Chapter 1

A blackbird lands on a branch, seeking out small insects to devour to sate its appetite and that of its chicks. The sun poked through the branches, providing light to the shade, but not disrupting it. A hand whipped out and the bird fluttered away, fearful of the white hand that had grabbed at it.

It was the day of the UA Sports Festival, a time of celebration and competition.

Tokoyami couldn't be anymore depressed.

Class 2A had been training for months for the festival. There had been a few transfers between Classes 1A and 1B at graduation. Minoru Mineta, after being caught numerous times peeping on girls of his class, was switched out with Itsuka Kendo from 1B(Which was confusing, because he acted just as perverted in that class). Toru Hagakure had also been switched with Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu, and while Class 1A became happy,(albeit felt with mixed emotions with the girls, as although they were ridden of Mineta, they lost their close friend Hagakure).

Tokoyami sighed as he heard an air horn ring out from the stadium, signifying all students should report at once to their wait rooms. He skillfully leapt from the top branch, twisting through the air and softening his landing with his feet, adding a little cushioning with his quirk, Dark Shadow. Ever since last year's attack at the training camp, Tokoyami had been working himself out, pushing his body to the absolute limit. He realized after he had entered his teenage years that his relationship with Dark Shadow was destroyed. He had been establishing too much dominance over the quirk, and as a way of rebellion Dark Shadow began lagging behind purposely to hinder Tokoyami and even get him injured in training.

As a result, Tokoyami did something he rarely did...ask for help. He approached Deku, who he could consider an acquaintance, and asked how to get jacked. Deku pulled out a crumbled paper showing his exercise routine before entering UA. Tokoyami took it to heart, and now, 11 months after the training camp disaster he was able to run as fast as any of his classmates, engage in physical combat with his fists after relentless training with Shouji, and be able to lift a considerable amount of weight.

As he entered the wait room, he took time to reflect on how much physically they had grown. Some had hit growth spurts, like himself and Kaminari, now edging towards 6'2. Others built up considerable muscle mass, like Deku and Bakugo. Others looked relatively the same, such as Todoroki. Nevertheless, his classmates acted the same way as ever.

Tokoyami sat himself in the corner and observed his classmates. Most of them were alone, working to strengthen themselves before the tournament. Some, such as Kaminari and Kirishima, bantered to keep themselves occupied.Trying to take their nerves off, Tokoyami mused.

Once again, a horn rang out, a few students jumping. It was time for the Festival.

Tokoyami jumped up with uncharacteristic enthusiasm. He headed for the door before a hand squeezed his shoulder. He turned around, and saw Shouji pointing to the middle of the room.

"The rest of these kids, they're nothing!" Bakugo shouted, explosions erupting from his hands in a symbolic mimic of his yelling. "Stop that Kacchan!" Deku shouted back. He had grown so much. Before he was a socially awkward kid that often screamed for some weird reason. Now he had as much sociality as All Might, and he had gotten himself in an argument with Bakugo. "Kacchan, we have all grown, especially you! If you underestimate someone you will be the one losing!", he shouted. Strangely, despite Bakugo's constant bullying, Deku still looked out for him. Kirishima placed himself between the two, urging them to stop.

Eventually the tension disappeared and the class proceeded. They were introduced along with the other classess, and this time Momo Yaoyorozu gave a speech, not to repeat the same as Bakugo.

This year's umpire was Snipe. A number of screams echoed from the crowd from his fangirls. Snipe tipped his hat and, getting down to business as ever, he flipped the switch that would decide what the first game would be.

The block slowed to a stop, and Present Mic's voice echoed throughout the crowd. "AN ICE SKATING BATTLE ROYALE!"

"WHAT, I CAN'T SKATE!" someone shouted from the crowd. A chuckle emerged from Snipe's gas mask, and Tokoyami swore he saw a glint in one of the goggles. "Now, let's go over rules."