Memories so important so useful in our daily lives and yet so easily forgotten with the consequences of this action great indeed, no matter if it's done by one's own hands or be it by something else entirely yes the consequences of forgetting or sometimes even remembering are both grave deep indeed nothing but a double edge sword if you would.

After all it matters not if it's a single memory or all of the memories that one has held within them, because once they are forgotten the aftermath of this action is truly world shattering so much so that it can turn one's greatest enemy into one's greatest love and ones greatest love into one's greatest enemy, it could turn the cruelest person into a truly kind one or perhaps turn someone who has limited potential into someone with limitless potential all of this with a single memory perhaps even all of them being forgotten.

But then again when remembered there are some memories that hurt, maim, cut, disable, and destroy one's fragile mind, their the memories that no one is ever able forget no matter how unrelentingly they bear down upon us in the truly worst of times, yet much in the same manner the memories that are truly precious to one's self the special memories that every living being has, are one's they hope well never be forgotten so in a effort to keep them always they lock those precious moments in their lives away in the treasure chest of their sud-conscious for the next rainy day when that memory is needed once again to let a little sun shine though heavy darkened clouds.

Be they remembered and treasured fondly or forgotten and eased from existence, memories make up our entire beings from the basic things like breathing, eating, sleeping, talking, reading, writing and higher education, to the more complex things like trust, hate, love, friendship, bonds, family, enemies and other emotional things, they brighten up your darkened world and rain heavily on your sunshine filled one they bring us blood soaked war as well as fragile peace and then something else in between the two a understanding of sorts one that shatters much in the same manner as glass does or sometimes even malts away like lce.

They're beautiful, ugly and something strangely unique don't you think?.

These memorable yet forgettable things called Memories.