After our entertaining trip to the nightclub, we went back to Emma's house, and spent the rest of the night in various positions that exhausted me completely. So, when I woke up, it was already nearing sunset. Emma was still sleeping, wearing nothing but her birthday suit, her voluptuous body purring invitingly.

Unfortunately, that was not a luxury I could have afforded. I wrote a quick note before using a portkey to go back to England. On that, the time difference worked for my benefit. When I arrived at Hogsmeade, trying to ignore the horrifying side effects of intercontinental portkey travel, it was barely dawn.

"Good," I murmured. Missing one day in Hogwarts was the maximum I should be doing in these volatile times, and even then, it was only because Nott and his sidekicks were still in the hospital wing, trying to recover from my painful takedown.

With that in mind, I used one of the secret passages to sneak into Hogwarts, to change back into proper robes before visiting morning classes — and maybe having another fruitful discussion with Susan about how to earn merits as a maid…

But those plans were delayed when I noticed a hooded figure on the corner of my sight…

I would have raised my wand and started blasting, if it wasn't for very important detail. The familiar presence of allure, trickling against my mental defenses…

There were two possibilities about the identity of the opponent, and as much as I enjoyed Fleur's amazing body, she lacked the curves to stretch an otherwise featureless black robe to such a degree. "How can I help you, Mrs. Delecaur," I said as I turned toward her.

Appoline said nothing at first, just pushed her hood back, revealing her face. I couldn't help but snort in amusement, as her face, previously defined by her haughtiness even as I pinned her under my body, mercilessly ramming, was turned into a weak kitten.

A few days with an enchanted plug firmly lodged in her entrance, pushing her to her limits with its continuous buzzing, clearly worked wonders to erase her earlier smugness, replaced by a desperate need. It didn't surprise me. After all, Appoline was different than her daughter.

Fleur, despite all her disadvantages, required a number of careful manipulations combined with some select potions to break through her initial reactions, and even then, it only worked because her husband was already not someone that could keep Fleur in hand, especially not when living under the shadow of his overbearing mother. Even then, if it wasn't for my 'heroics' of saving her sister, 'risking' my life as I did so, I doubted that it could have been really successful despite everything else.

Appoline, on the other hand, was the perfect example that gave Veela their poor reputation. Indulgent, petulant, happy to exert her power over weak wizards to live a hedonistic lifestyle… Only to fold at the first real challenge she faced.

Admittedly, to her credit, an item enchanted by the great Elder Wand was certainly not simple as far as the challenges went, but at least, I would have expected her to resist for a full week, waiting for my promised visit.


She was trying to look determined — and failing spectacularly — but under my sharp gaze, it didn't take long for her to abandon the said attempt. "Please," she gasped helplessly.

"Please, what?" I asked, unable to hide amusement from my tone.

My disregard flared her anger, but in her overcharged helplessness, that only survived for a fleeting second. "Please … remove it," she murmured. "I can't take it anymore…"

"Hmm…" I said, looking like I was lost in deep thought to decide her fate, but used the opportunity to peek into her mind, curious how she knew where to wait for me. The answer didn't surprise me. Apparently, after leaving her house late at night, she had used an invisibility cloak to sneak into the school, and using her allure to bewitch the patrolling prefect to learn about the location of my room.

After dealing with adult mages, an average hormone-ridden Hogwarts student was not exactly a challenge for her, evidenced by the performance of Fleur years ago during the tournament, when she was actively trying to suppress her allure.

Interestingly, when she knocked on the door of the residence, it was Susan that answered the door, who proved barely more resistant to her allure, easily admitting to her that I was yet to arrive.

Rather than leaving, Appoline decided to wait for my arrival until I returned, overwhelmed by the constant presence of the vibrating plug. "Do you even understand why I made you suffer like that?" I said lazily after making sure her presence didn't mean a nasty surprise.

Her answer didn't come immediately. Her gaze fell on the floor, her looks gained a pitiful quality. But it wasn't an accidental view, not when it happened with a simultaneous loosening of her robe, revealing a delicious cleavage that raised very interesting possibilities about what she had underneath. "A punishment … Because I tried to manipulate you … " she murmured pitifully with practiced ease, showing that her allure wasn't the only reason she managed to manipulate people.

Unfortunately for her, her acting was rusty, showing that it had been a long time she had to manipulate anyone that way, reliant on her allure. "And what makes you think that I would lift your punishment just because you came to my home to beg," I asked.

