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AN: This is going to be taking place in an alternative universe where Harry is going to be born as the twin brother of James Potter. This is completely unrelated to the canon and Harry hasn't been reincarnated. In this universe he has originally been born as Harry Charles Potter and will stay him. I will be keeping James and Harry's parents as Charles and Dorea Potter as I want the twins to be related to the Blacks. In this story there will be no SLASH(nothing against slash just how I want to write it). Without further ado lets get on with the story!

The Beginning

It was a sunny day on Saturday March 27th, 1960. In the uppermost floor of St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries a man, who looked to be in his early thirties, was pacing back and forth in front of a room. Charles Potter was looking frantically at the door scrunching his handsome features in a look of frustration while fully clad in Auror gear. He had unruly black hair that looked untamable with light-brown eyes which were covered in round glasses.

If one looked closely at the door, the sign on the room stated "Patient Currently in Labor". Charles had been on his way to the Auror Department when the Potter's house elf, Mipsy, flashed in front him.

"What's wrong?", Charles asked as he noticed the frantic expression on his house elf's face. "It's mistress, she has gone into labor. You must come quick Master!". Before Mipsy had even finished her sentence Charles had already apparated away to the top floor of St. Mungos knowing his wife, Dorea, would be there as that was where her doctor was.

After getting to the hospital he was asked to stay out of the room so he would stay out of the doctor's way. Hearing his wife's screams had been torturous for Charles but he knew he had to tough it out. Minutes later the screaming stopped and the hospital door opened. Charles quickly went in not paying attention to the doctor who had congratulated him for having two wonderful boys.

Charles was going to ask his wife if she was okay but then stopped, staring at the two bundles she was holding. His mind had finally caught onto what the doctor had said and he stared at the twins realizing he had just become a father. Dorea looked at him with her emerald green eyes gently sighing and gestured for him to come over. She was a beautiful woman who looked to be in her late twenties with long black hair and emerald eyes one could get lost in.

Once he calmed down enough she handed him his two new sons. Both looked very much alike with the signature Potter black hair and the only way one could tell them differently was the color of their eyes. The older twin had emerald eyes much like Dorea and the younger one had light-brown eyes like Charles.

"While they are your sons what do you think we should name them?" asked Dorea still sighing at her husband. She loved her husband but sometimes his childish actions irritated her, though she did secretly love him more for it.

Finally unfreezing and giving his wife a wink he stated happily, "We shall name them what we originally thought. The younger one will be now known as James Fleamont Potter while the older one shall be named Harry Charles Potter!".

5 Years Later

The Potter Manor had been decorated making it look even more gold and red than before. It was filled to the brim with people who were either talking to each other, eating refreshments, or playing Quidditch. It was March 27th, 1965 and the Potter twins were turning five years old. Though Charles Potter was fairly young, now in his late thirties, he had earned a lot of respect from everyone in the Ministry of Magic due to his numerous accomplishments as head auror along with his best mate Jacob Longbottom who was happily married to his wife, Augusta Longbottom, and had a son who was one year older than the twins and friends with them.

Jacob and Charles were known as the legendary duo who always completed a mission even when the odds were slim to none, but what many liked about them was that even though they had many accomplishments they stayed humble and nice to everyone which couldn't be said to most of the ministry.

Not to mention their auror records both were lords of major houses each holding seats in the Wizengamot which was the wizard's version of the Supreme Court. Charles held two seats in the Wizengamot though the Pervell seat had stayed dormant for a long time as the Pervell ring had yet to deem someone with the Pervell bloodline worthy. Charles hoped that one of his sons could bring the Pervell seat out of dormancy.

He didn't care about the wealth that came with it, but the political power. Due to being in the Ministry of Magic Charles knew there was a lot of corruption and through the power of an original house such as the Pervell house, the corruption could be controlled. Many believed that Dorea Potter was a stay home mom who took care of the twins but they couldn't be more wrong. Dorea and her best friend Augusta were Unspeakables and have been for over ten years. Before the two had married their respective husbands they had both been best friends at Hogwarts.

"Harry, Harry! Hurry up the party already started!" yelled James jumping up and down. Though both were born on the same day James looked up to Harry as an older brother. This was because no matter what trouble James got into Harry would always be their to protect him. Though both were twins, James and Harry's personalities were polar opposites. James like his father was a boy who looked to have fun wherever and whenever while Harry like his mother was calm and the voice of reason. Though both were opposites there were two things that the both of them loved. The first was Quidditch and the second was their family. They would do anything for their family even if it led them to suffer or hurt.


The reason that James looked up to Harry as an older brother was that a couple of months ago James stole his father's broom in hopes of flying for the first time as their mother had prevented him. He was fine in the beginning but while flying at a high speed he hit a tree in the backyard resulting in him having to hang onto a tree branch to prevent himself from falling. He was ten feet off the ground and though he was only three he knew that if he fell it would hurt. He started crying and screaming for his family especially Harry who luckily was still awake reading a book.

Harry was about to get his parents when he heard the branch that James was holding onto screech. He didn't understand what was happening but he knew that if he didn't do anything James would get hurt badly. Without thinking he ran to where James was going to fall just before the branch broke.

