In a flash of light, the Emperor appeared. The sound of papers fluttering heralded his arrival. Around him was a familiar room. It was a large room with few decorations, two of the few items being a large couch tucked in to a corner and coat rack near the door. Scientific papers and magazines detailing the latest in science were scattered around room. Lab equipment lay unused on large tables. Expensive machines lay against the wall, laying silent. Exotic instruments that have never before been seen sat in force fields, protected from trespassers.

He smiled. This was his own personal lab, built using by his own hands. It was smaller, far smaller, than he would have liked, but it has served him well. Space was limited in Saffron after all, and the land was rather expensive. But when one could predict and manipulate the market, everything seemed rather cheap. And besides, when you couldn't build wide, one could build tall.

From there, it was relatively simple to starting a business. He had over 50,000 years of experience after all. Getting a permit was easy enough. Although, after that, things were…different. Nothing he couldn't handle, of course, but different enough to slow down the process. It was strange how much this humanity cared about these Pokemon. While before the Age of Strife humanity did make far more alliances than his Imperium, they were never so friendly as the relationship between Pokemon and this humanity. It was worrying, such a relationship would throw a kink in his plans. He was confident he could surpass this obstacle. He just worried how big of an obstacle it was.

"A problem in the future, one I will work hard on," He thought, shaking his head as to dispel such thoughts "but for now there is work to do."

And so, with a wave of his hand, the room came to life. The papers that fell during his arrival went back to their places, in exactly the same order they were before he arrived. Data analyzers started, their rhythmic beeping echoing across the room. Computer monitors lit up, start-up sequences playing across their screens. A coffee machine started up, and soon a black liquid fell into a cup.

He started walking, his footsteps barely audible in the now busy room. His coat left him, floating in the air as it was hung on the coat rack near the door. Taking the Ultra Ball off his belt with his powers, his floated it to a healing machine, similar to those in Pokemon Centers. Finishing his walk, he got on his main computer, logged in, and pulled up his email.

Inbox: (1)

The Emperor raised an eyebrow. Taking a sip of his coffee, he clicked his inbox, and began to read the email.

From: Professor Oak

To: Adam Yahweh

Greetings! I have read your research notes you sent me on Legendary Pokemon, and what I have found simply astounds me! It's as if you walked up to such creatures themselves! Perhaps we could share research notes sometime? I sincerely forward for more research material from you. Perhaps, I could share this with other Professors? I'm sure they would enjoy it!

"So he finally got to reading them?" The Emperor thought, "I was thinking I was going to have to send my research notes again.

And so, he began typing his response.

To: Professor Oak

From: Adam Yahweh

Hello. I am glad you enjoyed them. I worked hard to get as much research as possible on them. They truly are fascinating creatures aren't they? I do hope you don't mind if I send more notes your way? As for your question, I don't mind if you share with other Professors. Just make sure to include my name in them. I hope you have a good day Professor Oak!

Satisfied with his response, the Emperor clicked send, and it was out of his hands. Getting up from his desk, coffee once more in his hand, he began his daily routine. He first started with getting his now healed Articuno into the research chamber. A rather small thing, it was larger than his chest, but small enough to be handled by two people. It had an observation chamber, where one could view what was going on inside the machine, and a slot to place a Pokeball in.

Placing the Ultra Ball in the aforementioned slot, the machine took it in, and began its work. A whirring noise was heard from within, and soon the ball was placed in the observation chamber by a mechanical arm. A light scanned the ball, going up, down, left, right. It repeated this several times before stopping, the light disappearing to where it came from. Data appeared on a screen, showing the Articuno's health, gender, moveset, and more. Everything was revealed to him.

"Almost everything." He thought, "Behaviour problems are likely to occur, this one was prideful. Noted for the future."

Pressing a button on the machine, the mechanical arm reached out once more, plucking the Ultra ball from the observation chamber, and sending it once more into the machine. Exiting the slot, the Emperor grabbed it, putting it on his belt once more. With his first item off his mental checklist, he took another sip of his coffee, and continued his routine.

This continued, the Emperor going through his checklist one at a time, mentally checking off items as he went. The paperwork was a breeze, having had far worse when he was younger. Doing research was something he enjoyed, for he was always more of a scientist than a warrior or general. Though, that didn't mean he lacked in those areas. After a few hours of work, he done. What should have taken multiple people a few days at least was a few hours for him. Such was his efficiency. This had earned him a workaholic reputation among his employees. It was one he didn't deny, for advancing mankind's scientific understanding was never ending work.

His work done, he waved his hand once more, and his laboratory slowly shut off. Machines winded down, beeping slowed before ceasing completely. This continued until the laboratory was silent as he first entered. Walking to the door, he shut off the lights, before walking out of the room, closing the door behind him.

The clean white hallway greeted him, the smell of freshly applied pine scent assaulted his nose. To his left and right the hallway extended, the right ending in a cap, and the left going on until a left turn. Doors were spaced out evenly both ways, each held an office. The laboratories were further down the building. Looking behind him, he saw his guards.

The two of them were tall, easily 6 feet. Both wore bulky looking gold and red armor. Clasped in one of the guards hands was a black shotgun, with scratches and minor wear and tear, showing that it has been used before. It's boxy magazine jutting out from underneath it. On his belt were six Pokeballs, more magazines for hist shotgun, and a holstered pistol. The other guard however, held something far more dangerous. To most, it would seem like an assault rifle, if they ignored the wires that led to a large backpack he was carrying. This was a Hellgun, or, what could equate to one. Its polished black exterior held none of the supposed use that his companion's weapon had.

Nodding to them, they formed behind him, and in almost perfect sync, walked behind him as the Emperor turned left and down the hallway, down to the other laboratories, were other scientists were working. He had other facilities of course, but this one in Saffron was the main one, his headquarters, so to speak.

Turning right, they came along some elevators, the metallic doors closed. The Emperor press the down button, and waited. Soon, a ding was heard, and an elevator door opened. Entering, his guards following him, he pressed the button for the basement, where all the main laboratories are located.

The doors closed, and he felt the elevator shift beneath him, as it began its descent to the lower levels. Elevator music played as it went down, a cheerful beat beat playing as it descended. Nearly a minute later, the ding sounded again, he heard a loud commotion coming from the other side of the elevator doors. What he saw was chaos.

Scientists were running around, papers were flying everywhere, and the little security there were was desperately trying to contain everything and everyone. The Emperor took one look, and pressed the button to go up. Once the elevators doors closed, the Emperor's hand met his face, making a solid smack.

"Why does nothing go as planned." he grumbled out loud. The guards just shrugged their shoulders.

The Emperor sighed, "And the day was going so well."

The elevator dinged, and the lobby floor appeared. He walked out, and headed to the secretary desk.

"I'm leaving. Make sure the situation downstairs is resolved when I come back." He said. The secretary nodded, and began typing an email.

Leaving the building, he took in the fresh Kanto air, the city noise of Saffron around him, and began to walking to a local cafe he visited frequently, his guards still trailing behind him. He had arranged a meeting with someone there, someone important to him.

After all, it did pertain to someone he had been watching for over a decade. He just hoped his mother wasn't too angry at him.