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Notes: This work will be mostly about the sexual themes, especially on the darker side such as domination and manipulation. If you don't like such themes, you shouldn't read. And lemons, lots and lots of lemons.

What would you do if you died, courtesy of a drunk truck driver, and instead of waking up in hell or fading into blackness forever, you found yourself in another body. What if that body belonged to a familiar fictional character, facing the biggest decision of his life.

For me, the answer was simple. When I suddenly found myself in Draco Malfoy's body, standing in front of a robed, bearded figure that his new body's memories identified as Dumbledore, about to witness one of the most important events of the history of this world. A moment I recognized easily as the climax moment of the Half-Blood Prince.

I barely needed to think before a shout of Expelliarmus left my lips and a red light smashed him, making Elder Wand fly away uncontrollably. However, I suspect the reason why I did wasn't the same with what most others would. Some, I assume, would do to keep Dumbledore's plan intact, while others would do in a weird attempt to keep the timeline stable so they could predict what would happen next.

Me, I wanted the possession and allegiance of the strongest wand of the world. I barely paid attention to Dumbledore's subsequent begging about the light side, nor I paid much attention to Snape's anguish as he tried to gather his courage to kill his mentor. My whole attention was to cast two spells without someone noticing, happy that Draco's skills were available for me. First, a switching spell, switching Draco's old wand and Elder Wand, causing a comfortable warmth to spread in my body as soon as I held it in between my fingers. With the possession of the Elder Wand, the second spell was ridiculously easy, transforming the shape of my old wand to Elder Wand, and putting an illusion on the Elder Wand to make it look like my own wand. And just like that, I had the possession of the strongest wand in the world.

My body moved automatically during the escape, my mind busy with the possibilities afforded by the situation I found myself in. The future was filled with promises…

After the escape, I had found myself in front of Voldemort and Death Eaters. I must admit that I was a bit fearful. Despite the presence of Death Stick, I wasn't stupid enough to assume I could fight against him, especially when a significant part of the Death Eaters were waiting in the corner. Thankfully, Snape's 'heroic' success was enough to take the spotlight, reducing me to a decoration. Draco might have been unhappy with that development, but it suited my aims perfectly. I strongly doubted that the occlumency ability I had inherited from Draco was strong enough hide the fact that a different consciousness currently occupied the body they once called Draco.

The ceremony held in honor of Snape's success continued with no sign of stopping, looking like it would go for hours. I was glad, because it made even easier for me to fade into the shadows and depart the event. I walked towards Draco's room, wanting to stay alone while I tested the limits of my newfound abilities.

I was surprised to realize that Draco never, not even once, tried to test the limits of the magic, restricting his peak to a few flashy spells taught by his father and the cantrips he learned in Hogwarts. What a waste, he had the power to rewrite the reality and shape others to his will, and the only thing he exerted his power was to humiliate and bully people in the school. Such a sad loss of potential. Of course, I had no intention of limiting myself like that. The word was my oyster.

I gone through several spells, conjurations, transfigurations and combat hexes, all flowing through my wand effortlessly. I wasn't sure about the reason, maybe it was the Elder Wand that made the difference, maybe it was the difference in perception and understanding coming from dying and resurrecting in a different body, but the spells I have tried worked much better compared to Draco's earlier tries. I smiled, more power was always a nice thing. Still, even with the upgrade, I was aware that the power I possessed paled compared to Voldemort's and now deceased Dumbledore's. A detail that I'll fix as soon as possible. I had no intention of living under the whims of a madman.

Then, the door opened without knocking and someone walked inside. A blond, pretty woman very familiar to Draco Malfoy, considering she was his mother. If Draco had been still in possession of his body, he would have felt relief to see the one person that loved him unconditionally. Me, I felt apprehension, because I didn't believe I could act good enough to convince Narcissa, even with the full set of memories I had access to.

"Are you okay my son," she said, the concern clear in her tone, seeping through her distanced demeanor.

