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Her sweet scent was piercing my senses, her body crushing itself willingly to mine.

If one where to look at us,they would probably say that we looked great together.

Now if only we were somewhere else, instead of being in the school's bathroom.

Taking note of this Ron trys to push Bonnies off of him, keyword being try.

"Bonnie could you let go ? Please ?"Looking at Ron with a dejected look she lets go while putting her hands behind her back and look at the floor as if it were the most interesting thing in the room.

"Great Stoppable look what you did, she comes to you and you start to push her away, good job Ron good job"realising his mistake Ron grabs Bonnie from her shoulders.

Feeling a pair of hands on her Bonnie looks back up at Ron and sees him smile at softly. "Come on Bon Bon cheer up"

Hearing him speak to her with so much care made tears appear on her eyes.

"Dammit Bonnie keep it together"she closes her eyes in frustration in an attempt to stop her tears from falling.

Feeling a finger wipe her cheek,she opens her eyes and sees Ron's hand touching her face.

"Bon Bon what's wrong "even after all this time Ron was still Ron,caring and selfless to his friends.

Grabbing his hand Bonnie felt how rough his hands skin was "But it feels good".

Looking at him in the eyes Bonnie pulls him closer to her.

Feeling her close to him made Ron start worry abit.

"Bonnie i-"a delicate finger touched his lips silencing him.

Calming herself from the sudden pressure inside of her Bonnie starts to speak.

"Ron, I'm so sorry Ron"seeing Bonnie tremble, Ron looks at her worriedly and grabs her by the chin.

"Bonnie don't worry about it"

"No it is important, I'm so sorry Ron for yelling at you that for not being there for you that day. For not helping you."Ron's eye's soften at her statement. Pulling her closer to him,Ron starts to massage her back caringly while Bonnie starts to hug Ron back.

"Don't worry about it Bonnie,all's forgiven okay"Even though Bonnie hears Ron forgive her she was still overrun by guilt.

"I'm sorry for not being there after everything, You were my Best Friend and you still are to me, but please just tell me what happened to you ?" Bonnie looks at Ron her face marked with a pleading look.

Ron knew that if he told the truth to Bonnie,she would hate him. Because what normal person wouldn't, he was trained to become a killer,an assassin, a person of steel and his hand soaked with so much blood that it would fill a lake. Considering what to say to her was easy his training involved manipulation and that meant he could lie to his whims content.

"After the accident i was in the hospital for awhile, they searched for my family member and contacted them to tell to them what happened. After that the government agent told me that none of my family members were willingly able to adopt me so i was sent to few foster homes here and there"Just hearing him tell how even his own flesh and blood didn't want him near made Bonnie feel even worse.

"After that i was just wandering you know. Moving from different foster homes and districts pretty much became part of my life for awhile"So how to put this.

"I was then offered a place in a Academy far from the country. Since i didn't have much to lose i accepted and went there to study for four years. Last year was pretty much just me settling my life so that i could come back to Middleton"hearing how Ron's life was made Bonnie think for abit when something clicked.

"Wait you didn't went to school last year ? Why?"Ron starts to realize that he gave way to much info and has to make more stuff up so that she could believe him.

"Well actually its a private academy and i finished thier curriculum pretty early, After that i emancipated myself and started to earn money through different means"

"So that means that you could leave high school already?"Ron sheepishly starts to rub the back of his neck.

"Je Je Je actually i still have to go through high school since the Academy isn't actually well known here i have to go through highschool so that i won't be lacking any sort of important things"Her curiosity peaked Bonnie was going to ask something else,until she was Interuppted by the bell.

"Well Bonnie i think it's time to leave and got to class don't you think"

Bonnie looks at Ron seriously "Really Ron i see you for the first time in five years and you want to just leave me".

"Sigh Come on Bonnie let's talk about it later okay?" Letting go of him,Bonnie cross her arms under her chest whilwhile huffing in annoyance.

Knowing that an angry Bonnie is someone you don't want to deal with he does what a normal person would have done.

