"Oh, hey, Theresa! What's up?" Randy asked as Theresa blushed and the Bigfoot family was getting more and more nervous when Theresa had turned to the Bigfoot family and smiled at them.

"Who are these new people, Randy?"

"We are- UM. . . . ." Gracie started to say when Howard smacked his hand onto Gracie's mouth before she could have finished her sentence to Theresa who couldn't stop admiring Randy.

"They are my four cousins and uncle. They have came to visit for the week and I wanted to show them around the school since my four cousins here are going to be attending at our school for the week." Randy said slinging his arm over Gracie's shoulder as Theresa blushed again at Randy's good deed for his four "cousins" and "uncle".

"Well, see you eight later!" Theresa said walking to her first class of the day early and still blushing of her crush on Randy when Gracie smacked upside Randy's head as he rubbed the back of his head.

"What was that for!?"

"For telling that Theresa girl that we were your four "cousins" and "uncle"!"

"If I can interrupt your argument here with Randy for a moment, sweetheart-" Howard said as Gracie turned to him angrily and gave him the most angriest look she has ever given to someone.

"Stay out of this, red!"

"Hey, don't yell at my best friend like that!"

As Randy and Gracie continued to argue and bicker, the Sorcerer could hear their bickering, arguing, and yelling from where he was in his gloomy world of a prison.

He chuckled evilly as they still continued with their argument and yelling at each other when he used his dark magic to turn them both into evil, rampaging monsters to destroy the school and city.

"Let the monster fight begin!" he said chuckling evilly as the dark magic clouds went through his magic crystal ball and Randy and Gracie gave each other angry looks.

-To Be Continued-