It took a significant bit of effort to keep a satisfied smile off my face. With the level of concern she had, she would most likely dismiss any detail that didn't match as another effect coming from the stress of his failure. It wasn't a bad guess to be honest, working uninterrupted for the whole year to kill Dumbledore, only to fail in the last minute would have been devastating for Draco. It was convenient that he was gone forever. "I'm okay, mum," I said, trying to sound depressive as much as possible. It was in my benefit for her to think I was depressed, she would be concerned about how to fix my behavior changes instead of trying to notice every little difference.

She said nothing, just wrapped her arms around me, pulling me into a hug. Draco would have felt comforted, but me, feeling her bountiful breasts just under my chin, her smell filling my nose… I was beset by a wave of arousal, not a surprise, considering I was being hugged by one of the most amazing MILF's I had the pleasure meeting. The temptation was strong. Despite the risk, I was unable to prevent myself from putting my hands in a place dangerously close to her bottom, three of my fingers resting on her plumpness. She stiffened momentarily as I pulled her even closer, smashing her breasts to my chest, but no word of protest left her mouth as she gently caressed my back in a misguided attempt to console.

"Mum, I want to stay alone," I said a minute later.

"Of course, my dragon," she said, and left the room after caressing my hair for one last time, assuming that I wanted to stay alone because I was depressed. In actuality, I wanted her to leave because of the raging boner I was sporting. It wouldn't make sense for Narcissa to notice it just yet, as learning that her 'son' was feeling carnal desires towards her was not in my hastily constructed plans. Not yet, at least. Soon, she would learn that fact, but not before I softened her approach and manipulated her mind enough to accept my presence. I was aware of the dark smile spreading through my face as I imagined Narcissa writhing under me in a mixture of guilt and pleasure, enjoying the forbidden fruit of her own son. "Soon," I whispered.

Of course, I wasn't naive enough to think it would be easy. Technically, one Imperio was enough, but there was no victory to revel in such a case. I could go pay an escort instead of that, and it would be better. I wanted her to agonize between her arousal and her taboos. Of course, I was living in magical world, and I was sure that there was more than one tool I could use for that aim.

I went to the library, and started browsing on the love and lust potions. Not the strong ones. Amortentia was the same as Imperio, forcing her to fulfill all of my desires with no concern of her own. Instead, I focused on the weakest ones, ones just enhances the lust and love a bit. There was also another benefit of the weak ones. There were almost impossible to detect a couple of hours after application. For the magical world, there was nothing more than bedroom aids and gimmicks. I, on the other hand, was aware of the true potential they carried, how they could be used in a long time period to condition someone to new behavior while using them as rewards, especially when combined with the mundane drugs like ecstasy.

After changing into a casual disguise, I left for Knockturn Alley, and purchased a large spread of potions, perfumes, and oils, most geared for lust. I had no intention to limit myself to just Narcissa, after all, not while this world has many amazing women, all ready for my tender attention. And they would provide me an adequate distraction as my other plans to create my own power base slowly developed.

Still, there was one more stop before I returned home. I went to mundane London, and looked for a particular residence, the Granger residence. I wanted to have some leverage over so called the light side if the things went unexpected. The residence was ridiculously easy to find through the phone book, and an apparition later, I was in front of the house, camouflaged by a disillusionment charm. The door was open, so I sneaked inside. I wasn't concerned about getting caught, mostly because Hermione was still in Hogwarts. The lights were on, but there was no one downstairs. I moved to the upstairs, and could hear the water flowing behind the door. I carefully turned the door open, hoping whoever was behind the door wasn't Hermione's father.