"Okay Bonnie how about this you wanna do something after school. You know to catch up"

"Oh Ronnie you asking me out in a date aren't you? And in the Bathroom nonetheless " Looking at her with a deadpan look Ron's eyebrow start to twitch.

"Bonnie you know what i mean,besides your the one in the males bathroom and hugging me what would people think about that?" Bonnie puts a finger on her chin and start to pout while humming a small tune.

"Hmmm Nope don't care as long as its you Ron Ron"

"Sigh Fine then give me your number and lets see each other later okay"

While Ron started to leave after getting Bonnie's number. Bonnie started to clean the mascara that dirtied her cheeks, and leaves as well.

One of the stall door unlocked and a wide eye jock came out of the stall while looking at the door. "Holy Shit wait till Brick gets a hold of this ".


After the final class of the day the twins start to leave the room and are in a active conversation... wanna hear ?

"Sis we gotta do something about this and you know it"Kim looks at Evelyn with a confused expression.

"Do something about what Evy"

Grabbing her sisters by the shoulder she starts to shake her erratically while a look of disbelief wa etched on her face.

"What do you mean with that Kim or you just forgot what happened today"

"What happened today"she knew what happened today she just couldn't accept the fact that Ron's back.

"Ron's back after all this time, our best friend and the one person that could pretty much be a brother to us except the tweebs and he's back. Don't you want to do something about it"

"Sigh Of course i do Evy but i don't know what to do. What if he doesn't want to see us anymore, what if he hates us?"Kim replied with a low and sad tone.

Evelyn hearing Kim's anwser ponders as well and calms down abit.

"Well...maybe but that still doesn't mean that we should ignore him or stalk him from the distance"Kim looks at her sister and says

"Well Evy if you have any idea as of how we can talk to Ron without making it awkward. I would like to hear please." The usually talkative twin decided to shut up since she didn't know how to solve this problem of theirs.

Go to the schools parking lot Kim sees something that makes her stop and grab her sister arm forcefully. Almost Falling to the floor Evelyn composes her footing while glaring at her sister.

"Kim what was that i could have fell you know"looking at her sister pointing at somewhere she looks and her eyes start to widen while looking at two people.

There besides a white two seat convertible was Ron and Bonnie talking to each other with Ron having a small smile on his face and Bonnie was giggling abit. They stop and hug each other and go there seperate ways with Ron walking away from the parking lot and Bonnie going in her car.

Realising what must be done Kim and Evelyn look at each other and nod there heads. Years of being together they could easily read thier thoughts. They both had to speak with Bonnie as of right now.


I still can't believe that Ron's back and okay and the best thing of all they were going to go out later. Sure many people would be against this. The new kid and the Queen of Middleton High going out together in Public.

Well those people could go fuck themselves with their own tongue for all i care. I can go with who i want and whenever i want and no-one will tell me otherwise,even if its just to hang out.

After all he is mine forever... he promised.


At the Stoppables backyard there was a nice and quaint treehouse with paintings and decorations littering the outside of the house while in the inside there were several poofs and toys sitting down on them while an 8 year old brunnete was currently infront of a stove with a few plastic dishes.

Turning around she looks through out the house and doesn't see her husband. Her face was disturbed by a cute pout.

"Ronnie are you done yet dear, hurry up so we can eat with the kids"

Climbing up the treehouse stairs Ron was entering with a smile on his face.

"I'm here Bon Bon, you don't have to yell anymore"

Running up to him Bonnie hugs him while giving a peck to his cheek. Ron was wearing black shorts with a red t-shirt and a pair of converse. Bonnie was wearing a white skirt a white blouse and a pair of white dress shoes.

"So what you made for lunch honey"

Smiling at Ron she takes out several plates with pasta and meatballs and puts them in the table.

"Wow this look de-lish you made this yourself Bon Bon?"

"Of course Ronnie as your wife I'm the only one who should cook for you " Chuckling abit Ron sits down and starts to enjoy the food while Bonnie looks at Ron anxiously.

