A/N The character Yale Courtland Dancy is from the episode "A Trout In The Milk. I've had this idea for months, but it wasn't until I thought about including that character that helped me finish this. The hokey cokey mentioned in the story was a song and novelty dance. Some people know it by other names, it depends on your location.

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Appearances Can Be Deceptive

He couldn't believe it. He was finally here in The City. He'd thought about this moment for such a long time.

The long haired young man had come into San Francisco from across the bay. There was a new group he'd heard about playing at The Matrix. It was as good a reason as any to make the trip from Berkeley. He'd been wanting to see San Francisco since he was young. While he had been waiting for time to go to the show he'd explored San Francisco. He wanted to see everything he could. It hadn't taken him long to know this was where he wanted to live someday, if not Berkeley. The show at The Matrix had been, in the young man's words, far out. Now he hoped he could get a ride back to Berkeley. He stood with his thumb out and before long a car pulled in beside him.

"I'm only going to Union Street. I can take you that far, where are you headed?" the man behind the wheel inquired.

"Berkeley, I'm in college there," the young man answered. "A few blocks is better than nothing, thanks."

"Get in, my name's Yale," the man introduced himself.

"Steve and thanks," the young man replied then took another look at the man. "Yale Courtland Dancy, I saw you at The Jabberwock not long after it opened. You were really good."

"It's a pleasure to meet a fan," Yale replied as they reached Union Street. "I wish I could drive you onto Cal but I've got some business with a man here."

"Thanks, I'm sure I'll be able to get another ride. Thanks again." Steve smiled as they parted ways.

As Steve walked from Union Street, he stopped at times to ask directions. He wanted to make sure he was headed the direction he needed, the Bay Bridge. He had tried to thumb other rides on his way with no luck. He had just reached the edge of Chinatown when he heard a car coming up. He turned slightly and put his thumb out. As he saw what car it was he quickly put his hand back down. He'd heard about hippies and others with long hair being harassed by the police. Nobody he knew in his right mind wanted a ride in a police car. He knew it probably wouldn't matter to the police if he was going into law himself. Most only saw the long hair and the beard that some young men had. He started to walk but didn't get far before he heard a short blast of the siren. The black and white pulled into the curb right beside him and the passenger door swung open. Steve stopped walking quickly to avoid hitting the door.

"Didn't you see me signal you to stop?" Officer Murphy questioned.

"No sir, I didn't. Is there a problem?" Steve responded.

"You look familiar I think I arrested you last week. I told you I'd be keeping an eye on you remember?" Officer Murphy stated.

"I'm sorry, you've got the wrong guy. I've never been in San Francisco before. I've also never been arrested." Steve remained as polite and calm as possible.

"Get up against the wall and spread 'em," Officer Murphy ordered.

"I haven't done anything," Steve remarked. "I was just in town to see a group at The Matrix."

Officer Murphy pushed Steve against the wall and started to frisk him. Steve felt incredulous that this was happening to him. He felt violated because he'd always obeyed the laws even as a young boy. He knew he was completely innocent. He felt his baggie of sunflower seeds pulled from his jacket pocket. Almost in the same instant Officer Murphy turned him around roughly with the other hand.

"What's this? Some new form of drug you long haired weirdos are on?" Officer Murphy sounded sarcastic.

"It's sunflower seeds. You know eat. Spit. Be happy!*," Steve answered honestly.

"You being a wise guy?!" Officer Murphy snapped and pulled his billy club out.

"No, no, sir. I guess you haven't seen the displays at the store with the slogan," Steve said.

"Murph." Officer Ingram called from the car. "I think that's enough."

Officer Murphy shot his partner a dark look. It was then he saw why his partner had called out. A car had parked in front of their black and white and the man was already out of the driver's side door. Officer Murphy knew the man and wondered how much he had seen.

"Sergeant Stone, what brings you by?" Officer Murphy questioned.

"I don't think you need that billy club do you, Murphy?" Mike asked. "What's the trouble here? What's this young man done?"

"No trouble. I thought he was someone I arrested last week. I was searching him and found this baggie," Officer Murphy explained and Mike's eyes went to the baggie in his hand.

"Sunflower seeds? You can't hold it against a guy for liking sunflower seeds, Murphy. You of all people should know that," Mike stated then turned to Steve. "Will you give your word you will wait right here, young man and not try to run off?"

"You have my word, sir," Steve promised looking Mike directly in the eyes.

Mike had Officer Murphy follow him down the sidewalk a short distance. He wasn't eager for his words to be overheard if it could be helped. He felt the need to remind this officer of some things he seemed to have forgotten. It was possible though the problem was he couldn't forget and that was painful for him.