The view of the door caught me by surprise. Since Hermione was seventeen, it was likely that her mother was in her forties, or late thirties at best. But the woman currently showering didn't look a day over thirty, a well-maintained, beautiful thirty years old. Her shapely body didn't have a bit of excess fat, probably the result of a meticulous exercise regime. Her breasts were large but shapely, too shapely to be natural, but it had been a masterful medical intervention. I could feel my pants tighten. Joining her under the warm flowing water was such an attractive idea, especially since it took only a whisper to make it a reality. But I held back, restricting my spells to several really obscure tracking charms hidden in the Malfoy family Grimore. Ones that need special charms to detect and dispel. Keeping track of her after Hermione changed their memories and sent them to Australia was very important. Knowing her location would allow me to control Hermione, the most important person of of the upcoming struggle.

Still, I had no intention of leaving completely empty-handed. I have reached one of the bottles I had recently purchased, a strong lust perfume. Careful not to make any noise, I walked towards her and puffed the perfume to her face. She barely registered the spray amongst the flowing water, and I stepped back, unbuttoning my pants in preparation for the next scene. It didn't take long for her expression to shift, biting her lips alluringly. She started to rub her legs in anticipation, her hands starting to spend an inordinate time on her breasts.

I wrapped my hands around my cock as she happily moaned, beating it with rhythmic movements. One of her hands moved towards her pussy, two of her fingers sliding inside effortlessly. Her moans rose even further, bringing my pleasure to a new level. There was a unique, perverse pleasure from staying hidden.

A few seconds later, she managed to surprise me even further. She reached for a shampoo bottle, a bit thicker than a male appendage, and slid the bottom of it without wasting any time. Half of the bottle disappeared in an instant, only to reappear a moment later, glistening with her juices, her eyes closed in pleasure. I took a few steps towards her. I could feel my own pleasure nearing its peak, and I had no intention of wasting the moment. As her moans intensified, signifying an imminent climax, I sprayed my seed over her back, covering her delectable ass with my seed, only to wash away a minute later. Then, I walked out, leaving the spent beauty behind. I would be waiting very enthusiastically for Hermione to send her away for her protection, only for her to end up in my arms.

It was quite late when I returned to the manor. I knew the best thing to do would be to return my room and continue my research, less change I made, the better. However, watching Hermione's mom in the shower made me quite horny, making me more aggressive about my plan. I walked towards the room Narcissa was using as her bedroom after a brief pause to change into sleepwear. I had no fear of meeting with Lucius in her room, because they had separate rooms according to Draco's memories. I stood in front of the door, trying to put a depressed expression on my face, and knocked the door.

"Who is it?" Narcissa said, startled a bit.

"It's me, mom," I answered, trying to make myself sound depressed.

A few seconds later, the door opened, revealing Narcissa as she tried to wrap a robe around her. "Did something happen?" she asked in a panicked voice.

"Can I come in," I said, keeping my gaze low.

"Of course, my dragon," she said and pulled back, letting me join her in her room. "What happened?" she said after I entered the room.

"I had trouble sleeping," I murmured, trying to sound as pathetic as possible, hoping that would hide my enthusiasm. "Dumbledore's face is appearing whenever I close my eyes."

"Oh my poor son," she said and hugged me.

I turned slightly to hide my boner, as the sensations from her silk-wrapped body didn't help my efforts to keep things under control, her robe and nightie doing little to hide her body from touch as my hands slowly roamed her back. I was so tempted to push her down and enjoy her body, but held myself back. I didn't want to ruin my plan with an untimely indulgence. "May I stay with you tonight?" I asked.

She pulled out of the hug and looked at me with shock. I could almost see the thoughts flying behind her startled expression, trying to understand my sudden change of behavior, but soon, her expression softened, doubtlessly blaming the stress Draco was under for the situation. "Of course you can, Draco," she said, trying to smile in a carefree way, though I could easily see the worry peeking under her fake expression. Someone nicer than me would be feeling guilty about her motherly instincts to attain such an achievement, but unfortunately for her, I wasn't a nice person.

Neither of us spoke as I slid under the covers while she turned off the lights. I listened her removing her robe, then she joined me under the covers. I wasted no time before wrapping my arms around her torso and pulling her closer. She stiffened, but said nothing, moving a bit to make sure she was comfortable. A couple minutes later, I was in a fake sleep. Narcissa lay motionless, but it was clear that she was still awake.

