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"OMG, Sadie!" Katie squealed.

She had just sprinted across the field to her friend.

"Yeah, Katie?" Sadie replied.

"Did you see what just happened?"

"No, tell me!"

"Heather found a bug in her food and went crazy!"

Sadie flinched. "Yikes! Sounds like her!"

"Don't get too comfortable." Gwen said, overhearing.

"She's now storming around looking for the culprit. She even nearly knocked down DJ when he denied all claims."

"Bet it was Duncan." She moaned.

Gwen was walking to the dock when she overheard.

She'd been spending a lot of time there sketching.

Except this time when she got there, a grinning Cody was sitting next to her seat.

She moaned and started walking away.

"Cody giving you a tough time?" Trent asked, walking beside her.

"More annoying then tough." Gwen sighed.

Trent grinned as the two started talking.

Meanwhile, Duncan and Geoff where in a tree.

"And then, you reel it in!" Duncan said.

Geoff reeled the fishing rod he had in.

A loud "OW!" came from below. It sounded a lot like Harold.

The two burst out laughing.

"Will you two ever show any respect?" Courtney called up to the tree.

"What can I say, Princess? That's just how I am!" Duncan smirked.

"Well stop it. Also don't call me Princess!" Courtney replied.

"Honey, come down from there!" Bridgette asked Geoff.

"Sorry babe, just having way too much fun!" Geoff replied, grinning.

Geoff tried to climb down, but the branch he was holding onto snapped.

Geoff screamed as he hit the ground with a thump.

He had landed right on top of Tyler.

"Oh no! Taylor!" Lindsay called.

"Where did you go?" She asked no one in particular.

"Are you THAT dim witted? He's under Geoff." Noah replied, rolling his eyes.

"OH! Thanks Norman!" Lindsay said, trying her best to roll the limp Geoff off of Tyler.

Except something green seemed to fly by, hitting her right in the face.

"WOOHOO! Sorry Lindsay!" Izzy called, swinging on a vine.

"Come on, Owen! Your turn!" Izzy shouted as she landed in a nearby tree.

"OWEN'S COMING!" Owen yelled, swinging on his own vine.

The tree that it was attached to broke and fell with a crash.

Owen made an even bigger crash.

Over by the girls cabins, LeShawna poked her head out of the window.

"What does it take to get some beauty sleep around here?" She called.

"I know!" Beth rasped. "I've been thinking about Justin so much I can't sleep!"

"I'd do anything to get away from noisy people like Izzy." Beth added.

"Or Heather. Or Eva. Or Ezekiel..." LeShawna listed.

"Would you?" A mysterious voice outside of the window called.

"What the... CHRIS MCLEAN?" LeShawna babbled in shock.

"The one and only!" Chris bowed.

LeShawna rushed outside the cabin in her pyjamas.

"What are you doing here?" She asked.

"I'm here to offer you the most amazing island, Drama Island!" He announced.

"Robot servants, five star hotels and the owner gets to decide who goes on and who doesn't!" He grinned.

"How much does it cost?" LeShawna asked.

"Not a penny."

"Then I'll take it!"

"But what about everyone else? They want it too, y'know."


"Let's settle this with a challenge!" Chris announced.

Challenge time!

Sooner or later, all 22 contestants were on a balance beam.

"Your job is to be the last one standing on the balance beam!" Chris called.

"If you fall, you'll land in the water and lose."

"Pushing and shoving is allowed. GO!"

"First thing's first." Eva said, picking up Noah and throwing him off.

"Ava, what was that about?" Lindsay asked.

Eva shrugged, pushing Harold off too.

Everyone backed away from her.

"What?" Eva asked.

"Hey, Lindsay?" Beth asked.

"Yeah Beth?" Lindsay replied.

"We should so totally form an alliance!"

"That's a perfect idea!"

Heather overheard and narrowed her eyes.

"Hey... girls, may I join?" Heather asked.

"Sure thing, Hetty!" Lindsay smiled.

"Ooh, let me join too!" Ezekiel begged, dashing towards them.

He tripped, knocking all four of them off.

"Ugh, you imbecile!" Heather moaned at him, drenched in water.

"You're next, pretty boy!" Eva called to Justin.

"Am I?" He winked.

"N-not anymore!" Eva said, love struck.

Duncan pushed her off.

"Hah! Nice one, Justin!" He grinned.

Courtney snuck up behind Duncan and pushed him off.

"HAH! I told you not to call me princess!" She laughed.

Duncan glared at her from below.

Meanwhile, Cody was inching closer to Gwen.

"So, Gwen, how about we form an alliance?" Cody grinned, making her jump.

She defensively pushed Cody back, who knocked into Katie. They both fell.

