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September 1st 1994

On platform 9 ¾ the train is getting ready to embark on another long travel to Hogwarts. People are rushing to board the train as well as others trying to find friends and compartments to sit in.

In the center isle are three people two boys and one bushy haired girl looking for a compartment to seat in with the ginger one in the lead going to a compartment door and opening it while talking to his friends "I'm telling you there's going to be something big going to be hap… Oi! What are you two doing in our compartment?" He questioned as he just noticed the other occupants in the compartment.

One was reading a potions book while across from him was another male with his leaning back while a little sunk in the seat to the window with his hat covering his face as well as a trunk in between the two with one of them using it as a foot rest as he slept.

The one reading squeaked because of the unexpected party coming in without making a noise or to absorb in his book to pay attention. Looking up he sees two sets of eyes looking at him while the girl was looking a little miffed at the boy who talked first.

"Honestly Ronald they were here first, and you scared him. Hello I'm Hermione the rude one who will apologies is Ron, and this is Harry do you mind if we sit with you some of the compartments are a little full at the moment." She asked as the boy gave a node and small smile. Coming in they put their trunks up trying not to hit the other one that is still sleeping.

Getting situated with Ron, and Harry sitting beside the one who was reading and Hermione beside the sleeper who kept asleep the whole surprisingly. "So I guess I should introduce us as my friend is asleep I'm Christopher Em-""Chris don't tell them yet." Said a new voice surprising the three people but not the one who was interrupted and looking at the once sleeping boy who had moved his hand and moved the flap of his hat up to sit on his head so that his face was showing along with his dark brown eyes scanning the new additions to the compartment.

"You'll find out our full names later but for now that's all I'm Garrett by the way sorry for the interruption Chris but let's make them wonder for a bit." The newly named Garrett said to his friend Chris.

Ron being himself "Why don't you want us to know is his family dark or something?" He asked getting a laugh from Garrett "Him dark not f*****g likely doesn't have a evil bone in his body". Garrett said only to get a stining hex to his feet that were still on the trunk. Causing him to yelp taking them off the trunk and looking at his friend who was smirking at him with a raised eye brow. Grumbling he sinks back down into his seat and pulls his hat over his eyes "Wake me when we get there would you kindly?" Garrett asked as he attempted to go back to sleep.

An hour into the ride the compartment door opens up to show a blonde boy flanked by two others "Well if it isn't poor Weasley Potter and mudblood and what's this new additions to this disgrace of wizard kind." The blonde one said with the two in the back laughing. Only to be interrupted by a stining hex to the face causing him to back into the two in the back.

In the compartment Hermione was leaning back into her seat seeing a arm extended with a wand in his hand is Garrett who at this point woke up to the taunting and being grumpy to being woke up. "Ok waking someone up is mean but taunting like that is pathetic bud is that the best you have." Garrett asked lowering his wand but keeping it out just in case.

Looking up the blonde one spoke" Do you have any idea who I am! Judging from your cloths you two are mudbloods I'm Draco Malfoy and when my fa". Boom. Draco began only to be interrupted again by an explosive curse hitting in his chest and back into the other two behind him and causing three in the compartment to yelp in fear. Chris signed as he looked at his friend who was laughing seeing this he face palmed.

Seeing the others looking at him Garrett said "Don't look at me it's my wand core Thunderbird tail feather it will randomly send out curses or hexes which you no doubt should believe now cause it tend to happens at random times even back at our old school." He said getting looks of shock from three and Chris shaking his head.

Getting up shakingly Draco had a look of rage and drew his wand and pointed it as Garrett only to get two pointed at him from Garrett and Chris. Chris being the smart one "Malfoy I suggest you leave oh and to let you know we're not first generation wizards we're half bloods so leave cause Garrett looks ready to blast you again." He was right Garretts wand tip was glowing orange, and Ron, Harry had drown their wands as well while Hermione looks ready to try and talk it out if it got to serous. Snarling Draco and his goons turned tail and walked away with Ron closing the door. "Well that was a thing, wake me when we get there." Was all Garrett said as he pointed his wand at himself and used a stunning spell to go to sleep." I suggest you do something to pass the time we still have a long ride a head of us from what I read." Chris said as he opened his potions book again and began reading while answering questions while keeping his last name secret along with Garretts as they went to Hogwarts.

Originally I wanted to make this chapter to where we they got sorted but chose to end it here hope you liked it and have a good one.