Here's a BtVS YAHF/SOTL idea i've had for awhile*glares at the smug looking plot bunnies* and please note it's VERY likely that this will be left open as a challenge for others and unlikely to get updates but i'm putting this out to try and HOPEFULLY get more Buffy centered YAHF/SOTL fics out there as most ship of the line or YAHF based fics i've seen have been mostly centered on Xander and some of them make Xander and others out to be apathic towards Buffy even though when the Halloween spell happened Xander was still harbering a crush on Buffy an had 'defied fate' to revive Buffy via CPR

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Buffy sighed as she looked through the costume selection at Ethans while Xander and Willow did as well and it really made Buffy wonder at times if keeping up the mask of being a Valley Girl that she had created to be 'cool' was worth it as while not Willow smart Buffy was smarter then the average person as seen when her mask slips.

"Still got nothing Buffy?" Xander asks as he walks up to her holding a toy gun while Willow was looking at the ghost costumes.

"Nothing interesting BUT I do have an idea if you can get willow as it's a theme" Buffy says before a light red blush appeared on her face "But hte theme is something i started as a child and have updated it over the years as new data and series set after the original was released" it wasn't known but the Summers household were actually big Star Trek fans.

"Alright i'll try but Willow seems set on being a ghost yet again this year" Xander says with a sigh as no matter what he and Jesse and then later him and Buffy tried Willow just wouldn't come out of her shell.

It took Xander 10 minutes to get Willow to at least agree to listen to what Buffy had to say and found her at the counter with 3 sets of black denim clothes and what appeared to be Star Trek props waiting for them.

"...Okay what's with the black denim's and star trek props buffy?" Willow says as she looks them over then at Buffy who was smiling brightly at them.

"Well~ you mgiht not know this but my mom and dad are BIG Star Trek fans so i've grown up watching Star Trek and even created my own Character and i was thinking that with my mom's help I can not only create my Characters costume but a pair of costumes for you both as well" Buffy says hopefully as she looks at her 2 best friends in Sunnydale.

"Ah making your own costumes huh? tell you 3 what you if you buy the denim clothing and let me see the costumes when they are done then you can keep the props that goes with your costumes for free" Ethan says already wanting to see what kind of chaos the 3 teens costumes would cause once he cast his 'becareful what you wish for' spell.

Buffy turned to her friends who were still trying to make up their minds and gave them a look that was desturbingly close to Willow's 'resolve face'.

Xander finally sighs and nods "Alright" all that while weeping at Buffy breaking his '$2 costume king idea' to go as a soldier.

"Okay just not to revealing" Willow says as she finally relents before she pays along withi Buffy and Xander though Willow and Buffy might've paid for most of Xanders as well.

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What follow was hectic as Joyce and Buffy turned the Denim clothing into uniforms while Buffy outsourced to afew geeks she knew but didn't publicly interact with to alter some of the props to fit her costume idea and it was 4 hours before they had to show up at Sunnydale High to take the children out trick or treating that Willow and Xander arrived to put on their costumes.

"Buffy Willow and Xander are here!" Joyce calls out to Buffy who shouts "Down in a minute mom I just need to finish putting my Costume on" while Willow and Xander looked at eachother.

"I take it Buffy wants to explain what our costumes are?" Xander asks Joyce who only nods her head but before she could reply they spotted Buffy coming down the stairs in a Ornate but Militant looking Uniform though what stood out was the altered combage over her heart that instead of showing the Federation logo showed the Sword and Earth of the Terran Empire.

"Princess Elizabeth Summers of the Terran Empire Remnants reporting" Buffy says before she smiles at her friends.

"Wow looking good Buffy" Xander says as he looks Buffy up and down.

"Thanks Xander anyways this is my Character Princess Elizabeth of the Terran Empire remnants, We don't know anything about the Terran Empire outside of the few episodes that had the Mirror Universe appear in them but my Character is based on Deep Space Nine's Mirror Universe episodes that said that after Mirror Spock became Emporer, And started changing the Empire to be more like Kirks Federation all the emeies saw the weakness of the Terran Empire and attacked eventually enslaving the humans of the Mirror Universe that was apart of the Terran Empire, My character's family lead a splinter group that was loyal more to the deposed Royal Family then the new Emporer that was weakning the Empire and so left when it was clear that under Spocks rule the Empire would fall, The Terrna Empire Remnant is based out of the sectors of space that border the Alpha and Delta qaudrents, Now Xander your Character is a Fleet Admiral who serves as the 2nd Fleet's commander and is based on the 2nd Fleets flagship which is also my Characters personal flagship, Willow you're the captain of the Flagship which is a heavily armed fortress with it's main weapons being Multi-Phasic Partical Beam Cannons and 3 MAC cannons and the hull is lined with rail guns and pulse laser cannons for fighter screening, For defence it's got 15 feet thick armour with triple redundant sheilding and it's design is based more of battlestar galactica's Battlestarts then the flimsy design of Star Trek as much as it pains me to say that but the ships are impractical" Buffy says all the while Xander and Willow were trying to understand everything that Buffy had just said.

What Buffy didn't say was that the Terran Empire remnant did NOT stop research into the Omega Particle like their Federation counterpart did and instead kept researching it until they managed to create a small amount of stable Omega Particles with Buffy's ship being among the few powered by a 'Omega Core' instead of a Matter/Anti-Matter reactor meaning the her ship the 'Shadow of Intent' was severely overpowered but was designed to make it so that even if somehow it was destoryed whoever did destory it got a phyrric victory at best due to a Omega explosion making subspace travel such as warp drives impossible to use for a whole sector.

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I'm going to end this here and leave a evil little cliff hanger there *snickers*

To be Honest the whole leaving it open at the ending isn't so much a cliff hanger but actually leaving it open for anyone who might want to use this idea themselves :)