Is this destiny? Is this fate? But no matter what I see you again

I should greet you stranger for you have come in a great moment of need you see

Being a hero is a pretty cut throat business


Let me explain

Back in my home world there lived a man who had power so great that he could be called omnipotent without being an exaggeration

He was so dedicated to heroics that he spend every minute of his life helping someone in need, from the little girl whose pet was lost, to the hundreds that would die on an air crash

The problem with said hero is that he was so determined to be a good person that people simply took him for granted and from there they moved on

Then came the little smaller ones, people who saw that they had super powers and asked themselves

"how can I be popular?"

What? Helping others? No, you are mistaken, People from Earth X did not care about others, the hero who did heroics for the sake of helping was rare, the people who put on a costume to terrorize the villains of town on the other hand were numerous

It was a dog eat dog business

It should also be noted that the best example of this would have been the Triumpvirante, recognized as the most powerful heroes of the world despite dedicating themselves to no more than 2 hours a days for their heroics...

Well, Eidolon might be different but he wasn't really that much of an example

... And in those 2 hours they didn't help anyone, they instead chose targets to hit and look better

Could they deal with world hunger? Likely

Did they do it? Why would they? Without society problems there would be no one in need of help

As a result most 'heroes' would dedicate themselves to look better for the masses and to keep doing enough work to get a paycheck

All of this and more was the lesson I learned from a drunk Armsmaster, dedicated chap who suffered his own fall due to bad publicity.

Why would i tell you this story?

Well I am now looking at what could be the bane of my heroic career, a person who could easily outdo anything I could accomplish by the mere fact that he has something that I do not

A troubled childhood as a back story

You may refer to this person as a main character

Now, to answer how this came to be it was rather simple

As a normal child I am asked to do a certain amount of things, clean my room, eat my stupid vegetables and listen to mom whenever she has something to teach be it the history of our family, not that long really, or the rules of the house such as not going out at night ("oops"), not giving dad money for beer, and not talking with stranger men on the street

But the point is that mom believed that I had spend too much time indoors and unless I was willing to tell her that I was a night time super hero, and therefore breaking my curfew, I would need to go out at day

Because of our shared fear of mom's wrath, dad brought me to the park

'Bye bye my sleeping hours~ I will miss thou~'

This also lead to a sudden revelation

I did not have friends!

Heck, I didn't even have acquaintances!

Did I not go to the academy?



... I think I did, but I may had spend most of the time sleeping so I do not really know the answer

"I will have to check later" I told myself "for now, 'a path to the most loyal friend on this park'"

After all it wouldn't do to find my peter petigrew, I knew that I was powerful, almost night invulnerable, could defy fate on a whim and with the ability to come back from the death, but the simple fact is that I had no intention of trying my luck when I could simply use such easy way to confirm

My feet then took me to a blonde boy that was playing alone by the sandbox, he did look like some kind of future jock with the spiky hair style, a glare aimed to his sand castle

Let me make clear that by jock I mean the unruly rebel of a student who uses foul words and has no classroom manners, the kind that is more likely to go 'pranking' rather than study and would lead you to trouble

Because I used to be such a good student in my past life, (disregarding the possible failure of a student I was in this one), I had some reservation

I therefore used an ability

"chances that he is a good student?" 0.0139%

Still, my path said so and so I chose to use a different function of my path making skill, an ability that in a way was hindsight and allowed me to not just know the step by stp process but ultimately see the future in a way that no other precog outside of a certain Angelic looking Endbringer could accomplish

Because of this I saw the life of Uzumaki Naruto

'a copy of Raruto's world'

A vision that went from his day on the sand box and to the point of becoming nanadaime hokage

But I also saw my future self, some geeky boy in green spandex that would not have as much recognition as he should, someone that would not be more than a joke character

True be told I was not really that upset about that part, I was more upset about never having listened to my heroic legend

This must mean that Uzumaki Naruto, bringer of peace to the Elemental Nations, had such a presence that he could easily outshine his betters

'saving a single princess has the same weight as saving a thousand peasants, save enough princesses and there won't be enough peasants to make up the difference'

But I now have come to the crux of the matter

If I let him be, I will become nothing more than a rural town story, i will be easily forgotten when the 'main stream' legend of Uzumaki Naruto was told, a story that would simply devour my own accomplishments and make them part of 'his' story due to sheer popularity

But I can not kill him, I will not be a petty as Zion

It was after thinking for a while that the answer finally came to me, it was when I thought about the only saint and most peaceful parahuman who had existed in my homeland at the time that I had lived

'what would Panacea do?'

