Mikey's POV

I ran around the lair cause Raph was causing me and threatening to kill me. "Come back here you little menace." Raph yelled to me. All I could do was keep running. Then I head Donnie and Leo yell my name and they sounded mad. I just grabbed my T-Phone and skateboard and ran into the sewers. I started skating farther and farther away from the lair. I saw an old abandoned tunnel up ahead and went inside. I started to do loop de loops around the tunnel they I heard a cracking noise. I looked up and saw the ceiling was going to fall down. My reaction was slowed so I couldn't get away in time and I was hit with the debris.

Back at the lair

"Hey guys where's Mikey." Donnie yelled. "Don't know don't care right now Donnie." Raph said. "Well I do I'm gonna call him." Donnie retaliated. The phone rang four time before it went to voice mail and suddenly the lair went quiet. It was as if time was frozen. Master Splinter came out from his room to see three of his sons frozen in shock. He walked over to Leo and asked what had happened. "Mikey isn't answering his T-Phone." Leo answered. Splinter put a hand on his chin contemplating what he should do. "My sons I need you to search the sewers for Michelangelo." Splinter said. "Hai Sensei." They said altogether and they ran out of the lair. As they came to a darker part of the sewers they stopped. Leo saw Mikey's skate board farther ahead in front of a rubble covered hole.

Mikey's POV

I could hear my T-Phone ringing but I just couldn't reach. A sudden chilly breeze caught me off guard. While we made be cold blooded Disney mean we can with stand really cold temperatures. I could feel the temperature drop in the tunnel. I could hear my teeth start chattering and feel goosebumps form all over my body. I looked in a puddle and saw that my lips were turning blue. I looked up cause I heard voices outside. I tried to yell but my voice faded before I could even form the words I wanted to say.

Outside the Tunnel

"We need to get inside to check for Mikey." Leo said. "Well do duh Fearless." Raph mocked. We started to pull the stones away from the bottom until the top collapsed. We walked in and saw a big pile of rubble in the middle of the tunnel. We all walked over and saw Mikey sticking out of one side. All we could do was stare at the metal spike stuck in Mikey's side. Donnie slowly walked over and started pulling rubble off our baby brother. When we finally got him out we rushed back to the lair and saw Master Splinter sitting in the living room waiting for us. When he saw Michelangelo he rushed with the rest of us to Donnie's lab and put him on an examination table.