"Um Bonnie is something wrong" Ron looks at how Bonnie pokes at her food not eating it while focusing on Ron and the Toys.

"Ronnie can i ask you something"looking at Bonnie, Ron replys.

"Sure Bon Bon whats on your Mind" sighing a bit Bonnie said

"I'm tired Ronnie of this you know playing and acting like a Family"

"Oh um okay then what do you want to play right now. Hide and Seek,Tag, Yahtzee?" Bonnie smiles at Ron.

"I didn't say i was tired of it Ronnie, I was just thinking that maybe we should become a real family" Ron looks at Bonnie confused.

"Uh Bonnie what do you mean with that " Bonnie grabs a poof and sits down next to him and grabs his hand.

"I think we should get Married Ronnie, dont you think so " Ron's eyes widen while he starts to choke on a meatball he was eating. Bonnie worriedly pats Ron on the back trying to help him.

Finally unclogging the wedge on his throat Ron looks at Bonnie with a bewildered look and says.

"You mean,you want to marry m-me" Bonnie grabs Rons arm and nods happily.

"But Bonnie we can't get married until were 18" hearing this Bonnie thinks for a moment before replying.

"Fine then Ronnie promise me that when were 18 you'll marry me ok" Ron had a shocked look on his face while he was watching Bonnie, seeing how serious she was Ron smiles at her.

"Of Course Bon Bon"

FlashBack End

After that we started to grow up and found different interests. I forgot about that Promise with me becoming a cheerleader and rising up in popularity i started to mature more and tended to ignore him at Times.

But ever since he left i couldn't stop thinking about him. All those times we spent together were always there nagging at me, to go back to him before he's gone.

He left without notice not even a note was left. I was worried, i thought he died with his parents. Finding out he was alive i was happy, so happy he was still breathing.

Then he was gone poof out of here and over there in a second, i was devastated.

For several years i rose my popularity till i was in the top.

It wasn't enough having become the desire of many and the envy of others, there was always something missing. I would spend days thinking about it at first, it wasn't until i went out on my first date that i realised what was wrong.

I missed him, i couldn't stop it. Until he came back. In that moment i felt something grab my insides, it felt like i was missing something him.

Hearing footsteps behind her Bonnie turns around, her mood got alot worse. Huffing in an annoyance she questions them.

"What do you want Kim,fashion tips Trust me even with my help you can't look as good as me" hearing the redhead growl like a dog made her smirk.

"I didn't came here to ask about your shitty fashion tips, i came here ask you about him" hearing the redhead ask about the blonde made her be quiet, why was she asking her.

"I don't know what you mean K, be a little more specific"crossing her arms under her bust she sees Evelyn restrain Kim from actually attacking her.

"As if she's able to" having calmed down her sister she turns towards the brunette and said.

"Look Bonnie we wanted to ask you about Ron, okay. Did he say anything to you, about where was he, about us" Bonnie couldn't help but frown, she knows very well what they want. They want to be back with Ron, her Ron. But she won't let them, oh no she won't.

A small smirk broke her lips while she shrugs nonchalantly.

"Well actually he did ask me something" seeing hope in their eyes made this a whole lot sweeter.

"He asked me out on a date, where going to something later today. Ain't that great ?" she almost burst in laughter after all Kim looked like someone just slapped her and Evelyn actually is in shock.

Laughing she opens her convertibles door and gets inside.

"See you two later, you'll probably be seeing me with Ron tommorow in class"having regained her senses she looks at the retreating car in hate.

"Kim"hearing her sister call her,she looks at her.


"You think we should do something about it" looking at Evelyn confused she questions her.

"What do you mean"seeing her usually calm and innocent sister give off a smirk that should be in the devil's face gave her the hint.


She herself couldnt help but smirk as well after all, it isn't everyday you crash a party.


Having finished talking with Bonnie in the parking walk Ron couldn't help but scowl in annoyance while looking at his phone.


This fucking bastard has the nerve to call him. All he wanted today was relax and get to know Bonnie again, but no he has to call him now of all days.