I smiled from the bottom of my heart to such a revolutionary prospect



Uzumaki Naruto was not having a good day

Scratch that, he was not having a good week, nor month, nor year

It possibly wasn't his best life ever

"stupid ash*less at the orphanage, I can totally take care of myself, stupid kids" he said glaring to those playing else were "I totally can play by myself just fine" grumbled the blonde

In true, naruto was lonely but crying did never give him anything good, it merely made him feel weak and get others to laugh at him

He even chose to ignore the fact that he was hungry, it wouldn't do to think about it

"hey!" said a voice stopping Naruto's negative trait of thought

He turned to see the new comer, it was a black haired boy, he was wearing a gray Chinese long shelved shirt and black pants, his hair style was the most noticeable due to being a long braid that reached middle of his back

There was also the fact that the grinning boy had a really long red scarf that was fluttering to the wind and more importantly, really tick eyebrows

Like super tick eyebrows

Had Naruto not been on foul mood he may have stared at them for a long while

"what?!" he barked in response, it wouldn't be the first time that some as*ole tried to make him believe they wanted to be his friend, only to be humiliated latter

The gin on the boy did not fall, if anything he was looking every more smug

"do you want to be my younger sibling?"

"what?" this time Naruto was surprised, what the heck did that mean?!

The grinning boy answered "well, I want a sibling but my parents won't get me one, so I asked if you wanted to become my younger sibling, you know, the younger person who would look up to me and all that?"


"I understand this must be sudden" said the boy nodding sagely "but it was such a unexpected moment that I could not really think about how to make this question"

"er.. Would that mean that I have a family?" he always wanted one, being an orphan sucked hard


"would you teach me cool ninjutsu?" it was something he had seen family do, the father teaching the son, sasuke smug bastard saying that his brother had taught him something cool that Naruto couldn't learn

"even better, I will even get you a sharingan" promised the boy

"what is a sharilang?" wondered Naruto aloud

"it is something that the Uchiha have, they use it to get all the cool ninjutsu they want and learn them instantly" explained the stranger

That sounded too good for the blonde orphan, it also explained why Uchiha were ash*les, they could have all the cool things that they wanted!

"if you accept I will convince dad to go eat ramen"

Naruto folded faster than a person could blink

"fine, I will be you si.. si... simblir"

"sibling, a relative, a brother or a sister, you are to be my younger sibling" corrected the boy offering a hand

Naruto frowned "why don't you just say younger brother, it is easier"

The boy smile did not fell

Naruto took his hand

The smile turned in a sharp smirk that reminded Naruto of some of the shadier merchants, he instinctively tried to take back his hand but he hold of the other was far too strong

"who said that I wanted a younger brother?"

And with that Naruto feel a sense of dread that was immediately followed by instantly falling a sleep

'He' would never wake up



Genma woke up when he hear his son calling "hey oldman, get up, it is getting late"

The build man yawned after having fallen asleep on the park bench, he rubbed his eyes, then put on his glasses and looked at his child

He blinked and cleaned his glasses before looking at him again

"who do you have there boy?" he said openly looking at the bunch of blonde hair on his son shoulder

"my little sister" he stated with the certainty that the sky was blue, the grown was down and the girl was his sister

"I don't remember having a daughter"

"my 'new' little sister, you had a very long nap?" suggested the boy, never a really good liar, not to the level of Genma

"don't lie to me, are you kidnapping her?"

"nah, she was an orphan but I want to cut my hair and she will distract mom so I won't get in trouble for doing so"

Now Genma nodded, a substitute, or a sacrifice, depending on who you asked was an acceptable move in this case, only trouble was

"we don't have the money to take care of two children, we can barely sustain our family as it is"

The boy seem to think about that for a moment, then brightened

"what if I told you there is this device that can tell you a thousand and one tales with moving pictures, a device that only I can make or maintain?"

"I would say that you were kidding me but I know you better, so, is this just a dream or the real deal?"

"the real deal" assured the boy

"then you may bring another 'sister' if that is what you want, now tell me about this device"

Father and son nodded to each other and moved along the road on their way home

"let me tell you about Tinker Tech and the wonderful waste of time that is know as public Television"