Thz 4 reeding da story! An stop falming you stupd preps!

Den da emper tellyportd to arcus an sad

"I will kil u" and arcus waz lik

"No u wont" and den dey foight. Der was exploshuns evry were, an den arcus was nerly dead.

"Why do you do this?" arcus askeded,

" Cuz I don lik u." said the emperor.

An then acus dieded. Everyone was sad dat he died an said to da emper "Why u do this emper!" and he sad "CUZ YOU SEE, IT WASNT EMPEOR,BUT I! MALAL!" and then the emper transfomed.

He was blacker than black and had white detil everywere. And den the emper picked up a pokemon an then at it hole.

An then the emper one. The end.

Thx 4 reading k thx bai.