She was gripping the edge of the sink so hard her knuckles were as white as a sheet. She looked into the mirror and stared at her own eyes trying to remember what they looked like when she cared about living. It was hard to care about living when all she saw everyday was death and chaos. She knew this was her future and she was trying to prepare herself for it. Her watch beeped signally that it was time for school. She turned around and grabbed her bag before heading downstairs and to her motorcycle. Slipping her helmet on she straddled the bike and took off toward her high school. At least she had one thing going for her… she got to see Jungkook.

Oh, how he hated her. She knew he did, but she couldn't stop herself from pushing his buttons. Every time she saw him it was a draw between whether to flirt or whether to gloat. It made her entire day. As she pulled up outside of the school she noticed Jungkook with his regular group of friends. He locked eyes with her and sent her a glare to which she smirked and wiggled her fingers at him. His glared hardened and she let out a chuckle as she walked past him.

She walked into her first class and plopped in her seat. The students in the classroom were all milling around and chatting idly with each other. No one dared to talk with her. She was a loner, not much of a people person per say. It's not like she didn't want friends, she just knew that she could never get close to anyone… not with her father's "work" taking up all her time. She simply had no time to dedicate to other people. It wasn't fair, but life wasn't fair.

The bell rang just as Jungkook walked in with his best friends Jimin and Taehyung. They took their assigned seats next to her with a huff. She smiled to herself. This was her most favorite class of the day. Not only did she get to sit next to the gorgeous Jungkook, but she got to antagonize him and his friends! They all sent her small glares when they heard her chuckle.

"Good morning Jimin, Taehyung, and Jungkookie! How was your weekend?" she asked. Jimin and Taehyung turned around in their seats but since Jungkook was forced to sit right next to her he couldn't exactly look away… which pissed him off to no end. She loved seeing the vein in his neck pop when he was getting frustrated with her, it was so hot. His eyes shifted over to hers slowly and if looks could kill she'd be six feet under right now for sure. "Why are you glaring at me?" she questioned when she realized he wasn't going to answer her first question. He huffed and turned his head toward the front of the room; she was able to barely catch what he said in reply.

"I'm hoping you'll spontaneously combust and die…"

"That's pretty harsh Kookie, I've never done anything to you," she remarked. His head snapped back to her with a dark hateful look in his eyes.

"Bite me," he spit. Her eyes widened slightly and his head spun back around with a satisfied smirk. Ohhhh he thought he had gotten in the last word. Well she couldn't let him think that. She leaned toward him until her lips were barely an inch away from his ear. His body became visibly more tense but he made no move to pull away. She let a sultry smile grace her lips.

"Just tell me where Kookie," she whispered in a gravelly voice. He let out a small uncomfortable cough as she relaxed back into her chair. He refused to look at her for the rest of the class. Dallas Yang – 1 Jungkookie – 0.