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Word Count:2,914

Lowerton Colorado

Here dead in the night in The Outsides of the City there's currently a Warehouse with several cargo vans parked outside.

"Hurry up with The Product we can't keep the boss busy or he'll dock your pay"

Several men Started to move the contents from the van into the are they transporting?

I think it's kind of obvious... Still no idea?

One of the Grunts Trips from the cracked steps of the old and abandoned warehouse dropping the Box.

Sprawled out in the floor several cylindrical tube glasses filled with a thick blue liquid.

The One in Charge looks at the idiot who dropped the contents that his boss wants in perfect condition. Growling in anger he goes to the idiot.

"The Fuck is wrong with you huh. Gotta Stick up your ass that doesn't let you walk properly. Pick the shit up before the Boss comes and Makes you life alot more miserable".

"No need for that David"looking behind them they see a 40 year old Caucasian man with his hair slicked back. He wears a Black tuxedo and a white button up shirt underneath it while wearing Black Fitting Pants and a pair of Black Shoes.

Looking up at his Boss in fear David trys to explain. " I'm so sorry for Disturbing you. I'm already taking care of it"

Looking at David with an easy going grin showing off a few golden teeth inside his Jaw.

"David David don't worry about it let me teach them what happens if they don't handle my Property Accordingly"looking at the man currently shaking in fear showing off his Blood Red tired eyes.

"Whats your name"his voice cracking he responds.

" M-M-My name is Michael sir"looking at him Vasiliev analyses his Face and look.

"Tell me do you consume Blue Rose"looking at Michael he sees him nod his head rapidly.

"Sigh David what did i tell you about hiring druggies and even worse does that consume BR"looking at David for an awnser he sees how he starts to sweat.

"Sorry Boss there wasn't enough men that willing wanted to work for us. I had to get what i can, but don't worry Boss it want happen again" turning his back at him he smiles.

"Don't Worry David i know it won't happen again"feeling the tension go David Sighs in Relief.

Putting his Hand inside his Tux he pulls out a Black Colored Ruger Redhawk with a Gold Colered handle and Points at Davids face.

Looking at the Barrel of the Revolver in fear david sees his boss grining like a cheshire cat while pulling the hammer of the know ready weapon.

"For you see David your Fired for your Incompetence" pulling the Trigger a resounding bang resounds through out the warehouse While the rest of the Grunts look at their boss's handiwork.

Smoke left the Barrel while infront of it stood the now deceased david with a bloody hole piercing his Forehead while the back of his head was blown out with bits of Brain residue and Blood painting the floor behind him.

Turning his Back to the know falling cadaver he looks at the now shaking and soiled druggie. Pointing the Smoking Barrel up to the druggie's face he smiles in glee.

"Seeing the Fear in your eyes makes me feel alot better"with a another bang Michael head was blown off.

Looking at the rest of the group he smiles.

"Now you understand what happens to those that don't do their job right"realizing what could happen to them if they anger him they all awnser with a resounding 'Yes sir'.

"Excellent now Yuri make sure this mess is cleaned up and lead them to thier workstations" a man with a Bullet proof vest and an Ak 47 in his arms walks up to him."Right away sir"nodding in satisfaction Vasiliev turns around to leave.

"Once everythings sorted out come to my office for new instructions" leaving without waiting for reply knowing that his armed employe will do nothing to anger him or face his wrath. Goes up the stairs to his office not knowing that a pair of cold and calculating eyes where piercing his skull.

Sitting down on a steel beam in the ceiling of the warehouse was Person hidden in the darkness watching his pery go to his destination. Having seen the scene below him of the cruel acts of his target he ponders on the information of his target.

"Alexi Vasiliev age 44,Country of Origin:Russia hunted in 5 different nations due to trading of Drugs,illegal Weapons and artifacts, and The Sale of Human Slaves.The Target is an alcoholic with a fetish in torture and bringing fear to those near absolutely no skill whatsoever that ain't negotiating" seeing his target enter the office he smirks.

"This is a piece of cake" walking on the beam aproaching the position of his target. Jumping from his position to the top of the office slowly goes onto the ventilatian shaft on top pulling it up a bit he sees his target pull a Bottle of Whiskey and starts to drink from the bottle seeing him with his back infront of his position.

Slowly and Stealthy drops down from the shaft without making a single sound thanks to his years of cold and harsh training. Lifting himself from his crouched form he goes behind him while observing him light up a cigar.

Pulling out a Knife from his Holster in his right leg he stands behind his with the desk infront of him.

Tensing his arm in preparation of what's about to happen he starts his attack.

* Cough * Hearing someone behind him Vasiliev angrily starts to retort.

"Dammit Yuri what the fuck i told you about entering my office without my authorization leave before i fire you for good"Blowing some Smoke from his lips Vasiliev starts to get pissed at his subordinate insubordination.

Turning around he starts to talk."That's it Yuri get out before i-"his words dying on his throat he sees the Person that he was yuri.

"No that Thing!" directly infront of him standing at 5'10 feet tall was a man wearing a black skin tight suit with some sort of Black Metalic Mask with a skull painted in white on his head and on his person was a Belt filled with different types of gadgets he couldn't understand and several weapons on him with two .45 Acp Black Pistols with silencers on holters in his sides while having what seemed to be some sort of Bladed weapon behind his back.

But what mattered to him now was tthe now armed gloved hand infront of him.

Fearing for his life he trys to take out his gun to kill the thing infront of him,Keyword tried.

With Speed faster than he can see a crushing force came to his windpipe. Looking down he sees the Monster's hand on his throat and before he could even think he's pulled of his Wheeled Leather Chair and Slammed into the desk furthing the damge of his know Damged Wind Pipe.

