This is my first story and that I was given permission from the original author to continue her story, and that the original author said that I can add my own ideas too. I do not own the Sega characters.

Secret Revealed

Most of the gang was at the beach. Sally, Bunnie, Fiona, and Vanilla were swimming; Cream and her pet chao Cheese were making sandcastles with tails and Amy. Knuckles and Sonic were playing with the Frisbee. Silver and Blaze were walking along the beach. Shadow was reading by himself under a palm tree; and the rest were relaxing, catching some rays and others were sleeping.

After playing around…

"Hey Sonic, let's take a break ok?" said Knuckles.

"Ok, be back in a sec Knux." Answered Sonic

"Alright, I'll be waiting." Knuckles said before going to a palm tree to rest. Sonic ran off at the same time as he grabbed his bag he had brought to the beach. Tails thought something was up as he saw his old friend head quickly to the boys bathroom.

In the Boys bathroom…

"Ahh…" Sonic sighed as he grabbed a test tube with a strange substance inside.

"Down the hatch!" Sonic said before Tails ran in the room, making Sonic drop and spill the white liquid all over.

"Tails, what's the meaning of this?!" Sonic yelled.

"Sorry Sonic! I was running away from umm… A-amy because she got mad for some weird reason so I ran in here where umm… it was safe." It's unusual for Tails to tell a fib, but he was curious after looking up to his old friend for so many years, now, was he hiding a secret?

"Oh brother, do you see what you did!?" Sonic yelled.

"Made you spill a weird liquid all over a public floor…?" Tails said in a low terrified voice because his 'brother' yelled at him.

"Exactly! Y-you… no I'm in trouble…" Sonic said, about to cry.

"Wha… what did I do wrong?" Tails asked quickly.

"Nothing! I should've went home to do this… and it was my last tube too."

With clearish blueish stuff all over the floor, and his secret was out to his closest friend, Sonic was holding his tears.

"What was that su-" Tails was interrupted by Sonic starting to slowly transform.

"Sonic are you ok?" Tails asked.

"I'm fine…" Sonic answered. His transformation started. His arms and legs were shrinking slimly, and his quills grew to his hips. His body started to look like an hourglass and two lumps started to grow on his upper chest. Now that this transformation was complete Sonic became, no, returned to being a girl.

"Sonic, what happened!" Tails said, looking shocked.

"Umm…" Sonic said with a more feminine voice while scooting to HER bag, and grabbed some clothes, puts them on and zoomed out of the boy's bathroom.

"SONIC!" Tails yelled.

"Well I'll meet you at home, I hope…" then Tails flew out of the bathroom and returned to the gang. They were packing up since the sun was about to set.

Amy asked, "Where's Sonic?"

Tails answered, "Umm… he…err…was…going to a…meet us at the house…yea that was what sh- um…he I mean was wanting me to tell you… hehe…"

Everyone looked at him with a puzzled look. Amy just wanted to know where Sonic was, but Shadow and Knuckles glanced at each other with a nervous look. All Tails did was gulp and flew straight home with the rest following.

Sapphire pov…

Sapphire was crying on the A.R.K.

"Why… why did this happen? Being teased when I was younger was enough pain."

Sapphire cried so hard she ran out of tears. She was in the training room. She is wearing a red top with little white stripes on top and bottom showing her belly, and she had a mini short with the same design on it. Her shoes were ankle boots and the three buckles turned at the bend of the boots in the front and her gloves were fingerless gloves with a strap on the middle finger so it won't fall off and she cried her heart out and stayed there for a bit longer.

At The House Of The Sega Crew…

"Where's Sonic? Tails must have been lying." Said Knuckles.

("Humph, where's that twerp? I'll beat him to a pulp!") Shadow thought, not wanting to sound like he likes or cares for the blue hedgehog, he and Knuckles are the only ones that knows about Sonic's past.


"Hey there she is!" a purple cat boy yelled as a ten year-old blue hedgehog girl entered the school. She was so scared as everyone started attacking her, she was treating her like dust every time she came to school. Except a strange black with red stripes hedgehog and some echidnas didn't attack her. They made sure that she was okay every time she walked through the school doors.

