Watching the great shock on Daphne's face as she stood up was fun. Her expression was accompanied by seriousness, smart enough to realize the implication of the status, and the great favor Susan was earning. My suggestion was clear.

She needed to work hard if she didn't want to lose her status.

And to think that it all started because she wanted to ask a favor.

Daphne shivered as she took a step forward, and I didn't miss the nervous gulp as she got closer and closer. Yet, when she got near, her course corrected slightly, moving toward Susan rather than me.

What a pity, I thought, taking her course correction as an indicator of her decision change. She was moving toward Susan, which implied she would follow my order — at least on the surface — of helping Susan back to their wing.

"Let's clean you first before carrying," Daphne said. Expecting her to cast a cleaning spell, I was disappointed despite how beautiful her green garter belt looked. Yet, Daphne surprised me by crouching down next to Susan, and putting her hands on her shoulders.

Still dizzy after her great effort, Susan failed to resist the pressure, and found herself on her back, on the floor, sprawled. And, considering she was only wearing a maid's uniform, which was bunched around her waist, it was a highly erotic sight.

An eroticism that was compounded greatly as Daphne leaned down, trapping Susan underneath, showing that she was going to show a more interesting cleaning show.

I smiled in appreciation of Daphne's attitude. She was truly a Slytherin, finding an interesting compromise even under the two radical options I had implicitly presented her.

I could still ask her to stop and sit on my lap, of course, but as I watched her tongue dart out and dance over Susan's breasts, forcibly interrupting her was the last thing on my mind. Not when I was receiving such an amazing show in the process.

"Daphne—" Susan tried to say, but that was all she was able to say before Daphne interrupted her, and did so by taking her nipple between her teeth, squeezing hard enough to extract a cry.

"Silence, I'm working," she declared sharply, with a voice that contrasted greatly with the slow, erotic dance of her tongue on Susan's great breasts.

"But—" Susan started, only for Daphne to use her teeth creatively once more, silencing Susan. Two attempts had been enough for Susan's growing independence to die, just like a beautiful flower trying to resist a sudden snowstorm.

I wasn't surprised to see Susan showing submissive tendencies under the circumstances, as ultimately, it was her natural state. Under Daphne's treatment, it wasn't surprising to disappear.

Especially since Daphne's tongue was dancing on her breasts with a shocking display of skill, revealing that Susan wasn't the first lucky girl that received such treatment. I wondered if Daphne developed those skills for fun, or if it was a part of Slytherin girls' way of power.

The latter wouldn't have been too surprising.

"Make sure you don't leave even a speck," I chucked even as Daphne's tongue continued to dance over Susan's breasts, each flick taking another drop of my cum. At my reminder, Daphne froze, clearly not appreciating the reminder.

Though her lack of appreciation didn't slow her down as her tongue continued to move with the same leisurely speed, making the undignified act of cleaning my cum out of Susan's breasts look as elegant as enjoying a great feast.

It didn't take long for me to notice that her enjoyment was not entirely fake, as her wetness continued to grow, slowly turning her weak panties completely transparent, the view tempting me to abandon my little power play and push forward.

Patience was a virtue, especially when trying to tame a dangerous beauty like Daphne, I decided. Not because I was afraid of the consequences at this point, but because the slow way was much more fun to do so.

Especially since I had others, like Susan, to help me release any frustration Daphne's slow descent might cause.

Not to mention the other redhead beauty in my room, I decided as I paid a glance, only to see Lily had decided to re-purpose one of the hairbrushes, sliding its thick handle inside her again and again in her desperate struggle to attain a climax.

Too bad my little spell reaching the peak was temporarily impossible for her.

Meanwhile, Daphne's decided to let her hands join the fray, and pressed them against Susan's thighs, a temporary occupation to part her legs to allow her to reach the real target. Susan's wet core.

Unlike the soft and effective treatment of her breasts, Daphne's fingers delved into her with a shocking aggressiveness, wet friction sounds filling the room for a moment before they were suppressed by Susan's shocked moans, making it impossible for anything else to be heard.

Susan's expression was a thing of beauty. Disappointment of losing the control she thought she earned mixed into her growing carnal pleasure, creating a beautiful portrait of hesitant excitement.

It was a good lesson for her, that there was no power other than what she attained. There was nothing that was preventing her from retaliating to Daphne in kind, especially since Daphne was clearly hesitant to use any spells in front of me. Susan could have easily pushed Daphne down and paid back in kind.

But she chose to lay passively as Daphne worked on every single sensitive spot she had, though the process of discovery suggested that it was the first time she was doing that to Susan, the smoothness of the process implying there had been other girls that received the same detailed treatment in the past.

Ice Queen of Slytherin was showing some surprising angles.

