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Chapter 1

"Harry Potter, you are charged with murder, planning a murder and using the imperious curse on some of the most respected men in our society. How do you plead."

"Not guilty you idiots, who are these respected men and were are my friends."

"Your friends will be here shortly and just to amuse you we are talking about Lord Slytherin, Lord Malfoy and Lady Lestrange."

"Are you telling me Umbitch that I'm on trail for fighting against death eaters while trying to win a war."

"Yes indeed Mr Potter and Weasley add another charge of insulting a member of this court."

"Of course Ms Umbridge."

"Now, if there is nothing else to interrupt this case bring in the first witness."

When the door to the courtroom opened Harry was shocked. Standing there were his best friends. After this shock he practically gave up while his "friends" told the courtroom about the Horcrux hunt and how they were to afraid to say anything against Harry in fear of death. After that confession they went on about everything that happened since their first year and how he became more deranged the more years passed. Being a parseltongue in his second year, helping a escaped prisoner escape justice and willingly entering a tournament which resulted in the return of the dark lord.

"After hearing this confession is there anything the defense would like to say, no, nothing, alright. The hearing will be adjourned so the judges can reach a verdict."

Half an hour later...

"The case against Mr Potter will be resumed, have the judges reached a verdict Mr Rockwood?"

"Yes we have Ms Umbrige, after reviewing all the evidence we find Mr Potter guilty of all charges and the punishment is death by veil to be preformed immediately."

"Aurors you heard him, take Mr Potter to the veil." Said a giddy Umbridge.

While Harry was taken away he couldn't help himself but he started laughing like a maniac which was prove for the court that he lost his mind completely.

As soon as the party (which it was for most of the wizengamot) arrived at the veil room Harry broke free of the aurors holding him and made a mad dash for the veil itself. Just before he went through he turned around, gave them all the finger and went through.

Somewhere in Saudi-Arabia

"Sorry Westridge your breaking up, call you later. Man I really don't like that guy, still Darcy is worse. And I'm talking to myself again great."

"O no you fucking don't you" was all Harry could say before he fell on the floor straight in front of Mike.

"God dammit, all I wanted was to be with My parents and Sirius but nooo, fate has to deny me my last request and sends me to a place were the master of death is needed, whatever that may mean."

When Harry finally stood up he came face to face with the barrel of a gun. "O hey could you tell me were I am and while your at it please put the gun away."


Just finished AP and thought what if Harry would help Mike, and the result is here.

Like it hate it nobody knows.