"OMG, you'll pay for that, Gwen!" Sadie said angrily.

She tackled Gwen off the beam and they both fell down.

"Uh, guys? I suggest we hold on..." DJ called.

Owen was on the end of the beam. It started forming cracks.

"Uh oh..." He muttered.

The beam broke on one end, toppling Owen down.

"I'll save you Owen!" Izzy called, jumping in after him.

The beam tipped to one side.

LeShawna couldn't hold on, and she started to slide down.

"I'm not built for sports!" She screamed as she reached the bottom, falling in.

Geoff and Bridgette clung on. "What do we do?" Bridgette asked.

"I think we should-" Geoff started.

DJ started sliding down, screaming. He knocked into them.

The three slid all the way down and fell.

Only Justin, Tyler, Courtney and Trent were left.

Tyler let go, and he tumbled much more aggressively than anyone else.

The bruised guy fell in.

Justin looked down and Courtney and flashed a smile.

She gave a small blush, and, unfocused, fell down.

"It's only me and you now, Justin!" Trent called.

"Only one of us can win!" He added.

"That's were you're wrong!" Chris said, flying up to them on his jet-pack.

"You both win!" Chris grinned.

"So we get to share Drama Island?" Justin asked.

"Nope, but you get to pick the teams for a much bigger and longer battle!" Chris grinned.

Justin looked shocked but Trent grinned.

"Sweet. Shotgun picking first!" He smiled.

Sooner or later, the drenched contestants stood in a bundle.

In front of them, Trent was standing on a red platform, whereas Justin was on a green one.

"Since he called shotgun, Trent picks first!" Chris announced.

"Awesome! I'm going with Gwen!" Trent smiled.

Gwen joined him, blushing furiously.

"Well, for my first choice, I'll go with Courtney." Justin smirked.

Courtney joined him, blushing furiously.

"There's not many people to pick from. Right now there's only three people I'd consider picking..." Gwen explained.

"Let's go with DJ." She decided.

DJ grinned and joined the reds.

"Let's have-" Justin started.

"Duncan! We're taking Duncan!" Courtney butted in.

"Change of heart, huh Princess?" Duncan smirked, joining the greens.

"LeShawna." Gwen said flatly. "Sorry I'm making all the decisions for you, but still, LeShawna." She said to Trent.

"Good choice, girl!" LeShawna cheered.

"Can I pick this time?" Justin said, annoyed.

"Lindsay." He beamed, making Lindsay blush.

"Thanks Jackson!" She smiled.

"What about Bridgette?" Trent decided.

Bridgette happily joined the reds.

"Beth this time!" Justin beamed.

Like many before her, Beth blushed her merry way to the greens.

"We have to take Geoff, we just have to!" Bridgette said.

"Sure, whatever." Gwen said, gesturing to Geoff.

He joined them and started kissing Bridgette.

"We need Heather as well!" Beth said, to the shock of everyone but Lindsay.

"Yes! Good choice, Beth!" Heather smirked.

"I can't believe I'm saying this, but Cody." Gwen sighed.

"See? I knew she'd come round at some point!" Cody said to himself.

"Ooh! Why don't we have, like, Taylor!" Lindsay pointed to Tyler.

While jogging over, he tripped and face-planted.

"I'd say the nerdy string-bean might be useful." LeShawna said, pointing at Harold.

"Thanks! I'm not last picked! I always was in sports!" Harold beamed.

"How about Katie?" Justin grinned.

"OMG, we have to pick Sadie at some point!" She squealed.

Left was Owen, Izzy, Sadie, Noah, Eva and Ezekiel.

"None of them are that appealing... we'll take Zeke." Trent decided.

"Wow, thanks, eh!" Ezekiel grinned.

"SADIE! YAY!" Katie screamed as Sadie joined the greens.

"Okay, we got the big liability, crazy liability, sarcastic liability or the angry liability." Bridgette listed.

"Noah seems the best out of the four." She decided.

Noah rolled his eyes.

"What about Izzy?" Justin said.

"Ooh! Next time we need Owen!" She grinned, without the faintest blush.

"Well, if they're taking Owen, then we get Eva." Trent said.

"You better not mess up leading our team!" Eva screamed.

"Yay! Owen's with us! Izzy cheered.

"Alright! I like green better anyway!" He danced.

"Great!" Chris said.

"Trent's team will be the Squishy Cherries!" Chris said, tossing them a red logo with cherries on it.

"Justin's team will be the Squashy Grapes!" Chris said, tossing them a green logo with a grape on it.

"Next contest is tomorrow! Get your butts ready!" Chris announced.

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Squishy Cherries: Trent, Gwen, DJ, LeShawna, Bridgette, Geoff, Cody, Harold, Ezekiel, Noah, Eva.

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