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Chapter 21

Last time on Magic Protocol:

"So Mike, finally decided to stop running."

"I was never running Shean, just enjoying my holidays."

"Do you come quiet or do we have to force you."


"I called you didn't I, lead the way."

"Say Harry, how are you doing?"

"I'm perfectly fine Mina, just hanging on."

"Where are you exactly, they didn't see you entering the chopper right?"

"I'm not even inside the chopper, like I said, I'm hanging on."

"Wait, I think Darcy is getting inpatient, he keeps asking Mike why he is laughing."

"How do you know that?"

"A simple listening charm on the window."

"The window?"

"Yes Madison."

"How are you even hanging onto a chopper like that, it must be cold."

"Actually, I'm feeling fine, a simple warming charm does wonders."

"Does Ashley know how she is traveling?"

"Nope, and I would appreciate it if nobody told her."

"No promises Harry."

"Screw you Mina."

"Only Mike Harry, only Mike."

Some time earlier

"Hurry up Mike, we don't have all day."

"Why not, I want to enjoy the sunny weather."

"It's raining Mike."

"It's sunny somewhere Darcy, why are you in a hurry anyway."

"The big boss wants to meet you and I rather not let him wait."

"You mean old Henry?"

"Shut up and get in the chopper. Why are you smiling, you do know that you are being marched towards a prison if you are lucky."

"Just enjoying a inside joke."

A few hours later

"Alright Mikey, just enter this room, and don't try anything funny."

"Me, funny? I wouldn't dare."

"Shut up and just get in there."

"Aah, Mr. Thorton, glad you could come."

"I didn't really have a choice Henry."

"There's always a choice Mr. Thorton, you could have let Surkov survive your meeting or let Taiwan escalate."

"I could have done that, but doing that would mean tensions could rise to dangerous levels."

"Each his own opinion about danger I guess, now let's talk about Saudi Arabia."

"What about Saudi?"

"I'm curious about a few of your choices there."

"Like what?"

"When you went to the airfield you left the minimum amount of casualties while later when entering Nasri's stronghold it was the opposite way."

"Simple really, at the airfield they didn't know I was there and I wanted to keep it that way, to get to Nasri I had to announce myself at the gate."

"Alright, but how about the detention camp."

"What do you want to know."

"Your dossier never mentions you knowing a sniper who wields a anti-tank rifle."

"Sorry, that's not my secret to tell."

"We'll get back to him later cause I believe Saudi was not the last time he showed up. At least you dealt with the Sheik."

"No comments this time?"

"Nope, it is as you said, I Dealt with the Sheik."

With Harry

"Where are we?"

"At the moment in a broom closet."

"And where is this closet located Harry?"

"Inside the Alpha Protocol base Ashley."

"So we are inside, what's next."

"We stick with Mike for the moment."

"Why don't we scout the base."

"Because Ashley, even with the map I provided there is a chance you get lost or they move Mike from the room he is in and then we have big problem."

"If you say so Mina."

"Say Harry?"

"Yes Ashley."

"If I look at those pictures on the big ass screen I cannot help but wonder, did you have to kill those guards in the tower?"

"They tripped, all I did was stun one of them, how was I supposed to know they would fall down like that."

Back with Mike

"I have to admit, we thought you were a goner after the missile strike. If Miss Tang didn't take a holiday almost directly after that you would have stayed under our radar for a while longer."

"Anyway after Saudi you went to Russia to achieve what exactly?"

"The only reason I went there was to find where the missiles came from."

"That's it?"

"Yeah, what happened after I arrived was not my plan."

"Why do you keep pretending you were still operating alone."

"What do you mean?"

"Security cameras caught you entering a vehicle together with Miss Tang and a unknown party."

"And yet only I am Here, why is that?"

"Your partners won't matter after you are out of the picture."

"What I really want to know is why you went to the yacht."

"Only the yacht?"

"We know of Grigori's side business."

"The only reason one of us went there was to check an possible lead on the distributor of the missiles."

"And what did your associate get out of that, besides a small conflict with G22."

"He got us a name. Surkov."

"And Grigori gave you the same name?"

"Yes he did."

"And how would you describe your first meeting with him."

"The biggest mess we've been in so far."

