Just as I said, Appoline was a smart woman. Unfortunately, it was a particular type of smartness, perfected to abuse the weaknesses of the men, and little more.

Luckily for her, they were equally applicable when it came to providing satisfaction without the hopes of draining the said men of their dignity and money. All that needed was a little lesson, teaching her who was the boss.

She walked to the edge of the Astronomy tower, showing no sign of about the height. Maybe she trusted the protective enchantments, or maybe it was her veela nature somehow making her less scared of heights.

I didn't waste any time thinking about the root of her bravery, not when she bent forward, her body flexible enough that she had no trouble touching the floor, giving me an excellent view of her excessively wet core and her plugged asshole — though luckily for her, the plug was properly enchanted to keep it clean.

Still, I actually pulled my wands and cast several spells on me to prevent any accidental slip from becoming deadly, then, started to close in the distance.

Her moan rose as I caressed her naked thighs gently, more erotic and more desperate than I had ever heard. Honestly, she was an exquisite masterpiece of sex. Too bad her easy conquest devalued her quite a bit in my eyes. She was fun, but I loved my woman with a bit more fire, like her daughter.

"So, tell me, do you feel sorry for trying to manipulate me," I whispered even as I spanked her beautiful ass, enjoying the jiggles.

"Yes, mercy," she moaned, obediently erotic.

"Keep still, and earn that mercy," I said even as I conjured a proper, velvet-covered paddle, the only tool a high-class slut like her deserved, and started spanking her plump ass. She squeaked and squealed, uncaring whether we might be heard.

I wondered whether she trusted me to silence her, or, after being teased by the plug for several days, she was far too gone to even consider the risk of getting caught.

Or maybe she didn't care. After all, she wasn't even a British citizen, let alone a student of Hogwarts. And I doubted she gave much care about her daughter's reputation in this 'barbaric' country either.

Though, despite the number of times she used that particular insult, she seemed to be enjoying my 'barbaric' treatment significantly well, each spank of the paddle making her moan even harder. "Please," she gasped one more time. "The plug."

"Well, as you wish," I suddenly decided. Not because I suddenly felt merciful, but because I could hear the desperation in her tone. At this moment, she was mine, utterly and completely.

However, pulling the plug didn't mean her back entrance finally tasted relief. Not when it was immediately replaced by my shaft, impaling her from behind.

"Yes," she moaned, starting to tremble in an instant, the build-up of several days exploding at once. I grabbed her hair and forced her to stand straight, my hips exploding into motion. Her tits dangled freely even as I repeatedly rammed her.

So, with every push of mine, she moaned even louder. Too bad that her voice was suppressed by my silencing charm. Still, I was hit with a desire to make my impact, and cast a small exception to my silencing spell before shouting.

"I'm the king of the world!"

And at the moment, I felt so. Who else could enjoy such a great view, with the ability to rewrite to reality in his fingertips, a supernaturally sexy blonde moaning sexily as she got repeatedly rammed by my shaft?

Luckily for me, magic allowed me to push that situation even further. I pulled my invisibility cloak from my pocket, throwing it on us for concealment before we turned, and started to walk down the stairs.

Her hips gyrated desperately with each step, her moans turning into a delicious mix of delirium and joy. "Tell me, Appoline, how do you feel now that someone is treating you the way you deserve."

"Unfamiliar but amazing," she managed to gasp, giving me a surprisingly honest answer.

"This is the first time like this, right?" I asked mockingly even as I grabbed her hair tighter, leading her to walk around the corridors, even opening the map on her back on occasion to check my surroundings.

"Yes, it's the first time I'm used to liking this," she gasped. "The strange frustration that always plagued me is just … gone," she added, sounding fascinated, though it was hard to say between delirious moans.

I chuckled. What she was feeling was not the freedom of domination, but the dispelling of the boredom she naturally felt during her easy life, without a challenge. She could have picked up a hobby, started learning advanced magic, or even volunteered, and that feeling would have been gone.

But since, as usual, I was a selfish bastard, I didn't tell her that. Why would I, when she was more than happy to link that sense of freedom to my heavy-handed domination? Yes, I already had Fleur as a veela lover, but no man would turn down an extra one.

It was just being prudent, right?

"So, why don't you show me just how much you had been desiring to have some fun," I whispered even as I exploded into her ass, finally overcome with desire. I stopped after checking the map one more time. The corridor we stopped was a small, almost abandoned one, the kind that was rarely used.

The kind that people fighting against the management might prefer to use to prevent getting caught. Too bad I had a perfectly convenient map to track their movement.

Meanwhile, Appoline collapsed to her knees, licking my shaft repeatedly to bring it back to life. I groaned, but I kept my eyes open, waiting for a particular person.

And that particular person, with her bright red hair, walked even as Appoline did her best to swallow my length. Pity her moans were suppressed under the silencing charm.

But her allure was not.

So, when Ginny Weasley, the only girlfriend of our glorious hero Harry Potter tried to walk through the corridor, she was hit by that wave mercilessly. And unprepared, allure had a great deal of similarity with being drunk.

Of course, if she had thought that she wasn't alone, she could have contained the sudden deluge of desire that exploded in her, dominating her expression. But to her knowledge, she was alone, in the middle of a rarely used corridor, early in the morning, safe from any interloper.

So, it wasn't entirely surprising when she took a desperate turn to the nearest classroom. Naturally, I followed before she could close the door, dragging Appoline along — who was more than happy with the rough treatment.

I groaned as Appoline swallowed my length, but it wasn't the only reason for it. The beautiful figure of Ginny, revealing herself bit by bit as she desperately shrugged off her robe played a big role in it.

She was even more enthusiastic than I expected. Maybe I misunderstood the level of arousal she had been feeling in the absence of her boyfriend. Without anyone to kiss and pet to distract her from the stress of Hogwarts, she was a nice bundle of nerves.

Her hand, slipping under her skirt, worked desperately to solve that.

So, it was another part of her misfortune when I cast a spell, preventing her from attaining a climax on her own. It was a simple trick, but sometimes, the simpler tricks were the best.

Meanwhile, Appoline managed to swallow the entirety of my shaft, making me groan freely. "This isn't what a good girl does," I said mockingly even as I patted Appoline's head.

"It's good then. Because I'm nothing more than a whore," Appoline answered, using the opportunity to catch my shaft between her amazing tits.

Her attention was on her task more than on my face, which was good because, despite the amazing service, my gaze was on Ginny, whose hand dancing under her skirt desperately. It wasn't that Ginny was objectively more beautiful. Appoline was every men's wet dream, combined by master artists to be the greatest work of art.

Still, I watched Ginny's other hand, slipping under her shirt in a desperate attempt to reach her orgasm.

I felt like a spoiled child, not valuing the toy I acquired easily. Still, I had no intention to actually correct that, fully focused on the way her pale body moved, trying to capture every glimpse of her cute body...

Ultimately, it didn't take long for Appoline to notice my drifting attention. Especially since I didn't put any effort to conceal it in the first place. "Are you watching that ginger slut when I'm doing-" she started, only to be silenced when I skewered throat with my shaft, silencing her effectively.

Her treatment was much harsher this time, not that she seemed to have a problem with her treatment, if her intensifying allure was any indicator. I skewered her throat repeatedly, earning a string of delicious moans even as tears filled her eyes.

"You're pushing your luck," I growled, but that only enhanced her arousal. I grabbed her tits, squeezing hard, until I exploded into her throat.

Then, after one last look at Ginny, desperately trying to attain an orgasm she could never reach, I left, my sexy blonde whore in tow...

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