Hello~ Hello?

Can you hear me?

Of course you can!, anyways, this is the Magnificent Story of Rock Lee

I know

My new name is amazing, right?! It s obvious that my parents expect a lo from me, and who am I to denny the magnificent people that have blessed the world with my presence?

For starters I should explain, I am the Magnificent Rock Lee, but such knowledge will not tell you much about my story, after all I am 1 year old and even someone as Harry Potter had to wait a year and a half before starting his own amazing story

I however am such a superior being to such a "lesser" existence for I am Rock Lee!

Bathe in my presence fool!

Have I said that I like my new name?

But I am digressing, I am under the actual impression that I might just have gone a little crazy, fighting a golden man and dying while your soul is sucked out of your body might have been a little traumatic, sure, I had my revenge but that doesn't change the fact that piercing his heart with an all killing blade didn't stop me from dying

Mighty golden bast-

No, heroes do not blame each others for mistakes..., Heroes do Heroics!

I shall not blame Zion for my death

Even if I Totally should

It must have been jealousy that lead him to such path, after all he dedicated 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and even the 29 of February to his own heroics must not have been easy, he didn't have a personal life because of it and could barely listen to people saying "thank you" before going to his next target

I merely killed a being of mass destruction by accident and I am claimed to be better

Such fools were people back then, killing didn't make you better, it tainted the ideals of a hero to act such a way that it might as well be irreversible

The day I redeemed Riley was better, not that she remembered of course, couldn't have her dying due to guilty conscience, little reminders here and there, some subconscious rules and a lot of brainwashing make sure that she wouldn't go astray

Jacob as well, he wasn't as easy, the mustard was hard to crack, had to have a few long (and literal) heart to heart conversation for a few thousand years for the message to finally get across

Luckily with a Gray Boy time bubble set on opposite time vector we had them on what appeared to be an instant

But I degrees

I have died

I finally finished my legend by battling Zion, the two strongest heroes of the world killing each other in cold blood (El Dolor of who?)

I fear for my old planet, how much of a bad example had we left for future generations? How many would go astray for such moment of carelessness in our part?

I blame myself, for as strong as Zion was, I doubled that a magical space wale would truly understand people s hearts

Sure, he had given superpowers to all that were on risk of death so they could gain strength and raise to the challenge, he had given them the drive to compete with each other and the instinct to use their powers in moments of need

But everyone has their own flaws

Even Magnificent Me

He failed to understand that humans are easily lead astray, that giving them a little more will to fight might be just enough to put them on an unending cycle of violence and that greedy politicians would find their own ways to get their own rules, laws and restriction to control and profit from it

The Protectorade stood for that, a way for the Government to control such people and stopping them from doing as much good as they could

For had it been another way they would have merely issued requirements for a hero license

Kind of like a car really, people were allowed to drive if they had the skill but if you were found misbehaving you would be find accountable by your actions and eventually had to pay a fine or even serve a prison sentence

But what did the protectorade do? He send people behind the bars for little reason while allowing more dangerous men to roam around, or worst even work for them

But i digress

I am the Magnificent Rock Lee

I have been reborn in another world, i am not usunesd to the consept of parallel worlds but even then this is a little weird for me

Whatever, i better go to sleep.

I migth be magnificent

But i am still a baby