Soon, Susan started to squirm in pleasure, and the cleaning process came to an end. "Here, all clean," Daphne said with a smirk as she stood up, leaving Susan on the floor, right at the edge, showing that I wasn't the only one that was fond of that trick.

"Yeah, but you created another mess in the process," I said with a smirk, pointing at my shaft, which, naturally, reached full mast once more during her show. It was not fair to throw another challenge at her just as she finished her previous one.

But then, I wasn't a nice person.

"No worries, it's very easy to clean," Daphne said as she stood up, her smirk wide even as she removed her bra without the slightest hesitation, revealing her breasts. They weren't as amazing as Susan's — then again, very few things were — but that didn't mean they didn't have a unique charm. They were smaller, but their perkiness and perfect shape compensated for much, especially with the erectness of her nipples.

Showing Susan and I weren't the only ones enjoying the moment.

However, rather than closing the distance, she grabbed Susan's arm and forced her up, before pulling her hands behind her, and used her bra to tie her wrists, effectively immobilizing her, then pushed her forward.

"Let's handle your problem as well," Daphne said as she pushed Susan forward, aligning her against my entrance after a small effort, and completed the process with another hard push, skewering her with my full length.

It might have been a painful process if it wasn't for the rather lengthy foreplay Susan experienced, first with me then with Daphne. Instead, the sudden invasion only triggered more pleasure in her.

And since Daphne had already brought her to the edge earlier, the sudden flood of pleasure was enough to complete it, and her body started trembling.

Daphne proved her lack of mercy by grabbing Susan's waist, and using her strength to forcibly move her up and down, treating her as a fleshlight without the slightest concern. I chuckled even as I crossed my hands on my neck, enjoying the show passively.

It was an interesting process of being served, and Daphne's half-naked body pressing against Susan's back, with her breasts making occasional appearances, made the show even more amazing.

Soon, Susan recovered enough to follow the rhythm Daphne was forcing, freeing her from using her full strength. "She's such a little convenient whore, isn't she," Daphne whispered even as one of her hands sneaked forward and grabbed Susan's breasts, her fingers disappearing deep into their perky surface.

I was not the target of those words. If I had been, Daphne wouldn't have pressed her lips against Susan's ear as she whispered those, showing just how little she appreciated Susan's earlier attempt to take power after my coup, no matter how inept it had been.

And, clearly, she had all the intention to punish her for it.

I didn't bother to answer, nor that it was needed as Daphne pushed Susan deeper and deeper mercilessly, making her pay the price of playing around, in a way that freed Daphne from the obligation of pleasuring me directly.

I was tempted to start caressing Daphne directly, her wet core begging for attention, but I managed to stop myself.

After all, I had already pushed her limits enough for today. Pushing for more risked destroying the beautiful initiative she had been displaying for me.

I focused on the way Susan's tits were dangling freely in front of me, and the way she tightened around me, each push bringing me a higher pleasure, her moans rising to accompany it.

"Oh, sweetie, you're such a good maid," I said, which made Susan blush while Daphne smirked.

But her smirk failed to hide the hint of jealousy she had been displaying, showing that despite leading the show, a part of her wanted to be in Susan's place — but her desire for control prevented her from taking that step.

I hadn't been expecting any move from that end, which turned out to be wrong as she reached down and cupped my balls, massaging them with surprising skill. Still, she was clumsy at first, showing that it was the first time she was making direct contact with the intimate parts of a male.

Her skills allowed me to bypass that initial awkward period quickly, reading my pleasure to improve the smooth dance of her fingers, easily climbing upward on the list of the handjobs I received as her fingers occasionally climbed upward to touch the base of my shaft.

I might have been overvaluing the pleasure she created due to Susan's enthusiastic moans and tight wrap. A moan escaped my lips as another explosion drove near.

And, when Daphne sneaked one of her hands on Susan's breasts once more to suddenly twist her nipple, the sudden pain was enough to trigger her climax.

And her resulting pleasure was enough to trigger my own explosion. Without a warning, I filled Susan with another dose of my seed, while Daphne pulled back, letting Susan collapse against my chest as she breathed desperately to sway her unconsciousness.

"Anything else, Draco," Daphne asked with a poisonous sweetness.

I was tempted to force her to clean Susan once more, but after some thought, I decided against it. She had performed far better than my expectations, and it would be rude to punish her for that.

And shortsighted, as it would only suppress the great creativity she had displayed. "No, Daphne, you can escort Susan back to her room," I said, watching with a smirk as Daphne grabbed Susan's hair and pulled her back, waking her up from her daze painfully.

I continued to sit as I watched Daphne drag Susan away for a proper punishment before I stood up, facing toward my room. Lily was still on the floor, still working to bring herself to climax with her improvised toy.

Only for her eyes to widen as I started walking back to my room, the realization that I wasn't going to visit her room hitting her hard.