"I … I don't know," she murmured, lowering her head even lower, which enhanced her cleavage even further. Another clearly practiced move, even as her cleavage deepened enough left in doubt whether she was wearing anything in the first place.

"I have half a mind to extend your punishment for another week," I said, only for her head to rise panickedly, her beautiful eyes widened with fear. "Luckily for you, even I'm not that merciless," I said with a chuckle, amused by her sudden relaxation. After dealing with Fleur, I was aware of their nature as sexual beings, and constantly keeping them aroused was just a notch below true torture.

Its anal nature made it even more intense.

"What do you have in mind?" she asked hesitantly.

"Hmm… I prefer to keep it as a surprise if possible," I murmured. "But let's start with something fun. Drop the robe." At my command, she started walking toward my room. "Where are you going?" I asked.

"To remove my robe?" she asked.

My smirk gained a distinctively sharp quality. "Listen to my words, sweetheart. Did I order you to go to my room before removing your robe, or did I order you to drop your robe?"

"You … you want me to remove it here?" she asked.

"Yes, any order I give, unless otherwise stated, you will act on immediately."

"But, anyone could-" she started, only to be silenced by a gesture.

"If you want to extend your punishment for another week, be my guest," I said as I turned my back. Before I could take a step, however, the sound of cloth falling on the floor reached my ears. "Excellent choice-" I started, only to be replaced by an appreciative hum the moment my eyes met with the sight that was revealed as her robe hit the floor.

I was expecting something sexy underneath, so the fact that she was in her birthday suit surprised me a little. Even for her, it was daring. I licked my lips as I enjoyed the sight of her perfect body, bordering on unreal if it wasn't for the clear signs of arousal traveling down her leg, revealing just how acute her situation had become under continuous teasing. Her nipples, hard enough to cut through magically-enhanced rock, were another fun feature.

"Give it a little twirl," I said. She did so, despite throwing hesitant glares at both sides of the corridor, clearly not wanting to reveal her body to a bunch of horny teenagers. Luckily for her, I didn't have any intention of actually doing so — something easy to make sure with the Marauder's Map in my possession. Sharing the videos of our activities was the maximum I was willing to do, something that happened to Hermione's mom.

For a moment, I entertained myself by imagining watching a movie with Hermione and Fleur, while the screen was occupied with Appoline and Emma's erotic embrace… Then, I focused on the present, particularly on her beauty as she made a complete turn, her perky body swaying just the perfect amount, the small anal plug I had given her glowing between her plump cheeks. "Excellent body, now walk," I ordered, gesturing forward.

"Wouldn't it better if-" she tried to ask, but this time, I didn't bother trying to explain. I just sent a magical command to her enchanted plug, and it buzzed threateningly. Her eyes widened as she understood the message, turned, and started walking in the direction I asked, naked other than her shoes, and the shining plug in her rear.

It was easy to point out dozens of horrible qualities in Appoline, but they were all centered on her personality and life aims, none applying to her physical attributes, or the way she carried herself. And even under the current circumstances, she didn't skip on adding a beautiful sway to her hips as she walked forward, stretching the limits of her sexiness.

She was smart enough to realize my change in attitude lay in her performance, and had no problems stretching that to the limit.

I followed, my hardness enough to make walking uncomfortable. Luckily, it was early in the morning, and the occasional glances toward the map were enough to make sure there was no accidental voyeur of our little trip. She continued to watch every single passage with hesitation, afraid of being caught.

Her fear lessened when we arrived at a long stair, and started to climb, no doubt expecting to have a room at the other end of the stairs. Hence her surprise when she found herself in an open area.

"So, how do you like the view of the Astronomy Tower?" I asked even as I took a step forward while she shivered the chilly grasp of the morning weather, enough to make her shiver despite the enchantments blunting the impact.

She spent a moment looking at the view, shocked at our destination. I used her distraction to cast a distraction field, making sure that no one would notice our presence before she could turn to face me. "But we're outside, what if someone-" she started.

"The longer you spend your time bargaining, the higher the chances we get caught," I said with a shrug. "Now, for me, getting caught while banging a sexy blonde on top of a tower is hardly a social disaster…" I said.

Appoline looked at me, but she failed to sustain her anger, which didn't surprise me the slightest bit. If she had the necessary willpower to do so, she wouldn't be spending her life as a trophy wife while cheating on her husband repeatedly. "What do I need to do to remove this damned thing from my behind," she asked.

"That is the question," I said with a deep smirk. "You're a clever woman, why don't you try to figure it out?"