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"Let me apologize," He whispered once again seeking out her aura and this time gently reaching for her fingers bringing her closer to him. She relented and allowed him to bring her closer as his hands started to travel upwards..arms, waist before he kissed her.


Her world tilted.

Colors brightened blurring around the edges before they melted together and turned as liquid as her bones. A slow uncomfortable churning In her guts started to bubble and boil within her, even as her heart continued to relish in the knowledge that he felt and tasted as smooth as she had imagined. She felt both hot and terrified. Safe and scared. Her palms began to sweat even as her mouth let loose a content sigh. This is what should've been her first sexual experience with a man. Not him.

Carefully, slowly she ended this kiss between them before she fainted on top of him again. She wasn't ready for such sincere intimacy yet. Her body and mind weren't synchronized and if they kept going she wasn't sure if she could stop herself from fleeing in both fear in guilt.


What he'd begun thrummed through him and demanded that he finished what had bee started-his way. But luckily he had more strength than most men whose's blood all but deserted his brain. He smiled at the fact that her eyes were still shut even as she moved her delicious lips away, and when those sky eyes opened he nearly lost his control at how dark and mysterious they looked to him.

Damn! He thought regretfully as his claws rubbed soothing circles into her delicate arms. He smiled at her. She licked her lips, his eyes watching before speaking. "Why..." her voice cracked. "Why did you do that?"

He blinked at her odd question before shrugging and smiling impishly. "Because I wanted to." He paused as her eyes flicked with something he couldn't identify. "Is that a problem?" He asked concerned.

She looked at him for a long moment before answering. "No...not really." She finally said, but her shoulders were tensed and her aura was uncomfortable against his. Frowning he slowly, gently, waited for her to catch his sunny eyes before speaking. "You are one dangerous woman."

She blinked in confusion before asking in shock "Me? Are you sure? "

He nodded deadly serious. "Lethal," he murmured before stepping back. He paused and looked at her for a long moment before bluntly asking "Have you ever had sex before?"

She raised her eyebrow before lowering her gaze to his shirt, her cheeks pinking slightly. "I've had lovers..of sorts." Her admission was soft and her posture shifted again. Less uncomfortable and more restless.

"But you didn't-" he started again before she interrupted him with her enjoyable confident spurts, "I know what sex is. I'm not a moron!" Her tone was indignant and her backbone was strong. Even though his mouth was twitching with amusement his eyes were confused. 'It's like she's two different people' he mused to himself.

He didn't understand her but he found himself enjoying the challenge of getting to know both split personalities. The rare fiery version was to much fun to bicker, banter, and flirt with while her beaten down more accommodating version made him protective and angrily helpless. He didn't understand what could've broken such a woman but he intended to find and beat them bloody.

Unable to resist such a rare treat to rile her up he snickered at her. "No, I don't think you do," he finally answered her stalking forward into her space again. He caught one of her calloused hands and kissed them fondly. "Because if you did know what I wanted to do with you you'd fly as fast as those invisible fairy wings could take you. "


"You don't know me Higurashi. You don't even know the rules around here." He dropped her hand and frowned again.

"I know how to learn. I'm not a moron," she insisted testily.

"Some things your better off not learning," he shrugged and flicked her nose.

The phone rang and the sound grated on his sensitive ears.

"Answer the phone." She stared at him and crossed her arms.

The phone continued to ring the sound piercing his ears. He winced and cupped them. "Please?" He amended hastily.

Appeased she nodded and answered it. "Hai? Hello?"

"And who am I speaking with?" The rumbling voice carried over such a commanding power that Kagome straightened her posture immediately and answered at once. "Higurashi Kagome Sir."

"Higurashi? Hmm...Would you be related to a Shirakawa-go Higurashi the Head of the most historically bloody village in all of Japan?"

"Actually..." Confusion had her shifting from foot to foot. "She's an ancestor on my mother's side."

"Good. You can be proud of your heritage, Higurashi. A Fierce bloodline you have. Kagome was it? Have you mated Kagome?'