The black hedgehog always wondered, "Why doesn't she move schools? She'd be more safer than in a school who picks on her everyday."

Some of her injuries are so bad she had to go to a hospital so she can survive. The black hedgehog and the echidnas were the only ones who cared about her… he loved her and she loved him but, to keep her safe she needed to get stronger, there was a drink that can make her stronger, but it would change her to a boy, but the black hedgehog, Shadow, wanted her safe and so she took the drink and they hid their love ever since.


"Shadow! Shadow! Ahem!" Rouge was the one yelling.

"Yea! What!?" Shadow said sounding annoyed acting like he was ignoring her the whole time.

"Well look who's back. Oh! And welcome back." Blaze said teasingly.

"Ha ha…" Shadow said unamused then, Tails came in after looking around the whole house.

"No sign of Sonic here!" Tails said nervously scared of what was going to happen to him.

"Yea we already noticed, liar." All said in unison.

"There's one more place he'd call home." Said Shadow as he pulled out a Chaos Emerald out of his quills. All looked at him, "Where Shadow?"

"The A.R.K." all but Shadow gasped then Shadow yelled, "CHAOS CONTROL!"

In Space Colony A.R.K…

They all were brought in the A.R.K. and followed Shadow so they won't get lost, then they heard crying and whimpering while passing a training door. Shadow opened the door and was shocked at what he saw. There was a crying blue female hedgehog at the corner of the training room, he motioned everyone to stay put as he goes in.

In the training room of Space Colony A.R.K…

He shut the door after he entered and looked at the corner that the blue female was at, he slowly went to the hedgehog and sat by her and started petting her back, she flinched but then started to calm down, noticing it was Shadow who was petting her, soon she broke the silence.

"What are you doing *sniff* here Shadow?" Shadow just sighed then answered shortly.

"Everyone was scared half to death since you weren't home when we arrived and Tails searched the whole house and you weren't an-" Shadow stopped to notice that Sapphire/Sonic was hugging him, he blushed very lightly.

"Shadow...?" Sonic said very softly, even his sensitive ears could barely hear her.

"How did you find me…?" said Sonic as she began to bury deeper in his white fluffy chest fur.

Shadow answered, "After searching the whole house I said 'I know some place else you'd call home' and we came here."

Sonic wasn't listening because she slowly fell asleep on Shadow's lap.

("I forgot how cute she looks when she sleeps… but for now just get her out of her and show that she's ok… yea that's it…") Shadow picked her up bridal style and opened the door, everyone was surprised to see Sonic as a… Female.

Back at the home of the Sega Crew…

They brought her home and Shadow tucked her in bed. As soon as Shadow stepped out of Sonic's room a familiar voice yelled.

"Amy! No! Let us explain first!" yelled Rouge, but it was too late, everyone ran to the back corner of the house and protected themselves. Boom! Boom! Boom! Was all that you could hear.

"Amy! You're going to wake up Sonic! And trust me you don't want HER up right n-"

"WHO WOKE ME UP AT 1'OCLOCK IN THE MORNING!?" Shadow was stopped by Sonic's yelling as she stomped downstairs in her pajamas.

"You put her in pajamas too! You pervert!" Amy was about to hit Shadow with a final blow but her hammer slipped out of her hands, actually an arrow made the hammer fly out of her hands and get pinned to the wall.

"Amy! So you're the one!" Sonic yelled angrily holding a bow that appeared out of nowhere.

"No Shadow was!" Amy replied.

"Really…? I don't see Shadow with a weapon but you had one…" Sonic's eyes narrowed, her pupils turned to slits, her eye color went from emerald green to blood red, and then she became a blur to Amy, then she fainted and Sonic's eyes went back to normal before anyone noticed the change.

Everyone gathered around her but Sonic just said, "She'll be ok…"

On Shadow's Balcony…

Shadow stayed up and was on his balcony, (note: it's not 1:00 anymore it's 7-8:00 now) Sonic was at the door frame of the balcony and started to talk.

"Hi love…" She said very cutely.

"Hey sweetie…, what are you doing up this early?" Shadow said, (usually she wakes up at 9-10:00).

