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There are a lot of KHR Reunion Stories , but I have noticed that none had created something like this. So,, this is my new story! A short love story unexpectedly found its way to my creative mind! I wish you like it !


I don't own KHR series ! This is just a fan fiction !

*Tsuna x OC

Ch 01 :

It was a bright sunny day in Vongola Mansion. Melodic tunes sang by birds resting on tree branches.

Rustling and shifting of papers are heard inside the office of Vongola Decimo, accompanied by a low groan.

'Bills, Proposal Meetings, Bills, Alliance Meeting, Bills, Bills, Compensation Meetings, Bills, Bills!'

'Argh! Too many bills! Too much papers! Too many work! I need a break!'

The office's broad double doors opened and a teenage boy wearing a suit with matching orange stripped black fedora came inside.

"Finished with your mission already ?" Tsuna asked with a smile.

"Well it was a piece of cake anyway." The teen replied. Tsuna just chuckled.

"Here. I happen to stumble upon Namimori when I was in Japan, so I decided to visit Maman. She told me to give you this." The teen said as he handed his mission report and a small silver colored envelope on top.

Tsuna looked confused and excited to know the contents of the small envelope.

"Thanks Reborn. Why don't you rest for now? We don't want you in a bad mood because of jet lag now, do we?" Tsuna said, chuckling at his ex-Tutor's slightly tired eyes.

"I'm not tired." Reborn denied as he sat on the chair in front of Tsuna's office desk.

Sawada Tsunayoshi, now known as Vongola Decimo. He officially claimed the title Decimo once he stepped 18.

After his Middle School graduation, he and all his guardians except Lambo, went to Italy to continue their studies. Lambo followed by the time the Inheritance Ceremony was nearing.

Tsuna and Iemitsu also agreed to tell Nana the truth about their jobs. Since being Decimo's mom, her life is in danger. Starting then, Iemitsu stayed at home to protect Nana from any possible danger. Currently, CEDEF has gained a new leader- Basil.

Soon a maid came in and handed both males some espresso. *influence of Reborn*

Tsuna opened the envelope, took out the letter and read its contents.

'Eh? What?'

Tsuna once again read the letter, believing that his eyes are playing tricks on him. And he did this over and over again.

Good day alumni students of Namimori Middle School!

We, from the Student Council Batch XXXX , had agreed to organize a Reunion for our Batch. It is for us to once again gather in a very familiar grounds where all our adventures started! You are free to invite other people to celebrate with us. As the saying goes 'the more, the merrier!' Right ?

The said event will be held at Namimori Middle School Gymnasium. XXth of February , XXXX. From 5pm onwards.

Come and let us reminisce our Middle School Days together ! See you there !

Suzuki Akira
Student Council President

"WHAAAAAT?!" A loud ear piercing scream resounded throughout the whole mansion of Vongola.

Seconds later the room's door banged open, revealing 7 people with serious expressions and weapons at hand. Their eyes quickly scanned the room for any signs of attack or danger. They sighed in relief when they found none, and everyone approached the brunet behind the oak desk filled with stacks of papers.

"Juudaime! Are you alright ?" Gokudera immediately asked in concern.

"Hey Tsuna! What's that?" Yamamoto asked the brunet when he saw his best friend's gaze locked on the paper in his hands.

Meanwhile, Sawada Tsunayoshi once again reread the contents of the paper for the nth time. Ignoring his guardians' stares at him.

Reborn, (who sat in front of Tsuna's office table and currently sipping on his espresso) raised his right arm to signal the others to not bother the brunet for the moment. He also used the same hand to get 3 silver envelopes from his suit pocket and hand them over to Gokudera, Yamamoto and Chrome.

The guardians looked at the envelopes in confusion, especially the three people holding them.

"EH?" All three of them instantly blurted out as soon as they finished reading the letter.

Tsuna's head shot upwards and stared at his guardians with wide eyes.

"What is it? You guys look like you've seen ghosts instead of papers !" 15 year old Lambo exclaimed with an impatient and irritated voice. Clearly not liking to be left out. The same goes to the rest of the remaining guardians.

"It's about our batch reunion. Are we going?" Tsuna answered before asking his Storm, Rain and female Mist Guardians.

"I'll only go if you go, Juudaime!"

"Maa~ I'll say the same for me,Tsuna!"

Chrome just nodded in agreement.

"Kufufufu~ That's it? A reunion?"

"I EXTREMELY thought it was something like a threat !"


"So Tsuna? What's your decision ?" Reborn asked after the small comments of the guardians.

'Putting aside my classmates' reactions, If this is a way to escape from paperwork, then who am I to discard it? Of course...'

"We'll go! Prepare to leave for Japan in three days." Tsuna announced with a smile.