With a growl he awnsers the phone.

"What do you want Isaac"

"Hey Ron, how it going on 's okay i hope."hearing the mercenary ask him stupid questions, he couldn't help but groan.

Ever since Macao he's been a pain in the ass to deal with, the guy was just to psychotic for him. From literally doing some of the craziest stunts to talking too inanimate objects.

"What do you want Issac"hearing him chuckle nervously on the other side made him frown. Isaac was one of the toughest mercenaries out there whatever made him worried was something to look on.

"Do you remember a certain Japanese lord that likes to go around in the shadows doing his own business" hearing the code for Japanese mafia he asks him.


"Arekurutta ryu"hearing this Ron couldn't help but groan in annoyance.

"Tell me Isaac how the hell did they manage to find you and why the fuck are they contacting me through you"hearing him chuckle again made him worry.

"Actually they didn't contact me, they sent her to find me and well you know how she is" hearing the lunatic talk about someone that can actually make him talk made his eyes harden.

"Oh hell no"hearing the blondes reply Isaac couldn't help but feel bad for him.

"Look Ron I really feel bad for this but you know why they sent her she's one of the few who actually know who you are and well she came to me asking for where you were. So i decided that telling were you are is a better option than losing my testicules" rubbing his forehead with his hand he couldn't help but agree with him.

"Yeah i would've than the same with you" after a few moments of silence he asks Isaac if he knew where she was.

"Sorry Bro don't know where she is, she might be there right now" hearing this Ron couldn't help but growl.

"Well at least you have your suit with ya, if she gets close than you'll know" One of the most useful perks about his suit was that it can recognize anyone in a 2 kilometer radius and also warning him of any dangers or attempts on him.

"Well wish ya luck Ron, bye"

"Talk to you later Isaac"cancelling the call Ron couldn't help but punch the wall next to him in annoyance. He left everyone very clear that he wasn't to be disturbed.

"Hey you" hearing someone behind him he turns around and sees a blonde haired jock wearing the schools football team jacket and jeans. He walking towards him with two guys behind him just as muscled like him.

He couldn't help but groan in annoyance, can't he just have a break ?

"What can i help you with ?" seeing the three of them stand there while clenching their fists made him wonder what's the deal here.

" I heard from a certain someone that you've been touching my girl" ever since one of his pals told him that the new guy and Bonnie were together in the bathroom made him get angry. He told this guy to stay away from her and know he's going to pay.

"So what about it, she can do whatever she wants. So its not your problem"hearing the new guy blow him off just made him get madder.

"The problem is Bonnie is mine and no one else can touch her if it ain't me" hearing the jock talk about Bonnie as if she were some sort of object made Ron feel anger boiling up inside him.

"You shouldn't be talking about her like that, she's her own person and you should respect that" having said his piece Ron looks at Brick and sees the jock readying a punch.

Running up to the new guy he pulls back his arm and throws a punch at Ron's face with the intention of breaking his face.

With a bored look he sees the jock throw a punch towards him,without a second of worry he grabs his fist and turns it with a sickening crack following it.

Before the other two could help the jock he places his hand between the jocks forearm and upper arm. Pushing that area another crack vibrates through the area, it also makes the jocks cries louder.

Having seen enough the two run towards Ron, the latter looking at them with a cold look. Ducking under a punch he throws an uppercut towards the guys chin making him fall to the floor.

Grabbing a leg that was aimed to his mid section he pulls it closer to him and grabs his neck. Hearing the guy plead for him to let go didn't matter to him, a quick jab to his face broke his nose while he smashes his head against the wall.

Turning back towards the weeping jock with a broken arm he sends a quick kick to the back of his head was enough to knock him out.

Passing beside the guy he uppercuted he kicks him by the side of his head effectively silencing his moans.

Going back towards the parking lot Ron couldn't help but snort in annoyance.

"If they open their mouths and start messing with me again, next time ill just have to kill them"

Putting his hands on his pockets he leaves the area while humming a small tune.

