Hi guys, sorry but this isn't going to be chapter. Sadly even though I want to I can't write that fast. I have written this post in order to inform all of you guys that I have made the changes that people suggested to me in reviews.

Shout Out to chc91776 for informing me about the inconsistencies with my story. I took his advice that if I wanted to make the story go for a long time I had to fix all the inconsistencies seriously and that is what I tried to do. I will also be taking his advice to give James a middle name as I think it would be fair if both twins got one.

A couple of you guys might be wondering why I had Sirius stay with the Potters at an early age. My reasoning was that with two best friends in a light family, Sirius would exhibit qualities that his mother hated earlier which would cause him to get kicked out earlier.

Another thing about the A/N I agree with most people's advice that it will disturb the flow and only should be placed in the end of the chapters so that is what I did. Besides that one beginning message in chapter one I will only have one sentence A/N at the beginning of some chapters if I deem it important to tell you guys.

Another Shout Out to EmeraldGuardian7 for pointing out my mistakes about the setting. I fixed those as well.

Also about the plot I am not really sure guys. I really am the type of guys who changes his mind a lot, but if I do change some part of the plot and there are inconsistencies with my past chapters please let me know and I will go back and fix them. One important thing is I won't and I mean won't change the main pairing.

Heads up there probably is going to be a poll soon to allow you guys to decide who gets paired up with whom(other than Harry of course)

I know a lot of you guys read my previous chapters and I said that Lily and Harry would find out that both of them are witches and wizards when they both meet at Hogwarts, but I realized that, that was pretty unrealistic. So Harry will know that Lily is a witch, but she won't know he is a wizard til they meet at Hogwarts. Like the cannon Lily will find out about her magic from Severus. Both Harry and Lily will stay in touch with letters as well as Christmas and Birthday presents, but they won't meet in person til Hogwarts.

Welp guess I covered what I wanted to. Like I said before guys if you have any suggestions to make the story better just review and I will try to fix the mistakes. Together I hope that we can make a story that a lot of people will enjoy.