Of course, her relative calmness wasn't to last. I had brought one of the lust potions with me, one applied through skin absorption. I brought my hand into my pocket, putting a decent amount of it to my hand, significantly more than the recommended amount. I put my hand over her naked leg, glad that this particular potion was barely noticeable during the application process. I slowly dragged my hand on her skin, once again surprised how smooth it felt.

She squirmed a little under my touch, as it landed on her thighs, but she didn't act out after realizing my hand wasn't climbing upwards. I poured some more potion to my hand and applied just in case. After all, I was planning to make her break a really important taboo. Of course, there was a side effect of applying the potion with my bare hands, a generous portion of it seeped into my own bloodstream, making my cock to flare into the life. Thankfully, Narcissa's body wasn't close enough my waist to notice. I moved my hand back to her torso and wrapped it around her waist, loose enough to not to make her uncomfortable, but tight enough to make sure she won't be able to slip out of the bed when the arousal finally hit.

First effects appeared after fifteen minutes, fifteen long, agonizing minute, with nothing to do other than listening to my excited heartbeat. First, she shifted her position, hoping that it would fix her issues. Then, her lethargy evaporated, and she started to squirm. I let my hands settle on her midriff, but otherwise stood completely still. Soon, her squirms turned into writhings, and she tried to stand up from the bed, but I made sure to act the part of a clingy sleeper, keeping my arms firmly around her waist. Unable to stand up, she shook my shoulder a few times, but I continued to play sleeping.

It didn't take long for her to give up, which surprised me. I was expecting for her to struggle harder. For a moment, I was afraid that she had more willpower than had previously assumed, and the night was going to be a dud. But then, she shifted between my arms and turned her back to me. More importantly, I noticed her hand sneaking down under her robes. Knowing she cannot see my face, I let a smile pop on my face as I listened to her quickened breaths. I waited a couple of minutes, enjoying her frantic breathing, getting more out of control every second.

Then, without a warning, I pulled her close, my erection resting between her tight buttocks. Her whole body froze for a second, then she tried to pull away, only to be prevented by my grip once more. "Please wake up, son," she asked even as she shook my shoulder, but I continued to act like I was asleep. This time, keeping the sleeping act was even more difficult, considering the pleasure was spreading to my body with each movement. I was happy when she turned her back to me once more, but it didn't compare to when her hand sneaked under her robe once more, rubbing herself rhythmically.

Apparently, I have overused the potion on Narcissa, because it took three climaxes for her to finally settle to an uncomfortable sleep. Keeping myself from climaxing had quickly become a torture, even before she managed to finish the first one. The second and third ones were pure agony, enough for me consider loosening my grip and let her go to the bathroom. I didn't, because in the end, her every uncontrolled hip movement was pure pleasure.

And now, she exhausted herself to the sleep, it was my turn. I waited until I was sure she was asleep, then slid my hands upwards until her tits rested between my palms, then stopped for a while, until I made sure that she was still asleep. Then, I squeezed lightly, my fingers sinking slightly into her breasts. I could feel her heartbeat quickening despite her sleep, courtesy of her sensitivity, enhanced to a ridiculous degree by the liberal application of potions. I wanted to squeeze until she squawked with pleasure, overwhelmed by ecstasy, but unfortunately, my plans required patience. After all, I didn't want just a quick fuck off her, I wanted to capture her completely, body, heart, and soul.

So, mirroring her earlier actions, I had sneaked my hand inside my pants, and started jacking off while the other gently caressed her breasts over the cloth. Already overcharged, it didn't take for me to release my load, ruining my pants with my sticky fluids. I was tempted to whip out my cock and paint her ass white, but glorious visions of future held me back. I let the euphoria from the release to wrap my mind, pushing me into the arms of the sleep…