After leaving the trio of whimpering jocks Ron goes back to the parking lot and towards his car and sees a small envelope on the windshield. Sceptical of it he points his watch towards his car.

"Scan"a soft blue hue came from the device in his hand it went towards the front of the and to the back all while making a small humming sound. After a few seconds the watch beeped and looks at the analysis given to him.

- Unkown Object: Small envelope in users vehicle, no dangerous substances or explosives are in it. It is safe to proceed.

Looking at the envelope, Ron couldn't help but wonder who would leave it here.

Grabbing it he sees,nothing no name for sender or receiver or even a reason. Turning it around he sees a small emblem made in red wax with a design of a chain connected to a sickle.

Seeing this he couldnt help but frown in annoyance and let out an exasperated sigh. After all she's finally here and knowing oh she is, she's probably already lurking around the grounds in search for prey for her sick game.

Breaking the wax that holds the letter closed he opens it up and pulls out the note that'll make his day turn sour.

He couldn't help but growl on reading the opening words.

- To my beloved

Just reading this made him feel a rage burning inside,waiting to be unleashed.

-How long has it been since we last played with each other ? 2 years is a lot of time isn't. Before you come and search for me, i was sent to search for you and give you a task that the Jaded Dragon wants for you to complete. Before you try and "hunt" me, you have nothing to worry. I'll be a good girl while i am here, i talk to you in private for details later.

With love, your mistress.

Now knowing that nut breaking psycho killer is on his town and probably already playing with victims just made him sigh in annoyance.

"That girl just can't stop with her fetishes for BDSM" oh how he feels sorry for any poor chap that gets trapped in her web.

Getting inside his car he couldn't help but wonder why the fuck people don't get that he's on vacation.

Starting up his car he drives out the schools parking lot, all while thinking about the nut cracker that running around town.


Having seen Ron today surely surprised them, after all ever since Team Possible was formed the twins made Wade search for the freckled blonde for years with no results coming back.

With a sigh Kim takes a bite on the apple shes currently eating all while different plans and strategies were going on her head with ways to observe Ron while he was with Bonnie.

Thinking about the Brunette made Kim growl, the little slut just can't keep her hands to herself and mind her own business after all the shit she's caused in their relationship,she should just leave them alone.

Walking down the stairs Evelyn sees her sister growl and glare at the air in front of her nose. She couldn't help but shake her head in wonder, after all her sister really can't stop thinking about hating Bonnie for some odd reason.

Taking the apple away from her and hearing shout a 'hey' towards her she sits down on the couch next to her and starts munching on it.

Turning to look at her sister she couldn't help but seriously consider on how the hell do people say that they were completely the same.

Sure in appearance wise they were pretty much the same except for different styles of clothes and hair. Not including the fact that her bust was a couple of more centimeters bigger than her sister something that she can't help but tease at.

But the thing is the two of them barely share any interests that aint related to Team Possible or school. Kim was a fanatic towards fashion while she just likes to wear anything that's comfortable with her.

Kim always acting like a hot head preferring to do things her way without thinking on any consequences or problems she might cause.

While she was always cool and collected always thinking things clearly through different angles, taking in account the several factors that can take affect in any moment.

Her sister tended towards more physical activities than mental unlike her and vice versa.

These thing really separate them from each other unlike Jim and Tim.

"So how you want to this long distance watch or undercover close up ?"

"I'm not actually sure, i think that being close to them is the vest option but its Bonnie were talking about she can pretty much see us from miles away with our hair" Hearing Kim mention their hair made her look at her twin with a deadpan look.

"You do know that we can wear wigs, we do wear them almost all the time on our missions"ever since they've gained fame, they had to start hiding their hair due to how bright it was. So Wade made them wigs with nano technology in them that allowed them to change their hair color,length and style for any circumstance that was need.

"Oh yeah we'll use them then, for later then" looking at her phone for a moment Evelyn checks her facebook account all while thinking about a certain blonde.

"I wonder what happened to him, during these years" a sudden urge came to her that made her clench her necklace more specifically a small heart sized locket.


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