Hey so I've recently come back to this story after waaayyy too long and it's been nice seeing the positive response it got.

So a couple of questions people have asked (there are literally two but they are important nonetheless):

Will I be writing more?

Honestly I'm not sure where this could go but I've been getting back into Sherlock again and quarantine looks like it is going to last a while so maybe

Why did I change it from Undertale to Sherlock?

Yes this used to be an Undertale fanfic and honestly I had more of an idea of where that was going to go because the Undertale world has much more room for different ideas than Sherlock. I changed it to Sherlock back then because I just fell out of touch with the Undertale fandom and was instead pretty invested in Sherlock at the time. I just wanted to write about something I was motivated to write about

If you are looking for something I'm invested in right now you can check me out on Wattpad psychoacousticlabrat where I'm in the process of writing a Gravity Falls fanfic if anyone likes that. I'm writing all the chapters on private then publishing them all in one go so I don't pressure myself to get them out

Thanks for giving this first chapter so much love and I hope I find the motivation to come back to this story because it was a lot of fun to write