"Let me tell you something about that night, G22 was there for you."


"Because they lost one of their best operatives on the yacht."

"So they were there just to get back at me."

"Pretty much."

"What about the VCI though, before the embassy we never met them."

"They went there because G22 was going and wanted some payback."

"So the whole embassy cluster fuck only happened because of some petty grudges?"

"That's correct, but did you have to blow up the embassy. Not that I'm complaining , It gave us a few new contracts."

"That was an accident with a grenade and the gas main."

"After that unfortunate accident you went to visit Brayko."

"That we did."

"And you didn't take him out."

"No why would we do that, all we wanted was some information."

"So you have no regrets about that one?"

"Only one, that we didn't take his stereo system, that thing was one hell of a set."

"And he let you back to Surkov."

"Yes, and Surkov was taken care of this time."

"Why did he have to die?"

"He tried to use me as a puppet for his own deeds, and tried to pull a gun on me twice."

"And even though he was behind Halbech bullet proof glass a sniper managed to hit him twice."

"Halbech is really lacking in its quality if that was bullet proof glass, it couldn't even take a simple anti-tank round."

"So you admit you took your sniper friend from Saudi with you to Russia."

"Not only Russia, he was with me the whole trip, like a real friend would do."

With Harry

"So you were one of their best agents?"

"Of course, what did you expect."


"shut up Harry."

Back to Mike

"Still there is something curious about the rifle used in Moscow."

"What's that?"

"Those rifles are normally transported by multiple persons and are hard to miss when fired, so why did nobody hear the shot being fired and how did one man bring that type of rifle to a firing position."

"We all have our secrets Henry, learn to live with it."

"I really don't like your tone Mr. Thorton."

"Not my problem, can we continue with the 'interrogation', I'm getting bored."

"Next you went to Taiwan where we finally got a picture of your friend."

"Let me guess, during the rally?"

"Yes we found him during the rally, what where you planning there."

"Stop your plan of killing the president, simple right?"

"You did manage to keep him alive while his secret police managed to get the crowd under control."

"What can I say, we came, we saw, we conquered and got the would be killer."

"But still your profile indicates a small aversion of working with the government."

"People change Henry, people change."

With Harry

"Did he change or did he cave because of the pressure we put on him?"

"What do you think Harry."

"He changed and became a government loving person."

"Just shut up and listen."

"Yes dear."

With Mike

"And last but not least you went to Rome where I lost one of my best agents, care to explain how that happened?"

"Not really, I think you need to keep a better eye on your agents and what they do in their own time, maybe what you find will surprise you."

"Who knows. One more question before we end this, why did you turn yourself in when you could have ran away and wait until this blew over."

"I wanted to show the world what really happened with the incidents you mentioned?"

"And how do you plan of doing that when you are about to walk towards the light at the end of the tunnel."

"I have my ways."

"Take him away."

"Yes sir."

With Harry

"Thats our signal to go, remember the plan."

"Yes Madison, I get Mike while Harry here takes a look around and marks the targets."

"When did we ever not follow the plan?"

"Where to begin."

"Shut up Mina, they just walked pass us."

"Hey look there a man on a buffalo."


"You spend way to much time with Harry Ashley."

"What, no thank you for saving my life?"

"Thank you for saving my life, if you weren't there I wouldn't know what to do."

"Smart ass."

"Where is Harry hiding?"

"He should be finding targets of opportunity."

"In other words, he is hiding behind me isn't he?"

"You're no fun Mike."

"Did you find anything?"

"Yes, they have a doll looking like Mina strapped to a shit load of explosives, they somehow managed to get Scarlet here, Darcy is playing in his yard of toys, Westridge is hiding in the docks and Parker is rigging this place to blow."

"And Leyland?"

"Should be getting some disturbing news about now."

Back to Henry

"Sir, I think you need to see this."

"See what?"

"This sir."

"As you can see on the images behind me Henry Leyland, CEO of Hallbech admits to planning terrorist attacks, shooting commercial airliners down and staging a coup, just to make a profit. The source of these images are still unknown but rumors say that Sheik Shaheed is the source."

"How, Thorton said he dealt with the Sheik."

"Sir, I've got some more bad news, Thorton escaped from his escort and his location is unknown."