"Now, Murphy you've already had a warning from the chief. Harassing these kids with long hair isn't going to bring your daughter home. She left of her own free will. I think if you hadn't smothered her as you did things might have been better. I don't want to see you in more trouble than you've already had. Do you have anything on that young man? I mean other than he's got long hair at the moment and a bag of sunflower seeds," Mike quipped.

"No, I don't. At least not yet I don't. Just wait until it's your daughter, Sergeant. I know how protective you are of her. I've got a feeling my daughter had it easy compared to what your daughter could be in for when she meets some guy. We'll see then whose daughter is smothered. Will that be all, Sergeant Stone?" Officer Murphy bit the last words off.

"Yes, that's all. Just watch yourself, Murphy." Mike gave him a friendly warning.

Officer Murphy shoved the baggie of sunflower seeds into Mike's hands. Mike looked after him as he stalked back to the black and white. Steve hadn't missed the glowering look on the officer's face. He watched as the black and white left almost in a hurry. As Mike came back toward him, he wondered if he was still in trouble. He wasn't exactly sure what he was in trouble for but it felt that way. He quickly started to explain as Mike got up to him.

"I really wasn't doing anything, I swear. I just got a ride into San Francisco to see a group at The Matrix. This is my first time here ever. I'm a student at Cal in Berkeley. I was just trying to find a ride back when he stopped," Steve explained.

"You have your student I.D.?" Mike inquired.

"Yes, sir," Steve replied pulling it from his pocket. "Here you go."

"Steven J. Keller." Mike read from the UC Berkeley I.D. "What's the J. stand for, Steven?"

"Do I have to answer? It's not that it's a bad name. It's just that the way my mom spelled it makes it kind of odd." Steve responded. "You can call me Steve."

"No, you don't have to tell, Steve. I'm not going to force you. It's a long walk back to Berkeley," Mike stated.

"Yes, sir it is but I'll make it. Thanks for your help. I can go now can't I? I mean since he didn't take me in." Steve sounded unsure.

"Nothing to take you in for. Listen don't think all police are out to get you kids. I admit there are some who are harder nosed than others. We're all in this world together though and your generation is just a bit..." Mike struggled with how to say what he wanted.

"Wilder than yours, sir? More free?" Steve smiled and then saw Mike smile. "Not so many of us are all that different from yours, sir. I admit I might be long haired right now, but I have a serious side. We have principles and we fight for what we believe. We also respect our elders and authority."

"Let me make a phone call and I'll drive you back to Berkeley. I'd like to know you got there without more trouble." Mike spoke in a thoughtful tone.

"You don't have to do that. I appreciate it but I don't want to put you to any trouble, sir. Once I'm on the bridge I'm sure I could catch a ride," Steve assured him.

"I know I don't have to. It's no trouble at all. Go ahead and get in the car and it's Mike, not sir. Understood?" Mike prodded.

"Yes sir, thank you, sir...I mean Mike." Steve quickly corrected himself.

Mike chuckled and handed Steve the baggie of seeds. After he was sure Steve was getting in the car he went to the phone booth. Steve watched him as he dialed a number. He sat thinking so that's what it's really all about. He chuckled out loud as he realized his thought sounded like the hokey cokey. He recalled how the first officer had acted with him and knew that was no way to be a cop. Steve thought about how Mike had been and knew he was a good man. He wouldn't be surprised if Mike Stone became higher than a sergeant someday. In his hometown he remembered the officers had been more like Mike. He'd respected them and even admired them. The differences between Mike Stone and that first officer were like night and day. Lately he'd given serious thought to leaving Cal. Soon Mike was back and they got on their way.

"I just wanted to let my wife know what was going on," Mike explained.

"I had a feeling that's what the call was," Steve answered with a smile then thought. "How did you know about sunflower seeds? I mean when you first came up."

"My daughter Jeannie, she's what you might call a fanatic. She goes through them within just a few days. If I ever wanted to buy stock in some company I think sunflower seeds would be it. I could probably turn a pretty nice profit," Mike joked.

The rest of the drive was spent making small talk. Mike listened to Steve as he talked about what he studied at Cal. He was surprised that the young man was on his own in the world. He knew that Steve's politeness and respect wasn't just an act. That impressed Mike Stone. He knew these days you got all types just as you had back when he was young. By the time Mike dropped Steve off at Cal a firm decision had been reached. The next morning Steve made serious inquiries about becoming a police officer. Once the academy was contacted about admission, his mind was more set. He knew he couldn't enter immediately. When it was closer to time he withdrew from his classes at Cal. When Steve Keller graduated from the police academy, Mike Stone was there to wish him well.

*The slogan used in the story eat. Spit. Be happy! belongs to David seeds. The company was founded in 1926 in Fresno, California.