"No, thank the big guy in the sky I'm not-Wait a minute! With whom am I speaking to?" Annoyance bleed through her answer as she impatiently waited for an answer from this invasively asking-

"Nishi, Inutaisho. But you can call me Touga, pleased to meet you."

Kagome felt faint. Her knees wobbled and she abruptly dropped onto the couch. She managed to calm her erratic breathing before a full-blown panic attack could happen. "I am honored to meet you Inutaisho-sama."

"I am pleased to meet you as well Higurashi Kagome. Is my wayward grandson with you?" Amusement lightening his rumbling baritone.

"Yes Sir," she answered immediately her prior 'training' from him kicking into gear smoothly. Her tone was soft and her posture on the couch was ramrod straight; making Inu wonder what caused the split change again. Kagome's lips tingled with the remembrance of his touch as her cheeks began to slowly pink with embarrassment. "Would you like me to pass him the phone, Sir?

"That would please me greatly. Your voice is pleasing as well. How old are you?"

"I'm Twenty-three human years, and about 115 demonic years old Sir."

"And are you well Kagome?"

Unconsciously her eyebrow lifted, her confusion finally drawing Inu's attention away from his thoughts and onto actually eavesdropping on her conversation. She hesitated briefly before wincing. Her silence was too long because he asked again, this time louder.


Cursing under his breath Inuyasha swiped the phone from her limp fingers and cringed at the sheer volume his Pops decided to unknowingly greet his fragile hearing with. "Oi! Geez, Pops shall I have her latest health check-up forwarded to your email?" He grumbled into the phone as his ears rang painfully.

"There you are." Same old Pops. Rumbling voice, no apology, all amusement in his voice. "Your new secretary is a nice woman by the way. Sent me straight over to you. Of course, I wouldn't have to be transferred through hell and back if my oldest pup could've bothered to call once his Baa-Baa in a while. She's been feeling neglected."

Inuyasha sighed silently. It was an old ploy and it always made him sigh. "I spoke with you and Baa-Baa less than a week ago!"

"At our age, pup, a week is but a blink in lifetimes."

"Kuso." Inu broke into a wide fanged grin. "You'll both live till one day you'll realize your in the land of the dead, with Onigumo waiting for the rest of us to hurry up and cross the stream to be together again."

Touga laughed, loud and booming while his favorite grandson smiled widely at the reassuring sound. "Kami willing. So, your mother-who bothers to check in-says that you lost yourself a million-eight and change."

Inu rolled a kink out of his shoulders and dared a glance at Kagome by the window. He found himself shrugging before saying " you win some you lose some."

"Hmph! And was the woman I was speaking to the one that skinned you?"


"A Higurashi. Soft voice, respectful. Is she pleasing to look at?"

Inu shifted to sit on the table. He knew his grandfather well. "Not bad, if you're into the crossed eyes and terrible posture." Finally, he flipped open the notebook on the table as Touga's hearty bark rang in his ears.

" Quite the looker than. Got your scent on her, do you?"

Inu lifted his gaze from the page's crowded with elegant writing and studied the way Higurashi stood facing the window. The sun Illuminated her bone-white hair in an otherworldly way, no doubt due to her mysterious, demonic heritage. Her arms were clasped around her torso tightly as if hugging herself. She looked delicate and out of place in the unforgiving heat of the desert.

"No." He growled, finally wanting to mean it. "I don't. "

" And why not? Are you going to stay single all of your lifetimes? A man your age needs a mate. At least before starting his own family."

As Touga rambled on about responsibility, duty, the family name, Inu cocked his head and read a page. It was about a woman sitting alone in the dark, watching the lights of the city outside her window. The sense of solitude, of separation, of loneliness, was wrenching.

Thoughtfully he closes the book again, laying a hand over it as he watched Kagome watch the city.

