcha sighed " I've been thinking... It seems to me I am a awesome guy but... Goku and the others are way ahead of me. They are the strongest guys in the universe. When I try to compare to them it just..." He grit his teeth " I can't stand to be second best!"

Puar interjected " But you are the best Yamcha!"

Yamcha lowered his head " No, I'm not" He sighed again "I may be one of the best but I'm not the best... So I'll deal with it. I'll move on and I'll train with Tien and other martial artists. It'll be a good change for the two of us. Right?"

Puar head sweat emoji " Well about that..."


"No Way! You're going on a date with Master Roshi?" Yamcha gasped at Puar [ Yep Puar is a female in this fanfiction]

Puar rubber her head and said "Well yeah..."

Yamcha quickly asked " Why? How did this happen?"

Puar explained "After Master Roshi came back from the Tournament he came and told me he had feelings for me. He said he was a changed man and that he had lost his lustful urges for women and promiscuity. And he told me he had developed true feelings of love for me!" Puar spun around in a swoonful manner as a shocked Yamcha watched. Puar added " And then he got on one knee and said he wanted to marry me!"

Yamcha's eyes bulged "Marry You!? D-Did you say yes?"

Puar looked at Yamcha and said " Well... I did..."

Yamcha said " I have to sit down". He sat down and said "Wow Puar. I didn't know... This is just a huge shock to me."

Puar asked " Are you ok with it?"

Yamcha took a solemn expression "Puar... Yes" He sighed again and took a moment before speaking "You know, when Bulma broke up with me for Vegeta I never found anyone new. Sometimes I wonder if I ever...No! No! i'm sorry" He looked at Puar and smiled " I'm totally happy for you Puar!"

Puar asked excitedly"Really?"

Yamcha got up " Yeah! I'm sure you'll do really well!"

Yamcha didn't let it out but secretly he had lost a lot of determination over the years about his ability to find love and to be a strong individual. As he hugged Puar and wished her the best of luck he decided he would ask Tien to stay at the dojo. Yamcha wanted to start his life over in a new area. Maybe he would find something worthy of inspiring him again...


Days past and soon it was time for Yamcha to meet with Tien.

Yamcha and Tien clasp hands.

Tien says " Hey buddy. You ready to set out?"

Yamcha smiled" Heck yeah! Lets do this!"

The two flew off towards the Dojo. Yamcha attempted to wipe his mind from his failures of the past... IT was time to move on...

To Be Continued...

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