"Well we're here so… we can have some quality time together, no?" Sonic came right next to him and dived under his arms, she was right in front of him but she turned around so they were face to face, they were so close that their noses touched, Shadow gave her a strong but very passionate kiss, Sapphire kissed back, minutes later they broke for air.

Shadow said, "I missed that for a long time…"

"Me too…" Sonic answered, "But what if the others would find out and how about Amy?"

"Then we will let them find out slowly but, you have to tell them about your past today, you know." Shadow said.

"I know Hun, see ya at breakfast ok?" Sonic asked.

"See ya Hun." Shadow smiled. Sapphire giggled then left Shadow's room.

In Sonic's room…

She entered her room and got her clothes (the same outfit but the white is light blue, and the red is normal blue. Her hair was up in a nice bun with a dark blue extension left hanging not in the bun). She left her room and met everyone in the dining room.

In the Dining Room…

"Good morning everyone!" Sapphire said cheerfully.

"…Good *sigh* morning…" Everyone said sounding tired or bored. After finishing her breakfast, she broke the silence.

"So… I got something to tell you guys…" she said, everyone looked at her like, "this has to be interesting."

Sonic started off, "Ok… here's the story…"

Story/FLASHBACK starts…

"Congrats Bernadette Maurice, you have triplets, two girls and one boy, but your youngest daughter will have to stay in the hospital for a while…" the doctor said sadly.

"Why?..." Bernie asked worried.

"She has a condition that we don't know about yet, but we ae trying our best to keep her alive." The doctor said.

"Ok but, when can I see her?" Bernie asked worried.

"Please don't worry Mrs. We promise she'll be ok." The doctor said as he went to check on the baby girl.

Bernadette sighed, "I hope you're alright Sapphire." (Sonic is older than Sonia and Manic but in this case he/she is the youngest)

A few hours pasted and baby cries are heard as Jules Maurice came in with a baby blue girl hedgehog, walking slowly to his wife.

"Bernie, I'm so sorry I was not there with you…" Jules said in a sadden tone.

"Oh Jules… you're a busy man, but you were the first one of us to see Sonic." Bernie said.

"Really? I guess I'm lucky after all. Her nickname is Sonic and real name is Sapphire?" he said with a smile. Bernie nodded, then the doctor came in.

"Good news, she's perfectly healthy. Bad news, you're going to make three appointments each month so we can make sure she'll be okay." He said.

"But what does she have doc?" said Jules.

"She has nothing wrong with her now, but you might have to visit every other month." The doctor said.

Two years later…

"The doctor said you don't have to go anymore Sonic." Bernadette said.

"But mum what do I do now?" Sonic asked (note: Sapphire is not a normal child, she matures much quicker than her brother and sister, which they can't talk yet).

"Well three more years till you can go to school, so what are you going t-" Bernie started to suffocate.

"Mum! Pa! Mummy can't breathe!" screamed Sonic.

Jules came running down the stairs and he had Sonia and Manic in his hands, but when he saw Bernadette on the floor he instantly put the kids down and called the ambulance immediately but, by the time they arrived she was a goner.


When the kids were older, Jules died of old age, so Manic was left in charge, but a war came and Manic disappeared protecting his sisters and Sonia disappeared falling into a trap made by the intruders, Sonic was the last one left, she escaped the invaders and got adopted by Knuckles' family.

She was brought in Knuckles' family and was loved and cared for but, then she attended school things got worse. Her family slowly died off, Knuckles was the only one that survived the illness but, one the bright side, she had a boyfriend, but she needed to be safe so they broke up (lie), and she took a potion that wasn't stable so she needed to take it once a year.


Story/FLASHBACK ends…

All felt pity on Sonic (even Shadow but, he had to act like he doesn't care), then they thought of a plan.

The Plan

Amy has to find a new soulmate

Sonic needed more girl clothes

They need to find out about this "hidden" ability

Amy was sniffling because she needed a new soulmate, but she went with it and she found one, his name is Solar Eclipse, then they got Sonic some dresses, bikinis, sports clothes, and normal clothing. After a whole month of shopping they were so tired, but the ability is not found yet.