"Find him and take him down for good."

Back to our group

"First step is to get Scarlet."


"Personal reasons, please don't ask until we are from this island."

"In that case take the second door on your left."

"Thanks Mina. Hey Scarlet."

"Ow, why did you do that."

"What do you think Mike?"

"Did I forget your birthday again?"

"What, no that was for turning me in back in Taiwan."

"And you slap me for that? Did I slap you for that stunt you pulled on me back in Egypt a few years back?"


"Slow down please, What's going on between you two."

"Harry, Ashley meet my sister Scarlet Grey."

"And when were you planning on telling us this if this didn't happen?"

"After we left the Island?"

"But why the different name?"

"Same mom, different dad."

Back to Henry

"Sir, they just found miss Grey."

"Great, finally something going according to plan."

"Not really sir, she just told them your plan."


"It looks like she won't take out her brother."

"Prepare the boat, we are leaving this island."

"Yes sir."

Back to Mike

"They really thought you would take me out."

"Yes, lucky for you I happen to like you, so what's next."


"One second Mike, you can either go after Parker or take Darcy on in his yard."

"Shotgun on Darcy."

"Really Mike."

"Yes I want him."

"Take Scarlet with you. Harry, Parker is yours."

"No problem. See you later guys, coming Ashley?"

"Darcy's to the left right?"

"Yes, just through the door and he should be there."

"This door?"

"Hey Mikey, thought you would never show up, and what are you doing with my ex, I was planning to go easy on you but now the gloves are off."

"Quick get behind cover."

"Really, I don't see you for a few months and you decide to date Darcy?"

"Can we not talk about this now."

"Why not, I told you when I started with Mina."

"Later Mike, for now lets fix my mistake."

"Did mom know about this?"


"Sorry. Hey Darcy, to be honest I'm a bit disappointed by you, hiding in your tower at least now I know why Mina picked me over you."

"Shut up Mike and die already."

"I'd rather you die, and yes Mike, I told mom about him."

"What did she say?"

"I could get better, now where do we go."

"Just follow the path I guess."

"What about your friends?"

"I'm not surprised if they are waiting around the corner."

"What took you so long?"

"Some family issues Ashley, nothing big, Parker is taken care of?"

"He decided to go swimming."


"Swimming, how is that taken care of?"

"With sharks Scarlet, with sharks."

"But there are no sharks around this island."

"Who says he is still on this island."

"Harry stop messing with my sister."

"Sorry Mike, by the way Tali was getting restless so I let her out."

"Who's Tali?"

"You'll see Scarlet."

A bit later

"Ashley was it?"

"Yes Scarlet, what's up?"

"Am I right in guessing that you are the most sane person my brother has in his team."

"If you mean ground team probably yes, if you mean his whole team, hell no. That would probably be Mina or Madison."

"Right, then maybe you can explain why we have nobody watching our backs?"

"Who says we don't have someone doing just that."

"Surrender now. Whaa, let me go."

"What was that?"

"Tali watching our back Scarlet."

"But that sounded more like a animal than a person."


"Yes Ashley?"

"Call Tali back so Scarlet knows who not to shoot."

"Do I have to, she sounds so happy right now."

"Do it Harry."

"Tali, break time come out. Scarlet meet Tali, Tali meet Scarlet, we met her before in Taiwan."

"MIKE, why do you have a tiger with you."

"Oh, thats Tali, she started her life as a couch and thanks to Harry ended up being a tiger."

"How can you be so calm about a tiger, wait what. Started as a couch?"

"That's Harry for you, best damn sniper I've ever worked with but he just throws the laws of physics."

"And every other law."

"Thank you Ashley, out of the window."

"Stop bickering, you're almost at the docks."

"Thanks Mina, are Westridge and Leyland both there"

"Yes they are, although they are having a heated discussion about a hideout."

"Right, why don't you guys, and Scarlet."


"Ow, no reason to get violent Ashley, get a boat ready while I deal with those clowns."

"Are you sure Harry?"

"Yeah, no problem, it will only take a minute."

With Westridge and Leyland

"Why can't we go to Spain?"

"Because the hideout we had there is being raided by the government."

"How did they find it?"