"But I'm having such fun pops," he said when Touga finally paused for a breath, "working my way through all the showgirls. "

There was a moment's pause, then a roar of barking laughter. "Such lip Pup. Ever since you were the size of my hand. My Pup." Pops was the only one to ever call him by his childhood nickname and he uses it rarely. " I miss you too. All of you."

" Well if you do tear yourself away from those showgirls you could come to visit your poor old granny."

Inukimi wasn't within hearing distance. He can imagine the punishment she would let out if she heard her husband called her poor, old, or granny. " Send her my love."

" I will, though she'd preferred if you give it to her yourself. Put Kagome back on."

"Not a chance Pops."

" No respect," Touga grumbled. " I should've taken a strap to you more often."

" Too late now." Inu grinned. "Stay out of trouble Pops. We'll talk soon."

"You were too rebellious anyway."

Inu stayed where he was after the call ended. " Sorry about that. The interrogation." He sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck.

"It's fine." She kept her back to him, stared out at the sun shining on the towering buildings. "He sounds...intimidating."

"Hard shell softer center."

"Hn." She hadn't meant to eavesdrop, but how could she have helped to hear his part of the conversation? The love and exasperation in his voice had touched her. And his words head cleared up her confusion.


Of course, he would be attracted to the long legs, the beautiful bodies, the exotic faces. He's only been curious, she supposed. That's why he kissed her.

But damn him! Damn him for stirring up all this need that she manage to live very contentedly without up until now.

" I...seem to have gotten distracted from the point of coming to see you." He waited for her to turn and face him.

At a casual glance, she appeared perfectly composed. But he couldn't seem to glance at her casually. He was compelled to search, in search of those eyes revealed bruises and storms. "you're angry."

" No, I'm irritated, but I'm not angry. What was the point," she began, and paused significantly, "if you're coming to see me?"

That flair for sarcasm surprised him. The edge of it pricked at him enough to have him pushing off of the table and shoving his hands in his pockets defensively. "The point was the press. I know you're concerned about your name getting out. We are being hounded with calls for the full story. I can hold them off, but it's bound to leak Kagome. Under our employment, we have hundreds of staff who already know your name. Sooner rather than later, one of them is going to talk to a reporter."

" I'm sure you're right." She supposes she should be grateful he's giving her something else to worry about. "I'm sure you think I'm a coward."

"I think that's your business."

"I am a coward." She said it defiantly, tossing her chin up in the challenge gesture that contrasted with her words. "I'd rather agree than quarrel, rather run than fight. That's why I'm here, isn't it? Herewith you, about to become wealthy. Cowardice works for me."

" I don't know who or what harmed you, Higurashi. But you know this...they can't hurt you here."

"Of course he can." She muttered as she lifted her hands warily and ran them through her hair. "Whatever happens will happen. How much time do you think I have before my name gets out?"

"A day or two."

"Then I should make the most of it. I appreciate you letting me know. You must be busy. I don't want to keep you."

" Kicking me out already?" He joked weakly. She gave him a small smile. "We both know you have other things to do. I don't need a babysitter, thanks."

He started for the door then stopped And turned with his hand on the knob. "I want to kiss you again."

He watched her gaze flick warily to his face. "A little too much for your good and maybe for my own." Her heart stuttered.

"Maybe I'm tired of my good and willing to gamble." Something flashed in his eyes that made her shutter. "High stakes bad odds. Too risky for a beginner. The first rule is never bad what you can't afford to lose."

When he closed the door quietly behind him she lowered the breath she'd been holding. "Who said I would lose?"


Roughly for the demon ages, I'm calculating 5 years for hybrids, 10 years for half breeds, and 100 years for demons. So in physical appearances, they age every two years.

I know In a chapter before this I said the Inu family's last name is 'Tashio/Takahashi' and then in this chapter, Touga said his last name is 'Nishii'. The reason for that is that Taishio/Takahashi is their human name while Nishii is there demonic name. Roughly it translates to meaning West, which I think is fitting.

Again no set schedule for this fic but I will be uploading for this one more frequently.