Now Harry didn't know much about magic but once he heard his mom saying something about magic being all about intent. He knew that at this moment he had to save his brother and his magic responded to him and slowed down James. Though James was slowed down he still hit his brother hard who was trying to catch him causing multiple broken bones in Harry's body and leading him to battle staying conscious.

Moments later Charles and Dorea ran out of the house toward the boys finally having heard the ruckus caused by James screams. Seeing his parents running toward them Harry knew that he was safe and asked his brother whether he was okay before becoming unconscious. That day James cried hard knowing that because of his actions Harry had gotten very hurt. The family rushed Harry to the hospital feeling relieved when the doctor told them he was going to be okay.

What the family didn't know was that two cloaked figures were watching the whole thing through a globe in an unknown place. "He risked his life to save his brother without a second thought. It can be seen that he loves his family a lot and that he would do anything for them. I believe this young boy can stay separated from his family for a couple of years if it allows him to protect them" stated the taller of the two figure in a masculine tone.

"For once I agree with you Nicholas. This boy has just proved that he is willing to put his life on the line to save someone from his family. I believe that he will be able to get through our training just to protect his family from that bastard Grindelwald and his delusional Slytherin Apprentice. So now that we have agreed he is the one when should we talk to him?" stated the shorter figure in a feminine tone. "I believe a perfect time to talk to him and convince him to join us for training would be his fifth birthday. We should at least allow him a couple more months to spend with his family as he will not be seeing them for a long time." stated the taller figure.

(Flashback end)

"I'm coming James. Just give me a minute!" replied Harry while changing into jeans and a shirt that his mother had given to him. Opening the door, "Lets go!" Harry told James who put his arm around Harry's shoulder.

Both walked down the stairs to the living room which was filled with people. Once Charles noticed his sons he motioned to them and casted a spell making his voice louder. "Ladies and Gentlemen it is my pleasure to present the boys who have made my life so happy. Please put your hands together for my sons Harry Charles Potter and James Potter!" yelled Charles while clapping. Once everyone clapped for them and congratulated them for turning four they all went back to socializing and trying to gain connections.

Harry and James after each giving a hug and a kiss to their father and mother walked over to their friends. "Sirius, Frank, and Remus good to see you guys again!" yelled James waving at them rapidly. Sirius Black was a son of Dorea's cousin. The Blacks had distanced themselves from Dorea after she married Charles but Sirius had always admired his aunt and uncle. He wanted to follow in their footsteps and oppose the ridiculous idea that Purebloods were superior which led him to being disowned by the family after stating his ideas aloud.

Dorea and Charles always held a soft spot for Sirius and gave him to a foster family but they were planning on allowing him to stay with them. Remus Lupin's father, Lyall Lupin, worked in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures where he and the twin's had met and become fast friends.

Lyall admired Charle's strength while Charle's admired that Lyall wasn't corrupt in a place where corruption was everywhere. Frank Longbottom was of course the son of Jacob Longbottom and had been friends with the twins for a longtime. All five of them first met two years ago and they quickly became best friends. "Harry and James good to see you again and Happy Birthday!" replied Sirius. The other two repeated the same thing and everyone quickly went off to play quidditch which was suggested by Harry.

After playing for a couple of hours and messing around it was time to cut the cake. After cutting the cake and giving everyone a piece, everyone left leaving the family alone. James went up to his room while Dorea and Charles went into the kitchen. Harry was about to close the door when a cloaked figure suddenly appeared in a burst of flames and put his arms on Harry's shoulder disappearing with him.

The last thing that Dorea and Charles would hear from Harry in a longtime was him screaming for help. Immediately after transporting the two of them the cloaked figured put Harry down and backpedaled next to another figure.

"Who are you?" Harry asked in a shaky voice.

"Do you know that your family will most likely die within the next twenty years? In fact most muggleborns and those who support them will die" one of the cloaked figures spoke calmly.

"WHAT!" Harry exclaimed, "Please save them I will do anything!".

"We cannot do anything, but you can. If you care about your family you will accept our offer of training so that you can become powerful enough to defend them and anyone else who would unjustly die. But be warned as the training will be hellish and you will get rest only when you have earned it!" replied one of the figures in a tone that left no room for argument. "

I will do it! Anything to save my family that I love so much!" Harry stated in a quiet but determined voice.

"Good! Your determination is what is needed to get through this training. The next five years of your life will be painful and you will want to give up many times but remember your determination to protect your family and you will be fine. Now that you have agreed we will show you who we truly are" spoke the taller figure while he and the woman beside him took of their hoods.

Both faces seemed old with wrinkles and white hair but their eyes contained wisdom, much more than anyone else in the world.

"My name is Nicholas Flamel and this is my wife, Perenelle Flamel, and we will be training you for the next five years!"

AN: Many people probably knew who the people in the hoods would be, but there they are. During his training Harry will meet Lily and they will become friends and later something more. Now I know what some of you readers are thinking. Isn't Harry a little too young to be agreeing to training from random strangers. That is true but Harry is a child and he wants to protect his family. Thank you and I hope you have a nice day!