"The same way they found out about your plans in Taiwan and Rome. Thorton."

"Well will you look at that, I'm just taking a stroll around this beautiful island and what do I find, two persons who will soon be at the very top of multiple most wanted lists."

"Who are you and how did you get here?"

"Calm down mister Leyland, I came together with Mike and have been here all this time, now if you will excuse me, it's almost tea time and I don't want to miss it. Stupify, Stupify. Hey Mike."


"Do you think anybody will mind if I start a collection of people on most wanted lists action figures."

"I don't think so."

"Thank you, I'll pop over in a few seconds, just have to finish up here."

"What did he mean with pop over?"

"You'll see Scarlet, don't worry about it."

"Don't worry about what Ashley?"

"Whaaa, Harry how did you get here."

"I just popped over Scarlet."

"But how."

"When men beat ground with stick they called it magic."

"Magic doesn't exist, everybody knows that."

"Riiiight, well does anybody know how to sail a boat, cause I don't."

"Let me do it."

"Thanks Ashley, just one request, please park the boat at a small distance from the island, I want to show you something."

"How big is small?"

Just a bit further, this spot is okay, now please be quiet I'll need to concentrate for this one."

"What is he doing with that stick, it looks like he is conducting a orchestra."

"Shush Scarlet."

"Why, I don't understand why I should be quiet while he is waving a stick around."


"My Latin is a bit rusty but did he just scream hell fire?"

"I wouldn't know Ashley."

"Eeeh guys, what is happening there."

"Nothing Mina why?"

"Thermal imaging of the island is going crazy."

"You're seeing this to Ashley right?"

"Yeah, is that a chariot made of fire?"

"Forget that one, look over there a freaking dragon. Sis, why are you laying there, you have to see this."

"Thats a big snake."

"Mike, what is happening, how can he do all of this."

"Easy, just keep breathing, in and out. He told you already, he's a wizard."

"But magic doesn't exist."

"It's a long story."

"Guys, is somebody nuking the island?"

"Look at that lion."

"See sis, the fire is slowly going away."

"Wow Harry that was amazing, Harry? Mike get over here, Harry just collapsed."

"What, is he still alive."

"If you give me some space yes. Remind me to not do that again without proper preparation."

"What was that. That was one of my most destructive spells, summoning hell fire, one of the few things that can erase something completely from existence. Takes a shit load of power, control and concentration to pull of."

"At least Alpha Protocol is no more."

"Understatement of the year Mike"


5 years later

"Hello sir, please take a seat."

"Why are we meeting in a coffee shop instead of your office."

"Does it matter? Why do you want to hire Dova Solutions."

"When we spoke on the phone I specifically asked for a meeting with your boss."

"Sir, the boss never meets with the clients, thats one of the rules for applying to us."

"Now what is your 'Impossible' job you need us for."

"All the information is in the file miss.

"Madison, If we accept I'll be your point of contact."

"And please tell your men to be less obvious, my security already marked them as soon as they came in. Now I will take this back to my boss and you will hear from us. Tali, you're coming?"

"Whaaa, ti-ti-tiger."

"Thanks for the coffee Luigi, can you send the bill to the office?"

"No problem Madison, great to see you again, congratulate Harry and Ashley for me will you?"

"Will do, see you next time."

With the rest

"Where are they?"

"Calm down, they should be here any minute now."

"I know Mina, I just wished they would hurry up."

"Are we still on time?"

"Yes you are, it's about to begin. Where's Tali?"

"I send her to Harry, now I think I hear the music."

"Dearly beloved we are gathered here today to restrict this mans freedom in marriage."

"Mike, did you really write that? You asked me to write the speech Harry."

"Do you Harry take Ashley as your wife?"

"I do."

"And do you Ashley take Harry as your husband?"

"Hell yes."

"Then if we could get the rings from the ring tiger, here we go. Then I declare you Husband and wife, you may kiss the bride."



"Yes Harry."

"Why is somebody trying to rob my wedding."

"No idea but I think we have to show them that they made a big mistake."

"You're right, Tali party time. Sorry Ezzio, we didn't plan it like this."

"No problem Harry, now shouldn't you be kissing your new wife."


Like it hate it, nobody knows.