Feeling Blood dripping the back of his head Vasiliev comes back to reality from his dazed state starts to kick and squirm his way out of the creatures grasp so that oxygen enters his lungs before he starts to turn Blue... but in vain for the assailant grasp never faltered.

Seeing the thing infront of him put the sharp edge of the knife on his face. He looks as how it's cutting his face as the creature starts to slowly decend the knife from his Forehead to his Neck.

Seeing him draw the blade to his neck thats being grasped by the creatures hand he try to scream for help. Yet only a hoarsed wheeze came out. When suddenly he hears the thing infront of him chuckle in delight at his predicament. At that Moment Vasiliev wanted to be nowhere near this monster.. no this Demon.

Looking at the Demons masked face he starts to realize how fucked he was.

"Do you know why im here Vasiliev?" hearing the Demons voice made Vasiliev start to cry has in why someone brought this Demon from hell onto him.

"You've done alot of things that made my Master angry at you"Eyes widening in fear has in who could control this abomination infront him could be.

"And Because of that he told me to make you suffer"Seeing how the creature brings the knife on top of his stomach made Alexei Vasiliev grabbed an energy that wasn't there before to renew his attempts to freedom... as if that where to work.

His whole body starts to convulsate in pain due to the foreign object now piercing his insides. His face know screaming and turning Blue even though not a sound came from him.

Seeing the Face of pain from the drug lord made the Specter want to continue the torture.

Pulling the knife down Ripping his expensive clothes and skin made more blood come out from the now opened hole in his abdomen while his guts start to come out of it due to the pressure his body was suffering. His Ears caught the sound of someone using the staircase to come into the office. Pulling the Now Bloody Knife out of his Stomach he Slams it down again with force making the knife bury itself inside the mans body and piercing his back and hitting the bloody desks wood.

Satisfied at his handywork The Specter grabs a Cloth that was in The Now Dying mans Bar to clean his hand from the Blood and Gore in his hand.

Once Done he goes back up to the ventilation shaft and back to the steel beams of the ceiling and out the window that was at the top of the warehouse. Sliding downthe roof he grabs a grappling gun from his back and aims at the trees in the area high from the warehouse. Shooting and Connecting with the trees Thick Trunk he lets the gun pull him into the darkness of the forest while enjoying the cool air brushing him.

Making his Gun dislodge itself from the trunk he lands on the ground letting his thighs and calfs recieve the force of impact.

Standing up he goest behind the tree to and pulls out a Black Ducati 1200 and gets on and turn on the engine looking back at the warehouse he pulls out a small black cylinder from his belt and with his thumb push of the cap while revealing a red button and Presses it.

At The Warehouse

Once Yuri finished with completing the tasks gaven to him from his Pain in the Ass boss he goes up the stairs up to his office to see what he wants.

"Hope the Bastard doesn't cause me problems right now,bastard been messing with all of us all week"grumbled in his Breath Yuri reaches the final steps and softly knocks on the door, not wanting to anger the sick man.

Not hearing an awnser Yuri knocks abit harder and calls out his Bosses name.

Not receiving an awnser Yuri prepare his AK in case of any confrontation and Prepares himself.

"Boss I'm coming in" kicking the Door hard enough to break the lock Yuri runs inside aiming his gun prepared to shoot any hostiles but what he saw made him sick even with the amount of experience he has on his belt.

Looking infront of Him Yuri sees his Boss lying on the desk while struggling to breathe and lifting his arm into his abdomen trying to pry off the knife from his stomach.

Yuri looking at the man in shock wondering what happened almost loses his lunch when his intestines start to fall of in the floor. Calming down Yuri walks up to the Man trying to see the damage although already knowing he was good as dead.

Looking Closely at his face he sees that it's swelled up and lacking the healthy color the skin should have noticing a dark red mark on his neck and purple bruises he could tell that his windpipe was almost crushed. Looking at the mans abdomen he see how the handle was barley visible from how deep it is.

"It's a Fucking miracle he still squirming"looking at how the man that kept him payed slowly dying made Yuri feel pity.

Pointing the Gun at his head to end the misery the man was feeling hoping that whoever did this was gone from the area and hoping he wouldn't be next.

All though all for not because several lights appeared in the warehouse making beeping noises attracted the attention of every one in the warehouse when suddenly a giant explosion came forth from the warehouse incinarating all living and non living things in the area while not leaving a single pieco of evidence of what was going on inside.

With the SpectreSeeing the Entire place explode made him assure that his mission was accomplished driving a few mile away from the area he stops and touches his forearm.

A holographic projection came out of a Old man in Robes with a long beard and a tied head bun appeared. Seeing the one calling him he asks for the status of the mision.

"Mission Complete Master Sensei the Target has been eliminated and everything he had as well"instead of the dark and cold voice that was giving of the Spectre in the warhouse, now present was a soft,serious and young voice.

"Well done then as I've have agreed before you left, you are able to rest now my student but when i am in need of you again i will call you understood"hearing his Sensie's voice filled with wisdom he replys.

"Of course Master Sensei May you enjoy the rest of your morning"Holographic projection gone the Spectre feels the wind of the night touch him,deciding to feel it more he touches a button behind the back of his neck.

His Mask starts to retreat itself towards his neck his face appears in the Night's Moonlight on top of his head was a mop of blond hair that was moving with the evening breeze a pair of chocolate brown eyes that had a serious yet calculating gaze, a few freckles adorning his sharp and fatless cheeks and a small smile adorning his face while he appreciates the natural beauty of the moon and underneath his smile was his chin that once filled with fat is no abit more angular making him look alot more older than he actually is.

Feeling the Breeze to leave he activates his mask again to cover his face and revs up the bikes engine and starts his way into the Road infront of him.

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